10 Best TV under 40000 in India 2021

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

What is one of the best entertainment source in every house? Of course, television. TV has played a vital role for years to make the people enjoy it at its best. so we make a list of best tv under 40000 in India.

And, with the modern era and so many technological updates, LED TV or smart TV has come. Smart TV is a prevalent trend, and buying one can be a bit difficult for people because people don’t have enough knowledge.

Smart TV can be all the quick features like internet connection, application system, and many more. Well, you get the best tv under 40000. There are trendy brands that have evolved their business into the same. 

Top 8-things you should look for in the best-led tv under 40000:

  1. Make sure to buy a smart television that you can see at a distance of 4 feet clearly. 
  2. It would be best to buy a TV that has a full HD view rather than HR ready.
  3. Always check rather it would have a connectivity option or not.
  4. Never ignore the refresh rate on the LED TV. It is essential to have.
  5. Check what some native applications you can get on your television are.
  6. Always work under your budget as in 40k, you will get better options.
  7. Check the output used in the audio of the TV.
  8. One of the most important things to consider while or before buying the smart TV is that not every smart LED TV is smart. 

Best LED/Smart TV under 40000 in India 2021 reviews

1. Samsung 123 cm Full HD LED Smart TV

  • It has a higher resolution for a clear picture.
  • It has an HDR display
  • It comes with rich color features.
  • You will get the full HD display.
  • It has a marvelous connecting option.
  • Better sound quality with 40w output.

Samsung is the leading name when it comes to purchasing a TV, mobile, refrigerator, or any other electronic device. The company has grabbed the market for years, and it will continue to rule it with exciting products.

TV or television by Samsung also comes in the quality with features at its best, and even you can consider it for the best TV under 40000. Build with high technology gives its user a feel of the live concert at home. 

You will get the uncomparable sound quality because it has four channels speakers. The vital component that you should consider on TV is that the picture quality should be too good to give you a smooth view, and this is what you will get on LED TV by Samsung.

This TV can be controlled using the app. Yes, it can get connected with the smart-thing application. As viewers don’t need external sound quality but, this tv can also be combined with the Bluetooth speakers of any company. 

It has options so easy to operate. Yes, either your grandmother or kid, whoever is working this TV can run it smoothly without any hassle because it has navigations. The navigation is designed to keep the users’ ease and that is the reason it is known as best TV under 40000.

Apart from that, you will get a different language option from both India and as well as international partners. 

2. Akai 140 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • You can enjoy high resolution build in it.
  • Hard Drives can be connected.
  • Akai comes with the best input slot.
  • It has a USB connectivity option.
  • No more hassle with installation.

Akai has the most fantastic product range under its collection of best TV under 40000. Akai Ultra HD collection recently came up with the new model in 2019 only under the model number AKLT55U-DT55V.

This technology updated television has 13.5 kg overall weight, which means you can carry it easily by yourself. Build with the larger dimensions. It also has the batteries facility included with two aaa.

Come with the 4000 resolution; this is known as the android television. Apart from these exclusive benefits, you will get a TV unit, mouse-based on-air technology, remote along with a tabletop stand. 

Well, the company offers manuals for their use so that on whatever option of service they stop, the user manual can guide them instantly. This is the LED television with 55 inches. 

It supports three modes of sound, such as m4a, mp3 as well as WMA, along with 20 watts of audio quality. The batteries run this; it is pronounced that it comes with the battery.

So, if you are looking for the first-class television of this year then, Akai has the solution designed for you. You need to go and get yourself the one smart LED tv. This is the best smart TV under 40000.

3. LG 108 cm 4K UHD Smart LED TV

  • It has an upscale option.
  • This television runs on web OS.
  • You can connect it through mobile.
  • It has a two-way playback option.
  • It has the option of pictures and video also.
  • You can get HD quality.
  • It comes with a metallic design.

Buying a television is not like a child’s play. It would help if you needed to go through the research and lots of research before choosing the right tv because it comes with different features. 

And, what can be better than a television whose all features we will discuss here, and you don’t have to go for further research? So, LG is the brand whose TV you can without overthinking because it is the best TV under 40000.

LG also is known as Life’s Good. So, a 108 cm device from LG has 4k resolution with a 50 h rate. You won’t have to take tension for its installation as the company always sends its service expert to get the installation done for you in the right manner. 

Now, come at the sound feature so that it has an output of 20w, which is very powerful. It comes with web OS, which can also get connected with mobile. 

You will also get a warranty which you can get over the module as well as it can make you sure to try this product. All the service persons from LG will always just call away. You can call them to let you enjoy the uninterrupted services. 

This LG TV also comes with an easy to return policy but only within ten days. It would be implemented on the damaging of the product as well as you are not getting the same features mentioned at the time of purchasing. 

4. Onida 124.46 cm 4K UHD LED Smart TV

  • It has 50 UIB features.
  • The angle would be full.
  • It has better connectivity with external devices.
  • It has better sound quality.

Do you want to get the best smart TV under 40000? Of course, that’s why you here with all your heart and Onida will never break your heart with its services. 

It is one of the best companies that manufacture quality television every year, and this smart TV is known as the best TV under 40000. You will get 178 degrees wide-angle view to watch anything you want to. 

This TV also comes with a built-in internet connection feature along with Mira cast. You can connect the setup box with an external port that has 3 HDMI. 

If you have a kid in your home who is interested in playing a game, you can purchase this because it has a gaming console. This smart Onida LED can be connected with smartphones and laptops as well.

The excellent sound quality of this a-rated television has attached 200w output so that you can enjoy sound like ocean waves so pure and clear.

Like LG, Onida also gives installation services free of cost to their beloved customers. They are also just a call away from you. All you need is to tell them the model number you owe along with your name and other vital details mentioned in the invoice. 

Well, the problem of not trusting any product is also solved by the Onida as the company is winning the trust of its customer by offering a year warranty.

In any case, if you do not like the product because of not having the same feature as expected by you as well as sometimes due to delivery, the product gets damaged so you can return it within ten days. 

5. Philips 126 cm 4K LED Smart TV

  • Easy and hassle-free installation.
  • Sound like never before.
  • It has a better resolution to get a clear view.
  • 20 watts sound output.
  • Two external drives connection system.

Phillips is a company that needs no introduction as it becomes household after its varieties of products available in the Indian market. They have a vast range of electronic products that can fit any home perfectly.

Either you are looking for a personal care product or home appliance, or entertainment-based electronic items, all are readily available under the name of this company.

If we talk about Phillips TV then, this one is the best smart TV under 40000. It has a resolution of 3840×2160, along with the additional refresh rate. You can get a 60-hertz price of a refresh on this television.

This TV is connectable with the external USB drive. Yes, you can connect it with two devices at the same time because it has two ports. What else do you looking for on a smart TV? Might be a sound system? 

So, it has an overall output for the sound of 20 watts. This helps to preserve the real music for a better sound feeling. It gives your ears a pleasure to the soothing and smooth sound.

Smart TV has lots of benefits as you can watch everything that you want to watch using your Wi-Fi. It has that option as well. Other brands give a year warranty but, on this product, you will get a two years warranty.

The company also offers easy to install service to the users who want to buy this TV and want to fit it in their house the next day. You just have to make a call to the number given as well as you can get a return option also.

6. Haier LE50F9000UAP 126.5 cm 4K UHD LED Smart TV

  • It has a free installation service.
  • The refresh rate of Haier TV is 60 hertz.
  • You will get an LED display.
  • It runs over 6.0 android.

Are you looking for a best TV under 40000 that can have an LED panel display? Haier has a feature that can give you an awesome viewing experience. All you need is to buy the latest Haier TV.

It has a wonderful resolution feature that can give you a clear picture without blur. It has a 60-hertz rate of a refresh, which further provides connectivity to a more considerable extent. 

It also has a gaming option for those who are Blu Ray. You can connect it through other USB devices. Not even one, but, two methods can be connected.

Sixteen watts of sound output is also known to be the best feature of this TV. This is the best smart tv under 40000 if you want something that can play over 6.0 android, which also has internet connection features using WiFi.

Haier is the product that offers a warranty on the product that is also unique to others. Yes, you will get three years of warranty in which one year would be free totally and in the remaining two months you only have to pay for labor.

Apart from this, the headache of installation is also not there. A service person from the company will be at your home just after a call. As well as, if you get the damaged product, you will get a chance to return, replace, or exchange it within the time frame of ten days. 

7. Panasonic 108 cm 4K UHD LED Smart TV

  • It has customizable options.
  • You can get 20w output for sound.
  • It has an ultra-wide panel for a clear image.
  • This is the 43 inches Panasonic Awaken.

What would you consider the best on TV? Some like the features; some go for the price. But, what is the best LED tv under 40000? All the features and specifications under your budget? 

To grab this amazing deal, you can get your home a brand new Panasonic. It is a brand new TV that comes in the size of 43 inches, as well as supports, LED and HD. To maximize the picture quality of the television, the company has added IPS LED. 

It gives a look at which you will get nowhere. According to the scenes, its mode changes a little like the dark of dark during punch for bright. To get a soothing experience, you just need to buy this because of its reproduction technology of color. Yes, you will get 6 CRT in this. 

Well, for connectivity, we generally look at the USB drive option but, in Panasonic TV, you will get the opportunity of just swipe and share. Yes, it will lead you to connect your smart TV with an intelligent mobile or laptop just in a minute. 

The additional feature you will get on this TV is that it has a customization option. To make the process smooth, you will get an opportunity to keep everything at a place. Like, your favorite app or whatever interface you want to choose, you can. 

8. TCL 138.71 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • It has an A+ LED panel to give better display quality.
  • It has a Dolby sound.
  • It runs over Linux OS.
  • You can operate it using Alexa.
  • It has an Amazon Prime Video option.
  • With easy installation, you will get an easy return option also.

TCL is the only company that offers its user a pre-built Amazon Prime on the TV. As the company, this is the time for Smart TV, Smart Mobile, and Smart shows. 

This is the modern age technology driver television as it can be operated using Alexa. The contemporary age Alexa is built on the station, which can start working over your voice. 

Apart from that, to binge-watch the web series, you can get an in-built Amazon Prime Option. The most trending platform with the latest Bollywood, Hollywood shows and movies, web series, and other kinds of stuff. 

The add on feature of this TV is that it can give you the weather information, updates of news, calendar setting, and many other options. 

This is the entire modern age television and is known to be the best LED tv under 40000. Well, other features of this television are as similar as other smart TV.

The high-class resolution, uber sound quality, gaming console, operating system build over Linux, and many other options are also available in this device.

With so many new facilities, you can also get an easy to return facility given by Amazon within ten days. You can get the benefit of this only when your product is to up to mark shown at the time of purchasing. 

9. VU 126 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • It has an 8.0 Android OS.
  • It has an application connectivity option.
  • You can connect with apps like Hotstar and Youtube.
  • It has Dolby audio feature.

The name might be new for you, but the TV offered by them is ruling the market place and secure a positive side in every big showroom from where you can buy your best smart TV under 40000.

Vu Premium 4K TV, which runs over Android 8.0. Yes, other TV does not support such a system that can devalue within a few days. It is powered by the 10 HDR resolution that also gives the sound quality of Dolby vision tech. 

In order to give their viewers an accuracy of color, brightness, and texture, it has a specially designed system in it like 4k HDR. Audio or sound is an essential feature of every television. Without this, the screen can be useless. 

So, to keep this in mind, the advanced audio feature is used in it that gives clear sound quality. The Android used in it will let you use Google Ecosystem. You can also use one of the most popular apps, such as YouTube, Amazon, Hotstar, and many more. 

You will get a remote to control the overall television. This LED TV has a better connectivity option that leads you to join it through other devices and later enjoy the unlimited shows and series. 

The color of this television is also very classy as it can upgrade your living room a little and add lots of beautiful factors in your bedroom. 

10. CloudWalker 140 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • It has an overall 55 inches of size.
  • It has a smart connectivity option.
  • It gives 99% accuracy of color.
  • It has an Android operating system.

Last but not least, this CloudWalker television also comes under the category of best smart TV under 40000. It has a vast range of smart features that you can love to enjoy under your budget.

The range of this TV is highly dynamic as it is combined through 4k UHD ultra LED resolution for better screen experience. This CloudWalker TV is 55 inches in size to give you a broader view every time.

You can get a mini-theater kind of feeling by purchasing this power television because, with a big screen, it has better picture quality as well. 

This TV is made using the operating system of Android, and it has 7.0 Nougat. It is sufficiently smart with 8 GB ROM as well as a RAM option to give you another sleek performance.

The color features of this TV are so useful that you can obtain 99% accuracy. On the other hand, it can be connected with another device to let you run the latest and trending films all over the world, web series, and other online stuff. 

So, you can buy this TV without hitting your mind and pocket as Amazon also gives EMI options to its every user. So, be the one to enjoy the right services.

So, these are some best LED tv under 40000 that you can buy for your bedroom, home and even your office and any other purpose. 

Some question that will clear your concept about Smart LED TV:

Q. What features you should look at smart LED TV?

Ans. There could be many features that people will look for to get the best experience but, better connectivity with the internet, clear image, and sound quality is a must. Smart TV should also be run by using apps.

Q. Popular companies manufacturing smart TV?

Ans. Many brands work on the making of the smart TV but, some brands like LG, Panasonic, MI, Samsung are known to be the best among all. You can also go with brands like TLC and Vu.

Q. How to use the internet on TV?

Ans. You can connect your smart TV using your router set up at home. TV needs a better internet connection system. You will get the option of your TV from where you have to choose the required network for watching streaming online stuff.

Q. In what duration system updates in LED smart TV?

Ans. The duration of the system update depends on TV to TV or company to company. Every update has a specific time. But, whenever the system gets updated, you can take advantage of advanced features and excellent quality.

Q. Is any hang problem like a computer we can face on Smart TV?

Ans. Just like your smartphones, laptops, and computer, smart TV can hang. Even if it consumes more data, and the chances are high but, if you use the best smart TV, then the chances would be less.

Q. Can we run apps on Smart TV?

Ans.. Of course, smart TV has the option to connect with the application that you are using on your phone. Apart from that, some intelligent TV has inbuilt apps such as Youtube and Amazon Prime.

Q. Can smart TV support the latest technology?

Ans. Yes, the latest technology like Alexa helps you to run it more effectively as well as you can connect it through or Google Home. 

Q. Can I buy a smart TV for under 40k?

Ans. Under 40k, you will get many options for smart TV such as Vu, CloudWalker, Panasonic, Samsung and others.

What are some Best Smart TV companies in India:

  • TCL 
  • LG 
  • Panasonic 
  • CloudWalker 
  • Samsung

To be concluded on a smart TV, these all are some models which you can love to buy and admire it later. The range in the television world is so high. 

You will get a lot and a lot of options for smart TV but, these are some top reasons which you should consider to select the right model of yourself.  

You will get every variety under it, starting from 30 inches to go up to 55 inches. But, we are looking for a TV that has smart features, not size. While we know, size also matters, and this all is best in format. 

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