10 Best Mixer Grinder under 2000 in India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Are you on the way to buying the best mixer grinder under 2000? 

Well, here is our best mixer grinder under 2000 list in India curated after looking into a lot of reviews and experiences! So read on

Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000 In India 2022

1. Bajaj Pluto 500W Mixer GrinderĀ 

Bajaj Pluto 500W Mixer Grinder with 2 in 1 Function Blade, 3 Jars, White Check Here for Latest Price

From our research, the Bajaj Pluto is the best mixer grinder under 2000 in India. It runs on a powerful motor with relatively high performance on its function, provided with mind-blowing ideas. The 500W machine maintains a voltage of about 220V to 240V that actively provides a better experience with your enhanced cooking facility. You will be able to enjoy the perfect consistency with the Bajaj Pluto mixer grinder that grinds and blends your ingredients in a better way.

Being the nutritional pro value of the mixer grinder, users enjoy the natural taste without losing the nutrient value of the ingredient even after the grind. The essential mixer grinder comes with the three stainless steel jars where the differentiation in capacity seeks great use for each purpose separately. Bajaj Pluto provided three jars with 1.2l, 0.8l, and 0.3l.

Every jar is equipped with a super sharp blade that makes grinding or blending the ingredient in very little time. Bajaj Pluto mixer grinder proves to be the fantastic appliance that applied suitably to any kitchen coming out with comfortable property tends to do its job quickly. It is due to the 3-speed control with incher for momentary operation where you can choose the speed depending upon the ingredients and the blending consistency level you need for cooking.

2. Butterfly Hero 500W Mixer Grinder 

Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars (Grey) Check Here for Latest Price

Butterfly Hero is a high-end mixer grinder available under 2000 in India 2022. An Aesthetically designed Butterfly hero mixer grinder was running with a powerful motor that provides high performance and the motor overload protector. The body of the mixer grinder is made up of ABS plastic, which helps maintain the durability and longer life of the appliance. The presence of stainless steel jars consists of sharp blades for the standard grinding feature, and the steel jars ensure hassle-free cleaning.

The body of the mixer grinder consists of rubber shoes at the bottom that furnishes extra firm grip during grinding helps in issuing greater comfortability. Each jar is fitted with the handle having the decisive feature that extensively finds the work in convenience level during grinding and cleaning. If the socket is present with distance too, Butterfly hero mixer grinder can be managed to it as it consists of 180Cm cord for easy handling purposes.

You can take control of grinding the ingredients absolutely with the speed control feature, where the speed knob can be adjusted based on the ingredients you want to grind to. For the awesome quicker milkshakes, you can go with the whip feature present in the Butterfly Hero mixer grinder for the awesome quicker milkshakes. Want to add a classic style to your kitchen?

Then your option is to go with the Butterfly hero mixer grinder. It is loaded with a powerful 500W motor that efficiently brings you several tasks in preparing different dishes for your daily meals.

3. Cello Grind Nmix Elite Mixer Grinder

Cello Grind Nmix Elite Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Stainless Steel Jar and 1 Juicer Jar (Blue) Check Here for Latest Price

Cello grind N Mix Elite is an exclusive mixer grinder you can get under 2000. It is the best in serving you, matching all your food preparation styles. The 500W mixer grinder gives fantastic smooth results in a fraction of seconds and adds a stylish look to your kitchen in the presence of the Cello mixer grinder. The efficient grinding feature of any ingredients makes your work superior in your cooking field.

The ergonomic design of the Best Mixer Grinder equipped with the compact model and the sleek body adds a luxurious look to your kitchen. Due to 4 blades in the jar, the grinding and blending work becomes more accessible, bringing the graceful contour in preparing your dish quicker. It only requires less space in your kitchen for all your effortless grinding work in part of the cooking work.

The Cello Grind Nmix Elite mixer grinder equipped with three stainless steel and one plastic jar allows you to experience the preparation of many dishes at the same time without washing the jars frequently. The plastic body and the break-resistant polycarbonate jar lid ensure long life and standard durability.

4. Pigeon Amaze 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze 550 Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Jars (Dark Grey, Medium) (14772) Check Here for Latest Price

The efficient appliance Pigeon Amaze mixer grinder comes into contact with us. Pigeon Amaze mixer grinder under 2000 in India 2022 makes you experience effortless grinding with hassle-free cooking work. The 550W sturdy motor present in the mixer grinder engaged with heavy-duty seeks comfort to the user in various grinding activities. The three jars are made up of Food grade high-quality stainless steel bringing you the complete sturdy and unbreakable.

Whatever the consistency needed, you can very well use the Pigeon Amaze mixer grinder from finest paste to smoothest milkshakes. You will be able to grind even the toughest ingredients quickly without any spill out absolutely with the stainless steel blades. The unbreakable pp lids for each jar ensure the solid and long-lasting life of the product.

The suction grip at the bottom of the body ensures convenient grinding without any external disturbances. The speed control button is made up of refined plastic, where you can go with the comfortable speed control facility for each grinding option without overloading the appliance.

5. Butterfly Hero Plus Mixer Grinder 

Butterfly Hero Plus Mixer Grinder 550 W, Grey, Small Check Here for Latest Price

Butterfly Hero Plus is a stylish mixer grinder under 2k from Butterfly in India. Powered by a 550W motor equipped with the Butterfly Hero Plus Mixer grinder brings you a lot of comfortability in preparing your dish. The three varying capacity of the jars in the mixer grinder allows you to undergo different grinding materials, which help in concentrating on the cooking part. There is also an overload protector feature that ensures better motor safety purposes that feed the long life of the motor.

The three jars’ capacity of the Butterfly Hero plus Mixer grinder is 0.4l, 0.75l, and 1.5l. The first two small jars are stainless steel, whereas the latter 1.5L juicer jar comes with transparent polycarbonate material. The juicer jar helps in performing the dual action of extraction and blending where the additional extractor part is added to the specific jar.

Butterfly Hero Plus mixer grinder is standard for better durability with its ABS body material. Enjoy receiving the exact consistency of the ground material as the mixer grinder designed with unique, strong stainless steel blades is acceptable for both wet and dry grinding options. The elegant look with its small and stylish feature of the mixer grinder furnishes the better attraction to your kitchen with the requirement of less space for its handling use.

6. AmazonBasics Mixer Grinder and blender

AmazonBasics Mixer, Grinder and Blender with 2 Jars (1000W), Black Check Here for Latest Price

AmazonBasics Mixer grinder under 2000 is our new addition to this list in 2022. Having the tabletop property on the specific mixer grinder AmazonBasics proudly introduces the appliance equipped with a powerful 1000W motor providing the RPM value of about 20000. The attractive kitchen appliance being the premium quality, satisfies enough to build essential features that help the user do their convenient cooking task. The functional design with sturdy quality mixer grinder comes with the two-layered SUS301 stainless steel blades extending its life, providing a fine grinding experience.

AmazonBasics Mixer Grinder Under 3000 in India provided two different capacity jars, such as 710ml and 354ml, sufficient to use for multipurpose use of every ingredient. BPA-free Tritan resists the toughness and more significant shatter that ensures longer life. Helpful for the modern chefs who want to whip up the mixer grinder often for the milkshakes to stand erect even with the continuous run of about 3 minutes.

There will not be any uncomfortability during your grinding work as the body of the mixer grinder is provided with anti-slip feet for enhancing stability. The motor of the AmazonBasics mixer grinder is protected with a complete safer process as the appliance equipped with the interlocking design having auto overheat cut-off and thermostat feature is involved to it as the appliance comes with an ergonomic design in a compact model that pays helpful in cleaning process too.

7. Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder 

Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder, 600W, Push + Knob Modes (2 Jars, 1 Blade, Black) Check Here for Latest Price

Cookwell Bullet is a compact mixer grinder available under 2000 in India compared to other blenders and mixers. Providing outstanding performance in all your grinding work is one of the better choices under 2000. The multipurpose device is also helpful in portable action without any fault occurring, as the mixer grinder comes with a sleek body design.

Bringing you the Cookwell Bullet mixer grinder home, you will experience a quiet, comfortable grinding and blending feature in any type of toughest ingredients. Being the perfect choice for the modern kitchen, you can blend all the ingredients with natural nutrients without spoiling its taste.

In preparation for smoothies, think you can drink directly off the jar without transferring to the other glass. The sharpest steel blades do a fantastic job breaking down your food thoroughly to receive the perfect consistency for all your cooking. There are no multiple complications in using the Cookwell Bullet mixer grinder where you can use the appliance with just speed control action.

8. Inalsa Polo 550W Mixer Grinder

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Inalsa Polo is a fantastic mixer grinder absolutely under the 2000 range and is applicable with all the needed properties. Experience the authentic flavors of your food even after undergoing the grinding process that gives the taste of the traditional grinding methods on your food.

Inalsa Polo mixer grinder equipped with a 550W motor with a high torque feature enables the wiser grinding work efficiently. The stainless steel blade provides a high-performance grinding task, which can grind all hard ingredients with an ultra-easy process. The two jars present in the Polo mixer grinder have varying capacities of 1.2L and 0.4L, resulting in a uniform and powerful grinding.

The white mixer grinder adds a beautiful place in your kitchen, providing sufficient usage in your cooking experience to finish your work quicker. The body of the mixer grinder is made up of ABS plastic material that ensures the sturdy and firmness on the unit making the grinder to use for a longer time. The presence of concealed bush fit at the bottom of the mixer jar helps to stand erect during its use and is also helpful in the easy cleaning process.

9. Lifelong LLMGEK03 500W Mixer Grinder 

Lifelong LLMGEK03 Mixer Grinder 500 W (2 Jar, Black) with Electric Kettle 1.5 Litre 1500W for Boiling Water, Soup (Silver) Super Combo | Combo for Kitchen, Easy to Use | 1 Year Warranty Check Here for Latest Price

Lifelong 500W is a decent mixer grinder that you can try under 2000 in India. The 1.5litre electric kettle comes with the classical mirror polish appearance seeking the unique and aesthetic gives a fantastic look to your kitchen. It is easy for you to separate the kettle from its base in filling the water, providing high comfort in nature. It is the best with the cordless feature that paves the essential support during the buffet or during the serving time at the dining table.

The presence of a BPA-free electric kettle made the perfect choice in the kitchen when you needed hot water. The ideal kettle works with a faster model that can boil up to 1.8 liters of water provided in a short time. There is no need to spend much time with the cleaning process where you can just use baking soda and white vinegar that performs an effective new look to the device.

The lifelong mixer grinder performs extraordinary grinding work efficiently that suits all types of Indian cuisines. The best cooking partner consists of a 3-speed operation where the user can adjust the speed depending on the need of their grinding material and its texture. You can solidly take action on food preparation where it can be completed in minimal time when you own a Lifelong mixer grinder.

The ergonomic design of the mixer grinder comes with two stainless steel jars with a plastic semi-transparent lid that allows you to view the consistency of the ground material easily without opening the jar. Need less maintenance with the steel jar as it ensures easy cleaning work. The combination of the products stands for effective help in the kitchen, making the cooking probably wise.

10. Greenchef Melon Mixer Grinder 

Greenchef Melon Mixer Grinder with Jar 600 Watts , Pink Check Here for Latest Price

Greenchef Melon is our final choice for this best mixer grinder under 2000 in India 2022. Bringing the convenient mode in every kitchen, the Greenchef Melon mixer grinder provides the fantastic role of experiencing fast and smooth blending work. The effective motor in the appliance performs high efficiency with its powerful 600 watts. The blade of the Greenchef Melon mixer grinder grinds the ingredient without any lumps as the blade’s structure is designed so that it lifts the food during the blending work.

The ideal mixer grinder is made up of an unbreakable ABS body that ensures high durability. Greenchef Melon mixer grinder having the anti-slip base at the bottom that uses the suction method to stand erect in the same place provides comfortability while it is in use. Keeping up the elegance in your beautiful kitchen, the bright color helps you feel fresh when you use the appliance.

The stainless steel three jars allow you to enjoy the rust-free and stain-proof making wise in your cleaning part. The jar with a handle helps you hassle-free grinding experiencing better reliability on the Greenchef Melon mixer grinder usage.

A Final Note

Considering the low price strategy, we have created the list of the best mixer grinder under 2000 that keeps you in convenient usage in your beloved kitchen work. We went through the detailed analysis of the article to prepare the list that helps you choose the right mixer grinder for your kitchen.

If you went through the above part of the article, I am sure that you would have gained a better knowledge of each mixer grinder brand. The best option I have for you is the Bajaj Pluto 500W mixer grinder as the appliance has better feature enhancement to place it in your kitchen that efficiently does its work. If you would love to cook in reduced time, then the Bajaj Pluto mixer grinder works for you to save time spending delicious food with greater comfortability.

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