10 Best Printer Under 5000 in India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

In this 21st era, everything is becoming digitalized, and everybody is dealing with a fast forward life. So, no person has a huge time for doing a small thing. In the old days, we had to go to a shop for printing a one-page document. 

But nowadays, with various modern technologies, everything is becoming very easy. Different types of printers are manufactured by top-class brands which can serve the need of all kinds of printing. A simple black and white printer to a modern laser colour printer are available in the market.

All the printers are not the expensive one. You can get so many budget-friendly printers with all the latest features, that will be ideal for home, and small office uses. Here we review the price and the features of the printers and make a list of best printers under 5000

Usability of printers

There are different types of purposes where we need a printer. 

  • College and school going students have to do assignments and projects where they need to submit a bunch of papers with the proper pictures and information. Different types of images and graphics are also there in the project. So, without spending money every time for printing, buy an excellent all-in-one printer for your home. It will be a one-time investment.
  • For any official paper, CV, or any government document, your photo is required. That time, if you have a scanner, you can scan that in the document. 
  • Printing, scanning, copying, and fax is essential for commercial purposes. 

Different types of printers 

  • Laser printer

In 1960, Xerox first developed the laser printer. A laser printer can print a huge number of papers in a short time which can increase productivity. Moreover, it has higher paper holding capacity and mostly uses in business purposes. Also, it is quite cost-effective than traditional inkjet printers. 

  • Solid Ink Printer

This type of printer has a unique concept of ink technology. It is designed in such a way that it can save money and space on the packaging. For generating a vibrant tone of printing, this printer melts the solid ink sticks for producing ink. It is an environment-friendly printer having a compact design can able to print a vibrant tone. 

  • Inkjet printer

You can use this printer both for domestic and professional use. It can able to print photo-realistic and highly-detailed print. It requires a short time to warm-up and also you can get this printer in an affordable. You can check below written inject printers which are the best printer under 5000

  • Multifunctional printer 

This type of printer is also known as an all-in-one printer. It can do printing, scanning, copying and faxing just by only one printer. You can get all-in-one best printer under 5000 from online shopping sites.

Best Printer Under 5000 In India 2022

1. HP DeskJet 5085 All-in-One Wireless Ink Printer

  • All-in-one printer – print, scan, and copy
  • Voice-activated printing feature with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • USB, Wi-Fi, and HP smart App connectivity
  • Ten pages can be printed per minute
  • Supports A4, A5, B5, DL, C6, A6 size pages
  • Inject technology and duplex printing

Hewlett Packard 5085 is the ultimate solution for an all-in-one printer. It can print, scan, and copy with the latest technology-based techniques. It is a voice-activated colour printer that works with Google Assitant and Alexa. 

This wireless, Inkjet colour printer is perfect for office use as you can do all types of printing just with one printer. HP 680 tricolour and original black ink cartridges can be used in this printer. This printer can print almost all sizes of pages like A4, A5, B5, DL, C6, A6 with duplex printing. 

All these user-friendly advantages make this HP Deskjet 5085 printer one of the most amazing best printer under 5000. It is ideal for home and small office usage at a reasonable price as it can easily print 100-300 pages per month. However, it can print up to 1250 pages every month. 

Some additional Information of HP Deskjet 5085 Printer 

One of the best features of this printer is it has the USB, HP smart App, and Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it easily operatable. It provides up to 10ppm print speed and 800 MHz processor speed with 5 to 40°C operating temperature range. It can print ten black and white pages and seven colour pages per minute. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one printer at a reasonable price, then this printer will be the best option for you. 

2. Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient Duplex Printing Printer

  • All-in-one printer, can print, scan, fax and copy
  • Connectivity – USB, Wi-FI, Google Cloud Print
  • Compatibility – Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS
  • Provide duplex printing
  • A4 / Letter size pages are supported
  • Ink efficient printer

Canon E4270 is the ink efficient all-in-one printer that can be used for printing, scan, fax, and copy. This printer can also do duplex printing, ADF, and FAX printing. It has an outstanding connectivity feature, which is included Wi-Fi, USB, Google, Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, and Canon Selphy App. 

This printer is convenient and very easily operatable. It is perfect for regular usage in the home and small offices. Ideally, you can print 100-300 pages per month. It supports A4/Letter sized pages, 4800×1200 dpi printing resolution, and 600×1200 dpi scanning resolution. 

All these modern technology-based features make this printer one of the best printer under 5000. This printer is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 OS and in Mac OS v10.12 ~ 10.13 and X 10.10.5 ~ X 10.11. It can print 8.8 black and white pages and 4.4 colour pages. The cost of printing black and white pages is Rs 1.3, and Rs 3.5 is for colour pages. 

Overall – This canon E4270 printer can be one of the best printers at a reasonable price. Not only you can do printing, but also you will get document removal remainder and ID card copy, an additional feature. So, undoubtedly, this printer will meet all your expectations and give you a unique experience of using this printer. 

3. HP DeskJet 3779 Wireless Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer

  • Hands-free, all-in-one printer
  • Google Assistant and Alexa added Voice-activated printing
  • Wireless
  • Scan resolution – 600 DPI
  • Supports A4, B5, A6, DL envelope
  • 360 MHz processor speed

HP produces high technology-based printers, which are very demanding in the market. Along with other HP printers, Deskjet 3779 is also very proficient in all types of printing. It is a wireless printer that is highly preferred nowadays. 

At a reasonable price, this printer gives you a voice-activated feature that works with Google Assistant and Alexa. Easily movable and operatable. If your budget is around 5000, this printer is one of the best options is for you. 

The processor speed is 360MHz. Two types of printer cartridges are attached to it, one is black, and another one is a tricolour. It can read HP PCL 3 GUI printing language. 

Some additional Information 

You can use A4, B5, A6, and DL envelope sizes pages for printing with this printer. It supports multiple types of paper types, which are plain paper, glossy and matte brochure papers, envelope, photo papers, and the most vital inkjet papers. The media sizes should be from 76.2 x 127 to 215.9 x 355.6mm. 

It is compatible with OS X 10.8 and above and Windows XP and above operating systems. Moreover, it has a mobile printing capacity with HP ePrint, wireless direct printing, and Apple AirPrint. You can easily print directly from your computer, laptop, mobile, and tablet. 

However, don’t think twice about buying this printer for your home or office use. It will give you the best experience of using this printer as it is considered one of the best printer under 5000

4. Canon Pixma MG 3070S All-in-One Colour Printer

  • All-in-one printer (Print, copy, scan)
  • Supports USB and Wi-Fi
  • Supports A4, A5, B5, letter
  • Duplex printing
  • Print resolution 4800 x 600 DPI
  • Scan resolution 600 x 1200 DPI

Canon Pixma MG 3070S printer is a bit cheaper than other printers, but it is providing a great number of features at this low price range. This printer is perfect for home or small office using purpose. For a big organization, this printer is not recommended.

At a low price, you can get this all-in-one colour printer that can print, scan, and copy. It is connected with Wi-Fi and USB; thus, you can easily connect this printer with the laptop, computer, mobile, and tablet. It supports a number of pages sizes that include A4, A5, B5, legal, letter, 4 x 6″, 5 x 7″, envelope, 5 X 5″ square size, custom size, and of course, duplex manual printing. 

It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems. In a minute, it can print four-colour and eight black and white pages. This inkjet printer is having 4800 x 600 DPI printing resolution and 600 x 12000 DPI scanning resolution.

Overall – After reviewing the feature of this printer, it is considered one of the best printer under 5000. It is ideal for regular use that can print 50-100 pages per month. It requires AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz power. Standard PG745S cartridge can print almost 100 black and white pages, and the CL746S cartridge can print 100 colour pages.

5. Pantum P2200 600MHZ Laser Printer

  • Laser printer
  • Connectivity – USB 2.0
  • Monthly printing capacity 15000 pages
  • Supports multiple page size
  • Provide high-resolution printing
  • Cost-effective cartridges

Instant-on technology is provided in the Pantum P2200 laser printer, which saves a certain amount of time when powering up. For faster connectivity Hi-speed 2.0 USB port is attached with and an all-in-one cost-effective Pantum cartridge is provided for durable printing. Pantum P2200 printer supports high-resolution printing speed up to 20 ppm that ensures fast printing. 

Moreover, the printing quality of black and white pages up to 1200 x 1200 DPI. 600 MHz processor speed makes this printer durable at a reasonable price range. The metal frame structure with a sleek and compact design makes it perfect for workplace use. It consumes less space and fits nicely on the desk of your workplace. 

It supports multiple media sizes and a monthly duty cycle maximum of up to 15000 pages. This printer is compatible with computers and laptops. You can take the print from your laptop or desktop by connecting it with the USB cord. 

Overall – Pantum manufactures a different range of printers with modern features. But the Pantum P2200 600MHZ laser printer is considered as one of the best printer under 5000. Moreover, Pantum gives the 1-year warranty of this product and also provides service if needed. 

By reviewing the product’s feature, this Pantum printer is a must buy one. At a low budget price range, you are getting these many convenient features. So, for home or small office using purpose, this printer is perfect. 

6. HP DeskJet 2675 All-in-One Ink Google Assistant Wireless Printer

  • All-in-one colour printer
  • Wireless
  • Voice-activated feature (Alexa and Google Assistant)
  • Supports A4, B5, A6, Dl envelope size pages
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB and HP all-in-one printer remote App
  • Cost-effective cartridge

HP Deskjet 2675 all-in-one colour printer can be used for printing, scanning and copying pages. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing an HP printer is that they provide a voice-activated feature that works with Google Assistant and Alexa. This unique feature makes this printer better than others. 

It has Wi-Fi connectivity along with USB or HP printer App. Wireless connectivity makes this printer user-friendly. It supports multiple size pages that include A4, B4, A6, DL envelope with manual duplex printing. Printing resolution for black and white is 1200 x 1200 DPI, and for colour printing, it is 4800 x 1200 DPI. 

You can get high-quality printing with lost cost cartridge. HP’s low-cost cartridge makes this printer more convenient to buy. Moreover, it can print 7.5 black and white pages and 5.5 colour pages per minute. For black and white printing, 1.4 Rs and colour printing, 4.5 Rs cost per page is required. 

Overall – HP manufactures the top-most modern featured printer which comes at a reasonable price. All types of facilities they provide with good service and convenient charges. This HP wireless colour printer is budget-friendly and one of the best printer under 5000

Moreover, HP customer care is always available for you to help regarding any printer problem. The 1-year warranty is also given with this product, so don’t think twice to buy this HP wireless colour printer.

7. Xerox Phaser 3020_BI Single Function Wireless Printer

  • Laser printing technology
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • Supports A4 size and letter pages
  • Supports glossy photo paper media type
  • Processor speed 600 MHz
  • 150 pages of input sheet capacity

Xerox Phaser 3020_BI printer has Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it convenient to use. As it is a wireless printer, you can take print directly from your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. The cost-effective cartridge reduces the cost of printing.

 It has 15000 pages duty cycle and 20PPM black and white printing resolution. The design of this printer is quite handy, and the weight is very light. Moreover, it supports A4 size and letter type pages for printing along with glossy photo paper media printing. 

For all these advantages Xerox Phaser 3020_BI is considered one of the best printer under 5000. The speed of printing is quite fast, and it can be capable of printing 20 pages per minute. Also, it has USB cord connectivity by which any mobile, tablet or laptop can be connected with this printer. 

Overall – This Xerox printer is budget-friendly and easily available in any market and online store. Xerox provides power cable, printing cartridge, software, and some product documentation and a USB cable in the box. If you face any problem regarding this printer, their service agents will be available in your place. 

If you are looking for a good printer at an affordable price, then this Xerox printer will be perfect for you. As the weight of this printer is not so heavy, you can use it in your workplace. 

8. HP DeskJet 2138 All-in-One 4800 x 1200 DPI Colour Printer

  • All-in-one functionality (print,scan,copy)
  • USB connectivity
  • Supports A4, B5, A6, DL envelope size pages
  • Duplex printing
  • Duty cycle – Maximum 1000 pages per month
  • Compact design and flatbed scanner

HP Deskjet 2138 printer can provide high-quality printing which can print quality photos as well as documents. This all-in-one colour printer has other main features like scan and copy. It has USB type connectivity; you can connect your machine with the USB port and can easily print your desired photo or documents. 

It can print on various sizes of pages like A4, B5. A6, DL envelope. Resolution for black and white printing is 1200 X 1200 DPI, and for colour printing, the resolution is 4800 C 1200 DPI. Colour printing is possible at Rs. 4.5 per page, and black and white printing can be done at Rs. 1.4 per page. 

The design is so sleek and compact that it can easily fit in your office environment. Also, it can print 7.5 pages per minute for black and white printing and for colour printing it can print up to 5.5 pages per minute. It is compatible with HP 680 tri-colour ink cartridge. 

Overall – As a brand, HP always provides good quality electronic goods at an affordable price. Their printer is also available at an affordable price with modern technology and various functionality. If you are planning to buy a colour printer in a low budget then just opt for this one as it is one of the best printer under 5000

They also provide a 1-year warranty from the date of purchasing. You can easily contact with the HP brand customer care if you face any issue with the printer. 

9. Canon Pixma E477 Wireless All-in-One Ink Efficient Printer

  • All-in-one printer
  • Wireless – Wi-Fi, Google cloud print and USB connectivity
  • Compatible with Windows – 10, 8 and 7 operating system
  • Duplex printing
  • Supports A4, letter, legal-size pages
  • Printing resolution 4800 x 600 DPI

Canon Pixma E477 ink efficient printer can print, scan and copy. With its all-in-one feature and wireless connectivity makes it perfect for the office and home use. By the Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, your laptop, tablet, and mobile can easily be connected with this Canon printer. 

Moreover, it supports A4, letter and legal size pages with the duplex printing. It can print with a resolution of 4800×600 DPI. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7 operating systems. 

It can print eight black and white pages and four colour pages per minute. It is compatible with the ink cartridge which is PG-47 for black and CL-57 for colour. As it can print up to 100-300 pages per month, it is ideal for small office and home use. 

Overall  – By reviewing the features of this printer, it can be considered as the best printer under 5000. With an affordable price, you can get this all-in-one colour wireless printer. When it comes to quality canon never compromises, it always provides the top-class quality products. So, don’t think twice to buy this printer. 

Moreover, Canon provides a 1-year warranty for this printer. So, if you face any issue, then they will give free servicing or will change that part of the printer for free. Also, their customer care service is always available. Just call them, if any queries you have regarding the printer. 

10. HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer

  • All-in-one printer
  • Connected via USB cable
  • Supports A4, B5, A6, DL envelope size pages
  • Duplex printing
  • Maximum capacity of printing up to 1000 pages per month
  • Flatbed scanner

HP Deskjet 2131 printer has multiple functionalities which are printing, scanning and copying. You can connect the printer with your laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile with the USB cable connector. So, by purchasing this all-in-one printer, you can able to do multiple things just by one printer. 

Moreover, it supports A4. B5, A6, DL envelope size pages which can be printed by 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution for colour pages and 1200 x 1200 DPI resolution for black and white pages. This HP printer provides high-quality printing photos or documents. It can print 7.5 black and white pages and 5.5 colour pages per minute. 

It is compatible with HP 803 tri-colour cartridge, also black original ink cartridge. It is reliable for the long run; also, the cost of the operation is not so high. However, this budget-friendly printer is ideal for small office and home uses. 

Overall  – By reviewing the specifications of this printer, without any doubt, it can be considered as the best printer under 5000. HP never compromise with the quality of the product; they always provide the best quality printers with all-time customer care service. If you face a problem with the printer, then just call their customer service, and they will solve it as soon as possible.

HP provides a 1-year warranty with this printer. So, within this warranty period, they will not take charge of anything for servicing or repairing. So, don’t think twice to buy this printer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which printing feature is preferable, duplex or simplex? 

Ans. Duplex printing means you can use both sides of the paper for printing. If the printer has the feature to print on both sides of the pages automatically, then you don’t need to change the other side of the page manually. But if the printer does not have this feature, then you have to turn the other side of the page manually, which might be a little hectic. 

Whereas, by simplex printing, you can only print on one side of the page. So, buy that printer that has an automatic duplex printing feature. 

3. What is a network printer?

Ans. Network printers are a special type of printer which is connected via a local network so that more than one user can use it. Normal printers are directly connected with the PC, but this printer can only be operated after login to the network. This type of printer is mostly used in offices. 

2. What type of printer is commonly used?

Ans. There are two types of printers available in the market. One is black and white, and another is a colour printer. Black and white printer is quite affordable and commonly used in various purposes. Black and white printers are less expensive than colour printers.

Colour printers are costly and generate colour printings. Colour printer is only required in some specific places. The cost of colour cartridges is also high than black and white cartridges. Moreover, the cost of monochrome cartridges and the paper is very less than colour. 

So, black and white printers are commonly used. You can find various types of colour printers which can be considered as the best printer under 5000

4. What is the difference between a colour inkjet and colour laser printer?

Ans. Inkjet printers are not so expensive and specially used for professional business purposes. But, it requires a colour cartridge which can be a bit expensive. The ink cartridge can print up to 200 pages before a replacement. 

The range of laser colour printer is from $500 to $5000. This type of printer use toner, so that it doesn’t require any ink cartridge. Before any replacement of toner, it can print almost 3000-15000 pages. 

5. Which type of printers are generally used in commercial purposes?

Ans. Generally, for commercials use black and white, colour document, pictures, and graphics printing are frequently done. Not only printing but also scan, copy and fax all types of things are required. As printing and scanning are frequently done in a commercial office, the printing speed and resolution need to be high. Also, it should be a colour duplex printing printer that can print a large number of pages at a time. 

6. What is required to print spreadsheets or complex printing?

Ans. Generally, laser printers are preferable to print more complex printing than colour or black and white printer. For any complex printing, larger memory capacity is required. Inexpensive printers other features like duplex printing, large size paper holders, sorting, and collating are available, which is ideal for complex printing. 

7. Is a fast printer is essential?

Ans. The price of a faster printer is a bit high. Only in the big organization, it is required. But normal budget friendly black and white printers can also print 40 pages per minute.

So rather buying highly expensive fast printers, inkjet black and white printers also works fine. You can get the best printer under 5000, which can provide very fast printing.

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