Top 10 Best Washing Machine Under 20000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Laundering is one of the significant household tasks, and you cannot escape from it, so choosing the right equipment for it can make your investment worth earning. An efficient machine can do washing a lot less of a chore; it can save your time and money. We bring a list of top 10 best washing machine under 20000 in India.

A washing machine should keep your clothes fresh and clean as new. The smart washing is designed to organize your washing need remotely, and some could be even connected with WIFI. 

You might think that all washing machines perform a decent job of washing and rinsing, but we have found plenty of devices that fail in the test of the necessary tasks. It costs you to do your research before you buy it. There are various factors to consider from drum size to spin seed; discover what you need to know to buy the best washing machine under 20000

With over 200 models available, it is hard to know which one is the best washing machine to buy as per your requirements and budget. They all look the same, and it takes ages wading through specification to find as per your need. 

Specifications won’t work alone; that is why we have shortlisted extensive research along with expert advice, testing, and feedback to cater to the need for long term owners. 

Best overall washing machine in India  

Electing the best washing machine under 20,000 is not as easy as you consider; there are certain aspects with unique cleaning modes and a large drum to be considered. We have reviewed the washing machine with a mid-price range from every manufacturer.

We have got machines tested with our experts with real clothes and real stains so that we can justify which one is best for you. We have put each machine through the same depth test that allows us to compare models accurately. Beyond it, we have reviewed some genuine Homeowners who have been using the device. 

Top 10 best washing machine under 20000 in India Reviews

1. Godrej 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Fully Automatic washing machine
  • 6 Kg Capacity
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Two years manufacturer warranty
  • 1000 RPM spin speed
  • Eco Balance System
  • Foam Protection
  • 3 Water level and wash programs

The first of the leading washing machine we have in the list is Godrej. Godrej is a leading brand in home appliances and has gained extremely positive reviews for the products. The product has an excellent capacity for the family of 4-5. The machine can handle a load of 6 Kgs in one shot. What makes the extra machine ordinary from rest? 

For starters, it has a generous capacity with powerful features. The machine comes with three water levels and three wash programs that can match as per the requirement of the user. Its secure touch button system helps you to wash clothes that are effective at ease. 

The washer ensures that your clothes are washed quickly. The machine is equipped with a high-grade stainless steel drum so that there is minor abrasion of laundry. The holes located on the upper part of the drum ensures that you get rid of lint and residue. The digital display gives you the flexibility to choose the program and keep you updated with the wash cycle in no time. 

The Godrej Front-load washing machine consumes about 220 to 240 V of power. The device runs on 1000 RPM that leads to lower drying time. The appliance is made with smart technology that will automatically optimize energy and water level as per a load of laundry.

With this intelligent Eco balance feature, you could save about 50% of power along with reducing water bills too. The Foam protection system features to protect the machine and your clothes from creating excess foam during a wash. 

Overall  – We consider it the best washing machine under 20000 that helps to smooth gliding of clothes with a high-grade stainless steel drum. The outer surface is made of fine quality plastic that can go for years without getting damaged. The total wash capacity of Kgs and advanced features would give super washing treatment to your clothes. 

2. AmazonBasics 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Fully Automatic Front-load machine
  • Drum clean for self-cleaning
  • 7Kg laundry load
  • 1300 RPM
  • LED Display
  • 23 Wash Program
  • Extra rinse function,
  • Delay Start
  • Inbuilt heater.

Amazon Basic is a brand owned by reputed Amazon. It is a highly reputed brand and has been new in the market with different technology products. Amazon is aware of the requirement and demands of the consumers and offers a product. If you have a tight budget in terms of a washing machine, then you can surely get this product. 

Do not expect miracles or advanced features with this machine. The product is affordable with high performance and trust in the brand. If you have a family of 4 to 5 people, then you need this best washing machine under 20000.  

Amazon is relatively best in terms of technology. The product ensures you get the best wash quality along with water and energy-saving conditions. The self-clean ‘Drum Clean’ technology is designed to remove detergent, residue, and build-up left in the drum after multiple washes. The Drum clean function should run for forty washes for efficient cleaning. 

The steady flow of the warm or hot water removes all the lint and flushes out dirt in gaps of the inner and outer drum. In short, it cleans every corner of the washer. The drum is suitable for 1300 RPM with higher spin speed for faster drying time. 

The LED display panels keep you informed about every wash and progress of the wash cycle. It is an inbuilt heater that gives you hot water without the need for other geysers or water heater. With 23 wash program, it gives you access to wash everything from baby clothes to blankets, jeans, and even heavily soiled bedsheets. 

Overall   – The positive aspect of the washing machine it is inbuilt with a heater, so you do not need extra equipment for it. The device can understand different fabric types and can offer wash cycles as per your choice. The Drum clean technology, Rat mesh protection, mite washing, extra rinse functions are some of the features that add value to the appliance. 

3. IFB 5.5 kg Turbo Dry EX Dryer

  • Front-load dryer
  • 5.5 Kg of load capacity
  • Unique airflow feature
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Crease Free clothes
  • 2 Way top and side outflow
  • Four years’ comprehensive warranty
  • Single polo micro door switch

IFB is a world-class premium brand that is supplying a leader in appliances. The IFB Dryer with a capacity of 5.5 KG is tailored for Indian households. Capacity is ideal for small families. If you are living in a house where there is a lack of air and sunlight flow, then this dryer can serve your purpose.

The dryer has a unique airflow system that is designed to remove the water by compressing air. The warm and moist air dry’s up to your clothes with extra care. The appliance has 6 Drying Programmes that would deliver you dry clothes on time, whether outside its rain or its shine. 

Wools, silk, cotton, and other materials can be quickly dried up in no time. Ensure you check the labels and keep away clothes that are not friendly with dryer. The different drying programs can handle from gentle to intensive heat intensity for drying purposes. With IFB 5.5 KG Dryer, you would get clean and fresh clothes every time. The spinner moves clockwise and anti-clockwise for faster and efficient drying. 

The stainless steel drum is made up of top quality and can remove lint and hair stick from the garments. The transparent lid gives you the flexibility of inspecting the clothes while drying. Drying the clothes outside in the open can invite dust, germs, and pollution. Enjoy germ-free and sparkling garments every time. 

Overall – The anti-crease feature helps you to prevent creases from forming on clothes with lowering spin speed and reducing the spin cycle. Whether its rain or shine, all you get is dry clothes all the time. The different drying programs cater to the requirement of the user, whether it is gentle or intensive. The driver is efficient in delivering 100% hygienic and dry clothes.

4. Whirlpool 8 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Front-load fully automatic washing machine
  • 8KG Load Capacity
  • 12 Pre-set Wash Program
  • 6th Sense technology
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Auto Clean tub
  • Magic Lint Filter
  • Express Wash
  • Delay Wash
  • Soft Lid

Whirlpool is a trusted premium brand for appliances like washing machines. There is a wide range of washing machines with the latest technology and abundant customization options. The American brand is aesthetically pleasant and high in performance for its premium washing machines. 

When it comes to stain, it is not an easy task for a washer. Whirlpool has been extensively researching and providing a solution for stain removal with fabric care. There are about 25 type of tough stains and removing harmful bacteria’s in clothes that causes allergy. The 6th Sense ultraclean technology is efficient in delivering perfect results by saving time, energy, and water.

The product is designed with individual sensors that measure the load size, then adjust the water level and temperature as per it to save energy and resources. The Intellisensors and Microprocessors enable the machine to analyze data and control the temperature of the water as per various fabrics. 

The machine has hydraulic technology to open at various angles and close it gently every time. It is best designed for tight spaces so that there is no clash with the shelf or cabinet installed above the machine. The Smart lint filter can catch the lint and dirt released from clothes during the process of washing. The screen is located inside the washing tub. 

With 12 inbuilt washing programs that can match as per your requirement, from delicate clothes to rough and tough denim, you can easily wash with a click. The Express Wash and Delay Wash features help you to save a quick wash cycle or get clothes cleaned later. 

Overall – The top-load machine comes with 12 Pre-set wash programs to suit your requirements. With a built-in heater, you can be assured of getting stain-free, germ-free, and allergy-free wash every time. The appliance is served with technology that can adapt to washing clothes in hard water. The Magic lint filter and auto tub clean ensures that you get the ease of washing without the mess. 

5. BPL 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Fully automatic washing machine
  • 6.5 Kg Load capacity
  • 1200 RPM high-speed spin
  • 8 Wash program
  • Digital LED Display
  • 180 Degree door Hinge
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Copper motor

BPL is a reputed manufacturer of washing machines. The company has been serving India for decades, and it has gained popularity in achieving the best washing machine under 20000. BPL front load fully automatic washing machine has packed with great wash features with 6.5 Kg. The washer ensures that you get thoroughly clean clothes every time. 

The BPL washing machine 6.5 is ideal for bachelors and small families. The high-grade stainless steel drum does not rust and has a longer lifespan compared to plastic drums. The stainless steel drum acts tough on stains, while the digital LED display helps you to navigate and update the program. 

The plastic body is sturdy and durable that can run for years. With 1200 RPM high spin speed, you get dried clothes in lesser time. It is equipped with a 180-degree door hinge that makes it easier to put clothes in a washing machine. You have to open the lid and add clothes in the drum. The copper motors are used for improved efficiency and working. 

The ergonomic drum design adds flexibility to your laundry demands and saves time by handling multiple loads of clothes. The transparent glass lid at the top allows the user to peek inside the machine and monitor the progress. 

Overall – An excellent option for medium-size families, it can handle up to 6.5Kg load. The intelligent technology allows you to choose from 8 pre-set programs as per the type of your clothing, ensuring you get an efficient wash. The BPL is packed with features with smart technology that guarantees that you get thoroughly clean your clothes. 

6. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Center Jet water Pulsator
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • 7 different Wash Programs
  • 5 Water Levels
  • Tempered Glass on door
  • Inbuilt Magic Filter
  • Air Turbo
  • 680 RPM

Samsung appliance is trustworthy and reliable in all terms. Samsung has brought an all-new series of washing machine that is fair in its job with a lot of innovative features. The machines are equipped with tempered glass that can withstand the pressure and allows you to monitor the washing process.

Samsung machine is well known for its unique structure of Wobble pulsator. It creates 3D Dynamic Wash without damaging the fabric and high in washing performance. The advanced structure creates a vertical and horizontal flow to avoid tangles, twists, and knots formed in the clothes while washing.

Stainless Steel drum is a prominent feature in the washing machine as they ensure the clothes are not damaged and cleaned properly during washing and spin cycles. The Diamond design, along with tiny holes’ drums, is gentle on your fabrics and giving perfect cushion to your laundry loads.

The central jets of water generated from pulsator improves the washing by lifting the clothes that lie down on the surface and avoiding the laundry from being tangled. The smart technology of Eco Tub Clean allows you to clean the washing machine itself. You should perform it once in 15 days or monthly to remove the detergent residue and build up chocked in the washing machine while performing washing cycles. 

Overall – Child Lock Feature, Air turbo, Auto restart, Eco Tub Clean are some of the advanced features in a washing machine. We can consider its best washing machine under 20000 with a prominent functionality, high quality, and performance. You can rely on Samsung for cleaning loads of laundry efficiently. It is available in a smart Light gray Color option. 

7. LG 9.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Semi-automatic Machine
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • 9.5 Kg Large tub
  • 1300 RPM Spin time
  • Roller Jet Pulsator
  • Rat Away technology
  • Castor Wheel
  • Soak function
  • Two tubs, each for washing and drying.

LG has been a reputed brand in India for consumer appliances. LG Washing machine is designed to give you top load laundry makeover with its built-in features that let you hand wash, pre-wash, and deal directly with tough stains. 

Though there are high technologies and advanced features, Indian users still prefer to get Semi-automatic machines for their laundry options. LG Semi-automatic machines a reliable and best washing machine under 20000. The machine has two tubs, one washer, and another dryer that requires manual intervention. 

The machine is suitable for families of 3 to 4 members. The tub can handle 9.5 Kg of laundry loads. It comes with three wash programs as per your requirement of heavy to an intense job. It has also soak clothes function, to pre-treat stains, dirt, and other things. 

1300 RPM can help you in drying clothes in very little time. An efficient Roller Jet Pulsator can simplify your work by rubbing and scrubbing clothes with increased friction to fight with stains and dust on collars and cuffs. Overall, it gives you a streamlined washing load with optimum performance. 

LG models are designed in an eco-friendly way; they are best in saving water and energy. The machine consists of a rat repellent chemical so that no rats harm to your machine. While moving the machine, you do not need to put extra effort; castor wheels ease your work for sliding mechanism effortlessly. 

Overall – The machine is durable and high in performance to give you the best-in-class experience. The appliance is integrated with pulsator technology with transparent lid. The device can reduce your work of scrubbing cuffs and collars by giving optimal washing experience along with saving time and effort. 

8. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Waterfall circulation
  • Auto-restart option
  • 8 Wash program
  • LG Smart Motion and Turbo Drum
  • Fuzzy Logic Feature
  • Tub Clean
  • Smart Diagnosis, and much more.

You find every machine with different technology and so has LG showcased one. LG Inverter fully automatic machines are a blessing for those people who have power issues. These machines can run on home inverter enables you to save considerable power. Inverter technology is an advantage as it allows the washer to run at optimum loads as per the loads on the machine. 

The Inverter technology is useful in energy-saving and consuming less power as per the load. The LG Smart motion technology enhances the cleaning of laundry loads with improved care. The rotating tub movement prevents the clothes from being tangled, knotted. At the end of the washing and rinsing cycle, the machine untangles cloth. 

The Turbo drum can reduce the wear and tear of clothes while washing due to its two directions rotation. The turbo drum moves in the opposite direction to the pulsator so that you get better washing every time. The Water flow technology streams down and pushes clothes lightly towards the pulsator so that complete dirt is removed from garments. 

The machine has eight pre-wash programs and special programs like Quick Wash, Tub Clean/ Aqua reserve, and much more. If you have kids in the home, you should just simply choose its Child Lock feature for safety purposes.  

Overall – Despite the advanced features, the machine is available at affordable prices. LG is one of the best washing machines under 20000 to give you unbeatable cleanliness along with fabric care. The washer has eight wash programs to provide you with optimum results as per your fabric. The machine is slim and can handle loads easily. It is available in silver color that offers you the best aesthetic appearance in your washing area.

9. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Aqua Spa
  • 720 RPM spin speed
  • Auto Softener dispenser
  • Bleach dropper
  • Lint filter
  • Crescent moon designed drum
  • Aqua energies
  • 3D wash and triadic pulsator
  • Smart Sensors

IFB Top loading washing machines are all about simplifying your work without many efforts. If you are seeking the best washing machine under 20000 with excellent wash quality and performance, then this IFB product is for you. 

The machine can handle the laundry load of 3-4 members with 6.5 Kg of weight. The tools are quiet, durable, and designed considering Indian consumer requirements and needs. 

Its 3D wash system is a new technology that allows you to soak clothes and deliver dynamic washing experience. The 3D system facilitates as a home user to dissolve detergent while the process of washing by penetrating deep inside to remove the tough stain. While at the rinsing stage, it helps in penetrating water inside the clothes to remove the trace of detergents. 

The triadic pulsator adds sparkle to your clothes by removing stubborn stains using powerful swirl jets of water. The Aqua Spa feature exfoliates and rejuvenates garments by cleaning every fiber.

The Aqua Energie filter breaks down bicarbonate that is present in hard water and improves detergent action. The machine runs on 720 RPM and 8 Water level programs. You can find an LED display screen for ease of use and monitoring. 

The Crescent Moon Drum is designed with a soft cushioning layer that protects your clothes and avoiding it from being tangled. Auto Softener Dispenser has added advantages for those who seek a solution for adding softener to outfits while washing. 

The Auto Balance Function ensures that clothes are evenly distributed to maintain consistent washing while the Bubble leveler feature ensures that your machine is perfectly balanced to reduce vibrations. 

Overall – IFB products are worth to buy. They deliver products that are high in innovative technology and budget-friendly. The range of Top Loaders has four years manufacturer warranty. The appliance is efficient in cleaning your clothes thoroughly. 

10. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • 7.5 Kg Capacity
  • 12 pre-wash program
  • Hard water wash
  • Spa Wash System
  • Zero Pressure fill technology
  • Express Wash
  • Dynamic Technology
  • 6th Sense

What we first loved about the device was its color and design. It is available in Grey color that is quite appealing. It is best washing machine under 20,000 can handle 7.5 Kg of Laundry loads. 

There are about 12 wash programs, each one designed as per your requirement and fabric. The machine is built with a Hard Water wash feature that reduces the impact of hard wash on fabric and washing machine. In residential where there is a problem of less water pressure, Zero Pressure Fill technology works wonder. It ensures that the tub gets filled faster, even in low pressure. 

The 6 stage Stainwash feature blends of mechanical, chemical, and thermal action that deals with different types of tough stains. The Stain removal technology ensures that no stain is left on your cloth, no matter if it is left on clothes for 48 hours. The Ultraclean technology, Unique soak, and other features penetrate deep within the fabric and remove germs and other allergens. 

The Dynamix technology simplifies your process by removing detergent residue left on clothes after washing laundry. The Magic lint filter collects the lint from the machine during the washing and spinning cycle of every wash. With Express wash, you can substantially save more energy by cleaning clothes by reducing your cycle time by 30-40%. 

The product comes with two years’ warranty and ten years on motor. 

Overall – Whirlpool is the best choice for many homeowners. The machine is loaded with features that can cater to the needs and requirements of every Indian household. It can wash clothes in Hard Water and low water pressures. The Spa wash system prevents the tangling and knot of clothes while washing. The washing machine has sensors that can adjust the water level and detergent level. 

Types of Washing Machines

If you are in a market seeking a new washing machine, you would have three main options – Top-load agitator, front load, and traditional top load. Each of the choices has its benefits and disadvantages, and with the right sort of information, you would be able to choose one that is right for you. 

Top Load  

High-efficiency top loader washing machines can handle large loads along with bulkier items like duvets and comforters. Its cleaning is similar to front loaders. It uses less water and fills the partway, so giving extra room for a load to tumble. It ultimately leads to higher energy savings. 

Cons – The wash cycles are quiet lengthy compared to front-load, and washers are not stackable. 

Traditional top-load machine 

If you have back issues, this is a blessing as you won’t have to bend much while putting clothes in and taking them out. You can add loads of clothes once after the cycle has started. Wash cycles are shorter compared to others. It is minimal in vibration and high in smooth performance. 

Cons – Cleaning performance may not be such high when it comes to heavy clothing. The tub is not able to fit queen size comforter. Wash cycles cannot be adjusted as per your cleaning needs.

Front-load Washer  

If you have limited laundry space, then this washer can be fitted easily. With a large capacity to handle the washing of more items, it is a blessing to clean bulky items without sacrificing performance. As per our evaluation, after multiple configurations tested and cleaning tests, we found front loaders as the best of all in terms of cleaning performance. 

Cons – The latest and advanced technology with extra special features add up the cost and making it expensive. The cycle can be longer by 30 minutes compared to other types of washers. You may experience vibrating during the spin cycle.  

How to choose a new washing machine? 

Fining a washing machine that is reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly will keep you stress-free for years. 


Four fundamental factors are depending on the sophistication of the machine. 

  • Synthetics require gentler action 
  • Delicates require similar to synthetics 
  • Wollens needs plenty of water and careful handling.
  • Cotton requires rigorous washing action   

You need to consider about the loads you frequently need to wash. Machines are inbuilt with a bewildering array of a program from jeans to sportswear and from blankets to delicates. 

You need to look for Quick Wash action that can be short as 15 minutes for a complete wash. It is designed to freshen up the clothes, so don’t expect to remove stains while the economy option is to reduce the wash temperature but increase the time of wash to compensate. The handwash option is for cleaning delicate fibers and knitwear that you usually wash by hand

The drum agitation through the wash and spin cycle is decreased, and the clothes are washed at a lower temperature. Extra rinse feature allows you to increase the number of rinses if you have an allergy, or people with sensitive skin need this additional feature. 

Spin Speed  

If the machine spins fast, it does mean that it spins at the same speed all time rather than one with lower spin speed may be able to give you good results equally. Most machines have either one or two spin speed. High speeds can further damage the fabric and its structure. 

Some range machines can spin up to 1,80 RPM for the cotton fabrics. But the spin speed of synthetic and delicate may vary from 400-800 RPM. If you are utilizing a tumble dryer, then higher speed proves to be more economical as it would remove water and result in the quicker tumble dry. 

Wash Dryers 

If you do not have enough space for another washing machine and a tumble dryer, then you can buy a washer dryer. You would find the washing performance is similar to the washing machine, but they are not as efficient as a separate dryer. In most of the cases, washing and drying cycles can be long and tedious. 

You cannot load the washing and drying function at the same time. It is not liable for practical larger households where there are lots of laundry loads needed to get through. 

Delay Timer 

Delay Timer allows you to start the machine at a specific time. The wash can be set to start and finish when you are able to sort off the load. 

Imbalance spin protector 

The length and speed of spin can be brought into action if the amount is unbalanced and unevenly inserted in the drum. It may operate short spins to balance the load and avoid the bearing from being strained. 

Rinse hold 

The laundry in the final rinse water and the process of spinning must be selected manually. It means if you are not around the machine when the process is about to end, the laundry is not left with creases.

 Wash indicators 

The indicators mention the progress of wash, whether it is washing, drying, or spinning. 

 Variable temperature control 

Machines have temperature and settings done for the type of materials like cotton, delicates, jeans, blankets, etc. The more sophisticated machines have to vary settings so you can program as per your clothes choice. For delicate clothing, the machine uses unusually cold water with low temperature while for hygienic wash, you can opt for high temperature. 


We have noticed that the latest machines can intake twice load compared to earlier models but without decreasing their external dimension. Some claim to wash load till 12 Kg while others can handle smaller quantities. As per your daily requirements and members of a family, you can use the drum size. Never overfill machines as they would not be efficient in cleaning and can load the bearings and drum. 

Energy efficient  

If you are buying a washing machine in India, then you need to consider energy-efficient equipment. You can check for energy efficiency ratings available on each device. It signifies how economical a machine is like other appliances. Currently, you can see 2,3,4 and 5-star ratings on the models. It some excellent news for the environment as well as your wallet. 


A machine should be easy to maintain in your daily life. Once in a month or two months, you need to run the machine without loading any laundry in the drum. Set the machine for hottest wash and add detergent and let it wash frequently. Regular maintenance will ensure that machines and outlet pipes should be clean from any build-up dirt, grease, and other residue loaded in drums or pipes. 


For people who have a beautiful kitchen, the majority of you do not have to consider it. Integrated or built-in machines are designed to fit comfortably in the kitchen or inside a bathroom. Some machines have large door panels attached to the central cupboard while others are simply flatter and neater than free-standing machines. 


Usually, installation from a reputable retailer is free when they deliver the machine. You can install it yourself too. You can watch videos online or follow the manual to fix it. 


The most manufacturer guarantees for one year from the date of sale while others suggest providing for five years. The warranty covers the cost of repair and replacements. An extended warranty can cost as much as the machine itself. 

Life Span  

Every household appliance has life in years. They are designed with minimum time to failure in hours. Cheaper goods have minimum time to crash as low as 600 hours while higher quality has up to 10,000 hours. 


The average cost of repair can be including parts and labor. The repairs do not have to come with a hefty price. The genuine parts of the machine should be readily available. In case if you have to repair something, you don’t end up paying tons of bucks. 

With expensive models, there are chances that you might have to pay a substantial amount. It is better to buy a warranty and guarantee for deducting the cost of repair. 

Which are the best brand to buy a washing machine? 

The cheapest domestic appliance is able to run for many years without fail. Still, competitive German and South Korean brands have the best reputation when it comes to terms of features, reliability, and build quality. 

Some of the well-know best washing machine under 20000 includes – Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Videocon, and much more. Bosch products focus on mid-priced while Siemens is aimed for a high-end buyer. German manufacturers are considered to produce a high-quality product with high-reliability ratings. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What should we look before buying a washing machine?

The answer depends upon your choice if you want to go with semi-automatic, fully automatic, or front load machines. There are some factors like wash settings, spin cycle, wattage, the material of the drum, efficiency, load capacity dryer, and much more. 

2. How much power a washing machine consumes? 

Every washing machine uses different watts, but a modern washing machine consumes about 400-1300 watts. An average family uses about six hours to eight hours of the average machine per week. 

3. Which one is a better front load or top load washing machine? 

There is no perfect and sure answer to it. As per your choice you can choose front-load or top load. Multiple factors justify your decision. Front-load machines can save water but are relatively expensive. While top load machines are less costly but does not work as efficiently as front load ones. 

4. What contributes towards damaging your clothes – a Washer or the dryer? 

If you use to wash and delicate dry clothes with higher settings, you are likely to damage the delicate garments. Check the manual before washing the clothes. Also, you should check the label of the clothes, if it has to be cleaned with hand or can go with a machine. Extreme drying can damage your clothes. 

5. What if my clothes are too dirty?

If your clothes have a stain or are too dirty, you should pre-wash them by selecting a program from your machine. Pre Wash functions delay the washing cycle. There is an option of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes Pre Wash that soaks the material before starting the wash process. You can also treat the stains by soaking them or treating them with liquid detergent before washing. 

6. While the Spin cycle, there seems to be a lot of noise, and the door must be moving a bit. What should I do?

The spin cycle does involve minimal vibration and noise at the time of performing. If it still makes unnecessary noise, then you should check the level of the machine. Ensure you have not stuffed too many clothes, or sometimes the machine place is not even balanced. You should quickly test load and redistribute garments to make even balance. 

7. How to avoid getting moulds and smell from a machine? 

There are many causes for molds or any other type of smell in a washing machine. Odor can be caused due to bacteria, slime, soap scum, or any other reason. Monthly cleanliness and regular service wash can improve the life of the machine and wash your clothes efficiently. 
Run a hot water cycle a couple of times. Add two cups of vinegar into the tub or drum and run on the regular cycle without any clothes. The baking soda and vinegar remove the residue stuck on a drum and kill mold that is present in it. It would help you get rid of fold odors. 

8. Where can I buy a washing machine online? 

We suggest going with Amazon, as they sell only genuine products with a warranty. Also, they offer various discounts and cashback offers.You can get various models for best washing machine under 20,000. It is safe to buy with money protection policy. 

9. Are there any tips for installing a washing machine? 

Make sure the machine is perfectly balanced and installed. The machines have rubber feet built with it, so you don’t need a new stand for it. However, some users prefer to use a position for safety purposes and cleaning purposes. The vibration in the system is caused by poor installation and leveling could damage in the long term to machines as well as walls and flooring. 

Final Words 

Even the cheapest brand can deliver you quality results and is capable of running the equipment for years without any faults. German and Korean manufacturer companies have a good reputation in terms of reliability, build quality, and distinct features. The inverter technology is smart, as it can detect the load of the washing machine. As per the capacity, the circuit determines the speed at which the motor should run. 

LG, IFB, Samsung products are pitched at the mid-price market, while Bosch and other companies are aimed at catering high-end buyers. There is a washing machine designed for the needs and requirements of the house owner. 

Higher RPM can manage to extract a good percentage of water and dry clothes faster. Washing machines should include prominent features like Child lock, delay start, quick start, and should be high in performance to remove tough stains. After all, what is the use of a machine if it cannot handle stains and clean with ease. 

You have gone through a guide for buying the best washing machine under 20000. Now you would be easily able to understand the features and determine the best possibility for your use. 

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