10 Best microwave oven under 10000 in India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

With improving and enhancing technology, machines are making the life of humanity very easy. Especially microwave ovens. These tiny, high powered radio waves cause the food quickly and conveniently. Without standing in front of the gas stove for a long time, one can effortlessly cook delicious and nutritious food in the microwave. That’s why we write post best microwave oven under 10000 in India.

Microwaves are the best invention of humanity. They made the task of heating, baking, and grilling really easy and effortless. Stone Age, people would have felt blessed with this piece of machine. 

Following are some advantages of using a microwave-

  • It is very convenient and easy to operate
  • Cooks food at the touch of a button
  • Maintain the nutritional benefits of diet
  • Very spacious and effective
  • Does not require a person to keep a check while working

Selecting an ideal microwave oven is a big task. The market place is overcrowded with a variety of microwave oven with amazing features, etc. but a perfect microwave is one that is capable of serving the primary and essential purpose.

Therefore for the ease of customers, we are listing BEST MICROWAVE OVENS UNDER 10000 IN INDIA

Best microwave oven under 10000- Reviews and Buying guide

1. IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • The capacity of 25 liters is ideal for a small family
  • Easy to operate and simple to use
  • Child lock feature to safeguard little bundle of joy
  • Works on Intellowave technology
  • Well equipped with defrost function
  • Power saving to ensure no extra electricity bills
  • 3 type of cooking cycle in the memory
  • Steam clean to free the microwave from greasy Indian meal quickly and painlessly
  • Auto reheat that reheats food with auto programmed time and power level
  • Comes with one year of the warranty period

This is the best and most affordable convection microwave open in this range. The features are awesome. Also, it works smoothly and efficiently. Cooking experience with this product is unproblematic.

The working of this product is excellent and straightforward to operate. Along with this, it is the best option for the microwave for families with kids. The child lock ensures complete security of your little bundle of joy.

The microwave + grill option makes this product a great choice. The cooking is steady and straightforward as compared to OTG. Also, the inner of the microwave has enough capacity to have 1 or 2 chicken quarters. The 26 auto cook menu gives the user ample cooking options. It is the BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 IN INDIA.

Final wordings – this is the BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA range. It is well equipped with the child locking system, along with with with with with with with intellowave technology and defrost feature. This microwave is best if you are willing to get both microwaves along with the grill. Being spacious from inside, the product has ample of space for cooking and grilling. 

This high tech microwave is easy to clean and ensures bacteria-free food.

2. IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Ove

  • The capacity of 23l makes this product an ideal choice for a family of 3-4
  • Sleek look and design
  • Grill+ microwave for cooking, baking, and grilling
  • Easy to clean with steam clean
  • Defrost
  • Keep warm to ensure no overcooking of food
  • 71 auto cook options
  • Child lock
  • Easy return with a full refund
  • Power saving

IFB is a leading brand for electronics. It is a well-known and recognized brand for giving amazing and mind-blowing household electronics.

This 23L is an ace choice microwave oven in the BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 category. With really recognizable features and specifications, the product can become a name of every household. The appliance is convenient to use, along with some mind-blowing features.

Steam cleaning makes this product easy to clean. Also, other features like defrost, keep warm makes this product an ideal choice and option.

Final wordings- IFB 23 L convection microwave is 2 in 1 grill and microwave. The user can comfortably and with ease can cook, bake, and grill a variety of food with 71 cooking options. The starter kit, along with this product, ensures smooth to use without any issue.

This microwave comes with one year of warranty. The best part is that the user can quickly return the appliance if not satisfied. Also, the child lock makes the product, a safe choice for a family with kids. 

The company provides a full refund within ten days of delivery. IFB is a trusted brand and is a wise choice among BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000.

3. Whirlpool 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • 30 L capacity can serve a large family as well
  • Features include defrost, power-saving and deodorize feature
  • Multi-stage cooking for cooking yummiest food
  • Keep warm with weight defrost
  • Ten temperature levels
  • Versatile microwave
  • It can be used as an Air fryer and tandoori cooking.
  • Dual heating elements

Whirlpool is a prestigious household brand for electric household appliances. This microwave oven by whirlpool is a versatile option in this BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000. 

This microwave is packed with the best features. The quality of the product is impressive. Also, the multi-stage cooking, defrost are the outstanding feature of this appliance. Grill, along with a microwave, ensures the best of cooking experience.

The highlighted feature of this product is that it can be used as an Air fryer as well. The zero oil smart cooking is the elite feature of this microwave oven. Also, it is well equipped with tandoor like conditions for cooking Punjabi food, lachha parathas, tandoori rotis, etc.

Final wordings – whirlpool is the most trusted brand for an electronic appliance. And this convection microwave oven by whirlpool is an excellent option for a large family as well. Different temperature levels with power-saving ensure fantastic cooking options at reasonable prices.

This microwave is the BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA. The multi-stage cooking adds on to the cream. Easy to use and feature touch control makes this product an ideal product.

4. Morphy Richards 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • 25 L of capacity which is ideal for a large family
  • Multi-stage cooking to ensure food is cooked correctly
  • Can be sued as both microwave and grill machine
  • Enough of space in the machine
  • 200 auto cook option for trying maximum recipes
  • Defrost option is the best feature
  • Child look for complete safety of machine and kids of home
  • Overheat and sensory function to ensure no overcooking of food
  • Ideal for combination cooking of food
  • Easy to clean with stainless steel cavity

Morphy Richard is a well-known brand for its creative product and electric appliances. The microwave oven by this brand is beyond comparison. With fantastic technology and mind-blowing auto cook options, the product is BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 range. 

The stainless steel cavity is an unusual feature of this product. This makes it easy to clean and ensure completely hygienic food.

Final wordings – this microwave by Morphy Richard is a well-recognized and top-rated microwave by customers. The latest technology with amazing features, this product is BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 IN INDIA. The multi-stage cooking and defrost option is the prime most pro of this product. Also, the performance of the product is excellent and marvelous. Baking in this product is quite easy and effective

Also, with the stainless steel cavity, the product is easy to clean and maintain. Overall the product has remarkable benefits that differentiate it from different products. The child lock system makes the appliance safe for a family with kids.

5. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • 20 l capacity which is ideal for a family of 3-4 people
  • Can be used as both- microwave and grill purpose of cooking
  • Inbuilt memories that help in saving both time and money
  • 24 cook menu for a variety of cooking options and different meals options
  • Highly adjustable in terms of the weight of food and type of food required.
  • High insulation that keeps the microwave warm along with constant heating
  • Child safety look for the protection of babies

IFB is a name that started the era of microwaves in India. With its world-class products and at affordable prices makes these brands an optimum choice. Also, with fantastic technology and auto cook menu, this product is loved by most of the customers.

Getting a multi-stage cooking option in this range is a great deal. Undoubtedly, this microwave is the BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 IN INDIA range.

Final wordings– IFB is a trusted and prestigious brand for microwaves. With exceptionally high technology and performance, this product is the BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 IN INDIA. The cooking is speedy. Also, the nutritional benefit of the food is maintained along with the quality.

The inbuilt tech and numerous auto cook menu ensure a wide variety and range of food menu at home. The machine is easy to use and maintain. It is affordable. The best part of machine is the warranty, which is more than other products in a similar price range. The company is offering almost all the features at a straightforward price.

6. Haier 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • Both microwave and grill
  • 5 Heating power mode speed ups the cooking process
  • Stand by the mode that efficiently pauses the cooking process and
  • ensures electricity saving
  • Painted steel rods for uniform heat distribution
  • Compact and modish design

Haier convection microwave is an incredible microwave that needs all of your cooking needs. With numerous cooking options and a wide variety of food, the product holds staggering advantages for its users. The microwave is an ideal and fantastic option for small family needs.

It is a versatile appliance that is capable of pleasing the needs of every member of the family. This appliance is a smart option in the BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 range.

Final wordings– Haier 20 L convection is one of the BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA pricing. The standby mode, along with the electricity-saving option, is the distinguishing feature of this microwave. As compared to other microwave in similar pricing, the product offers surprising and astonishing advantages.

With the 20L capacity, the product is a smart option for a family. The performance of the product is quite excellent and applaudable.

7. Godrej 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • Anti-bacterial stainless steel cavity to ensure no bacteria cooking environment
  • Preset option to let the user set the cooking timing in advance
  • Child lock for the safety of kids
  • 161 auto cook menus for the user
  • Jet defrost for fast defrosting
  • Express cooking
  • Auto deodorizer

For the Indian brands’ lovers, this microwave is a trusted and prestigious Indian brand. The quality and efficiency of this product are unmatched. It is the BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 IN INDIA.

Packed with all the features of the microwave, the Godrej microwave is a marvelous appliance for a household purpose.

Final wording – if you prefer an appliance that is made and manufactured in India, only then this brand is for you. A company that is ruling in the Indian market since ages with a variety of household electronic devices offers the best of a product with excellent performance. The efficiency of the product is unmatched. 

The appliance has an attractive floral design that gives the product a stylish look. With up to date tech and contemporary body, the appliance is a smart choice. Also, the child lock option ensures the safety of kids in the house with the appliance. 

It would be right to say that this product is a perfect and supreme choice. Also, it is an ultimate and BEST MICROWAVE UNDER 10000 IN INDIA. With countless remarkable features and design, this appliance is a choicest product.

8. AmazonBasics 30 L Convection Microwave (Black)

  • 30 L capacity which is ideal for cooking for prominent families
  • Can be used as both microwave and grilling purpose
  • Works at voice command via Alexa
  • Cost similar to traditional microwave
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Easy defrosting at the command from Alexa device
  • Alexa device is not included with the product
  • Well functional microwave at the command
  • Easy and very convenient

Amazon, the online selling portal itself, manufactures a world-class convection microwave oven. There are numerous complaints as to the quality of products delivered by amazon of other brands. To maintain the quality and adhere to standards, amazon started manufacturing its appliances for customer satisfaction.

The microwave by AMAZONBASIC is made with high technology at a very reasonable price range.  

This appliance is BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA. It is Alexa voice control connected microwave.

Final wordings– in the world of ALEXA, this microwave by amazon essential is a great choice and option. The best part does not cost more than traditional that makes this device BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA IN INDIA. With high adaptability and usability, the product marks itself helpful and convenient. The setting up process and using it is straightforward

Also, the defrosting feature and popcorn making is direct. Especially for those who are big popcorn people, this microwave is a mind-blowing option for you. The device does not come with Alexa speaker but once connected with the same, and it works as wonderfully as other devices. 

This microwave is convenient and accessible. It works the same as other microwave ovens, but the distinguishing feature is the voice feature. This makes this device a fantastic option and BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000.

9. LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

  • Spacious from inside
  • Best known for its only microwave feature
  • Perfect for reheating the food purpose
  • Easy and straightforward to use and operate
  • Flexible power level
  • Smart and compact body.

If you are looking for the only microwave with no convection option, then this appliance is an excellent option for you. LG is a leading and well-established brand in India.

It is well-known for it is affordable yet product with high quality and fantastic efficiency. This LG is BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA.

The best part is its excellent functioning and effectiveness. With its elegant body and design, this appliance looks fantastic excellent in your house.

It is well known for the reheating purpose. Also, the product is well known for its maintaining the nutritional benefit of the food. 

Final wordings– this is a smart choice and options product for people who are looking for solo microwaves. High tech microwave with fantastic efficiency, the product is known as BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000.

The appliance has a remarkable performance. Also, with the compact body and fashionable design, the product looks fantastic at home. It is made with up to date technology and is ideal for prominent families.

10. BPL 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • 20 L capacity makes it ideal for a small family or solo individuals
  • Smart power selection that ensures no overcooking of food
  • Simple to use
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Easy to clean
  • Steam cleaning
  • Simplistic design

The last in the list is an excellent option for a family with 3- 4 people or for solo individuals. It is a simple yet very effective microwave oven with a grilling feature. 

With the modest design and effective working, this microwave oven is a smart choice. It can be used for both reheating as well as grilling purposes. This simple machine though equipped with limited features is capable of serving the object in the best way. 

Final wordings – the appliance by BPL is though equipped with a limited number of features as compared to other microwave ovens. But the distinguishing feature is that it is capable of serving the purpose in the best way and manner. The features like defrost, deodorize, easy cooking, etc. makes this product efficient and effective in functioning. 

Also, the compact body and design can fit in any part of the house. The product is high in performance and easy to maintain. It can be easily used for baking purposes, as well. Also, the product has a well after-sale service. This ensures the best of the working condition of the device. The auto cook option gives a variety of meal variety to the user.

The product is easy to clean and maintain and hence can be called as BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA.

Various factors should be carefully considered while buying a microwave oven.

  • Type of microwave oven- the prime most factor while buying a microwave oven is a type of microwave required. For this purpose, the users need to ascertain their needs and requirements. Various categories are-
  • Solo microwave oven- it is a basic microwave oven that is used only for reheating and defrost purpose. It is inexpensive and easy to maintain
  • Grill microwave oven- it is quite similar to the single microwave oven. The prime objective of this oven is grilling the food that includes making toast, chicken, roasted food, etc. it can do both grilling and reheating work.
  • Convection microwave option- this is both a regular microwave with a grilling option. It is a versatile model that can do all from grilling to reheating to defrost.
  • Capacity- the second crucial ascertaining factor is the capacity, which is the volume of space needed for cooking the food. This depends on the family size
  • Power consumption- higher the watt, better is the performance of the appliance. It is equally important to look at the power rating option to ensure fewer power bills.
  • Smart features- this includes-
  • Auto cook option
  • Defrost
  • Pre heat
  • Rotisserie
  • Timer
  • Child safety lock
  • Control panel
  • Removable racks
  • Keep warm
  • Sensor function
  • Ergonomic design- this implies the design and style of the microwave so that it looks fabulous when placed in the house
  • Warranty and price- both the factors are interconnected and interrelated. Ensure that the product bough has enough time of warranty as per the amount paid.


1. Can the interior of the microwave be cleaned?

Ans. Yes. It is easy to clean the interior of the microwave by placing a cup of hot water with chopped lemon or vinegar and set into heat for 5-10 min. Then by sponging or wiping, the satins and dirt can be easily removed.

2. Do microwave oven automatically removed bad odor?

Ans. The microwave equipped with a deodorizer can remove the bad smell from the food. Also, it keeps the food fresh.

3. Is food from microwave-safe?

Ans. Yes. The food from the microwave is both safe and healthy. Also, various studies claim the food from microwave carries more of nutritional benefits.

4. Can microwave work on the inverter?

Ans. There are specially designed microwave using inverter technology. They rely on inverter primarily for the power source. Inverter tech equipped microwaves operates on 50% power throughout the cooking.

5. What is the lifespan of the microwave oven?

Ans. On average, the microwave oven works for 9-10 years. But it also varies upon the brand to brand and usage. It is best to check the warranty period and after-sale services to ensure the best of working condition.

6. What kind of cookware to be used in the microwave?

Ans. It is always suggested to use BPA safe plastic cookware in the microwave. Metal cookware is not recommended in microwave.

7. Does microwave oven remit harmful radiation that leads to cancer?

Ans. A microwave is a non-ionizing appliance. It does not change the properties of the food. The heat is generated by the friction of food molecules and microwaves. Hence, all such things are myths. 

8. What type of microwave oven is best for homes?

Ans. Ideally speaking, the convection microwave is best for homes as it capable of serving the purpose in the best way. From grilling to reheating to baking, this appliance is able to do the entire task in a single machine.

9. What are the top brands of microwave ovens?

Ans. All the brand of microwave is known for supplying the best of microwave to the users. But the best and prestigious brand includes the following-
Murphy Richard


Microwaves are an essential appliance for every household, but selecting an optimum one is a tricky and challenging task. The list of BEST MICROWAVE OVEN UNDER 10000 IN INDIA is a carefully made a list to ensure that the customers are able to buy the most excellent microwave oven packed with best of features.

Also, as per us, WHIRLPOOL 30 L CONVECTION MICROWAVE is an excellent product for a large family and IFB 20 L CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN for small family people.

Also, microwave by Amazonbasic is a new tech and voice commanding microwave. This is also a great choice of microwave in this price range. The microwave works at the command of the user via Alexa.

Overall all of the above-mentioned microwave ovens are first-class and first-rate products with the best of features and efficiency. 

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