10 Best sandwich maker In India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A Sandwich Maker is a crucial part of a smart kitchen. It is easy to use and can operate by anyone. There are several sandwich makers available in the market. Here we are discussing the Best Sandwich Maker in India based on several factors. 

Why Should You Refer to This Buying Guide? 

As a user, you will come across several sandwich maker models in the market. Every manufacturer claims itself to be the best. They all come up with some of the other unique functionality in their model.

It is, therefore, a tedious and time-consuming task to select the one as per your need. So to make it simple, let’s see the complete guide of the best sandwich maker in India. With this compiled list, you can effortlessly make up your mind for selecting the most desirable product.

It is highly recommended to go through the best sandwich maker in India complete buying guide before making the right selection. This guide is framed to provide in-depth knowledge about the Top 10 best sandwich makers in India to help you make a final purchase. 

Best Sandwich Maker in India 2022– Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There are several sandwich makers in India. Some of the brands like Borosil, Prestige, Havells, and Novo are pioneers in their field. Find below the brief description of the list of Top 10 best sandwich maker in India:

1. Borosil Super Jumbo 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

  • Large non-stick plate for four-slice grill
  • Separate oil collector tray to collect excess oil
  • The temperature control knob is given to control heat
  • Two years manufacturer warranty with this device
  • Comes with slide-type plate locking for secure and safe locking of the device
Borosil is an established brand for glass-ware products. The sandwich maker from this brand is also in the top-notch position. It comes with the large grill plate for four slices at a time. It makes it ideal for a large family.

The device comes with a heat control knob to take a check overheat. This way, it becomes straightforward to choose your toast by adjusting the heat of the plate. It also possesses the thermal fuse to make it safer while using.

The product consumes PowerPower for up to 2000-watts. It has got power indicator lights to indicate the start and stop of the appliance. The slide-type plate locking system makes it easy to lock while cooking.

It comes with the integrated oil drip collector tray that is used to collect the excess oil or butter over the slices. This way, you can make your morning breakfast more healthy and tasty. It includes a thermal fuse that enables extra safety.

For convenient cooking, Borosil Super Jumbo proves to be the best choice. It is a more straightforward, faster, and much safer device to use by anybody in the family. The cleaning spatula with this appliance makes it easy to clean the grill plate.

2. Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster

  • Comes with fix grill plates for ease in cooking
  • High-finish stainless steel-top body for an elegant look
  • Detachable oil collector for optimal use of oil
  • The Power consumption is up to 1500-watt
  • Superior non-stick coated grill plates that prevent sticking of food particles
  • The in-build temperature control system to adjust the heat
The brand Prestige is known for its tag line, “concern for safety” and “concern for quality.” The electric commercial grill toaster introduced by let lesser use of oil or butter. The power consumption by this device is of 1500-watt.

The Prestige Grill Toaster is made up of a stainless steel outer body. It gives this product an elegant and sleek look that fits perfectly in your kitchen. The lined grill plates make the sandwich crispy and crunchy.

It has the fix, high-end non-stick grill plates, and detachable oil collector for ease of cleaning. The temperature control system keeps track of the heating of the grill. It can grill four toasts at a time and use commercially.

The product is perfect for grilling and toasting. Removing oil stains from the detachable oil collector plates is very easy. Being more significant in size as compared to other sandwich makers in the market, it provides extra space to place the slices of any size.

The Prestige Sandwich Maker is very convenient to use. It made with modern technology for a smart kitchen. The power consumption is 1500-watt with the in-build temperature control system. It makes the best option for commercial use as well.

3. Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2 Slice Sandwich Maker

  • The power consumption is 900-watt with two indicator lights
  • Elegant stainless steel cover
  • Non-stick coated plates
  • It possesses the cool touch handles
  • Comes with two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Cord wrap to the appliance in an upright position for secure storage
Havells is a well known and trusted brand in India. The Havells Big Fill comes with deeper grooves for more fillings. The non-stick plate gives a crispy grilled and toasted sandwich. It comes in stylish stainless steel cover for a more elegant and decent look.

Havells Big Fill serves all your toasting and grilling needs. The power cord is 3.5 feet approximately lets you fix it anywhere in the kitchen as per your convenience. The handle is secure with the clip to make it safe while using it.

With the power consumption of 900 watts at a time, it can cook two large pieces of toasted sandwiches at a time. There are two power indicators given with this product for Power on and ready function. The hinged lock and cool touch make it easy to handle.

This sandwich maker is an excellent buy if you are a creative mind person. With this, you can make a variety of filled sandwiches at your own home. The automatic temperature control system does not let the plates get overheated.

4. Wonderchef Chef Kapoor Standard Size Tandoor

  • Introduces 180-degree grilling and can be used both sides for cooking
  • High-grade Teflon non-stick coating
  • The 10 step thermostat for precise cooking
  • Floating hinge for even cooking of thick food
  • Adjustable slope to drain the excess oil
  • Power use is 1600-watt
The Wonderchef Tandoor style sandwich maker is an incredible product. It comes with the oil control adjustable slope. It can open in 180 degrees, making ease of use. This way, it can be used on both sides in the open format for preparing dishes like Tikki, etc. or reheating meals.

The device consumes 1600 watt power and provides you the beautifully cooked sandwich within a few minutes. The base material is made from stainless steel and metals, making it healthy to remain alike for years. The product weighs around 2.55 kg in total.

It introduces 10 step thermostats that ensure precision cooking. The floating hinge enables the perfect dish of thick food like sandwiches, tikka, etc. It comes with a high-end Teflon non-stick plate that doesn’t let the food stick to it.

The Wonderchef Standard Size Tandoor is let you enjoy the sandwich-making in style. The brand is own by Masterchef, Sanjeev Kapoor is a trusted brand for its excellence and long-lasting range of kitchen appliances.

Wonderchef brand is best known for its high-end kitchen appliances. This tandoor style sandwich maker is versatile. It can use for multi-dish making. It is an excellent choice for a modern and stylish kitchen.

5. Concord 1000 W Grill Sandwich Maker

  • It comes with a non-stick Teflon plate
  • Easy to remove drip tray for cleaning it
  • It comes with both Panini press and toaster function
  • The cord-wrap feature for compact area storage in the kitchen
  • It is safe to handle with cool-touch system
  • The floating hinge system enables or adjusting any sized toast.
Concord presents its fancy and elegant sandwich maker. It is powered by 1000-watt and equipped with the non-stick Teflon plate. It is a premium standard Panini plate with both the grilling and sandwich-making function.

The device comes with a cord wrap system that lets you store the product conveniently. It provides the toasting and flame broiling functions to give you a magnificent experience while cooking.

There is an automatic temperature control system to help you manage heat. It comes with an additional drip tray to collect excessive oil. The floating hinge system is present to adjust the stuffed sandwich.

To make your sandwich delicious and crunchy, this sandwich maker is the best choice over the others. The top and bottom plates emit heat evenly over the surface to give you the desired result. The oil control tray lets you have a healthy and lesser oily breakfast as per your choice.

With Concord sandwich maker, you can easily make sandwiches with a variety of fillings. The Teflon plate with non-stick coating makes it convenient to use without the worry of food getting stuck. Overall, it proves to be a great purchase.

6. Nova NGS 2449 Black & Grey Panini Sandwich Maker

  • It comes up with insulated and heat resistant body
  • The product is convenient to store and clean
  • It can make two slices of sandwich at a time
  • The organization made with cooling touch formulation
  • There is an incorporated light pointer placed outside of apparatus
Nova has come up with its Panini grill type sandwich maker that is useful in making a variety of sandwiches. There are non-removable grilling plates with correctly locked hinges. The built made from double-coated Teflon non-stick top-notch material.

The product is of great use for those who love to have a slice of the grilled sandwich with creative filling. It seals the bread and grills easily without letting it burned. The Teflon coating keeps the food away from sticking on the plate while cooking.

The Power consumed with this device is up to 1000-watt. It makes the grilling quick and fast. It also got the non-skid feat that ensures the non-slippery of the device while in use. To avoid overheating, it equipped with in-built automatic thermostat control.

This Panini press possesses a temperature control system to give you the restaurant-style sandwiches at your home. It contains two indicator lights at the top in red and green color.

The Nova grill sandwich maker comes with a temperature control knob to control heat as per need. The light indicator switch on when the device is under usage. A one year warranty gives you a sense of reliability over the brand.

7. Cello Super Club 200 750-Watt Grill Maker

  • It comes with a floating hinges top plate
  • It can cook two slices of lunch at a time
  • It is a Panini press grill that can cook a variety of filled sandwiches
  • The cord storage facility also given
  • The automated in-build system shut down the device after cooking done.
Cello Super Club is liked by many because of its functionality and decent looks. It uses the best and advanced technology for giving amazing sandwich-making experience. It can cook two slices press at a time. The adjustable height control provides convenience while preparing.

The device can use for multi-usage. It can cook delicious grilled sandwiches and also the grilled chicken or paneer tikka of your choice. It weighs 1.6 kg making it very light to carry and comfortable to store.

It comes up with a stainless steel cover that gives it a magnificent and fierce look. The non-stick plates are easy to clean. The cool-touch handle technique makes it safe while using. It also provides the PowerPower on and ready light indicator. It consumes the maximum Power of 750-Watt.

It comes with a cord storage facility for secure storage. The adjustable height control lets you have better control over the device.

The Cello Sandwich Maker is safe to handle. It helps you with preparing breakfast comfortably and fast. The user-friendly interface and easy to use functions makes it convenient for anybody in the house. It is a lightweight device that makes the storage simple.

8. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Macker

  • Comes with adjustable plate height control
  • Fixed grill plates ensure fast heating and cooking
  • Two indicator lights present at the top for on and off indication
  • Introduces non-stick and non-toxic plate material to the device
  • It weighs as low as 1.2 kg making it easy to store
Prestige introduces this Grill Sandwich Toaster with non-stick and non-toxic plate material usage. It is effortless to use and doesn’t allow food to stick to the plate. The maximum power consumption is 800-Watt for perfect cooking.

It is a compact size sandwich maker that makes the best choice for a small family. It uses lesser Power to cook as compared to their counterparts. The heating of the plate is even and quick to let you have your sandwich ready in a few minutes.

It comes with a temperature control system and the ergonomic handle that makes it convenient to use. It provides a one-year manufacturer warranty and on-site after-sale service. It can cook two slices of sandwiches at a time.

This device comes in a beautiful, sleek black cover body that enhances the beauty of your kitchen. The safety clips attached to the handle makes it safe to use by even a kid under adult guidance.

It proves to be the best sandwich maker that is irreplaceable from your kitchen. It comes in an elegant and sleek black body that goes with any kitchen. It is the best choice for a small or nuclear family.

9. Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Sandwich Macker

  • It uses the non-stick and non-toxic material for plates
  • Cord winder gave at the base
  • Buckle clip is provided to ensure toaster doesn’t open accidentally
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • The neon indicator light gives at the base
Bajaj Majesty is the leading brand in kitchen appliances. It has come up with easy to use, two slice grill sandwich maker. The power consumption is as low as 700-watt. It has got the buckle clip on the handle and anti-skid base that makes it safe while using.

The device can easily store with cord winder at the base. The handle is a cool touch-safe and can be used by anyone in the house without the fear of getting burned. The ready to cook function gives the user an easy to prepare.

The grill plates in this sandwich maker build with non-stick and non-toxic material. It consumes less Power but gets heated quickly. It contains indicator lights on the surface that lights up when the sandwich cook completely.

The product comes with the two years manufacturer warranty — a superior standard material used for making the product that gives it an elegant and decent look.

The toaster is convenient to use and clean. It can be used by anybody, anytime. It serves two units of sandwich at a time, so a good option for a small family. The simple and decent look makes it liked by all. Bajaj rightly makes it for an urban kitchen.

10. Morphy Richards SM3006 750-Watt Sandwich Maker

  • It comes with removable grill plates
  • The capacity is two sandwiches at a time
  • It consumes the Power of 750-watt for perfect cooking
  • Neon indicator lights to indicate device on and off status
  • Provides the comfortable front handle to carry and store
The Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker gives the best grilling facility. It provides the anti-slip base for better results while cooking. The structure is smooth and elegant. The removable toast and grill platelets the cleaning simpler.

It comes with a comfortable handle in front to carry out with convenience. The storage is secure in an upright position for the best fit in any space in the kitchen. The anti-skid feet do not let it slip while using.

This sandwich maker comes up with a non-stick coated grill plate. It consumes a maximum of 750-Watt Power. It has a space of two bread slices at a time. The neon light indicator present at the top of the device shows when the lunch is ready to be taken out.

This device possesses magnificent looks and comfortable to use anytime. The cleaning process is straightforward, and it saves a lot of time while cooking. It can cook two sandwiches at a so that it makes an excellent choice for a small family.

The Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker provides a two-year warranty on the product against damage. It offers easy to clean non-stick plates. It comes with cool-touch technology for safety. It offers fast cooking while using 750-watt Power.

Best Sandwich Maker in India – Buying Guide

Why is a Sandwich Maker an Important Part of Kitchen Appliance? 

Almost everybody loves sandwiches. It is a quick-to-go, natural food that makes an excellent option for breakfast, lunch, or evening snack. The sandwich cooking becomes more straightforward if you have a reliable sandwich maker at home.

A sandwich maker is convenient, time-efficient, and easy to use the appliance. Several companies come up with it, claiming theirs as the best. Hundreds of models in the market are there with different characteristics and functions

Types of Sandwich Maker

There are prominently two types of sandwich maker. Both have their methods of usage and functionality. Selecting the one for you is a matter of personal choice. The two different types of them are:

  1. Panini Press 
  2. 4 Triangle Sandwich Maker

Both are used to make sandwiches. But there lies some difference between the two. If you are a grilled sandwich lover, Panini Press makes the right choice. But if you like your sandwich to be puffy and nicely filled, the four triangle makes the right choice. Let us see the difference between the two.

Table of Comparison Panini Press & Four Triangle Sandwich Maker

Panini Press Four Triangle Sandwich Maker
  • It comes with two different grill press plates, one of the top and the other at the bottom
  • It comes with 4 square plates that are equally divided 
  • It  mostly used in restaurant and hotels
  • It mostly used in a household with many family members
  • It can put for multi-usage like paneer tikka, grilled chicken, etc.
  • It is used only to make  sandwiches within a few minutes
  • It acts as a primary grill and toaster
  • It does not seal the sides of the sandwich
  • It works for toasting but does not work as a griller 
  • It seals the sides of the sandwich and cuts them into equal parts.
  • It is a little bit expensive device to have it in the house
  • It is cost-effective and budgets friendly device

Selection of the Best Sandwich Maker in India

Choosing the Best Sandwich Maker from hundreds of options available in the market is not as easy as it may look. They all claim themselves to be the Best Sandwich Maker in India. But if you have made the wrong choice, it can become a burden on the head and pocket. 

Sandwiches are loved by most of us. Thus a Sandwich Maker is one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances. But to ensure that you are going to make the right choice, it is recommended to go through the following points. It will help you in purchasing the device as per your needs.
  • Power – Power consumption is again a point to discuss. The use of electrical Power makes a significant impact on cooking time and to some extent, in your pocket too. Many sandwich makers claim to use lesser Power and provide a better result.
If you are searching the compact size device, then 750 – 1200 watt power consumption is fair enough. If you want to go for a commercial machine or the larger unit, it goes up to 2000-3000 watt.
  • Surface Material of Plate – The material, from which the surface of the plate made, is also a matter of concern. It should note that the content should be non-toxic. The Teflon gives preference over any other material.
Since the surface will come in direct contact with the food, it should give equal importance. The material like Teflon is over and above the others because it is much easier to clean and lasts longer.
  • Surface Coating – The plate of the sandwich maker should entirely coat with non-stick material. It will create trouble if the slices of your bread will stick to the surface. The non-stick coating proves to be the savior to prevent you.
A non-stick plate will let you clean the surface in a much more relaxed manner. With just a piece of cloth, you can wipe out the oils and food particles. It will also let you remove the fast food from the hard to reach areas in the device.
  • Type of Handle – The handle of the device is also of equal importance. It is because you touch it directly while using it. The grip should be firm and supportive. It should not break or damage while using it. 
The handle of the maker is either of plastic material or stainless steel. Plastic handles are standard and present in most of the device, whereas the steel handle is long-lasting and manages to provide maximum strength.
  • Affordability – While investing in the sandwich maker, the budget should also be given utmost importance. You should make sure that the appliance you are choosing should provide maximum value for money guarantee.
Be it costly or cheaper; if you do not make the right choice, it will turn out to be a burden forever. 

The propr analysis of the shortlisted sandwich-making device lets you make the right choice of the product before making the final purchase. 

How a Sandwich Maker Should be Used

Using a Sandwich Maker is quite easy as compared to other complicated kitchen appliances. If you are not aware of how to get it into use, this guide will give you a brief about it. There are specific points to remember before getting it plug-in to use.

Before starting with your sandwich maker, make sure to follow all the safety measures. You should find the best place to keep it that is out of reach of small children. Another critical point is, make sure to read the user’s manual beforehand.

Making a delicious sandwich in just a few minutes is like a “walk in a park” for a good sandwich maker. Following simple tips and techniques, you can get it done in 7-8 minutes. Some of the essential aspects to be remembered are as below:

  • Before starting, clean the surface or the plate nicely
  • Put some oil or butter on the plate and spread it evenly
  • Pre-heating the insider should be done beforehand for even cooking
  • Place the sandwich slices with your favorite fillings inside
  • Cook the sandwich till the prescribed time or till it gets automatically switched off

What Makes a Sandwich Maker Essential Appliance for Sandwich Lovers

Sandwich Maker is as essential as any other important appliance in the kitchen. It is a blessing for those who love the quick and delicious breakfast. There are a few points that make the sandwich maker so crucial in today’s modern kitchen. 

  • It quickly cleaned – A sandwich maker generally made of the non-stick coating. It is, therefore, effortless to clean and maintain. You have to take a piece of cloth and wipe the tray. If the plate is detachable, you can wash it under the tap.
  • User-Friendly – It is easy to use and easy to store. The operation of this device is as simple as a cakewalk. Therefore it can be easily used by even those who have never used it before.
  • Suitable for Health Conscious People – It is an excellent device for diet conscious people because it uses oil as less as a few drops. Some of the sound makers come with a detachable tray that collects excess fat from the slices.

Benefits of Having a Sandwich Maker

The sandwich maker makes work very easy and quick. It is convenient for today’s era. It goes well with a stylish and modern kitchen. The simplicity in usage and compact size is the foremost benefit of this appliance. The other benefits are as follows:

  • It works great when the time is less, and something quick is needed to prepare
  • It is effortless to clean the device. With just a dry cloth or a tissue paper, you can wipe the entire tray in one go
  • It is very convenient in terms of storage, as well. it is less in weight and can place anywhere in the kitchen or anywhere in the home
  • The compact dimensions of a sandwich maker make it easy to carry wherever you want
  • It is a blessing for health-conscious people as with it; you can make lesser oily food
  • It can give your cooking versatility and creativity. With it, you can try new ways of making sandwiches or other Indian or western recipes
  • Operating the sandwich maker is as easy as icing the cake. You have to follow the necessary instructions, and the meal will be ready to serve

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to Best Sandwich Maker In India

The sandwich maker is a trendy device in India. There are several appliances prevalent in the market, but you have to select the Best Sandwich Maker in India as per your choice and preferences. Few FAQs may come in your mind before purchasing. Let’s discuss:

<b>What is the difference between grill and plane plate sandwich maker?</b>
The only difference in each device lies on the plate used. In the grill sandwich maker, the slices will get horizontal lines impression over it. In the simple or plane plate maker, there won’t be any horizontal lines over the bread slice.

Other than this, with the grill, the sides of the sandwich are not sealed. Whereas, the parties correctly sealed in case of a sandwich maker.

<b>Can a sandwich maker use to grill paneer or chicken?</b>
The answer is yes, it can. A sandwich maker is versatile. It can be used to make other dishes as well as grilled chicken, paneer tikka, burger, etc. The Panini press is the best for this reason. It can be wide opened in 180 degrees and can use as a grill plate.

However, it is to note that the sandwich maker is good to cook small pieces of other food like chicken or paneer. If you place a large chunk, it may not get cooked correctly.

<b>How many pieces of sandwich can a sandwich maker cook?</b>
It depends upon the type of plate you have chosen. If you have the Panini press type maker, it can cook two slices or sandwiches at a time. The four triangle sandwich maker is best to cook four slices in one go.
<b>Which Sandwich maker is the best in India?</b>
There are several companies making sandwich maker. Each of them comes up with one or the other functionality. But the best out of them based on various aspects are:

  • Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker
  • Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster
  • Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2 Slice Sandwich Maker
  • Nova NSG 2449 1000-Watt Panini Sandwich Maker
  • Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster
<b>How should a sandwich maker be cleaned?</b>
Cleaning the sandwich maker is an easy task. But a few simple tips should be remembered beforehand. Switch off and unplugged the device each time you went for cleaning it. Cleaning should be done thoroughly after every use.

You have taken a thick dry cloth and clean the plates of the maker. The cooking surface can be wiped with the help of wet or dry kitchen wipes, as well. If there is a detachable plate option, then you can wash it under the tap as well. 

<b>How to take out the cooked sandwiches from the surface?</b>
It is advisable to use the wooden spatula to remove the cooked food or sandwich from the plate. Do not make use of any sharp device like sharp sided spoons or a knife to scrap the slices out.  

The use of any metal, iron, or steel utensil can damage the plate severely. Any wooden or high-grade heat resistant plastic spatula should be used to prevent the damage on non-stick coating.

<b>How to see that the sandwich maker is ready to use?</b>
Most of the sandwich makers contain the indicator lights. When you plug-in the device, the indicator light will switch on to red. The sandwich maker will then start to pre-heat and will set up to an optimum temperature.

The green indicator light will automatically light up as soon as the device is ready to use. The best sandwich maker in India has these lights to make the cooking easier.  

<b>The sandwich maker is emitting smoke during first-time use. What to do?</b>
Releasing the smoke for the first time is termed as quite usual. It may also be due to touching of the upper and lower plate with each other when the food kept for cooking is small in dimension.

Still, if you have any doubt or the smoke doesn’t seem to be healthy, it is advisable to unplug the device immediately. It could also be because of a specific circuit breakdown or internal machine issue. The technician should be called in this case as soon as possible.

<b>Can I remove sandwich maker plates? </b>
The different brand of sandwich makers comes up with either removable or fixed plates. Each one has its benefits. The fixed plate will make the cooking more comfortable, whereas the removable plate will be easy to clean and can be washed.

The plates are although non-stick in most of the device, but a detachable plate makes the cleaning much convenient for the hard-to-reach areas. Therefore, depending upon the model you choose, you will get the option of removable or fixed plates.

<b>Can a sandwich maker be used as a toaster to toast bread?</b>
A sandwich maker is versatile and can use in a multi-usage way. It can easily be used as a toaster as well to toast the bread with little or no butter or oil over it. The device can easily make a crispy toast within no time.

It is versatile. It can use as a toaster, griller, and a sandwich maker. Those who like to have toast for breakfast, a sandwich maker can get it done within minutes. Along with this, it can give an option of crispy or soggy toasted bread as per choice.


The Sandwich Maker is an easy and convenient device to use. There are hundreds of sandwich makers available in the market. Choosing the one from them is a tedious task. While selecting the one for you, there are a lot of points to be considered:

A reputed brand model will provide you the product warranty, durability, and value for money satisfaction. The other factors to be given utmost importance are the measurement of the device, portability, ease of use, and safety measures. 

The best way to buy a correct device is to make a list of the requirements as per need. Then shortlist the appliance as per those preferences you made. This compiled list given with this buying guide will help you in making the right selection of the best sandwich maker in India.

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