10 Best Wet Grinder in India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A kitchen is a central place where ingredients are blended with love and make up a savory dish. It is a place where our beautiful chefs use their culinary skills and prepare the food for the entire family. In past decades, our grandmothers and great grandmother had enough time to prepare food and perform all the tasks with their hands. Have you ever considered me why you need a best wet grinder in India?

Nowadays, with a shortage of time and increasing technology, we all rely on rather than our hands. From highly professional chefs to small cooks, everyone uses this advanced technology of appliances. One of the devices we deal with every day is a wet grinder. 

Why we need a wet grinder?

While some people merely cook at home with expert techniques and try out different culinary skills, some relish it. When you peek into Indian Delicacies, our kitchen is left out if we do not have the best wet grinder in India on which we can rely on many things. With my experience, I can tell you it is satisfying yet aromatic to grind fresh ingredients and chunk them while preparing a wholesome meal.

The process of grinding and churning adds an extra factor that enhances the food and overall aroma, taste, and flavor to your dish. Wet grinder replaces the efforts of manually grinding ingredients that were done in the past decade with mortar and pestle. Wet grinders perform the same function with more precision and uniformity.

Since there are numerous over the table grinders sold, it’s quite difficult for us to distinguish and determine the one suitable for us. Though all the models have basic functionalities the same, they differ as per their price and specifications. Some carry high tech functions while some can perform essential work of your kitchen. Knowledge is king – to achieve good, informed, and correct decisions.

 Types of Wet Grinders 

Many of us fall in a tap of best wet grinder in India but are not sure about common types of mills available.

  • Table Top wet grinder

The most opted and conventional wet grinder found in every second kitchen due to its features and portability. The drum is easily detachable, which makes it easy to clean and manage. It is an affordable option. For making chutney or producing pastes, these are best at its job.

  • Tilting Wet grinders

As the name suggests, the batter or wet mixture is collected in the unit just by tilting it. They can perform their job with a larger capacity. They are used for heavy use and are more expensive. The drum is placed on the grinder on topmost portion and can be inclined upwards and downwards.

  • Regular wet grinders

You must have seen in the stores where dosa batters are made in high quantities. These are the old model and require a maneuver to make everything. They have a pedal or handle due to which you can move grinding stone inside the device.

Factors to Consider while buying wet grinder in India

A home is a house when our homemaker makes special delicacies for all of the members and brings the entire family on the table to enjoy extraordinary cuisine. As per the family members and other instances, you will require to opt for the best wet grinder in India as per your requirement. Mix grinders are an integral part of the kitchen; you should choose an appliance that should be packed with features to meet the modern lifestyle.

  • Capacity

You can see there are different types of grinders, each having its capacities. Wet grinders range between 1.5 liters to 15 liters. You can choose one as per the frequency of usage, size of family, or others. If you have a more prominent family or restaurant, you can opt for larger appliances.

  • Grinding Stones

The number of stone ensure you get smooth and uniform output with dry and hard ingredients.

Wet grinders are built with grinding stones for improved efficiency and smooth grinding process. Grinders possess different stone shapes. You should choose the one as per your requirement.

  • Drum Material

The exterior of the drum is made of stainless steel along with the stone. The material of stone might get scraped with time. It is optimal to choose the stainless steel material of drum.

  • Overload safety

This function is found in most of the wet grinders. If it is overloaded, it will stop working. The indicator signifies that it reduces the load for working the grinder efficiently.

  • Tilting

Tilting is useful when emptying the smoothly grounded batter or dals from the drum. It is not easy to clean tilting wet grinder as the drum is not removable.

  • Installation and maintenance

The grinder should not be difficult to install. Beyond lighting, it should be comfortable in terms of support. Cleaning the blender, removing the drum, and the material of the drum should not be rustable.

  • Motor and Wattage

As the motherboard is the primary operator of a computer, the motor is a booster source of the grinder. If you want efficient results to grind a variety of food ingredients, whether it be spices or batter, at optimum spend, you need a good motor with high wattage. 750 Watt motor can crush even stones. 

  • Additional Attachments

Wet grinders include additional attachments like dough kneader and coconut scraper. These extra features are extra advantages in the kitchen for a homemaker. These tools make the task simpler. If you choose a grinder that gives you additional attachments for convenience, it would be an extra advantage for you.

Among different models, colors, and designs of wet grinders choose one which enhances your look and feel of your kitchen. Also, it should match your taste and preferences. While adding all this, make sure you do not compromise on features and performances.

Are you feeling confused? Still in a dilemma about which one to buy? We undergo thorough, comprehensive research among various options personally from homemaker and a chef, we came up with some of the best models that are worth the penny you spend.

Some TOP Brands of Wet grinders

  1. Elgi
  2. Preethi
  3. Butterfly
  4. Panasonic
  5. Pigeon
  6. Premier
  7. Vidiem

Best Wet Grinder In India 2022

1. Elgi Ultra Perfect Wet Grinder - 2 Liter

  • Batter Cleaner
  • Copyrighted conical stone
  • Multi Utility drum
  • AISI 304 Stainless steel jar
  • 150 Watt high wattage Motor
If you are considering buying an over the table wet grinder with advanced features and flawless build quality, Elgi is the best choice.

The product is compact in size, silent, and cleverly designed to enhance the appearance and workload of your kitchen. It comprises of conical sone to give superior grinding and smooth batter. The body is made up of rust-resistant stainless steel.

The ABS body of the machine is lightweight that can be your companion for a long life. It consists of Batter Cleaner that helps you in cleaning conical stone easily and quickly. The product overall is high in maintaining food health and quality.

It includes coconut scraper and dough kneading tools to simplify your process. This is first in top 10 best wet grinder in India.

Overall – It caters to the needs of family food requirements with huge 2L capacity. It consists of a powerful motor that does not make high-level tradition noise. The conical grindstone feature makes it a sturdy and durable engine. The grinder functions are personally tested and are recommended.

2. Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

  • Stainless steel drum
  • Retains the nutrients of ingredients
  • Transparent cover to inspect grinding
  • 240-watt motor
  • Round shaped optimum grinding stones
In the Indian market, the Panasonic brand has been gaining popularity and won the trust of many due to its quality products. The grinder is a fantastic appliance to add in your kitchen as it possesses all features that would cater to your kitchen needs.

A user can easily maintain and clean as the parts are detachable and can be washed easily. The motor is of 240 W that is effective for the long run, and probably you won’t be receiving and issues or trouble when working with it. The grinding stones are structured in round shape that can rotate as per the desired speed and delivering optimal results.

The 2L grinder satisfies the demand of the Indian family. The mill is built with stainless steel elements that can long way without corroding. The primary benefit is it will not deteriorate the grade or class of ingredients.

Overall – It is worth buying the product with the trust and reliability of Panasonic. It comes in a black and metallic color that makes an appealing part of the kitchen. It can accomodate the needs of an Indian family with four to six people.

3. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

  • Light in weight
  • 150-watt motor
  • Patented conical stones
  • 2 Liter capacity of the drum
  • Ten years warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Coconut scraper
Elgi features would impress with its durability and compact in weight. It enhances the beauty of the kitchen with its sleek and classy features of the wet grinder. The drums are AISI stainless steel, so there is no worry of getting rust in the long run.

With heavy-duty motor, you can churn and swiftly grind the batter. Appreciated the technology of patented conical grinding stones that generate less heat so that the mixture does not heat up. It is easy in maintenance and cleaning, with batter remover you can clean sharp rocks easily.

Overall – Elgi has been leading brands with innovative technology and reliable appliances. It is easy to clean machines, and the parts can go in the long run. It is considered as amongst the best options and value for money with a brilliant performance.

4. panasonic 230-watt 2 litres wet grinder

  • 240 Watt sturdy motor
  • Alpha Flow
  • Lighter Grinding stoner
  • Automatic timer
  • Easy top lock
  • Anti Slip HTD belt
  • Comfortable in portability with 13.8 KG
Panasonic is a trustworthy and reliable brand in the market. It is well known for various kitchen appliances, from microwaves to best wet grinder in India.

This wet grinder is aptly designed with advanced technology and high-quality materials. It is compact with stainless steel white and metallic color body. This adds aesthetic appearance and functionality to your kitchen. It also has detachable blades so that you can clean the blender easily.

The automatic timer informs you that all the grinding process is done with uniformity and precision. Beyond these, it comprises a double pusher, circuit breaker, anti-slip HTD belt, interlocking safety system, and body cooling ventilation technology.

The unit is made with high-grade plastic and stainless steel with a rotary switch to perform your task efficiently. A 2.0 L grinder capacity with 240 watts sturdy motor can give you optimal results for grinding batter or making the puree.

Overall – The grinder includes a powerful motor that can perform the task in minutes. With 2 L grinders, you can quickly grind turmeric, dals, chutney, etc.

5. Butterfly Rhino equipped 2 Litre ABS body Table-top Wet Grinder

  • ABS material body
  • Transparent lid of polycarbonate material
  • 150 W
  • 2 Year warranty for the motor
  • Two cylindrical stones
When tested personally, I think butterfly Rhino was created by homemaker carved as per the requirements and needs of Indian users. Butterfly brand is trustworthy as well as its appliance.

The 2L grinder is perfect for catering to the needs of the typical Indian family. While high in functioning, the structure is comprised up of ABS body that is an attractive piece of machinery. The product is sturdy and durable that can be your companion in the long run compared to others.

It is equipped with a transparent lid and 150 W motor that gives optimal results while grinding. There are advantages of a lock system made for round stones that enhances safety when using the grinder. It has ventilation to regulate heat while grinding process.

The steel drum can be detached for easy cleaning. The round stones are highly effective and ensure optimal results with smooth operation.

Overall – Its high RPM means you can save sufficient time for the same task. It includes two round stones that make the process smoother and batter softer.

6. Prestige PWG 05 200 watts Wet Grinder With Atta kneader

  • Atta Kneader
  • Anti Slip Vacuum feet
  • Ergonomic front knob
  • Coconut Scraper
  • Two years warranty
Prestige is the oldest name in the market, and itself has created quality and famous reputation for the appliances. You can expect assurance from the wet grinders of prestige brands. Though the brand is since long, the look it contemplates is modern.

Its grinder is sturdy, durable, and power-packed with many features. For a typical Indian homemaker, it has brought up atta kneader attachment and coconut scraper. Now next time, don’t rethink while making puris and parathas. Just knead it with ultra atta kneader.

The coconut scraper comes with a conical attachment to grate till absolute fineness for the chutney. While the dough is kneaded at the right consistency so you could achieve tastier and softer rotis anytime and every time.

The Jar is attractive with a sparkling mirror finish for a more delicate and faster-grinding process. It has an ergonomic Front knob for using it efficiently. The grinder is sold with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and weight just 5.6 Kg.

7. Pigeon Platino 12726 2-Litre Wet Grinder

  • Virgin ABS Shockproof and rust-free body
  • Double side ball bearing motor
  • Polycarbonate lid
  • A detachable stainless steel drum
  • 150 Watts
Your hunt ends here on the assumption, if you seek for a simple to use but high in performance best wet grinder in India. The grinder is equipped with exclusive features to meet the demand of the Indian kitchen. Also, it is affordable, and spare parts can easily be available.

With the convenience of grinding and juicing, it adds value to the kitchen. You can easily maintain and clean. No need for investing time and peeling bigger round chute, one increase in the speed of the mixer, and you get the best result. The grinder is resistant to rust, and you can store food for a long duration in a drum.

The heavy-duty motor ensures ad 2-liter jar ensure you get perfect and swift grinding for large Indian families. The grinder posses easy-grip handles that ease the work of operation. 150 W double side ball bearing motor ensures a smooth and hassle-free process.

Overall – With a detachable stainless steel drum, you do not need to worry about maintaining and cleaning it. Atta kneader and coconut scraper simplify the process of Indian cooking.

8. Premier Stainless Steel 1.5L 230V Wet Grinder

  • Stainless steel body.
  • 1.5 L eligible for small families
  • 95 W powerful motor
Premier is leading well known brand for kitchen appliances. Premier has launched the upcoming model of wet grinders with enchanting attributes of wet grinders. With highly durable stainless steel, compact design and powerful 95 W motor make it a finest choice for a small family where the grinding requirement is limited.

The design is brilliant, with a highly durable steel drum that adds to 1440 RPM Motor. The grinder has a 1.5 Lts capacity. You can add atta kneader and coconut scraper that is sold separately.

Overall – The wet grinder functionality is best performed with Premier grinders. The rotational speed of 1450 simplifies the grinding process. A stainless steel vessel ensures that you can use it and wash it easily. It does not make a scratch, yet it is one of the reliable items in the market.

9. Amirthaa ACE-230V Table Top Wet Grinder

  • Highly ventilated body
  • Rugged plastic and metal construction
  • Convenient lock and unlock system
  • Compact and space-saving
  • 1.25 L
Amrita has presented in the market its ACE 230 V best wet grinder in India with high performance and compact in design. It has a 1.25-liter capacity that aesthetically and spaciously matches your kitchen demands.

Amrithaa has lastly gained popularity for reliable Kitchen appliances. Every product has been undergone a chain of stringent tests to check performance, quality, safety, and efficiency. It can perform the function well for wet grinding, dal grinding, curry paste, spice masala, and much more.

It consists of broader shape round stones that bring uniformity and smoothness in the procedure of grinding. As per our experience, we found it less noisy compared to other grinders.
The appliance is energy efficient and precisely deliver what you require for a kitchen. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.

Overall – Amrithaa is not a new brand; it is a reliable yet trustworthy brand for ages. You cannot find a compact, robust, and reliable grinder on your local stores. The brand has been delivering more than 36 years of excellence in the industry.

10. Sowrna Lakshmi 2 liters Wet Grinders

  • 960 RPM Heavy-duty motor
  • Atta Kneader
  • Two stones roller
  • Coconut Scrapper
  • China copper coil
Swarna Lakshmi is a simple yet very effective Wet Grinder. Its 2 L capacity is ideal for small or big Indian families. For the organized wet grinding purpose, Swarna Lakshmi has brought up this product in the market.

The body is built up of high-grade ABS material and stainless steel drum. Being the stainless drum, you need to worry about its breakage and maintaining. All can be done quickly. The 2L grinder is compact and sleek in design. Don’t worry about space; this appliance can be fit even in small kitchens.

It is equipped with coconut scraper and grinding stone. If you want to churn spices or grind cereals, you can rely on Swarna Laksmi for noiseless operation. 150 W watt heavy motor with 960 RPM simplifies the process of ultrafast grinding without disturbing with its heavy noise.

Assuming that you are seeking a reliable and durable wet grinder for limited purposes, then this one’s for you. Many users have given positive reviews for the brand and the grinder itself, due to its affordability and features. It is 10th best wet grinder in India.

Overall – If you want a handy accompany in your kitchen for grinding food items, this equipment is compatible. It can quickly and beautifully fit in your kitchen due to its size and appearance. 950 RPM eases the process and gives you smooth chutneys, batters, and lentils.

Final Verdict

Whether you are merely trying to churn something or grind grains for a feast this season, these appliances can simplify your job. Some wet grinders limit the functionality of working with a small family with limited features, while others are sturdy and durable to withstand the heat work of cafeterias and hotels.

No matter, if you have a small loving family or want to try your culinary skills with a vast family, our top ten best wet grinder in India list that helps you to choose as per your requirement.

Our reviews are unbiased and advice; you can always rely on kitchen appliances. The reviews have complied with expert opinion and real testing performed by our representatives.

Tips for Efficient maintenance of wet grinder

  • Before using the grinder, rotate the stone and check the roller to see if it is installed correctly.
  • People run a wet grinder to know if it is appropriately fitted or works well or for any other reason. Never do so.
  • Add the ingredients in small sizes and never exceed beyond their capacity. It would help you to grind batter evenly and smoothly. It also would increase the life of the grinder.
  • Ensure you use enough water while grinding. Low water or inadequate can lead to further significant problems in a grinder.
  • Sometimes, the roller is not cleaned due to which the drum will smell, or roller won’t rotate. Make sure you remove the roller every time and fix it properly.
  • Read the instructions carefully that would give you a glimpse of the functionalities and capabilities of a grinder.
  • While making purees, many of us pour hot ingredients in the jar, avoid doing so. It can damage the jar walls.
  • Never try DIY for repairing the grinder. If there is any fault, you need to get in touch with a technician or company service person.
  • Avoid attachments from unauthorized dealers, which may harm the machine and reduces its efficiency.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Which type of wet grinder is best for my kitchen? 

Ans: It depends on the purpose and requirements of the family. A typical South Indian family or people fond of south Indian food, then you tend to use more wet grinders than others to prepare idlis, chutneys, dosas, and vadas.

We suggest you go with bigger ones containing the minimum capacity of 2 liters. 2 liters is excellent for members of four to five. The grinder should be of higher RPM to grind smooth and uniform batter every time. 

Small cafeterias, restaurants, hotels can choose for best wet grinder in India with high wattage that serves different functionalities.

Q. Which sort of wet grinder is ideal for quick makes for family meals?

Ans: While searching for a wet grinder, you should consider how frequent you are going to use, monthly, weekly, or daily. Also, what are the requirements of your family, whether it be for puree, chutney, or mincing?

A wet grinder possesses 2 or 3 grinding stones; for faster grinding, you should choose two stone grinders. Suppose, you are not a hefty user and require occasionally, then you don’t want to spend the extra money and buy a heavy cost grinder. Instead, choose a grinder that fits your budget and serves the purpose.  

Q. How much capacity and space an ideal wet grinder must have for home purpose?

Ans: Different grinders range between 2 to 15 liters of capacity. As per your needs, you should choose the right option for you. Capacity should proportionate as per the requirement of your family size.

If there are 3 to 4 members, an ideal 1.5 L jar is sufficient to grind batter at once to suffice everybody’s needs. While for the more prominent family option, you should choose for a pot with 2 L capacity.

Q. What is the science behind the noise of the mixer grinder?

Ans: Mixer grinders are performed to grind hard pulses and cereals. It needs a lot of power to do so. Usually, wet grinders possess higher capacities to achieve the results from 90-150 W.

All heavy-duty motors are prone to making noise. Also, wet grinders are built with grinding stone rotating and performing the task at a reasonable speed. The stone can make a lot of noise until the batter settles down. However, some mixer grinders make less noise compared to others.

Q. What should I expect from the manufacturer while buying?

Ans: Various manufacturers offer different warranties and functionalities. A manufacturer usually provides some tools to ease your work. Some offer two years warranty while some offer up to ten years’ warranty. A warranty is not liable on any of the plastic parts included in the appliance.

Beyond it, you should look for brands whose spare parts are readily available in the market.

Q. How much time does it consumes for a wet grinder to complete a cycle?

Ans: Different tasks take different times, some works within 10 minutes while some require smooth consistency, which makes longer. The standard time for completing one cycle is 20 minutes. If the grinder performs its processes exceeding 20 minutes, you should check for the motor and get its service done. 

Q. Does wet grinder emits heat and can cause damage?

Ans: The wet grinders use high wattage consumption; it is reasonable to release heat while in use. But some manufacturers offer good insulation on bodies so that you cannot notice it on your hand while doing a task.

There are no possibilities open of destroying or damaging the appliance with heat; there is overload protection installed within every grinder. Your safety is a priority.

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