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By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Out of the several furniture units that are required to make a house functional, a side table is perhaps the most popular one. This particular furniture provides a platform for keeping your belongings and acts as a decorative element in your home.

The best thing about the tray top side table is that you can place it anywhere, be it the living room, the lounge, the bedroom, the patio, or anywhere else. 

Since the side tables are becoming quite popular in recent times, we will discuss the top ten such furniture units that you can find in the market. Apart from this, we have also discussed a buying guide so that you don’t face any problems while choosing the best side table for your home. 

Things to consider before buying the best side table

·         Size of the table

Firstly, you need to note the table’s size. For this, first, choose a place where you would like to keep the furniture and then take the rough measurements to ensure that the furniture can fit in perfectly without creating clutter.  

·         Design

The design of the table is perhaps the most crucial factor which you have to consider. Not only should the design be functional, but also it must match your interior décor.

·         Material

Some side tables are made of wood, while some have a steel frame. Based on the usability and your budget, you need to choose the perfect material.  

·         Finishing look

The finishing look of the side table must make it durable and long-lasting. You also need to ensure that the look matches your interior décor in the best possible way.  

·         Durability

No matter what design and finishing look you are choosing, the furniture should be durable enough to eliminate the need to buy another one in the recent future.

·         Cost

Lastly, the most important fact you need to consider is the cost of the furniture. T The price will vary depending on the design, size, and also on the material.

Top Best Side/End/Coffee Table In India

1. Tribesigns Modern End Tables/Side Table

  • Dimension: 35.05 X 59.94 X 60.45 centimeters
  • Manufacturer: Tribedesigns
  • Color: black and white
  • Drawers: no
  • Has a contemporary look
  • Matte finish on the frame
  • Double stacked tray top
  • Wheels are present

functional. This is why Tribesdesgins introduced this amazing furniture which will improve the functionality of your home. Here, the lower part of the table has anti-slip pads, which will help you to place this unit on marble or wooden surfaces without fearing whether it will slip or not.

The entire frame is painted in matte black, while the three-tier trays are available in white paint. This amazing color combination will allow you to pair the side table with any interior style like contemporary interiors or the rustic interior. Steel metal has been used in the manufacturing of this table, so it’s highly durable and wouldn’t wear out much, even under high pressure.

Coming to the design, here you will have three tray tiers. The lowest tray will occupy the entire surface area of the table. The second tray is smaller, having half the length as compared to the lower one. From the edges of the second tray rise, the columns that fit against the topmost tray have a similar halfway design. This will give you easy access to all three tray tiers.

Thanks to its spacious nature, you can store a lot of this on the table. In fact, this particular side table can also be used as your temporary workstation as the upper tray is large enough to support a laptop. The living room and the bedside are the best two places to keep this furniture.

2. DeckUp Siena Side Table/End Table

  • Dimensions: 57 X 35.8 X 10.2 centimeters
  • Material: engineered wood
  • Manufacturer: Bedeck Woods Pvt. Ltd
  • Color: dark walnut finish
  • Highly durable furniture
  • Multiple open cubbies
  • Platform display slabs
  • Freestanding side table

This particular Siena furniture is one of the best end tables that you can get in the market. Furniture units are made from different elements, out of which wood is the most used and preferred one.

However, since solid woods are quite costly, people usually prefer to have the engineered wooden furniture. And that is why perhaps Bedeck Woods has introduced this side table made from high-quality engineered woods. 

Coming to the design of this side end table, here you will have two rectangular-shaped open cubbies. The border walls are quite thick and wider, which is why you will be able to keep a lot of things on display.

Here, the upper cubby box sits slightly left to the lower one, creating an alternate structure. The vacant places have been designed to form an open area with a top and bottom wooden tray on both rows. 

Since this particular furniture comes with several flat surfaces, you can utilize it to display several things, starting from arranging books to photo frames, small potted plants, clocks, showpieces, and others. This particular furniture is mainly for the living room where you can decorate the place easily with this end table. 

It has a dark walnut matte finish which highlights the structure in the best manner. Since the furniture is made from engineered wood, it wouldn’t bring a dent in your pocket, and that’s why you should get this one for yourself. Just make sure to choose a place that has enough space in terms of length.

3. Nathan James Nash Modern Industrial Accent End/Side Table

  • Manufacturer: Nathan James
  • Dimensions: 43.18 X 43.18 X 55.88 centimeters
  • Frame: steel
  • Platform: oak wood
  • Comes with an industrial accent
  • Black paint coated on the steel frame
  • Natural textured wooden trays
  • Double tiered tray side table

Even though most side tables have a particular accent, the newest one is the industrial accent. This specific style is cleanest and does not have many complications. This is why perhaps Nathan James has focused on designing this nash side table with an industrial accent.

One look at the furniture, and you will know how sophisticated and clean the design is. This is why it is considered to be one of the best end tables

As it has an industrial accent, the table fits both contemporary and modern styles of the interior décor. However, you can even pair with farmhouse and rustic décor, provided that the table is not sticking out like a sore thumb. It has a square-shaped cross-section area, guarded by four columns on the four corners. These columns are made from a steel frame, thereby making the table durable enough for longer times. 

Apart from this, two wooden trays sit right at the bottom and the top. These trays are made from oak wood which is why they are so thick. Rather than painting the wooden trays, Nathan James decided to preserve the natural look, and hence it has a stained look.

Against the black frame, the wood’s natural stained look looks amazing and will definitely maintain the clean look of your home. Since the table has a concise structure, you wouldn’t have any problem fitting this furniture in a small corner space.

4. LANGRIA 3-Tier Sofa End Table

  • Material: wood and steel metal
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 35.05 X 57.91 X 59.94 centimeters
  • Manufacturer: Langria
  • Made from both metallic frame and wooden trays
  • Consists of triple tier trays
  • Has a traditional look
  • Sturdy and durable

When it is about choosing the best side table, a lot of deciding factors are there that you need to consider. For example, you need to consider the finishing look, the cost, the style, and others. Finding the correct furniture piece which will meet all your requirements is not easy. However, with this particular end table from Langria, we think you won’t take a long time to reach a decision. 

This table has a wonderful structure which is quite unique. Hence, you will be able to pair this easily with your interior décor, be it the traditional or the contemporary one. In fact, this particular table has a mix of both traditional and industrial accents. The design is minimalistic, yet the structure signifies a traditional furniture concept that has become so popular in recent times. 

It is a three-tier end table. The lowest tier consists of a full wooden tray covering the entire cross-section area of the table. The second and first-tier have wooden table trays having half the cross-sectional length. You will have the second tier on the left side, while on the right, you will have the top tray tier. And, both these are connected with the help of two columns. 

The frame is painted in matte black while the wooden trays have been stained. This is why you will be able to view the natural texture of the wood, which has further enhanced the beauty of the furniture. 

5. AAROORA Bedside Multipurpose Storage Wood End Table

  • Material: engineered wood
  • Color: dark brown
  • Manufacturer: Aaroora
  • Dimensions: 50 X 30 X 50 centimeters
  • Perfect for bedside and sofa sides
  • Hard and sturdy material
  • Has a dark brown finish
  • Overall S-shaped table

While looking for side tables, we usually look for furniture having four post columns and a tabletop. This has been the traditional design that is still prevalent in the market. With more creative ideas, the traditional design is being modified, and new table designs are being introduced.

This particular side end table from Aaroora is just the perfect example of the same. It has a very classic design and will make your home more functional compared to a regular table. This is why it has gained popularity in the modern-day furniture market.

Coming to the design, if you look carefully, the side end table has an overall S-shaped design. This way, you will have three platforms to keep all the things, starting from books to the table lamp, small decorative vases, and others.

In the S-shape curve, you will find two column dividers present on the right and the left side in the upper and the lower row, respectively. This has further heightened the beauty of the furniture, thereby allowing you to pair it with your interior décor of any kind.

Since the end table is made from engineered wood, you won’t have to worry a lot about its cost. If you are on a budget, buying this furniture wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, since it is quite durable, there will be no need to buy an alternative in the coming future.

The material surface is painted with dark brown lacquer, which is the main reason behind the enchanting beauty of the furniture


  • Manufacturer: Heera Moti Corporations
  • Color: solid white
  • Material: engineered wood
  • Dimension: 50 X 20 X 55 centimeters
  • Lightweight furniture
  • Modern and contemporary design
  • White pre-laminated lacquer paint
  • Double stacked side table

Finding the best end tables for living room is not an easy task. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs since you cannot make a mistake in choosing the furniture. A wrong choice, and your entire room’s look will be salvaged.

This is why Heera Moti Corporations took it upon themselves to create one of the finest end tables that will make your living room look brighter and brilliant and help increase its functionality. And this is the reason behind the immense popularity of the furniture. 

Rather than manufacturing it with solid wood, Heera Moti Corporation stuck to the engineered woods. These woods are usually constructed from solid wood fibers, so they are cheaper and more durable. Also, the engineered woods can be painted, just like this particular furniture element.

Rather than staining the surfaces, you will find a solid white laminate lacquer being painted, which increases the beauty and elegance of the furniture. 

Coming to the table’s design, it has two open cubbies that are placed in a way such that both are joined only from the center. This way, half of the cubbies are extended to both the right and left directions, creating an alternative stepped look.

At the three levels, i.e. the bottom, the middle layer, and the upper one, are extended on the opposite side of the cubbies to make a platform for you to keep various things as per your convenience. 

7. Amaze Shoppee Wooden Beautiful Handmade Stool

  • Manufacturer: amaze shoppee
  • Dimensions: 31 X 31 26 centimeters
  • Material: solid wood
  • Color: warm mahogany
  • Can be used as a sitting stool
  • Perfect for traditional home décor
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Compact sized furniture element

Indian furniture styling is quite different from other styles. Here, you will find traditional styling being more prominent, with the detailed and intricate design being etched on the wooden surfaces of the furniture units.

Usually, such furniture elements are used for increasing the traditional aura of the home, which is why Amaze Shoppee has introduced this fantastic handmade stool that can be used both as a stool and a table. 

The height of this furniture isn’t much, and that’s why at times, you can even use it for sitting purposes. Apart from that, since it has a tabletop, using this as the bedside, the center table, or the side table wouldn’t be a bad idea. Before that, you need to ensure that the surrounding interior décor has a traditional touch to it. This is because the furniture has a sheer touch of Indian tradition to it.

Hence, if you pair the table with some other interior style, the outcome will be nothing less than a massacre. 

Coming to the design of this furniture, it has four column posts that form the basic framework of the table. Rather than being empty on all the four sides like other tables, you will find horizontal wooden bars being connected to the four columns.

The best part is the presence of a slit in between these wooden horizontal bars. The tabletop has square-shaped with sharper edges that merge with the top horizontal wooden bar. At the very center of the tabletop, you will find a unique design etched, thereby making it one of the best end tables for living room.

8. Furniture Cafe Pre-Assemble Wooden Table

  • Color: soft and warm brown
  • Material: wood
  • Manufacturer: Furniture Café
  • Dimension: 35.6 X 35.6 X 35.6 centimeters
  • Made from solid wood logs
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Has a rustic charm
  • Perfect for living room and outdoors

Usually, solid wood or engineered wooden blocks are used to manufacture furniture pieces. With evolution, different types of woods are now being used like bamboo, oak wood, laminated boards, and so on. This particular table come stool from Furniture Café is one such piece that has become quite popular due to its rustic charm.

Instead of solid or the engineered wood, it is made from wooden logs, which are hollow from the insides. If you think that with the logs, the stool will be unstable, you are highly wrong. It is manufactured in a way where its stability will never dwindle, no matter whether you are using it as a tabletop or for your sitting. 

Multiple, unpolished wooden logs are being attached to each other with special glue such that not a single piece can come out of the structure. This has resulted in the toughness and strength of the furniture.

Since the logs are unpolished, it has a wonderful rustic charm that will certainly blow your minds.A good thing about this product is that you will be able to use it both for the indoors and the outdoors. Perhaps this is why it is of the best diy side tables in the market.

9. CASADECOR Garden Resin Table

  • Manufacturer: casa décor
  • Dimension: 41 X 25.6 X 24.6 centimeters
  • Color: multicolor
  • Material: resin and metal frame
  • Unique table design
  • Can be used for both indoors and outdoor
  • Multicolored appearance
  • Highly portable

Sometimes, it is best to buy a furniture piece that can serve a dual function. This particular Casa Décor furniture has proven to be one of the best side tables for living room. It acts as both a chair where you can sit as well as a side table.

Due to its versatile use, it has become quite popular in the furniture market. Casa Décor has certainly done a wonderful job by designing the chair in a way where you wouldn’t find a trace of the same, old, boring furniture design. Rather, both the framework and the tabletop have uniqueness, so it is one of the most bought side tables. 

If you wish to utilize it as a table, you can place it on the patio, the outdoor garden, backyard, beside the sofa in the living room, the bedside, and even in the lounge. In case you want to use the furniture as a stool, you can use it as a garden chair, a kitchen island chair, and a balcony chair.

This table’s design is quite unique and will stand out in the crowd, albeit in a good way. It has three legs, with a widened top and a tapered but rounded end. The legs are made from steel rods bent in a V shape, where the vertex sits on the ground, and the other two ends meet the resin tabletop. This is why it is considered to be an amazing tray top side table in the market.

10. Indian Karigars Wooden Foldable Side Table

  • Dimensions: 30 X 30 X 30 centimeters
  • Manufacturers: Indian karigars
  • Color: wooden brown texture
  • Adjustability: yes
  • Foldable table
  • Perfect for creating a rustic look
  • Highly durable table
  • Can be used for multiple purposes

Usually, the Indian furniture pieces follow a similar pattern structure which you can find in almost every other design. However, in this end table, the entire design speaks of creativity and functionality, so it has become one of the best side tables for living room.

It is made from solid wood, and hence you won’t have to worry about making enough space in your home for fitting in this furniture. You can even get this particular furniture as an alternate element that you will use when required. For example, you can bring it in use as a temporary workstation beside the bed if you feel too lazy to go to the study room. Once you are done with the work, you can easily fold it up and hide it in one corner of the room. 

Coming to the table’s design, you will find an X-shaped leg structure which has the main folding mechanism. When you fold the table, these two legs will flatten out and become horizontal. The tabletop is made from wooden bars placed adjacent to one another, which almost appears as a wooden raft minus the ropes.

The entire structure is stained with dark brown colors that bring out the variations in the wooden fibers in the best possible manner. This is why this particular furniture is regarded as one of the best diy side tables available in the market. Since it is foldable, you won’t have to worry about making places for it inside your house.

Frequently Asked Question

How will I choose the best wooden table?

For choosing the best wooden side table, you will have to consider your budget, the material with which it is made, the finished look, and so on.

Where shall I place the side table?

You can place the side table beside the sofa or the couch. You can even place it beside the lounge chairs or on the patio beside the rocking chair. 

Are the bedside tables and the end table the same?

No, the bedside tables are only for keeping beside the bed, and they are usually small. But, the end tables are for keeping beside any furniture, and they are much bigger. 

Can I work on the side table?

Yes, you can work on the side table, provided it has an apt tabletop that will allow you to keep your belongings safely. 

Can I use the side table for eating?

Usually, people don’t use the side table for eating. But, you can certainly use some coasters and place your coffee mug or the juice glass.

Is the engineered wood a good option?

Yes, if you are running tight on budget, the engineered wood is definitely a good option.

How much will a solid wood table cost?

The solid wood table will cost you the most, and the price will depend on the weight, size, design, and other factors.


Here we have discussed the top best end tables for your living room or the bedroom. Choose the best table within your assumed budget and make sure to place it properly so that your house can look functional and more astonishing.

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