10 Best Water Purifier under 5000 In India 2022

By Trusha Patel

Purchasing a water purifier is not a difficult task to do. But when it comes to buying a water purifier under a limited budget becomes too difficult. If you are among those who are contemplating forward to the Best water purifier under 5000, then there is nothing for you to worry about.

Best Water Purifier under 5000 in India 2022

1. DE FRESH AQUA INDIA Swift 15 Ltr Mineral Ro+Uv+Tds Adjuster (white)

  • Multiple 14 Stage purification system RO+UV+UF+TDS.
  • 100 GDP Booster Pump for increased flow of water in the inlet.
  • ABS Food grade plastic assures that you don’t have any side effect of cheap plastic.
  • Transparent and white elegant design, easily wall mounted.

Contaminated water leads you to significant health issues and adding many diseases. For the residents where you want to assemble the best water purifier under 5000, then DE Fresh Aqua is right for you. A water purifier designed with ABS Food grade plastic cabinets. If you have borewell or brackish water issues, then the system can neutralize water of 100 to 2000 TDS.

RO+UV+UF+TDS removes contaminants, kills and removes bacteria and viruses from water. RO and UV work efficiently when there are more ions in water. RO converts hard water into soft and nearly leaves it pure with no germ bodies, no chemicals and no minerals. 

With 100 GPD Booster pumps, assure of increased incoming water pressure of the system. A budget-friendly option with a capacity of 15 litres water tank is a must for every home. It includes a pre-filter set and 4 Nos of PP Spun Filter Free.

2. Ruby Water Purifier RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller+MAT 12 Stage Purification White & Blue with 12 Litres Storage for Home and Office use With Pre-Filter,Sediment Filter,Activated Carbon & Mineral Filter Cartridge

  • The high storage capacity of 12 litres.
  • RO water purifier with UV+ TDS+UF and MAT technology assures of purity of water.
  • The high-quality membrane ensures higher efficiency and better removal of contaminants.

Who doesn’t want the best water purifier under 5000 with a multi-stage water purification system and better performance? Ruby Water purifier comes with 12 stages of the water purification system. It includes sediment filtration, ion exchange, UV light filtration, Ozonation, Ro and much more.  

ABS food-grade plastic 12-litre water tank allows you to store and use water. The water level indicator alerts you when water is full or low. The compact design assures that you can easily set up the purifier on the wall. 

RO+UV+MAT Filter adds back the minerals lost during the process of purification. RO and UV remove microorganisms like bacteria and viruses are killed, so you always get pure and freshwater.


  • 12 Liter plastic water tank allows you to store water.
  • Water level indicator to avoid overflow and low water in tankers.
  • Tap included for easy pouring of water directly from the purifier.
  • Double purification process.

Whether you are drinking borewell water or municipal water, there are high chances of dirt and physical properties being carried away. Concerned with health issues, many people get the best purifier under 5000 that assures you disinfected and purifies water. 

Grand plus aqua grand kills all the looming viruses, bacterias and other contaminants in water that can affect your health. Cysts present in water can be the culprit of various health issues, microfilters can effectively remove it. The double purification of RO and UV turns water into soft water by removing aluminium, magnesium and arsenic.

If your water tastes bitter, salty or sulfuric, TDS controller can neutralize the solids present in water. A 12-litre plastic water tank is enough for a family of 4 to 6 members. With water indicator, you can ensure that it can be refilled again once the level lowers. 

It includes a water purifier cover for extra protection and six months warranty by the manufacturer.

4. Aquas India Aqua Grand+7 Stage RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF With Mineral Cartridges Water Purifier 12 Ltr

  • 7 stage water purification system ensures high protection with a long filter life.
  • RO, UV, TDS, AS, UF removes biological contamination, sediments.
  • Mineralizer filtration adds valuable minerals in your drinking water.
  • 12-litre water tank with water level indicator.

With thousands of positive reviews, the Aquas India Aqua guard is considered as the best water purifier under 5000. The water purifier has high-end features that you mostly get in well-known brand products. 7 Stage water purification ensures you get clean and pure water every time. 

RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF purification method makes it an industrial-grade water purifier. As the purification is intense, some minerals might get lost; due to this, there is a mineral cartridge added to restore the minerals.

We don’t find anything wrong with this purifier. Overall, a 12-litre cartridge with mineral added makes it an optimal choice for homeowners as well as business purposes. 

5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier - 20L

  • High storage water ensures you get a continuous supply of water throughout the day.
  • Works with electricity but still effective way of delivering high quality purified water.
  • Gravity based water purifiers do not use chemicals like chlorine, bromine or other making it safe for consumption.

 Without a doubt, Eureka Forbes Aquasure is renowned as the best water purifier companies in India. This particular model is the best water purifier under 5000 and well-reviewed purifiers.

The price is reasonable with the assurance of delivering 100% pure water. It can be used for controlling TDS level up to 2000. With 1500 litres of storage ensures that the water is readily available to drink every time. 

It is a non-electric purifier that removes sediments settled at the bottom of the water. Gravity based water purifiers assure you get purified water as boiled for 20 minutes.

It is ideal for places where frequent power cuts are issues, or there is a wall mount issue. The sleek design of the water purifier makes it perfect for storing in the corner of the room or kitchen.

6. RAMA Gravity ECO Water Filter and Purifier 8 Litre (16 Litre Combined), 304-Grade Stainless Steel with 10-Year Warranty (Includes 2 RAMA Spirit Ceramic Cartridges), 99.99% Bacteria Free

  • Includes two-spirit candle.
  • Gravity based water filter that physically removes bacteria, viruses and more.
  • Three-stage filtration removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Lead and other harmful elements.
  • It can filter up to 4 litres of water per hour due to 2 carbon candles.

Though we have not heard about this brand much, it is yet one of the best purifiers under 5000. It is an excellent advantage if you are getting a purifier with multiple functions at this price. The purification process is simple yet straightforward. 

The purifier is constructed with 304-grade stainless steel. Steel is a quality material used in purifiers. The ceramic filters are active for removing bacteria even if it is smaller than one micron. It cannot pass through pores and water seeps through the filter. 

 Further, the coconut shell based activated carbon absorbs volatile organic chemical, pesticides and herbicides. Overall, it improves the taste of drinking water, making it safe and healthy. 

7. KENT Gold Gravity Water Purifier (11014) | UF Technology Based | Non-Electric & Chemical Free | Counter Top | 20L Storage | White

  • Transparent tank with white highlights 20 Litre purifier.
  • UF technology-based gravity water purifier works effectively without electricity.
  • Attached high stand base for easy filling of glass.
  • A long-life membrane that can purify upto 4000 litres.
  • ABS food-grade plastic ensures safe and clean drinking water.

Kent is another famous brand delivering the best water purifier under 5000 in India. Though the other models are quite pricey, this product is worth every penny. The purifier is composed of unbreakable high-grade ABS plastic. It can reserve upto 20 litres of water.

No electricity water purifier uses nano-silver carbon filter that kills bacteria and inhibits the further growth of fungi, virus, spores and much more. 

 The hollow fibre membrane in the filter has enhanced density due to its small strand diameter. It purifies water with non-chemical techniques and removes biological contaminants from water. 

The sleek and compact design with high base stand gives you access to fill water in glass quickly. It can be reserved in the corner of the room or kitchen without occupying much wider space.

8. Prestige Non Electric Acrylic Water Purifier PSWP 2.0, 18 L (Multicolour)

  • Gravity based water purifier.
  • Advance 2 stage – pre-filter with non-woven cloth and second with FX bio-safe filter.
  • 18 Liters total tank capacity, storage of 9 litres water.

Prestige is a leading brand in the name of electronic appliances as well as home products. A gravity-based water purifier that uses advanced double stage purification and can substantially kill pathogens, bacteria, viruses without using harmful chemicals. The water obtained is safe, making it fit for consumption. 

The 9 litres of purified water can be stored for immediate access all time. The plastic used in it meets the safety compliances. The prestige gravity-based purifier can clean upto 8 litres per hour without using electricity or running water. However, it can purify 18 litres of water that is sufficient for a large family. 

The 2 stage filtration removes impurities and suspended particles with an inbuilt pre-filter non-woven cloth. Easy to clean and easy to maintain.

9. Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Fresh Green Water Purifier (Cartridge Capacity - 1500 Ltrs)

  • Water Level indicator and auto shut to avoid spillage.
  • Sturdy design with attractive colour option and translucent body.
  • 15 Litres of capacity with a storage capacity of 7.5 litres.
  • The bulb runs for 3000 Liters that has the most extended lifespan.

Tata Swach, 15 Liter gravity, based best water purifier under 5000 uses modern technology to serve you clean and purified water. As per USEPA guidelines, it assures to destroy harmful germs as well as bacteria and makes it safe for drinking. The large storage capacity makes it ideal for family members of 5 to 6. 

 The sturdy and translucent body of the purifier makes it attractive and can be easily assembled even in your dining area. It is easy to clean as well as assemble. It can remove about 100 crore bacteria and one crore viruses per litre of water. 

The purifier with the advanced technology of activated carbon absorbs the impurities present in water and UF membrane extracts the impurities and lets pure water flow. The process uses gravitation pressure that is safe compared to harmful chemical filters. 

The Auto shut mechanism is an excellent feature to avoid wastage or spills of water. Once the water is attained to level, it will automatically turn off. It is affordable in maintenance too, as the cartridge can run upto 3000 litres of water which is considered as the most extended lifespan.

10. Prestige TTK Tattva 1.0 Steel Water Purifier (Blue, 16-L)

  • FACT filters for better flow, longer life and high level of filtration.
  • 16 Litres of storing capacity while 1500 L of water purification per bulb.
  • Stainless steel long-lasting and safe container.
  • Chemical Free purification that is safe for your family.

The low cost and low maintenance water purifier with unique and advanced technology assure of giving pure water always. Example of the best water purifiers under 5000 Tattva is unique; it has a blend of style and modernity. 

Composed with a stainless steel body and built with an advanced FACT filter it is efficient in removing harmful bacteria, cysts and protozoans. Beyond filtering, the FACT filters provide better flow with a high level of filtration. The stainless storage container is well known for its beneficial property that keeps your family safe and healthier for long. 

There are no chemicals used for the filtration process, which ultimately adds benefits in your pockets. It can purify upto 16 litres, and the bulbs last up to 1500 L of water purification.

Buying Guide For Best Water Purifier:

Here we will be going to provide you detail about every particular parameter, which is a must for you to consider whenever you wish to get available with the best. All these parameters, there will be no need for you to feel like you have wasted your money. Also, all these parameters will help you to buy the best product for your location.

Parameters to consider:


Contamination is the leading factor, which is a must for you to find whenever you are looking forward to buying the best water purifier under 5000. In water, multiple particles dissolve like bacteria, nitrate, pesticides, and so on.

 It is a must for you to get rid of all these particles. By installing the best water purifier, you will be able to get rid of it quickly. In case the water purifier you have installed in your location is not appropriate enough in clearing all these particles, then you are choosing the wrong one only.

Quality of water:

After getting aware of the contamination, it is a must for you to get mindful of the quality of water. Quality of water will help me to figure out which particular water filter suits per your requirement. In case you have not to keep an eye on the quality of water, and you have installed the water purifier, which is not appropriate in filtering the water, then you have just wasted your money.

Therefore if you do not wish to face the same issue, make sure you are keeping an eye on water quality as well. Usually, the water which is supplied in the house is high in TDS. Apart from being high in TDS, it has hardness and salinity as well. If the same is the thing with you, then it is a must for you to choose the RO water purifier only.

Water Pressure:

Water pressure is also a parameter to consider at your end. If the water pressure coming is not appropriate, then the filter will not be able to get the desired quantity of water, and it will not be able to clean the water.

Thus, if you do not wish to face the issue, make sure whenever you are installing the best water purifier at your place, you are knowledgeable of the aspect linked with it. If you are not conscious of the water pressure, you can ask the professionals, and they will help you to get an answer for the same.

Water Testing:

It is a must you test the water supplied in your house. It will help you to figure out the impurities available in it. When you get aware of the contaminants available in the water, you will be able to choose the best water purifier under 5000.

The service provider who is approaching your place will calculate the impurities available in water by the TDS water meter. It will help me to figure out whether you need to get convenient with a water purifier or not. Also, if the water is available with a particular smell, then also the service providers will help you to get an answer for the same. After approaching him, you will be going to get every particular detail about water.


When the testing is done, it is a must for you to analyze the results. If you are a professional, then you can analyze it on your end. But if you are not knowledgeable of the things which are a must for you to consider that it is a must for you to approach the professional. 

Professionals will help you to understand whether this water is safe for you to consume or not. Also, they will suggest the best water purifier under 5000 for your location. Do not compromise with any of the results at all.

Type of water purifier:

It is also much for you to understand the type of water purifier. There are multiple types of water purifiers available. As per your surroundings and as per your budget, the service provider will suggest to you. Water purifiers include RO, UV, or UF water purifier.

You can select any of them as per your budget. It is also a must for you to understand about the storage capacity, maintain and start this, sales services, and budget in which it is available. This will help you to estimate out whether you are ready to purchase it or not. In case you have purchased a product that is not suiting to your budget, then it will become difficult for you to use it for a longer duration.


Nowadays, the best water purifiers under 5000 operate through electricity. It is a must for you to understand about the electricity supply in your area. If power is not proper in your area, then it will become difficult for you to get to available purified water for a longer duration.

If you feel like that the electricity supply is not proper, then you can choose activated carbon purifiers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the crucial factors to look at whenever I wish to buy a water purifier?

The factors you must look at include quality of water, water pressure, contamination, and electricity. This will help you to figure out the particular water purifier that will suit your requirements.

After installing the water purifier at my place, will I be able to get rid of all the impurities from it?

Yes. There is no scepticism, In the fact that after installing the water purifier at your place, you will be capable of getting rid of every particular impurity present in water.

Are these water purifiers durable?

This depends upon the brand you have purchased. If you have invested your money in our best brand, then you are investing in a durable product. But if you have purchased some local water purifiers, then you will face some unnecessary issues, and these are not durable as well.

 Is RO water good for health?

Yes. Without any doubt, you can consider the RO water purifiers. The water passes through the RO filtration process has a low pH value, and it will not let you face any particular adverse health effects at all.

I am consuming the water supplied by the municipality. Is it a must for me to install the water purifier at my place?

 Yes. It is a must for you to install the water purifier at your place because if you continue to consume the water supplied by the municipality, you will be going to invite some unnecessary health issues to you.

There might be a chance that it will create some digestion issues, constipation issues, and also some allergies. Therefore if you do not wish to face the same problem, approach the service provider and available with the Best water purifier under 5000 easily.

What is the lifespan of water filters placed?

The lifespan of water filters placed inside the purifier is quite long. But you cannot rely on cartridges for a longer duration. Within the span of 6 to 12 months, it is a must for you to replace the cartridges. It depends upon the quality of water supplied and also upon your usage.

 Can I use RO wastewater for other purposes?

Yes. If you feel like that you do not want to waste water unnecessarily, then you can collect the RO wastewater in a bucket. You can use it for other purposes except drinking or bathing. You can use it to clean your house to wash your clothes, and so on. But make sure you are not consuming it directly.

 Is it a must for me to boil the RO water?

No. There is no need for you to boil the water anymore. The water you have got after filtration is free from all the impurities, and you can consume it directly. But make sure the water purifier is working properly.

Which purifier am I supposed to consider because of high TDS and contamination?

RO water purifier is best for you to consider for high TDS and contamination in water.


These are the determinants that are a must for you to analyze whenever you are looking forward to buying the best water purifier under 5000. If you feel like the water purifier is not working correctly, and it is not suiting to your requirement, you can approach the professional immediately. They will help you to get rid of the problem you are facing and will provide you with the best services in return. Do not negotiate with anything when it comes to getting the best.

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