Top 10 Best Non Electric Water Purifier in India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

In this contaminated world, nothing is pure. Neither air or water is 100% pure to take directly, which results in various health issues. But, as a saviour, you can use a water purifier to have pure drinking water.

Our writers have done all the difficult work and went through hours and days investigating or reviewing various products available in the market in the range of best non electric water purifiers in India. AQUADOVE is a company that offers excellent products with purity, affordability, and durability.

Top 10 Best Non Electric Water Purifier in India-Review

Our Pick

KENT Gold Plus Gravity Water Purifier (11015) | UF Technology Based | Non-Electric & Chemical Free | Counter Top | 20L Storage | White

  • Classy aqua blue color.
  • For ultra filtration, a hollow fiber membrane is used.
  • Nano silver carbon helps to remove water's disinfection properties.
  • More extended durability of membrane.

Rico Unbreakable Water Purifier | Non Electric | 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty | Japanese Purification Mineral Technology | Gravity Based Water Purification| Large Size | 20 LTR | Unbreakable Body

  • Purification happens through 7 steps.
  • It can run without electricity and gas which means it is non electric.
  • 99% of pure water can be obtained.
  • 3000 liters cartridge life with 6 lt. water.

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Upgrade Pick

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier - 20L

Eureka Forbes
  • No need for installation required by this product.
  • It is a super purifier with storage capacity.
  • 1500 liters volume of the tank and non electric.
  • Gravity technology used for water purification

PRESTIGE Water Purifiers Copper Tattva 2.0

  • It helps to boost health.
  • Three-stage filtration is used to offer the purest water.
  • Kill all the bacterias effectively
  • Offers overflow protection.

AQUA DOVE UV Non Electronic Filter Water Purifier 20L.

  • Effectively run without external power supply.
  • Claims 99.9% bacteria killing
  • 100% pure water offering non electric water purifier.
  • 21000 lt. Purify capacity.

Prestige TTK Tattva 1.0 Steel Water Purifier (Blue, 16-L)

  • It offers a high filtration rate.
  • It entirely gives chemical-free water.
  • 100% Pure and hygienic water.
  • Life is longer with quality.

P-ZONE Aquagem Mineral Pot Gravity Based Water Filter (12 Litre, Non-Electric)

  • 0.2 lts volume in producing water/min.
  • Up to 4000 vol of membrane life.
  • Offer filtration up to 5 Stage Sediment.
  • Higher durability with quality.

Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15 Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Tata Swach
  • Easy installation and cleaning process.
  • 100% bacteria, virus removing capacity.
  • The body is translucent to see clearly.
  • 1500 liters volume of the cartridge.

P-zone Aquagem Gravity Based Water Purifier | Non Electric Water Purifier Filter - 15 Liter Storage

  • The capacity of chemical-free purification.
  • 0.25-liter filtration capacity of water.
  • Membrane life is up to 4000 liters of water.
  • It comes with a carbon filter.

Trending Non Electric Water Purifier

Kinds of Water Purifiers: 

  1. Non-Electrical With Storage: This is the one which has water purging units capacity tanks to store water after it is sanitized through dregs and actuated carbon channels. 
  2. Non-Electrical Without Storage: The one which is made as per the use of nourishment grade plastic. It is fixed over the tap of water that comprises a pitch channel that must be supplanted once every month. 
  3. Electrical With Storage: The one that cannot run without power supply. Enacted water channels with UV or RO cleaning frameworks are a must for this to function effectively.
  4. Electrical Without Storage:  It also runs through external power supply but, without a capacity tank. This type has the filtration quality equivalent to those with capacity. 

Significant things to look for in a water purifier:

In today's era, the options in a nonelectric water purifier are limitless. You can take your eyes on multiple products that are claiming to offer the purest water on the entire planet. But, is it true? So, these are some suitable and genuine points that buyers need to see while buying best non electric water purifier, such as:

  • Quality of the water: You can get fooled easily by the company until or unless you know everything about it. The best option is to call someone who has the knowledge to test the quality of water. 
  • Cost: You think it is the one-time investment so that a little higher amount is ok. But, have you calculated the amount which you need to replace the filters? The overall cost of the nonelectric purifier should be affordable and cheap.
  • Capacity: Small capacity of purifiers can never be suited for a large family. So, check the function at the time of buying the product itself.
  • Contaminant types: The water can be a different place to place, region to region, etc. So, test the water and get to know which quality will suit you the best non electric water purifiers.

Why do you look for non electric water purifiers over electric one?

Not one or two, the reasons can be so many in numbers for the best non electric water purifiers, but the most authentics points that cover the entire benefits are as follows:

  • It offers clean drinking water.
  • No need for an external power source is required.
  • The tension of running water is also zero.
  • Require for the portable water purifier.
  • Best for the remote locations.
  • Useful when the water supply has low TDS
  • It is durable and affordable.

Storage of capacity:

Why storage capacity is key to check in the best non electric water purifiers because there are various places where don't have proper electricity supply. In such locations, a storage tank attached to the purifier is a must. It ensures that people can have pure water throughout the day. Another reason for the storage tank is that if you have likely a large family, please make sure to buy a purifier with the container so that it can fulfill your requirements instantly. 

A check on TDS controller:

If you are looking to buy UV, RO, and UF kins of the non electric purifier, it is good to check TDS in it. It is basically a process to check the level of the purification in water.


So, we have listed down the ideal solution for you to buy Best non electric Water Purifier. Comparing is the most important key that you can do by making yourself free as we have listed top products in the queue and from which you need to pick the one as per your requirements. Nowadays, an advanced purifier is coming, so never go with the old device as well as consider the entire factor which you can while getting your hand on one non electric water purifier.