Top 10 Best Stand Mixer in India

By Trusha Patel

Are you one of those choosy ones when it comes to finding the right kitchen instruments? One can not imagine a kitchen without a mixer grinder. Cooking is an art in itself, and every chef is a true artist. To make a beautiful painting, one needs suitable colors and paintbrushes.

Similarly, to prepare a culinary delight, the choice of spices is crucial. And well-grinded spices add an extraordinary flavor to every dish. To grind the spices smoothly, the need of the hour is a good mixer grinder. 

In today’s world of publicity gimmicks, it is extremely tough to choose the right kind of product as per one’s needs and requirements. Be it a piece of jewelry or dress or even a kitchen gadget, making the right choice becomes very hard.

So many varieties of the same product are available in the market. And each one of the brands is claiming to be better than the other. The buyers find themselves in the middle of a mess, trying to choose the best for themselves.

Here, we can feel your confusion and thus have tried to make your job a tad bit easier. We have segregated the best mixer grinders available in the market for your benefit. We have gone through various reviews, customer feedback, and prices to make this list.

Therefore, we are here presenting you with a list of the Best stand Mixers available in India. No need to worry about the features of these mixers. We have enlisted all the features and highlights in bullet points for your easy and fast reference.

Top 10 Best Stand Mixer in India 2021 Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach 64650 290W Stand Mixer

  • Stainless steel body for long durability
  • Can work at six different speeds for various needs
  • Quick burst button
  • Equipped with six stainless steel bowls of different sizes
  • Operates at a minimal voltage of 110 volts

The Hamilton Beach mixer tops the list of Best Stand Mixers in India because of its powerful motor. The motor is an extremely crucial part of any mixer or grinder machine. The stainless steel body prevents the instrument from rusting. This mixer grinder has the best quality motor that will last you a life-time. 

You have the option to set the speed at six different levels. This feature allows you to customize the functioning of the mixer grinder according to your needs. It can also function as a hand-mixer. By removing the top nozzle, one can use the mixer grinder as a simple hand mixer.

Along with the main unit of mixer grinder, six stainless steel bowls come free of cost. These bowls are of various sizes. If one needs to grind or mix a heavy amount of any substance, then the larger bowls can be used. While for small scale usage, small bowls serve the purpose well.


This mixer cum grinder is the perfect choice for your kitchen. It operates only at a minimal voltage of 110 volts. Thus you need not worry about electricity bills as well. It also has a quick burst button for fast usage. Overall, this is a piece of essential equipment in every Indian kitchen.

2. Dash 250W Stand Mixer, 1 Jar (Blue)

  • Very sturdy model for daily use
  • 2.5 L mixer bowl for whipping or grinding and mixing
  • Six preset speed levels for easy usage
  • The non-electric parts of this mixer grinder are dishwasher safe
  • 1-year warranty on the product and recipe book for free

The dash stand mixer is designed to fit your quotidian needs. The stainless steel model is made to last a very long duration. It is always not possible for us to use the equipment with the utmost care. Sometimes, unwillingly we do use them roughly. And this model is just the right choice for such occasions. It can withstand rough handling and still last longer.

The mixing bowl has a 2.5 L capacity. This allows you to mix or grind large quantities of dough or other materials all at once. There are six already set speed options to help you to customize the revolving speed of the grinder according to your needs. 

Washing the utensils is a head-ache for every household these days. Most people prefer utensils and types of equipment that are dishwasher friendly. The dash stand mixer also fulfills that criterion. Except for the electrical parts, all other parts are dishwasher friendly.


It is one of the Best Stand Mixers in India because it comes with a 1-year warranty. A recipe book stating all the delicious dishes that you can prepare using this mixer grinder is given free of cost with your instrument. This is undoubtedly one of the best choices for your kitchen. 

3. Panasonic MK-GB1 3-Litre 200-Watt Stand Mixer (White)

  • Rotating bowl of capacity 3 L
  • A Powerful motor of 200 watts capable of withstanding high loads
  • Dual function as a hand-mixer
  • Separate egg beater for multipurpose use
  • Dough hook to enable easy mixing with great force

The Panasonic stand mixer is unique in its way of functioning. Being one of the Best Stand Mixers in India, it rotates and mixes items like no other mixer in its category. The efficient 200-wattage motor is the key feature of this device. With extremely low maintenance cost, it lasts you a life-time.

This mixer grinder has a dual function. It can be operated as a stand mixer to mix and grind dough or other food items. At the same time, the bowl can be detached, and it can also be used as a hand mixer. It is no less than a surprise for those who are baking. The hand blender lets you aerate, mix, blend, and whip effortlessly. It provides a hassle-free experience for those who love to bake.

This mixer grinder can operate at five different speeds. It is also equipped with a separate egg-beater and a dough hook, both made of stainless steel. Its overall weight is as less as 2.1 kgs and thus can be easily shifted from one place to another.


The ergonomic design of this mixer makes it stand out amongst its competitors. The smooth plastic body is easy to clean. It also occupies a very little place on your kitchen countertop. This is the perfect choice for you and would give you a hassle-free kitchen experience.

4. Hi-Tech 600W Stainless Steel Chef Master 101 Stand Mixer

  • It has 3-blades for uniform mixing
  • 4 L stainless steel bowl with a bowl cover
  • Six preset speed limits
  • Very compact and easily portable model
  • Comes with a beater, balloon whisk, and dough hook

Hi-tech is a very profound name in the Global Market. It continuously thrives to reach greater heights, and this is visible in their products. This mixer grinder is no different. It has three blades for uniform and thorough mixing.

It comes with a 3 L bowl, which is unique about this mixer. None of the other mixers at this price offers such a big capacity bowl with the mixer. To top that, the bowl also has a cover to prevent splashing and spattering, thereby keeping your kitchen clean.

This stand is one of the Best stand mixers in India and designed by taking ideas from the great bakers and chefs. It has a wire-whip for incorporating air into the cream or egg while beating it. Aerating the cream or egg makes it fluffy and tasteful.

The dough-hook gives you a hassle-free mixing experience. It saves most of your time and effort, thereby letting you focus on other things. It has six preset speed limits. Each of these speed limits is designated for different functions that it can perform. The beater of this mixer is flat in shape, and thus it can mix cake batters and other items thoroughly and uniformly, almost without any effort from your side.


The hi-tech stand mixer is extremely sleek and trendy and would manifold the beauty of your kitchen. Its modern look sets it apart from others of this category. It is also very cost-effective and saves a lot on your electricity bills. Altogether this mixer grinder should be your choice if you want a modern and chic design mixer with all the facilities at an affordable price range.

5. Bosch MFQ3555GB 350-Watt Hand Mixer (White)

  • Noiseless efficient motor
  • Equipped with turbo-beaters for fast whisking
  • It also has two stainless steel heavy-duty dough hooks
  • Wrap-around cable for neat look and storage
  • Blenders and hooks can be detached with eject button

The Bosch white hand-mixer not only has a powerful 375-watt motor, but it also has a noiseless operation. You can easily listen to music or tv shows while the mixer is doing the work for you, without any hint of disturbance. The motor is highly efficient and ensures proper mixing, blending as well as kneading.

Not just one, but there are two stainless steel turbo beaters for uniform mixing. These beaters let the ingredients get enough aerated and thereby make them fluffy. It also has a speed control facility. There are five different speed limits for operation. This allows the user to rotate the blades of the mixer at different speeds required for different applications.

The two heavy-duty dough hooks allow effortless stirring and mixing. It is also equipped with a stand and rotating bowl. This allows a hands-free operation. The mixer has a wrap-around cable. This lets you use the mixer safely and also helps in storing it within a minimal space.


The Bosch stand mixer is one of the best stand mixers in India. This occupies very little space on the kitchen top and is a must for a relaxed cooking experience. The 375 -watt motor helps you do the job within seconds. The mixer is also very sturdy and is meant to last you a life-time. 

6. Kenwood KMX754RD 1000 Watt Stand Mixer, Red

  • It has a 5 L glass bowl that has graduations for easy usage
  • Manual speed control with a gradual increase in speed
  • The beater is k-shaped allowing thorough mixing
  • Can incorporate additional attachment tools available in the market
  • Whisk and dough tool are given with the instrument

The Kenwood Mixer looks beautiful on your kitchen top with its unique glass bowl for mixing and grinding. It is proven to give excellent and consistent mixing and grinding results over the years. This will definitely attract the attention of your guests with both its dazzling look as well as with the taste of the food that it can help to prepare.

The K-shaped beater and whisk allow you to prepare several tasty food items like flavored bread, cakes, and pavlovas effortlessly. One of the unique features of this instrument is its capability to fold and mix the food items. This layering and folding of the ingredients, especially, helps you prepare the top-class mousse.

The manual speed control prevents spillage and easy mixing of items like flour. The glass bowl has graduations on its side. This helps you to directly measure the ingredients while putting them inside the bowl for mixing. 


The Kenwood stand mixer is one of the Best Stand Mixers in India because of its added advantage to add on 20 or more additional attachments for experimental cooking. This is the best companion for budding chefs and bakers who never hesitate to experiment and innovate new and wonderful culinary delights. 

7. KitchenAid KSM180RP 325 Watt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer , Misty Blue

  • The bowl is coated in white to give a stunning look
  • The head of the mixer can be tilted for easy usage
  • A C-shaped dough hook to ensure proper kneading
  • Six wire whisk for better mixing
  • 14 different attachments available for the device

The Kitchen Aid stand mixer has a 4.8 L bowl, which allows you to do heavy mixing jobs with ease. The bowl has a white glossy finish that gives it a modern and classy look. The machine has a misty blue color that looks extremely stylish amongst all other kitchen utensils.

The instrument has a custom cover for the power-hub. It is also inscribed with a brand logo of Kitchen Aid, which has completed a total of 100 years in the field of kitchen utensils. This says a lot about the reputation of the company and how trustworthy its products can be. 

The top of the mixer can be tilted for better vision into the bowl while adding the ingredients, thereby facilitating easy usage by the customers. The head of the mixer can be locked during operation, and this allows for close contact between the beater and the bowl. Thus, efficient mixing is a definite promise for users.


This model of mixer by Kitchen Aid is one of the Best Stand mixers in India and is a 100-years special edition. Aided with a coated C-shaped dough hook, this mixer allows you to mix and make your favorite cakes effortlessly. A 6-wire whip beats the cream and makes it very fluffy and light-weight, just as you need. This mixer will serve as your best friend if you are really into cooking and experimenting.

8. PHONECT Stand Removable 2 in 1 Hand with Stainless Steel Rotating Bowl, 5-Speed Classic Mixer with Sturdy Beaters and Dough Hooks, (3.5L, 250 Watt, Black)

  • 3.5 L stainless steel rotating bowl
  • Five preset speed levels
  • Sturdy and long-lasting beaters and dough hook
  • 250-watt powerful motor
  • Black sleek design

The Phonect mixer grinder is a value for money. The 3.5 L rotating bowl allows you to mix large quantities of ingredients at once. This saves a lot of your precious time and allows you to pursue your hobbies and dreams.

There are five preset speed levels. You can customize the speed at which you want the blades of the grinder to rotate, as per the ingredients and way of mixing. The 250-watt powerful motor is extremely efficient and can mix or grind items in no time. It also consumes less power comparably and saves the amount you have to spare for electricity bills.

The sleek black design gives your kitchen a new look and attracts your guests. It not only has a powerful motor, but it can also cool down fast. Thus the user need not wait for long after mixing or grinding one item and can easily start the next session, without having to waste much time. 


The Phonect mixer grinder is in the list of the Best Stand Mixers in India, because of its ability to last longer and withstand rough daily handling. It is just the right fit for your busy kitchen needs. Such a trendy mixer, at such an affordable price, is not a deal you should miss. 

9. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5KSM3311XBTB 250-Watt 3.3-Litre Mini Stand Mixer (Twilight Blue)

  • Ten preset mixing speeds
  • Attachment hub for multipurpose usage
  • Tilt head design for easy access
  • Stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Two years warranty

KitchenAid is a leading brand in the ambit of household and kitchen instruments. It’s always known for its innovative ideas and designs in all its products. It has taken up the market with its various models of stand mixers and has now introduced this mini stand mixer. It is portable in the true sense of the term. You can move it around in the kitchen as it is very light-weight. It also occupies very little counter space in your kitchen. 

Although it is almost 20% less in size than other mixers, yet it can make up to almost 60 cookies at one go. The 3.3 L mixing bowl, made of high-quality stainless steel, can accommodate the ingredients for 60 cookies all at once. So do not get confused by the small size of the mixer.

When the other mixers in the market are designed with 5 or 6 preset speed options, this KitchenAid mixer grinder comes with ten preset speed options catering to every need of yours. It starts with slow speed to avoid spillage of dry flour in the beginning and slowly increases its speed. 


The artisan KitchenAid mini mixer comes in a variety of colors ranging from bold to mild. Just choose the color which will best suit your personality and your kitchen from this wide range. The elegant finish gives this mixer an attractive look and makes it one of the Best Stand Mixers in India.

10. Wonderchef Crimson Edge Die-Cast Metal Stand Mixer And Beater, 3 Attachments, 6 Speed Setting, 5L Bowl, 1000W – Red

  • Stainless steel bowl for easy mixing
  • The aluminum blades are detachable and easy to clean
  • Die-cast metal body for high strength and resistance
  • Skid-resistant rubber feet
  • 3-years warranty for reliability

The main aim of the Wonderchef brand is to keep your family healthy and fit throughout. Kitchen and home appliances have been their forte since their inception. The Wonderchef stand mixer is one of the Best stand mixers in India with a very powerful 1000-watt motor.

This mixer is well-known for its superlative performance and long life. The die-cast metal body of the mixer makes it very sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

The mixer is equipped with skid-resistant rubber feet to avoid slipping on the marble kitchen top and thereby facilitates comfortable usage. It has six preset speed control settings to customize the speed of the blades. Three different attachments are given free of cost with the instrument. Dough kneading, whisking, and mixing are now very easy with these attachments and the mini mixer. 

The 5 L mixing bowl allows you to prepare the ingredients for large batches of cake or other foods at once. The aluminum blades can be detached from the instrument. This helps you to clean them thoroughly and without any added hassles. 


Not only for usage at your kitchen, but you can also gift this mini size mixer to your relatives or friends. It comes with a 3-year warranty, and that makes this product extremely trust-worthy. Install this mini mixer in your kitchen and say goodbye to all the hassles of cooking. 

Buying guide and different parts of stand mixers available in the Indian market:

Before buying a stand mixer, you should pause for a moment and try and figure out why you want to buy it. Make a list of the things you would expect from the mixer.

Also, decide on the budget you can afford behind this instrument. Once you have sorted out all the above-mentioned options, you are good to go and buy the stand mixer customized for your needs.

So, just go through the basic information which you need to know before you opt for the perfect stand mixer for your kitchen.

  • Working of a stand mixer:

Both stand mixers, as well as hand mixers, operate on a gear-driven mechanism. A motor helps to rotate the gear. The gear, in turn, helps to rotate the blades of the mixer, which mixes the ingredients kept inside the mixing bowl. That is pretty much how a mixer works in a nutshell.

Types of mixers commonly available in the market:


It is a hand-held mixer. It is equipped with a crank on the side. While holding the mixer inside the mixing bowl, one has to operate the crank with the other hand to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

It can also be motorized. In certain cases, instead of the crank, there is an automated switch that turns on a motor that rotates the beater, and the ingredients are mixed.

If there is no space in your kitchen, then this would be the perfect choice for you. They are extremely portable and also come at unbelievably low prices. They are light-weight. The handle of such mixers is easy to grip. They can also be cleaned with almost no effort.

One thing to be kept in mind while buying such kind of hand mixers is that go for those models which have rubber padding in the base so that it does not slip or skid while mixing the ingredients inside the mixing bowl. 

There is a wide range of other attachments available for hand mixers, which can be fitted into the basic instrument to serve various other purposes. 


Hand mixers can not mix large quantities of materials and thus are unfit for making big cakes or many cookies at one go. This is where the role of stand mixers comes into play. The speed of a hand mixer is almost half of the speed of a stand mixer.

It is also a mixing bowl and dough hook. Some of the stand mixers are equipped with a beater as well. The mixing bowl is generally made up of stainless steel. Sometimes the bowl is coated with die-cast or other glossy finish materials that give it a classy look. 

While choosing the Best Stand mixers in India, keep in mind that the beaters and the mixing bowl should be detachable. This helps in easy cleaning of the parts and thereby makes it hygienic.

The price of stand mixers is a little more than hand mixers, but it is worth the price. The stand mixer can also incorporate several attachments for preparing exclusive dishes.

Hand/Stand mixers:

These are 2-in-1 mixers, which serves the function of both hand and stand mixers. These are very convenient as they can be used according to your specific needs. They are light-weight like hand blenders and can operate at a higher speed compared to stand mixers. They can be converted from a stand mixer to a hand blender, just with the push of a single button. 

They have a detachable base, which holds the mixing bowl. And simply on the push of a button, the base can be separated from the top beater portion of the mixer. These mixers are amongst the Best stand mixers in India.

However, the motor power of such kind of mixers is not very high, and thus, they can not knead heavy-weight dough or other ingredients. The price of these mixers is more as they serve multipurpose. 

Amongst these mixers, two varieties are the most popular, and they are as follows:

  1. Tilt-head mixer: In this kind of mixer, there is a locking system near the head. Upon unlocking it, the top part of the mixer can be tilted backward. This gives the user more access to adding or visualizing the ingredients added. And the mixing bowl can only be removed after unlocking the top portion and tilting it backward. 
  1. Bowl-lift mixer: In this kind of mixer, there is no option of unlocking or tilting the top of the mixer. Here, the mixer is equipped with a handle or a lever. This lever can be pulled up or down to raise or lower the bowl according to your needs. Also, in some cases, the bowl can be completely removed and again attached.  

Based upon the model of the mixer, there are plenty of attachments available in the market, which can be incorporated into the mixer to make it perform additional functions. The best stand mixers in India are designed in such a way that they can accommodate most of the attachments.

A few of the popular attachments for a mixer grinder are as follows:

  1. Attachment for Ice-cream maker: This attachment for the mixer is just as popular as the dish it prepares. Although this is not dedicated to making larger batches of ice cream, yet it is a perfect tool for small scale, experimental trials. If you are interested in making ice-creams and find it enticing then just before buying an ice-cream maker, which would cost you a lot of money, try to experiment by buying this attachment for your mixer. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, invest wisely in a sole ice-cream maker. 
  1. Wire whips: This attachment is generally given free of cost, with most mixers available in the market. However, in case your original one brakes or you are not satisfied with the original one and want a better wire whip, then you can always choose from a large variety. Their main function is to whip air into your ingredient to make it fluffy. They are mainly used on ingredients like cream, egg whites, e.t.c. These are mostly made of stainless steel, or in some cases, these may be die-cast.
  1. Flat Beater: These are also given for free with most mixers. Their main function is to combine and mix all the ingredients well. Whether you are preparing the dough for a cookie or making a cake mix, you can not imagine doing it without the flat beater. 
  1. Dough Hook: This part of the mixer helps you in kneading dough. It works way better than kneading with your hand. It is also easier. Using a dough hook makes your bread light and airy instead of the tough and dense kind of bread that you get up on kneading with your hand. This process is also faster as compared to kneading with your hand. 
  1.  The pasta maker: This attachment is a real attraction for true chefs. It is difficult for a chef to resist himself from making pasta with his hand. There are two kinds of attachments available for making pasta. The first one is The Roller: As can be understood from the name itself, this helps in flattening the dough made for pasta into thin sheets. It gives the desired thickness to your sheet of pasta and results in fluffy and tasty pasta. The second part is The Cutter: This part helps in cutting the pasta into long thin strands. This gives the ultimate shape to your pasta. 
  1. Juicer and strainer: Juicers are very expensive, and they also take up a lot of your kitchen space. To avoid all these, you can just buy an attachment for a juicer and fit it into your stand mixer and you are good to go. There are mainly two types of juicer attachments available for stand mixers. The first one is the masticating juicer. It uses the method of cold pressing for taking out the juice from the fruits. It is a healthier alternative. The second method is the centrifugal juicer attachment. They work like blenders, spinning around and ejecting the juice from the fruits. Masticating juicers are a little expensive, but the cold press method of juicing is more healthy as they retain all the required nutrients of the fruits.
  1. Spleeres, slicers, and choppers: One single attachment can help you perform all these functions. Attach this to your stand mixer, and you can say goodbye to knives and other peeling or shedding instruments. Not just vegetables, you can also use this attachment to shred cheese and top it on your pizza. The essential part of buying this attachment is that it does the job for you in almost half the time than you would take to do it traditionally. 

Things to be considered before buying a mixer:

  • Budget: It goes without saying that initially, you need to decide upon the budget that you can afford to spend behind the gadget you want to buy. Mixers available in the market come in a wide variety of price ranges depending upon their features. Decide on your needs and choose the budget.
  • Your Kitchen Needs: There is no use buying a mixer with an ice-cream maker attachment if you would never use it. In that way, you will only spend a lot of your money, which would not be worth it. So you need to know why you want to buy a mixer in the very first place. Be very specific regarding how or for what purpose you wish to use your mixer. If you wish to use it for quotidian kitchen needs, then you will need attachments like a dough hook, flat beater e.t.c and would not need excess attachments like pasta or ice-cream maker. 

However, if you want to experiment and fancy becoming a cook one day, then you can surely opt for buying loads and loads of attachments, which are available in the market. In the second case, while buying the instrument, do not forget to check which attachments can be fitted into the machine. It is always better to prefer those machines which can accommodate a large variety of other attachments.

  • Weight & Space: Another very important thing to be kept in mind is while buying a mixer is the amount of space it is going to occupy on your kitchen top. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can opt for larger varieties; otherwise, it is better to choose those models which are sleek and can fit in a small space. Also, the weight of the mixer is important, in case you want to change the position of the device at regular intervals. However, one must also know that in the case of mixers, the heavier it is, the better it will function. Unless there is enough weight, the mixer can not put the desired pressure on the ingredients and would not give you the expected result.
  • Cleaning ease: Opt for those mixers in which most parts are detachable. This gives you an edge in cleaning the instrument thoroughly from time to time. This is a hygienic practice and should be a must-lookout while buying a mixer. The mixers come with a user guide, and you can always refer to the manual and know how to operate and clean the parts.
  • Noise level: Most of the hand mixers are sure to make noise while working. But a few of them can make more noise than the permissible limit. So do read customer feedback and see reviews before you buy a mixer.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is planetary action in a mixer?

This is a technique adopted to ensure thorough mixing of the ingredients in a mixer. In this case, the beater and the axle move in the opposite direction so that the ingredients mix thoroughly. This technique ensures efficient blending and mixing.

Q2. Which attachments are given for free with stand mixers?

Generally, three attachments, i.e., the flat beater, the dough hook, and a wire whip, are given free of cost with most of the models of a stand mixer. However, it is always advisable to refer to the user guide and check for the items that are there inside the box.

Q3. Does a stand mixer consume a lot of power?

No. It is a myth that the stand mixers consume a lot of power and result in a high electricity bill. There are many stand mixers available in the market that consume minimal power and are extremely efficient. So before buying a mixer, just check how much power the motor consumes and buy according to your needs.

Q4. Do I need to pause in between while using a stand mixer, or else it might get heated up?

The best Stand mixers available in the Indian market are equipped with cooling fans. Thus you can run them continuously without worrying about the heat issue.

However, a few models still exist in the market which do not have any cooling fan attached to them, and they need to be used carefully by pausing them at certain intervals. This interval allows these instruments to cool down to room temperature, and only then these can be reused. 

Q5. Can the parts of a mixer get rusted?

Generally, the parts of the mixer are made from high-quality stainless steel that can withstand heavy load. So they do not rust easily and have very high durability. In best stand mixers in India, the parts are sometimes hard ionized or die-casted to avoid the chances of rusting.

Although the parts of the mixer come in contact with water and air all the time, it is still advisable to use them carefully and rub off excess water from their surface after you are done using them. This precautionary measure ensures the long-life of the parts.

Q6. Other than mixing ingredients, can stand mixers be used for any other job?

Yes. Stand mixers are multipurpose instruments that are worth every penny you spend on them. Mixing and blending are the chief functions of a stand mixer. Other than these, they can be used to knead the dough using the dough hook. 

There are several attachments available in the market which can be bought and fitted into the instrument to increase their functionality. They can be used as ice-cream makers, pasta-makers e.t.c. There are more than 150 attachments available for stand mixers in the market. Buy them, and you are good to become a master chef with your stand mixer.

Q7. Which is a more expensive choice, a hand mixer or a stand mixer?

Stand mixers are much more expensive than hand mixers. But it also performs a variety of functions which a hand mixer cannot do. For small scale cooking needs, a hand mixer is a perfect choice. But if you wish to cook on large scales, then the hand mixer can not suffice.

The capacity of a stand mixer varies from 2 L to 8 L or even more. They can be used to blend or mix large quantities of ingredients all at once, thereby saving a lot of your time. Thus although stand mixers are expensive, their functionality is very wide.

Q8. What dishes can I make using a stand mixer?

There is actually no limit to the number of dishes one can prepare using a stand mixer. You can prepare flavored bread, cakes, mousse, and a lot of such exquisite dishes. And if you can buy a few attachments for your stand mixer, then you can even prepare ice cream, pasta, and other international cuisines in your kitchen very easily without spending much time.


Thus Stand mixers are an essential addition to your kitchen and so choose them wisely. Read and research about stand mixers, segregate your requirements, decide on a budget, and only then you are good to go and buy the mixer of your choice.

Here we have tried to make your research a bit easier by bringing all the possible information about stand mixers all in one place. We hope this article will surely help you decide which is going to be the perfect stand mixer for your beautiful kitchen. 

In case you wish to know more about any of the products mentioned above or wish to let us know about some products, do not hesitate to comment below.

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