Top 10 Best Washing Machine Under 10000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Are you tired of washing clothes daily by hand? Are you planning to purchase a washing machine at an affordable price? If yes, you are then in the right place. As per our research, Onida S80SCTR is one of the best washing machine under 10000. Here we have tried to put together some of the best washing machines and have created this exclusive list for the desiring customers.

All of these affordable washing machines have some unique features. You can save your time and wash clothes within a few minutes. It makes our life more comfortable. Most of these machines are semi-automatic and have some so many features that each one of them gives a neck to neck fight to each other in superiority.

The best part is that these machines come in various price ranges. So if your budget is a bit tight then also you can buy the Machine easily. Most of the machines come with a minimum of one year of warranty and motor five years. Find the appropriate one which fits in your range and budget.

What is the type of washing machines?

There are four types of washing machines that are available in the market.

• Front loading washing machines

• Top loading or Traditional washing machines

• Fully-automatic machines

• Semi-automatic washing machines

Front loading washing machine

Do you stay in a less spacious house with smaller rooms? If yes, then this washing machine is perfect for your household. In India, the water problem is a big issue. The front-loading washing machine consumes less water. From a survey, it has been proved that front-loading tools are superior in comparison to other models, they use the excellent tumbler washing mechanism to washcloths. The Machine other than washing can also be used to stack washed and dried clothes by keeping them inside it just like a laundry box.

 Who should buy it?

Do you stay in a joint family? And wash the bulk of clothes on a daily basis? Then front-loading machines are the perfect choice for you. Though the price is a bit higher than others, it is value for money and will provide you long term service.

Top loading or Traditional washing machine

This is the second type of washing machine. This is cheaper than the front loading. Now get the best washing machine under 10000. The duration of the wash cycle is less in comparison to other models. It reduces vibration. The Machine is easy to handle, and you can easily operate through the control panel.

Who should buy it?

For a nuclear and small family, it is a perfect machine.

Fully automatic

Most of the people get confused about the semi-automatic and automatic washing machine. Both have different features. In this article, we mainly focus on the semi-automatic Machine and also put together some of the top brands of semi-automatic machines. Which will provide you service efficiently yet within budget. All these are the best washing machine under 10000. In a fully automatic Machine, you can have both top loading and front loading.

The 10 Best Washing Machine under 10000 in India Reviews

1. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • It is a semi-automatic machine
  • Maximum loading capacity is 7.2kg, with top-loading facility
  • Spin Speed (RPM): 1450
  • Spin Motor is 150 Watt
  • 2 years of warranty on the Machine and five years of motor
  • It has got inbuilt scrubber, multi-utility tray
  • Total 3 wash programs are available

Want to buy the best washing machine under 10000? Bring home the Whirlpool Ace Supreme Plus. It is semi-automatic, with 7.2 kg capacity. The Lint filter feature now helps to gets rid of the random fabrics which stick in the Machine. Lint filter provides you a seamless washing experience.

With the help of a new Ace washing station now you can easily sort your clothes, stack and carry the clothes in your Machine. The Machine comes with two years of warranty, but on the motor, you will get five years. The Impeller will provide you a smooth motion to wash the clothes, and it removes the dirt very easily.

The semi-automatic machine comes with a multi-utility tray so that you can easily sort the dry clothes. With the help of an inbuilt scrubber, you can get rid of the tough stain and dirt easily in just one wash. The Machine is easy to handle, and the spin motor it uses is of 150-watt power. The body of the Machine is made of hard plastic.

Overall: The Whirlpool Semi-Automatic is a top-loading machine. The maximum spin speed of the Machine is 1450 RPM. Wash motor is of 340 W. The machine is available in two colors. White and maroon combination, another one is the white, purple combination.

2. BPL 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

    The capacity of the Machine is 7.2kg
  • The Machine is perfect for a small family of 3-4 members
  • The product comes with one year of warranty
  • The spin speed is 1000 RPM
  • It is a top-loading machine
  • The drying speed is fast in comparison to other
  • It comes with high-grade motor, spin shower, collar scrubber

It is one of the best washing machine under 10000. The capacity of the BPL Semi-Automatic machine is 7.2 kg. Now wash your dirty clothes faster and do not worry about the rainy season. The Machine will dry your clothes within a minute. Now say goodbye to the laundry related problem and bring home BPL BSATL72X1.

It is made of a double-layered plastic body. The Machine has dual quality; it is not only durable but also sturdy as well and provides you a long-term service. The high-quality plastic body is tough and rust-resistant. During the time of washing heavy and, dirty clothes use the soak mode so that the dirt can be loosened off.

The spin shower helps to wash the clothes thoroughly. It not only cleans the dirt and stain but also cleans the foam and detergent off from the clothes. The Machine has a total of two outlets to drain the water. Now clean the shirt collar is no more hectic, use the collar scrubber, and get rid of all the cuff and shirt collars dirt.

Overall : It is a great machine for the nuclear family if your budget is a bit low. The Machine is available in maroon shade. The washing method of the Machine is a pulsator.

3. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • It is a semi-automatic washing machine with a capacity of 7kg.
  • The Machine has a total three wash program
  • The super soak technology help to clean all the dirt very easily.
  • Maximum spin speed is 1450 rpm
  • The Machine has a total of 3 wash programs.
  • Material that is used in the Machine is plastic

Planning to bring home the best washing machine under 10000, then Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S is a great choice to get rid of all the laundry hassle. The Machine has a smart scrub station, where you can wash and scrub the clothes by standing. You do not have to bend down for this. With the help of flow back design, the detergent and water flow back in the tub.

The Machine has an auto-restart facility. The Machine stops automatically during a power cut, and it restarts again when the power resumes from the exact point where it was stopped. It has a waterproof panel. The panel is protected from the water getting inside.

The motor is 340 watt, and it’s powerful enough to roll all the clothes during cleaning in all the directions. The super soak quality removes all the tough stains easily. Get the perfect motion with the Impeller, which removes the hardest of the stains smoothly without being hard to linen.

Overall : For a small family, this Machine is a perfect choice. The Machine comes with two years of warranty and five years on motor.

4. Godrej 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • The Godrej washing machine is semi-automatic
  • The maximum capacity is 6.5kg. perfect for small families.
  • The outer body is made of plastic
  • The Machine has got a 100% rust-resistant polypropylene body.
  • Save your water with the water level indicator.
  • With the active soak technology, dirt can easily

The Godrej semi-automatic offers you 6.5kg washing capacity. It is 100% rustproof, and the Machine comes with five years of motor warranty. The motor is 350 watts. The spin shower in the tub helps you to get detergent-free clothes. The Machine provides two wash programs.

The Machine helps you to save water with the help of a water level indicator. At the end of the wash program, a buzzer will ring and indicate to you that the wash is done, and it’s time to take out clothes. It is considered as the best washing machine under 10000.

The trio scrub pulsator helps you to clean the clothes simultaneously. It is the combination of the three micro scrubbers and a powerful pulsator. It helps you to clean the clothes thoroughly. The microfilter technique collects all the discharged fibers from the clothes and prevents these from clothes.

Overall: The Godrej washing machine’s body is made of plastic. It prevents corrosion and rust. It is durable and provides you great service for small families. Soak the clothes 20 minutes before you start washing. The active soak feature loosens the dirt from the clothes. So that you can wash the clothes easily.

5. Onida 8 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • It’s a semi-automatic washing machine with top loading facility
  • It’s overall capacity is 8kg
  • Maximum rotation per minute speed is 1350 RPM
  • Anti-rodent and rust guards are in place to save the Machine from corrosion
  • The outer body is made of fiber, and the tub material is plastic
  • 230-volt voltage is needed for its smooth operation
  • The Machine consists of a gearbox

Onida claims that it is one of the best washing machine under 10000 with the best air dryers, which can remove all the moisture from the cloth. It also features a very powerful motor that is able to maintain water speed for washing and airspeed for drying.

It comes with a magic filter for collecting the dirt which comes out in the form of lint when clothes are washed inside machines. The filter removes the lint from irrespective of water level and the number of cloths.

The anti-rust-fiber body of the Machine is rust and corrosion-resistant, thus giving a long life to the Machine. It can take the load of up to 8KG of laundry and is good enough for small families with 3-4 people. It also has a strong castor wheel attached to its bottom for mobility, and they are very strong.

Overall – it’s a great buy in its price range with all the features that one can expect from a semi-automatic washing machine. Considering the Indian mindset, there is also a brush built-in, which enables the Machine to give a hand wash like a feature while washing clothes.

6. Panasonic 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machin

  • The washing machine is semi-automatic and top-loading
  • Maximum washing capacity is 6.2 kg
  • The outer body is plastic built so that it prevents rust.
  • The Machine comes with a two-course section
  • It provides 2years warranty on product and 5years on motor
  • Comes with a lint filter

This Panasonic product is the best washing machine under 10000. It features a lint filter in the shape of a cassette that traps all the lint even if the water level in the Machine is low. The plastic material which is used for its build is very strong and anti-corrosive, thus giving the Machine a long life.

The waterproof body of the Machine is very easy to clean, and with the strong wheels, it is pretty easy to move the Machine even with fully loaded laundry. The technique which the washing machine uses to wash the cloths is the ‘Aqua Shower Rinse’ technique, which helps in washing tough stains easily.

It also has a unique soak feature that lets you soak the cloth in such a way that while washing the dirt and stains, get easily washed away. The top-load Machine requires 230 Volt of voltage and weighs around 6.2 KG.

Overall : The Panasonic 6.2KG semi-automatic washing machine is perfect for small families or bachelors. It has a good solid build and all the packed-in features like lint filter, rust-free body, unique way of soaking and washing technique, great price, and a brand name like Panasonic as it’s a great choice.

7. Intex 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • The Machine is semi-automatic with top loading facility
  • The total capacity is of 7.2 kg
  • It has got air dry and auto soak technology
  • It can consume a maximum of 75 liters and a minimum of 47 liters of water
  • Only one water inlet, rustproof plastic body, and transparent lid
  • 2 years of warranty with an additional three years on motor
  • Water level indicator, lint filter, and a normal pulsator

The Intex semi-automatic washing machine is one of the best washing machine under 10000. The 7.2Kg Machine can hold clothes up to 6KG. It comes with three washing options named as heavy, normal, and gentle. The body of the Machine is built with anti-rust plastic which is very durable as well.

It has a 520-Watt power wash motor with a 190-Watt spin motor; there is an air dryer to blow dry clothes while spinning, a net filter to catch all the lint while washing and a normal pulsator. The spin motor can spin up to a maximum speed of 1350 rotations per minute.

There are water level indicators to alarm you if the water is more or less than what is needed; there are a single inlet and outlet mechanism. It also lets you auto soak your cloths so that while cleaning dirt can be removed easily.

Overall : This washing machine is great for small families who have a small budget to buy a washing machine as it comes with all the necessary features that one may expect in this price range. The long warranty, powerful motor, 3modes of washing are the plus point for this product.

8. Mitashi 7 Kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine

  • It is a top-loading washing machine comes with a semi-automatic facility
  • The maximum washing capacity of the Machine is 7kg
  • The spin rate is 1450 RPM
  • It comes with 5years of overall warranty
  • The outer body is rust free and non-corrosive body.
  • It has a transparent lid and durable lint filter
  • High-quality castor wheels
  • Overload alarm and echo force function

The Mitashi semi-automatic is the best washing machine under 10000 from Mitashi. It is a feature-loaded washing machine with air-jet dryers. It is a technique in which the Machine reduces moisture by letting outside fresh air through its vents, leading to quick drying of clothes.

There is a lint filter as well, which collects all the lint while washing and do not let that pass into the water so that the lint does not create any blockages in the outlet. It also features a powerful scrubber, which produces additional friction while clothes are washed using the spinner.

The soak functionality automatically shuts the Machine for some time before washing so that clothes can be soaked in. There is an overload alarm as well to warn users in case if the Machine is overloaded with cloths. It also features a high-quality castor wheel to give the Machine the necessary mobility.

Overall : It’s a great buy in its price range with 7kg of washing capacity and good spin speed it’s a great product for a small or mid-size family. There is also a five years warranty to the product, and Mitashi also has great after-sales service.

9. AmazonBasics 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing machine

  • Semi-automatic washing machine with 7.5KG capacity
  • The spin speed of 1350 Rotations per minute
  • Anti-corrosion body and shockproof panel
  • Different wash programs to choose from
  • Auto temperature cut-off
  • Castor wheel, buzzer alarms
  • Lint filter and self-balancing spin tub

The Amazon basic semi-automatic washing machine is the best in its category and is definitely the best washing machine under 10000 by Amazon. The washing machine comes with an efficient punch type pulsator. This provides a quick and easy wash gently to heavy-duty clothes.

It comes with three modes for washing clothes of a different type. It has a pre-soak feature and an inbuilt scrubber that scrubs the clothes while they are washed while spinning. Coming to the build, the washing machine has a durable plastic build, which is anti-rust and keeps the whole machine body shockproof.

The spin tub inside the Machine in which spins is balanced properly to create maximum spin while washing and drying without wobbling. There is a lint filter in it as well to collect all the lint as it can cause a blockage.

Overall : This washing machine is targeted towards small and mid-sized families with a smaller budget and weekly load of 7 to 8 kg of laundry, which is this Machine can handle at ease in one go. The great features like an inbuilt scrubber, balanced tub, lint filter, and a punch pulsator are all plus points for this product.

10. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Maximum rotations per minute of 700 while spinning
  • Six programs to choose from for washing
  • Steel drum, automatic power cut
  • Auto diagnostic feature with memory backup
  • Anti-rust body, adjustable feet, door lock
  • ABT gasket, removable top lid

It is the best washing machine under 10000 by Haier because it is the only one in this class with steel drums, which gives a robust feel to it. It comes with a fully digital panel with multiple options. You have got a very strong glass made lid placed on top as well for convenience

There are six washing modes for different types of linen-like cotton, mix, synthetic, Eco mode. You can also control spin speed, rinse cycle, and hold using the digital panel. It can also store your inputs using memory backup.

It uses a quadra flow pulsator to which leads to untangled washing and perfect cleaning. There are sensors at work which automatically detect to load, and a fuzzy logic decides the washing time that it will take. There is also a quick wash function and automatic power cut off function. You can even schedule your wash.

Overall : Haier 5.8KG fully automatic washing may not cater to families but is great for single or two-person families and who are looking for a digital feature-packed fully automatic washing machine. This Machine has as many six wash programs and many more features.

FAQ for washing machine

Q: u003cstrongu003eWhy front-loading washing machines are more expensive than top load oneu003c/strongu003e?

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e The tumbler wash system, which is available in the front load washing machine is quite expensive in comparison to the pulsator system, which is available in the top load washing machine. Moreover, most of the manufacturers put multiple features in the front-loading Machine than the top load one. You can get the u003cstrongu003ebest washing machine under 10000u003c/strongu003e.

Q: u003cstrongu003eFrom where to buy washing machine?  Online or direct shop?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e You can buy from online and from the shop both. Both have got different facilities. If you go to the market, you can check the Machine personally, and online, you can check reviews and also get a better offer too. Like you can purchase the u003cstrongu003ebest washing machine under 10000u003c/strongu003e. Because there is no middleman online. Manufacturers direct sell the product.

Q: u003cstrongu003eInstalling the washing machine in the bathroom is safe or not?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e The Machine has got different types of parts made of metal and plastic. It has many other parts like the circuit board or motor which are considered as electrical parts. Water splashes are extremely risky when they come in contact with the electrical part. So be very careful when you keep the Machine in the bathroom. Try to keep in the corner and make sure water doesn’t come in contact with the Machine.

Q: u003cstrongu003eIn terms of cleaning clothes and power consumption, which Machine is better? Front-loading or top loadingu003c/strongu003e?

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e In terms of power consumption, front-loading is the better choice than the top loading. If we talk about the cleaning ability, both are the same, but the front loading is slightly better. Not a huge difference but a tiny difference. Many top-loading, which is the u003cstrongu003ebest washing machine under 10000u003c/strongu003e, provides the power consumption features.

Q: u003cstrongu003eWhich one damages the clothes? Dryer or washer?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e Though it depends on how you use the Machine, suppose you fix the wash setting into high and wash delicate clothes. There is a chance of damaging your clothes. So read the user guide before you start using the Machine.

Q: u003cstrongu003eDoes belt drive motor or direct drive motor? Which one is better?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e It depends. The u003cstrongu003ebest washing machine under 10000u003c/strongu003e with direct drive makes less vibration and less noise. Also, it consumes less electricity in comparison to the belt drive motor. On the other side belt drive, motor washing machines are comparatively cheaper and will give you a service in the long run.

Q: u003cstrongu003eCan you put the fabric softener along with the detergent in the Machine?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e No. You cannot pour the fabric softener along with the detergent during washing clothes. The fabric softener should be used after the washing is complete. To get more benefit to add the softener during the rinse cycle.

Q: u003cstrongu003eIs the direct sunlight harmful to the Machine?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e Of course, yes. Many people keep their machines on the balcony. Direct sunlight heats the u003cstrongu003ebest washing machine under 10000u003c/strongu003e and can damage it slowly.

Q: u003cstrongu003eIn the time of power cut, what to do with the automatic washing machine?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA:u003c/strongu003e Simply unplug the Machine. To prevent damage, you can unplug it immediately. Once the power resume plug and put on the switch.

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