10 Best Projector Under 10000 in India 2021

By bhavyesh dhaduk

A projector is one fantastic device which helps you to watch endless movies on the big screen. The Projector is used as an alternative to the small monitor screen, and it shows an image or a text content to look bigger, which can be seen by a huge group of audience.

If you are looking for the best Projector under for INR 10000 in India, this article is for you.

Best Projector Under 10000 in India 2021

1. Dinshi Fusion Full HD 3500 Lumen LCD Projector

  • Light weighted and portability
  • 2 powerful USB 3.0 ports
  • Supports high definition movie player
  • Robust RGB resolution
  • Dynamic contrast ration of 1000:1

A multimedia projector within 10000 is a steal deal for sure. This Full HD 3500 Lumen LCD Projector from Dinshi is an excellent projector, it works like a charm for home theatres and can also be used during meetings. 

The best part about this Full HD 3500 Lumen LCD Projector from Dinshi is that it consumes very less power. You can add more than two powerful speakers to have the best gaming experience. The dynamic contrast ratio of Dinshi Projector is 1000:1, and you can also add a micro SD card to increase memory space. 

Additionally, Dinshi Fusion Full HD 3500 Lumen LCD Projector has a powerful brightness of 2200 lm, it works great as a home theatre, and you can use it during the meetings without hurting your eyes. 

The lamp life of Full Fusion HD is 50000 hours, and this projector comes with LED emitters too. The 3.5 mm audio jack offers the best audio quality. You can use 2 USB ports to attach additional devices. 

The Dinshi Fusion Full HD Projector is lightweight and also super portable. It supports USB 3.0 port and is compatible with almost all the smart devices. With 3 unique types of function mode, you get the best projection experience. You can seamlessly pay 1080 pixel full HD movies.

2. EGATE i9 1920 x 1080 LED HD Projector

  • Excellent HD video quality
  • ISO certified
  • Clear image and text content
  • Perfect for home and medium-size classrooms and meeting rooms
  • Incredible 1920*1080 pixel quality

Looking for a super-efficient projector which can be operated using the android smartphone EGATE i9 HD Projector is the best Projector under 10000 in market. This Projector supports HD moving playing as well. 

The EGATE i9 is ISO certified Projector and comes with BIS certification, hence you can be assured about the excellent quality. You can effortlessly connect your EGATE projector to a laptop, iPhone and even android mobile phone. The EGATE i9 Projector support 1920*1080 pixels and can be used for home and also medium size classrooms. 

The light source of EGATE LED HD projector can go up to 40,000 hours, and the projection distance can be increased up to 8 feet. The best part about EGATE i9 HD projector is the incredible HD video quality. 

Moreover, the EGATE i9 HD projectors supports multiple interfaces and work as a great option to project movies, images and text content on the wall or big screen. The colour remains same, and the photos are crystal clear as well. This LED HD projector from EGATE supports 800*400 resolution, and you don’t need a different PC to share content on the big screen. It is the best Projector under 10000, absolutely value for money.

3. Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector

  • Works well for business presentation
  • The image can be filled up the screen space without distortion
  • Powerful LED lights with excellent resolution
  • plenty of connectivity option
  • A great choice for gaming enthusiasts

Looking for an excellent projector which has multiple connectivity option, Myra TouYinGer X7 , this LED projector is one ideal choice. It is also one of the best Projector under 10000 in India. 

The LED display technology is incredible, the Projector is best for folks who are running a limited budget. The connection options are huge, and the sound quality is also super loud. 

The Myra LED Projector series TouYinGer X7 supports 800*600 native resolution and 720 and 1080 pixels, that means you can watch the HD movies in excellent quality. The ultra LED light is perfect for displaying image, text and video on a big screen. 

Myra projector is one of the best projectors which can effortlessly project a big image and fill up to 130 inches of screen space. It is an awesome choice if you want to pay the game on a big screen or watch video as well.

This Projector is ideal for home and business meetings as well. The weight is less than 1 kg hence, it is highly portable Projector available in the market.

4. ViviBright GP80 1800LM Portable LED Projector

  • Support multiple input format
  • Incredible 20000 hours of lamp life
  • Brilliant image quality
  • Manual zooming option
  • 32 dB noise level

The ViviBright is a classic choice if you are looking for a reliable projector for home theatre. The GP80 series is loaded with excellent feature which makes it the best projector under 10000 in India. The 

The GP80 series of ViviBright supports the native resolution of 800*40 pixels, and you can zoom in up to 1.16, and you also have the option to manual zoom the screen. 

The ViviBright GP80 LED Projector is super portable and offers the best cinematic experience at home, and it can be used at office meetings. The size of ViviBright GP80 protector is super compact, which makes it highly portable as well. 

You can enjoy up to 1920*1080 pixels of resolution, and it provides 20000 hours lamp life. The ViviBright GP80 LED Projector supports multiple file format hence using this Projector is effortless. 

This GP80 series of ViviBright works great for watching movies and also playing amazing games on the big screen. It is lightweight and super easy to move. An ideal choice to play input files of MPG, MOV, MKV, VOB formats. The noise level is 32 dB which is excellent if you enjoy watching movies on a big screen.

5. EGATE K9 Android LED 720p 4D Digital HD Projector

  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2400 fc brightness
  • Great for gaming and watching movie
  • 1500:1 contrast ratio
  • 12 months warranty

Looking for a high-end projector for your home and office with great features, EGATE K9 is a reliable choice. It is one of the best projector under 10000 in India. This digital HD projector from EGATE comes with a 4D digital keystone. 

The 2400 Lumens ensures you get the best image on big screen, this Projector is loved by gaming enthusiasts all thanks to the 720-pixel support. The overall warranty duration is one year. 

This EGATE K9 projector provides multiple connectivity option and offers a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. It supports 720*1280 native resolution as well. Moreover, K9 projector supports android smart devices and can be connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

The contrast ratio of EGATE K9 4D Digital HD Projector is 1500:1, and the display can go up to 381 cm. In addition to it, the brightness can go up to 2400 FC, which is excellent for the price you pay. 

The sound quality of EGATE K9 is excellent all thanks to the inbuilt box speakers, and it provides the best big-screen movie experience. The EGATE K9 4D Digital HD Projector is absolutely value for money. 

6. Play 2000 Lumen Android 4.4 OS System Projector

  • Vivid and sharp output
  • Light weighted and travel-friendly
  • Seven second auto shutdown
  • Powerful output channel
  • Energy efficient

Your search for the brilliant LED Projector ends here, and Play 2000 Projector is one incredible choice if you are looking for the best Projector  within INR 10000 in India. The projected image quality and video precision are excellent. 

The Play 2000 Lumen projector provides full support to multiple connectivity option. The projection dimension can go up to 20-400 inches without distorting the image or video quality. 

The auto shut down feature is another added advantage of Play Lumen Projector; the devices shut downs on it own if it is not in use for more than 7 seconds. The power consumption is also less, and it is one of the best-budgeted Projector in the Indian market. 

The 60000 hours long-lasting LED lamp life is another added feature. You don’t need to worry about unwanted interruptions while you are watching movie or busy explaining a business meeting. 

 The audio output is super powerful, and the 1920*1080 HD resolution provides sharp and vivid output. The weight of this Projector is less than 1 kg, and the device is travel friendly. 

7. Dinshi Infinix Full HD Projector 1000 Lumen LED Projector with HDMI/VGA/USB Ports

  • Versatile features
  • Great for home entertainment
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Multiple connections options
  • Supports USB flash drives

Dinshi brand provides best projectors under 10000 in India. The Infinix HD projector offers 1000 Lumen and is the most budget friendly LED Projector available in India. This Projector supports HDMI, USB and VGA ports, an excellent choice for home and gaming. 

The Dinshi Infinix Projector supports versatility, you can play music, games, videos and even movies without worrying about the power consumption. It works perfect for home screening of film in the dark. It is not a suitable choice if you are looking for a projector for meetings and presentation purpose. 

The brand Dinshi is a reliable name when it comes to quality projectors for home. The throw distance of this projector ranges between 4.9 to 13.12 feet.

The LED display ensures the content displayed on the big screen is vivid and sharp, the brightness can go up to 1000 lumens, and the contrast aspect ratio is 1000:1. The Infinix projector supports 50 inches to 150 inches image size, and the throw ratio is 1.4:1.

8. Unic UC40 800X480 High Resolution Projector

  • Movable and light weighted
  • Wide connectivity and file support
  • Excellent picture quality
  • perfect for business, school and home
  • Pocket friendly choice

If you want to have a theatre like feeing at home while watching movies, Unic UC40 projector is the best Projector under 10000 in India. If you are a gaming enthusiast the 800*480 high resolution of Unic UC440 projector provides excellent gaming experience.

The picture quality is great, and it is gently bright so that you can have a great movie watching experience at your home. This projector from Unic supports almost all type of connectivity and files that includes USB, HDMI format and even IR devices. 

Unic is a brand which manufactures high quality projectors, the connectivity options are also wide. The lamp life of UC 40 high resolution projector is 20000 hours which ensures the power consumption is minimal. 

This projector from Unic comes with 12 months of sturdy warranty, the customer service is also incredible. The contrast ratio of UC40 series projector is 800:1 Hz.

The design of this projector from Unic is slim and sleek. This makes it a moveable option. This device works well for PTT, business meetings and also can be used to get home theatre effect while watching movies. 


  • Easy to connect and effortless to use
  • Smart software
  • Supports 16K colours
  • Miracast
  • BIS certification
  • Displays true colour

If you are a movie buff and want to transform your living room into a movie theatre, EGATE i9 Miracast Projector is what you need at your home. The European design of EGATE i9 makes it an incredible choice, and it is one of the best projector under 10000 rupees.

The EGATE i9 Miracast projector is ISO certified and comes with BIS certification. This device can be connected via Wi-Fi and multiple connectivity choice. It enables screen in streaming and another excellent feature is  the Miracast feature of EGATE i9 HD projector. You steam and watch a full-length movie with EGATE i9 LED HD projector, and the power consumption is also less.

The contrast ration is 1000:1, and the native resolution is 800*480. It provides the best image quality on the big screen. This LED HD projector from EGATE supports more than 16k colours. The image is crystal, clear and vivid. 

The processor of EGATE i9 is super powerful and the buffering time is very less. This Projector supports for iOS and Android device. The powerful hardware and robust software make video streaming super easy. 

10. ooze Punnkk P5 Mini LED 3D Projector

  • Compact size
  • Consumes very less power
  • Portability
  • Ideal for home entertainment
  • Stability and reliability

Ooze Punnkk is an emerging name when it comes to best projector under 1000 in India. This mini Projector is a compact choice if you are a frequent traveller and want a sturdy projector during your trip. This LED 3D projector works as an incredible home cinema theatre. 

This mini LED 3D projector support multiple functional input that includes HDMI, USB, AV etc. It supports 30,000 hours LED lamp life which is excellent for the price you pay. The power consumption is less, and the design looks professional. 

Be it the stability and durability, Ooze Punnkk 3D Projector is an ideal choice. The throw range is from 20 to 80 inches, and there is an option to manual focus and adjust the screen. 

The aspect ratio can be changed from 16:9 and 4:3, it is echo oriented and works as a permanent home entertainment solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best level of brightness for using my Projector?

Ans: The brightness of the Projector for the best results depends on the purpose of use and room conditions. If you wish to make a presentation in a dim room, then 2000 to 3000 lumens is enough. If the room is lit, then you might need to change settings between 3000 to 5000 lumens. In case you plan to make a presentation at a large venue with a lit hall, then try 4000 lumens and above.

Q. Can Blu-ray players be connected to a projector? In that case, how?

Ans: Yes. Search for a projector with an HDMI input. Just make sure that the device’s (Blu-ray’s) output matches with the Projector’s input.

Q. I think there is something wrong with the lamp in my Projector as no light is coming from it, what should I do?

Ans: If no light is coming from your projector despite it being turned on, one can try removing the projector lamp and checking it for cracks, discolouration or any other anomaly. You could also try changing the lamp. If you think that there is no problem with your lamp:
a) Try removing and reseating the lamp
b) The projector lamp may not light due to voltage fluctuations

Q. What is lamp-life?

Ans: Lamp-life refers to the lifespan of a projector lamp. The lamp-life of projector lamps varies from some serving only 3000 hours to those which offer 20,000 hours lamp-life. 

Q. How to extend projector lamp-life?

Ans: Through optimum usage, one can successfully extend lamp-life. Even a lamp with a lamp-life of only 3000 hours, when used two hours a day, can last for four years. Lowering brightness levels can also help conserve lamp-life. 

Q. What is the difference between an electric projector screen and a manual projector screen?

Ans: An electric projector screen is motorized. Hence while rolling it down, one can easily set it to stop at the desired level, and it does not require manual effort to pull it down. A manual projector screen requires a person to roll it down, every single time. It is best to invest in best Projector under 10000.

Q. Which one is better: electric projector screen or manual projector screen? 

Ans: An electric projector screen, though convenient to use, is expensive and maintenance costs might be a concern. Whereas a manual screen, despite requiring much manual effort is cheaper and light weight than electric ones.

Q. Can I connect projectors with Mac?

Ans: Of course. All one needs is to connect the connector cable of the Projector (usually an HDMI or VGA) to the Mac. You can find plenty of best Projector under 10000 whichsupports Mac.

Q. Are mini projectors worth it?

Ans: Mini projectors are not as functional as regular-sized projectors (YET), but they are ideal for personal or home usage, rather than for official presentations (as they lack image quality and other functions).

Q. My Projector is noisy, what to do?

Ans: Using a projector at ‘economic mode’ can help to reduce the noisiness of the cooling fans. Portable projectors are generally noisy due to having smaller cooling fans.

The India market is filled with different types of Projectors, all thanks to technological development. You can enhance your gaming experience to another level by connecting your smart device into a big home screen.


The above mentioned list will help you to select the best Projector under 10000 in India. Look for the features, price and preference, decide the best digital partner for your home /office or school needs. 

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