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Top 10 Best Smartwatch under 1000 of October 2020

In today’s trend, almost all the person wants to wear a smartwatch. But we have spent lots of time searching and testing, just to find the right smartwatch for us. A smartwatch gives a smart look to the wearer, and also it has various functionalities that we generally get in a smartphone. For those people who are willing to buy a smartwatch under 1000, we think AJO A6 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Waterproof Watch, Black is the best choice for them. Its smart and stylish look with its various other features makes it the best smartwatch under 1000.

Top 10 Best Smartwatch under 1000

Our Pick

AJO A6 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch with Waterproof Functions Like Steps Counter, Blood...

  • 1.3-inch responsive screen, soft silica get band, every function can be controlled through one screen.
  • Functions - It can record heart rate, footsteps, blood pressure, distance, blood oxygen monitor, stopwatch, multi-sports mode, sleep monitor, calorie burned, lift wrist up wake up, alarm reminder, shake Remote to take photos, call message reminder, do not disturb mode.
  • Battery - 180 mAh polymer rechargeable Li-battery, it takes 1-2 hours to fully charged, and it will run 14 days with full power.
  • It is waterproof, and it won’t be damaged by washing your hands, wet in the rain.
9.8 View Deal
Budget Pick

Welrock Android_A1_Black Bluetooth Smart Watch (Black)

  • High-quality 230mAh unisex battery helps you to do exercise and work in your daily routine.
  • Multifunctioning black smartwatch.
  • Functions - you can receive and make calls, browse through many apps, dictate text messages and send those messages to your friends or colleagues, track fitness activity, call a taxi, all these features make it the best smartwatch under 1000.
  • Heart pulse rate can be measured, and the unique Taptic Engine is designed to provide delicate and customizable nudges while getting notification.
9.6 View Deal
Upgrade Pick

GIXON V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch Phones with Camera, SIM, SD Card Slot Black

  • Highly sensitive capacitive touch screen, 1.5-inch TFT HD and LCD, 240x240 pixel resolution ratio, compatible with android and ios mobile, and android tablet pc.
  • Functions - Make phone calls, receive calls, single micro sim card, mp3/mp4, camera.
  • Sync functions - Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, schedule, browser time, text message, sleep monitoring, pedometer.
  • Make and receive phone calls, and send messages via Bluetooth.
9.3 View Deal

Faawn Smart Watch with Bluetooth Sim Card Supported, Health Fitness Tracker Smart Watches for Mens...

  • It is made of high-quality acrylic material with excellent glass, extra safety as it is waterproof.
  • Comes with 0.3MP camera, high sensitive capacitive 1.54 "TFT LCD 2.5D touch screen, small in size - 43.5 * 40 * 9.8mm (WxDxH)
  • 380mAh battery capacity, it will be fully charged in 3 hours, 120 hours standby time, 32GB of external memory with 128M RAM and 64M ROM.
  • Comes with 240 * 240 pixels Bluetooth V3.0 with 2g GSM supported network, compatible with Android and iOS system (but for iPhone, it only support make/receive calls, play music, camera, phone anti-lost alert, clock, and pedometer, doesn't support SMS, sleep monitoring, radio, and remote camera control.
8.9 View Deal

Smooni Smart Watch A1 Bluetooth Smartwatch Compatible with All Mobile Phones for Boys and Girls...

  • Unisex, free size, silver.
  • Touch Screen digital watch.
  • A1 Bluetooth Smartwatch.
  • Notifier, Safety & Security, Fitness & Outdoor.
8.7 View Deal

KEMIPRO Touch Screen Bluetooth Wireless Y1S Smart Watch Or Android Watch with Camera and sim Card...

  • Battery life - 230Ah battery.
  • Compatible with all android and IOS mobile phones and also Android tablet PC.
  • It has a micro SD card, you can listen to music by connecting the smartwatch with your smart-phone, can be connected with Bluetooth earphones, and you can also download music.
  • Features - make and receive phone calls, texts, sleeping monitor, recording, BlueTooth, calculator, long time sit alarm, web browser, changeable background picture, support apps such as Facebook, Twitter, remote camera/music.
8.4 View Deal

10WeRun M9 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Men Boys Kids Girls Compatible with All Android Phone (Black)

  • 1.54" IPS LCD 2.5D Radian Capacitive easy operation Touch Screen, Bluetooth connection, SIM card slot, and TF card slot.
  • 380mAh of battery life.
  • Compatible with all Android and iOS Mobile Phone & Android Tablet PC.
  • Multi-Functions - make and receive phone calls, text messages, Bluetooth Music Control, Battery with durable power, Voice Recorder.
8.1 View Deal

VELL- TECH Bluetooth Smartwatch Compatible with All Mobile Phones for Boys and Girls (Black A1)

  • Compatible with Android and iOS Mobile Phone & Android Tablet PC.
  • Push Notification of multiple Apps - WeChat, WhatsApp, WhatsApp, Calculator, and Calendar support, Sleep Monitor, this feature makes it the best smartwatch under 1000.
  • Functions - Bluetooth connectivity, Voice Recorder, Bluetooth Music Control, Reminder for a long time sitting, Pedometer, Sim-card (Micro) support, Anti-lost function, durable power battery.
  • Can make and receive phone calls, text messages, browse through plenty of apps, track your fitness activity, call a taxi.
7.8 View Deal

ZXEGA DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Touchscreen Multifunctional TF Sim Card Support Mens Boys Kids...

  • GSM, micro SIM card support, TF Card up to 8GB, G-sensor, 2 mp camera, Doesn't support Jio 4G, Audio supported.
  • Compatible with IOS and Android mobile phones and Android tablets.
  • Make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Best in touch, segment Display, and Working memory.
7.5 View Deal

Reepud A1 Smart Watch with Two Colour Bluetooth Smartwatch for Man, Woman, Boys, Girls and...

  • Capacitive touch screen, 1.54" TFT HD LCD, 240x240 pixel resolution.
  • Compatible with android and ios mobile phones can directly make and receive phone calls, single sim card (micro sim card), mp3/mp4, camera, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sync function - Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, sleep monitoring, Pedometer.
  • Can make and receive phone calls, text messages via inserted sim card.
7.2 View Deal

Tranding Smartwatchs

How to buy the right smartwatch for you?

Smartwatch means a wristwatch that is compatible with your smartphone. Lots of high-end brands manufacture smartwatch, but the price level is high as well. Nobody can afford costly smartwatch, so keeping that thing in mind, many brands have introduced smartwatch under 1000 also. The features and designs of the smartwatches vary for different brands. A smartwatch can save your time as you can easily make and receive calls by the smartwatch. The best smartwatch under 1000 gives you all the smart features.  

There are many smartwatches that have built-in fitness features like heart rate measuring sensor, footstep calculation, and GPS. Moreover, it is waterproof, and by connecting it with your smartphone, you can get notifications from various Apps. Here's a quick guide of what you should consider while buying a smartwatch in a budget. 

Device and OS compatibility 

The first thing you need to consider is the smartwatch compatible with Android or IOS devices? As almost all the smartwatches are designed to serve the purpose of using a smartphone. So, the smartwatch you will buy should be compatible with Android and IOS mobile phones, tablets. The best smartwatch under 1000 must be connected with Samsung Android smartphones. There are a few common mobile phone brands are available like Apple, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo e.t.c. The smartwatch should be compatible with these brand devices. 

  • Display 

The display of your smartwatch should be clear and colorful so that the display quality won't harm your eyes. Nowadays, most of the smartwatches are available in AMOLED display or colorful LCD screen. These display qualities will allow you to view clear photos, bright and richer color Apps content. 

LCD displays are thicker than OLED displays. That's why Apple manufactured its first-generation Apple watch in the OLED for making the display as thin as possible. In 2013, Samsung manufactured the Galaxy Gear with the OLED display. 

  • Design 

The design of the smartwatches, the strap quality, color, display, is different for various smartwatches. You should feel comfortable wearing your smartwatch. Avoid those smartwatches that require too much effort to open and close. 

  • Fitness features

Many smartwatches have various activity and fitness monitoring activities. It can measure footsteps, heart rate, give remainder if you don't move for a long time. It will show the total amount of weight you have lost. Some smartwatches have female health features, like the ability to log period dates. Some smartwatches have GPS for keeping track of distance and pace. 

  • Notification 

You should choose a smartwatch that gives an alert of incoming calls, text messages, emails with a mild tone to your wrist. This feature will help you understand whether it's required to answer the call right away. If the smartwatch has social network integration, then it will give push notifications from different apps like Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Interface (Button or touch)

Most of the people like to wear touch screen smartwatches as you have to give less effort to operate it. But sometimes it might be difficult to target items on a smaller touch screen. The OS-based smartwatches have a beautiful card-based notification system that you can easily dismiss with a swipe. 

  • Battery Life 

The battery life of the smartwatches having voice capabilities can only last long as phones. If you use Apple, watch frequently, then the charge will last for 18 hours. However, the color screen smartwatches tend to last for one to two days, considering how often you charge your watch. 

Frequently asked questions by the Buyers

How to save battery in a smartwatch?

You can save the battery life of an Android smartwatch by some methods. Those are 

Close unnecessary notification.
Turn off Wi-Fi syncing when it's not required. 
Use the theater mode.
Adjust the brightness level as per your needs.
Disable wrist gestures.
Use the snooze and keep monitoring your battery. 

How long does 380mAh battery last in a smartwatch?

The battery life will depend on how much load you have connected to the battery and how frequently you use the smartwatch. The batteries of the best smartwatch under 1000 will last long for many hours.

How can you connect the smartwatch to your Android phone?

You can connect the smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth. First, you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your Android phone. Then turn the discoverable mode on and your smartwatch. Pair the smartwatch with your Android mobile. Then you can download and install the SpeedUp smartwatch App and enable the Bluetooth on your mobile. 

Why does a smartwatch need a SIM card?

Apple smartwatches don't need a SIM card slot as they don't have cellular connectivity. Instead of this, they use Bluetooth to get the content from a paired mobile that is nearby. 

Is there a smartwatch that doesn't require a phone?

Yes, it is possible to use a smartwatch without any mobile phone. Nowadays, most smartwatches, including OS, Samsung's, and Apples' watches, can be connected with the Wi-Fi network. So, your smartwatch does not have to be within a Bluetooth range. The best smartwatch under 1000 has Wi-Fi connectivity in it. 


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