Top 10 Best Juicer in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Sometimes you pay more for less and get fewer benefits also. Don’t be confused we are talking about juice. You go shopping to buy juice for which you paid a large amount but it is mixed with water, sugar, additional colours and other substances which do not give health benefits but only increase your budget. so brings a list of Top 10 Best Juicer in India for your home use.

So, there is an ultimate alternative for this, a juicer. Yes, a juicer can help you to make fresh homemade juice every day with no added substances. The moment you will realize the advantages of having a glass full of liquid by extracting fresh vegetables and fruits, you will start searching for the best juicer in India. 

Well, now the main question comes here. How can you get to know what is the best juicer in India? So, don’t worry till we are with you. We have prepared this buyer’s guide just for you and your needs. 

To kickstart your day with a fresh juice you will be more productive at work and energetic throughout the day. Our experts had done every possible research for the juicer and related things to it such as how to use it, different types, history of juicer, features to buy it and top 10 best juicer in India. 

So, guys go through this buyer’s guide slowly to understand everything in a detailed manner.

Top 10 Best Juicer In India

1. Kuvings Professional Cold Press B1700 Juicer

  • A patented large chute is attached
  • Takes fewer preparation time
  • Comes with a mechanism called safety lock
  • Operation is quite
  • It is made using the food grade free plastic called BPA
  • It preserves the larger amount of nutrients.
  • It has easy to clean feature.

Kuving is the world-renowned company for manufacturing the most innovative juicer of all the time. The company has every possible feature which one is looking for in an ideal juicer. This is first in list of Best Juicer in India

Since 1978, the company has made its name for providing excellent kitchen appliances. It has lots of product in the juicer segment as well as among which B1700 is one of them which is known as the best juicer in India.

A cold press juicer has bigger feeding-chute that is helpful in making juice of fruits, nuts, veggies and many more. The design is very catchy as it is made with the BPA plastic. BPA plastic is the main raw product which is used in the juicer to give it long life or durability.

In B1700, you will get pulp jar and juice separation option. The machine makes less noise because it has deceleration inside it which helps to rotate the motor slowly. If you are concerned about cleaning so it is also rated as best in the category. The product also comes with a brush ie.e rotating brush and regular brush for cleaning of the juicer. 

Kuvings has made this device very good for ice creams and smoothie so that their customers can enjoy this attachment without interrupting more than 30 minutes. To add the cherry on the cake the company offers 10 years of warranty as well. 

2. Borosil Primus Juicer

  • It has a powerful motor
  • You can get adequate safety features
  • Useful for extracting juice more efficiently.
  • The feeder is larger in size
  • Comes with 500 watts power consumption
  • It has better storage
  • It is light in weight.

This is not the first time you get to known Borosil as it is the old company giving home appliances. But, in a juicer, it is also a well-known brand which you can consider for affordability as well as durability.

The juicer of Borosil comes to light in weight as well as it is compact in size and design so that you do not have to take place for this. It comes with the power consumption of 500 watts accompanying the option for dual switch safety. 

It is generally observed that juice starts leaking down from the juicer but, in this, you will get an anti-drop option which does not let the juice come out from the jar. The motor of this machine never produce irritating sound together with this it has two-speed option to set the speed as per the need of your juicing.

It has a mesh filter used in it which is made using stainless steel which gives it capability and separates the juice in another container. If we talk about its cleaning feature so you can wipe it anytime as it has easy cleaning option.

3. Prestige PCJ 7.0 Juicer

  • It is fast & makes instant juices
  • It has a new design
  • It is efficient in performance
  • It is sharp blades.
  • 220 to 240 volts power supply

The name of Prestige in the electronic market is very old. For many years the company is providing quality kitchen appliance either utensils or machines. This is the centrifugal juicer which has high-quality features of making fresh juice with the same nutrient value as fruit or veggies.

The overall capacity of the motor is 500 watts with 220-240 power supply option which help to extract the juice at its best. It has high-quality sharp blades which help to cut the fruits finely before converting it into a smooth paste. 

It is made with high-quality plastic such as ABS with a body made up of stainless steel. Buyers will get one of the finest colour of juice which can go with any other theme in your kitchen as it is black in colour. 

It has anti-skid feet which protect it, it has ergonomic knobs with help in easy operating. The switch is also rotatable which you can rotate anytime to speed up and down. Prestige also offers very affordable juicer and known as the best juicer in India. 

The company also offers warranty and good customer support so that their clients do not have to worry about anything either it is about installation or functioning. However, you will also get a user book to the easy running of the juicer.

4. Morphy Richards Juice Xpress Juice

  • Two types of speed control
  • It has a facility of cord storage
  • The feeder tube is extra large
  • 700 watts of power consumption
  • 230 volts of overall operating voltage

Morphy Richards is not the new name in this sector, the year-old company is selling the best juicer in India which is known as the Xpress Juice. It is centrifugal juicer which helps to extract the juice quickly for an entire family. 

It has a bigger feeding tube which can process with the vegetables, leafy greens as well as any fruit without making pieces of it. It has the overall power consumption of 700 watts. The motor is made with high-quality substance and has a stainless steel filter with micro mesh technology.

In Morphy Richards, you will get a switch control option. The company offers multiple speed control so that the juice in the juicer can be squeezed properly. You will get the pulp container of 2 litres so that you can make lots of juice for your entire feeling.

The easily washed or cleaning features made this product unique because you can wash it in the dishwasher as well. The accessories or parts made with high-quality material which can easily be cleaned using a dishwasher. 

You can also get customer support on the product of Morphy Richards for easy functionality and comfortability. It also has a cord storage facility which adds star in the device and made it best juicer in India.

5. Sujata Powermatic Juicer

  • It has 900 watts power
  • It is affordable in price
  • It can run continuously up to 90 minutes.
  • The body has a shockproof feature
  • The motor operating speed in 22000 RPM.
  • Easy to handle and clean.

Sujata is in the industry from more than a decade and providing a high-quality electronic device for kitchen. The juicer offer by the Sujata is so good in quality and has a long life that is why it is mainly used in hotels, cafes, juice centre and home. 

You will get grinder, mixer and juicer in a single product which can solve all your needs. It has a double ball bearing feature which only consumes 900 watts power. It is the safest device which works on the shockproof system. The device can work longer for up to 1 hr. 30 minutes.

It keeps all the aroma as well as a flavour because it has 22000 RPM operations. For fine juicing, it has filter mesh ( honeycomb) attached in the device along with a sharp blade made up of stainless. Having lots of features, people think it would be difficult in cleaning but it is very good and can be cleaned easily.

Sujata is also giving a warranty of one year on its product including motor also. You will get extra jar in the Powermatic Plus 900 Watt juicer which makes it powermatic juicer. 

6.Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer (Wine Red)

  • It has BPA free plastic parts.
  • It has a self-cleaning system
  • It has quality material.
  • It comes in wine red colour.
  • It only consumes 240 watts with an operating voltage of 220-240.

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer comes in the most unique colour which is wine red. It has the property of anti oxidize which keeps your body phyto chemical-free, add the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. 

It has a self-cleaning system which does not let the dust or remaining substance in it to produce fresh juice. It is a centrifugal juicer made up of BPA plastic which is 100 % good for food. The cleaning time is also very less as it only takes a minute to make it fresh again.

All you need is a 300 ml water to remove the pulp from the stainer. It has a bigger feeding tube of approx 75 which means you can use an entire apple size fruits directly. Large knobs help to make juice at the end. 

The juicer also has larger auger of at least 60 RPM. You will get 3 stainers. Yes, three stainers; one for frozen fruits, one for juices and another for smoothies. The wiring is done using the 100% copper wire with an overall machine weight of only 7.3 kg. 

The total power consumption of this juicer is very less as it only takes 240 watts with the overall operating voltage of 220 to 240 volts. If you are using this juice for home then it can go up to 3 years while for commercial use it can go for a year. It is also coming at a pocket-friendly rate.

7. Bajaj JEX 16 Juicer

  • Bajaj has a dual safety lock feature
  • 800 watts of overall power consumption
  • It has an LED light on the back as a control panel.
  • The design is very attractive.
  • The blades are very sharp.

The name of Bajaj comes in the list of trusted electronic kitchen appliances segment. The company has so many products for everyday kitchen purpose and juicer is among the one. JEX 16 Juicer by Bajaj has a steel body of black colour which gives it an excellent outer look.

This juicer is known as the best juice in India as it also has an affordable price which can come the wholesum amount of 5k rupees. Bajaj offers stainless steel options which the mechanism of dual lock for your safety. 

You will get a speed control system to get the fine juice made out of the pulp. At a single go, it can collect 1-litre juice which can be enough for a small family. The parts can be removed easily so that you can clean it regularly without any hassle.

On the backside, you will get an LED light as the control panel. It looks attractive as well as give you high efficiency in juicing. It has every sort of accessories which you can get along with your juicer. It also helps to keep the nutrient value of the fruit and vegetable. 

Well, the motor used in the device is also good in quality so you don’t even have to look at the warranty feature.

8. Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

  • It has two-litre juice capacity
  • Squeezes till the last drop
  • Only take a minute to get clean
  • The chute is larger which takes less time in preparation
  • It has a self or auto-clean feature.
  • It is made using aluminium parts.

Philips has enough gaga in the market about its extraordinary features. It’s Viva Collection has designed using the high technological advancement along with the attractive outer look. It has a small outer design and sleek design with overall weight up to 4.22 kgs. 

This is so handy to keep here and there without making so many efforts as well as the motor used in the machine is powerful with 700 watts total consumption. In a single time, you can make up to 2 litres of juice for your family to keep them healthy and happy.

This Viva collection juicer is centrifugal one in which you can make juice of veggies and fruits but not of leafy greens. The chute of this juicer is comparatively bigger in size so that you can make juice without chopping the fruits into the pieces. The juice will be collected into the separate container. It has a transparent layer container where you can peep into your fruits. 

The product offers 2 years of warranty on all its parts and motor. Amazing functionality and easy cleaning with an affordable price make this juicer as one of the best juicer in India. So, without a doubt, you can say yes to this product and get amazing juicing experience. 

9. Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer

  • It is 150 watts cold press juicer.
  • Extract juice till the last drop.
  • It has a blue LED light.
  • Make no noise.
  • It can run for up to 20 minutes.
  • It’s design is very compact.

Havells is the company which needs no introduction. It is the best-known company which introduces new technology for kitchen appliances every now and then. In Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer, the company offers squeeze technology to extract the juice. 

In the juicer, you will get high speed sharp and crisp blade. One of the best features which this juicer has is its natural motion option. It helps to control the damage of the ingredients to keep the taste of the juice good as well as also maintain the nutrition. 

The working time of this system is up to 20 minutes which help the juicer run to squeeze the juice till last. The motor used in this is a DC one which makes no sound to disturb your ear. It makes sure the juicer will give higher efficiency without making noise. 

In the juicer, you will get an LED option which is blue in colour to check the speed. The parts come with the product is quite simple to assemble as well as it can be removed easily to clean the juicer without indulging too much in it.

For complete customer satisfaction, the company also offers a juicer’s warranty so that you do not have double thinking about its working and durability.

10. Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow Juice

  • Help to retain very nutrients of the fruits
  • Easy using and cleaning feature
  • Noise-free juicer
  • It consumes 190 watts only
  • The speed of the motor is 45 RPM.

Panasonic, the company says with its tagline better life products which have 5 years warranty over its motor while a year warranty over its product. Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Slow 

Juicer has features which can solve your entire juicing problems.

Well, the juicer is a little slow but it has mechanisms built over the latest technology which helps to keep the vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc. If you want to make juice using frozen things then, it is possible with this device. Apart from that, you can make juice of nuts, fruits, vegetables as well as leafy greens. 

It is very good at extracting and squeezing the juice as well as it avoids oxidations. The plastic used in the making of this juicer is also very durable. The plastic used in it is stronger than 8 times of ordinary plastic. All these features make this device one of the best juicer in India.

Well, it has a handy cleaning option as you can only run a jar with plain water. Water holds all the pulp and removes it effectively. Additionally, you just need to clean the outer juicer with a wet cloth. 

Juicer Buying Guide

What Is Juicer?

A mechanical device that is used to make juice. Yes, it is an extractor which runs electrically or manually also to extract leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts etc. The process of juicer is known as juicing. 

There are different kinds of juicer comes depending upon the need such as grinding, crushing and squeezing. There is some juicer which works as the food processor like twin gear juicer which can be used to crush spices, vegetables etc. 

It is also used to make baby food. In a common tendency, people often get confused between blender and juicer. So, be clear as juicer separates the pulp while blender grinds it.

The history of Juicer:

The history of juicer is so vast, it has a strong foundation established by Dr Norman Walker. In the year 1930s, he made the first-ever juicer and after six-year (in 1936) written a book and published with the Raw Vegetable Juices for the masses to get involved in the world of juicer and juices. 

After this, a book called Norwalk Juicer got published which had been studied by the doctors for more than 70 years to suggest a healthy lifestyle. According to Walker, it would help people to live a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of foods as well as juices. He actually named it as the Living Food.

If you want you can read this book today also because of the right suggestion it is referred by the people today. The book started with the grating as well as the cutting of fruits and veggies then, that items put into the jar to get the pulp by the external force of hydraulic bump.

Cumbersome was the premier juicer which helped to extract the juice by giving press through hydraulic. This is even witnessed in today’s world. Well, there were many updates were made in these segments. In the 1950s the masticating juicer was invented which was named as the Champion Juicer. This was the first and best juicer in India which worked fast and produces fresh juice. 

What are some different types of juicer? 

We know you can have various kinds of requirements but, it is always good to think what you may need, what is the need of juicer in your life, how big your family is and what extracting process do you like.

Juicer comes with different capacities, power, size and uses. In this buying guide, we have listed below types of juicer which you can read to know the better one for you. Well, generally it is classified into three kinds such as centrifugal juicer, masticating juicer and the last one is twin gear juicer.

Once you are done with your decision after reading the guide, you will be very sure to buy the best juicer in India. One of the best factors which can make fluctuations in our buying decision is the budget, it is also good if you decide it already so, at the time of purchasing you can choose the juicer in your budget.

Apart from that, there is also a think on which you need to work that never confuse yourself between mixer and juicer. Both have a different purpose and use. Well, you can make a glass of fresh juice in the mixer too but, getting a juicer for this will be good. So, here have a look at the types of juicer:

Centrifugal Juicers:

This is one of the best selling juicers in the market because of its fast speed, easy to operate as well as reasonable in price. The juicer comes with the feeding tube which helps to make juice without even cutting it. But, if you think you can use leafy vegetables to make juice then, it is not fit for that. 

Advantages of centrifugal juicer:

  • It is convenient, easy to use and simple.
  • Compact in size, can be fit in smaller space.
  • The preparation work of this juicer is less as it has a larger feeding tube.
  • Quick in extracting juice as it has high speed.
  • Affordable.
  • The separate pulp in a different container.


Masticating juicer:

It is also known as the slow or cold press juicer which is made for the high-end user so that they can prepare juice with the full value of nutrition. It chews the items to make pieces for fibre wall then, squeeze juice via screen which is made with stainless steel.

Advantages of masticating juicer:

  • It helps to keep the nutrition value high.
  • It has a quieter operation.
  • It can be helpful to work on frozen items.
  • It can make more juice as compared to a centrifugal juicer
  • It is easy to handle and maintain
  • You can also make juice of leafy vegetables, herbs etc. 
  • It never makes foam in the juice.


Twin Gear Juicers:

Twin Gear or triturating juicer is comparatively slower than the other two. It slowly makes the juice and make minimal oxidation and keeps the juice fresh up to 72 hours. If you are looking for the juice of leafy veggies, wheatgrass etc. then this is the perfect juicer for them. Twin Gear has feed chute for juice processing which make it best juicer in India.

Advantages of Twin Gear juicer:

  • As compared to the other two juicers it produces more juice.
  • It can make pasts, food for baby, nuts, and sorbets.
  • It has many flexible options.
  • The juice will be free from foams.
  • Noiseless juicers.
  • It helps to keep higher nutrients.

What features you should look at the best juice in India?

Having lots of varieties in juicer always make people confuse because every features or specification has its own needs or requirements. So, you should be very clear about what you are looking for in your juicer. To help you with the same, here we are mentioning some specifications which you should definitely see before saying yes to any juicer.

Assembly Difficulty:

One of the most important factors that you should look in the juicer is how to assemble it. If your juicer has a difficult or complicated assembly then you should avoid buying this. For example, juicer like masticating or centrifugal has many parts and it is a bit complicated in assembling.

The requirement for making juice:

Check the size(diameter & dimension) of the juicer as it has feed chute where you need to see the opening part of the feeding. By the size of diameter, you can calculate the grinding method of the juicer. So, whatever type of juice you will own always check this factor.

How efficient in cleaning?

We do not want to follow the difficult cleaning process on a daily basis. It is ideal to have an easy to clean option in the juicer so that you can clean your juicer anytime you want with utmost ease and comfort. You should always go with detachable parts of the juicer which you can remove and fix back easily.

Convenient using:

What if you buy a juicer but it would not be very convenient to use? The juicer should always be handy in using and functionality should also be simple so that anyone in your family can use it. There are two types of juicer comes, one which soft produces while another which is hard to produce. Both have different yielding quality.


The juicer should be versatile as it should also work as a food processor or grinder. Most of the brand offer extra accessories with the juicer so that buyer can use it for a variety of purposes.

How we can consider the efficiency of the juicer?

Once you decide your brand juicer, you should jump on the next step where you need to choose to know the functionality of the juicer. As we know, one of the most important and powerful things in any electronic device is its motor which determines whether the product is good or not.

Generally, women or home taker needs juicer which can be effective, easy to use, and consume less power. An ideal juicer has 500-800 watts power which decides its working and efficiency.

If you have a large family, you can raise your demand and bring home a juicer with a powerful motor. High power motor will surely give high facilities and grinding system so that you can make a smooth & fine juice fast. 

Basically, the motor used in the juicer is responsible for the grinding. It has blades which rotate to cut the fruit and vegetables to make a fine drink. 

If the speed of the motor high, it will make your juicer in less time as compared to low quality motors. On the other hand, not only having a blade is useful but, the sharpness of the blade also decide the efficiency of the juicer. So, always consider both the factors before buying any juicer.

What juicer brand of India is capturing the market?

Why we also listen that we should buy a juicer from the reputed brand? Because we know only branded product goes long without any chaos. Today, just for you in this buyers guide we have compiled a list of top three juicer brands in India:


HQ in Amsterdam, Phillips is one of the best brands known to supplies an electronic product. It is based on the Dutch technology and ruling the market since 15th May 1891. This company established by Frederik Philips & Gerard Philips. 

The main focus area of the company towards electronics, health care as well as lighting. If we talk about the revenue then, it was considered as the world’s largest manufacturer. It is generally known as the mother brand of electronics especially in India.

The company has made trust in people’s mind that they don’t even read specifications before buying its product. In-home appliances, the company offer the best juicer in India. So, you can also make Philips as your first choice for an easy and convenient juicer.


Another popular name in the Indian electronics market is Japanese multinational firm Panasonic. Based in Osaka, Japan, it is ruling the market since 13th March 1918.

The manufacturing unit of Panasonic is quite large where you can get electronics, household appliances as well as semiconductor devices.

The first product that the company has launched was a rice cooker and since continuously coming with the new technological advancement. And, now the juicer is another popular product that you can have.

Perfect size, style, function and cost, the juicer is packed with these features also apart from the normal juicing features.


Prestige, the brand has its name in the electronics sector since 1996. Famous for the supplies of home appliances & healthcare product, it has a grand reputation around India. Now, the company has made a circle of millions who trusted and prefer to buy its product only. 

Prestige offers the best juicer in India with a compact size, convenient functioning as well as budget-friendly. Apart from that, you can get warranties also on the Prestige products.

An expert’s tips to buy juicer:

People always encountered various amounts of confusion before buying a juicer or any other product. But, there is some expert advice which helps them a lot and for mixer here we are giving the same. 

So, always check certain things before buying a good juicer for you:

  • Easy to clean
  • Motor
  • Budget-friendly
  • Vacuum base
  • Safety
  • Power Consumption
  • Overall Capacity

1. Easy to clean:

Why we should look after the easy to clean feature? Juicer is the kind of product which is used for the entire family regularly and the complicated cleaning process can make your work double.

It always comes in the regular household use of women and maintaining it can only be done if it has an easy to clean option. So, look after this feature to avoid a daily mess.

2. Motor:

Without this, a juicer is useless which you can use just like a showpiece in your kitchen. It operates the juicer and looks after the overall process or functioning of the juicer. 

Every juicer has a different motor so, it is good to check the motor quality and capacity before buying any product.

3. Budget-Friendly

More the option in a juicer, the more confusion you will get. So, one of the biggest thing that you can do not to confuse is to set the budget. 

The amount you are going to spend on a juicer helps you to choose the juicer easily. Generally, you can get three option is juicer which ranges between Rs 1k to Rs 30k but, an average can come around Rs 10k.

4. Vacuum Base:

Vacuum Base is like a magical feature if your juicer will fall from the platform it saves it without any damage. When your juicer is on and the motor is working in that condition vacuum base support a lot. 

5. Safety:

There are two important factors come in safety i.e. lock and auto system.

Safety Lock: It is the most important feature that you should look because might your children start experimenting it. It helps to lock the motor and without unlocking it no one can use it.

Auto-Off: Sometimes we are in a hurry that we even forget to shut the button. So, a juicer with the auto-off feature will give you a win-win situation. It also prevents the device from voltage fluctuations. 

6. Power Consumption:

Let’s suppose you have purchased your juicer but, it is consuming more power and increasing your electricity bill. What will you do? Well, unfortunately, you can’t throw your juicer because you have invested in it but, you can follow this tip before buying to avoid such complications. 

A normal juicer requires 200 watts to 800 watts, so always check the power consumption because of it the most important factor.

7. Overall capacity:

By capacity, we mean the quantity. By quantity, we mean how much juice a juicer can produce at a go. So, check the capacity of the juicer at the time of buying especially when you have a large family.

It is the common tendency that we forget to check about capacity as we give more focus to budget and outer look.

Advantages you can get by having juice?

Numbers of people all around the world drink a glass of juice daily. Some people intake it because they like the taste, some consider it after doctor’s advice while some just have to make their body healthy.

Apple, banana, carrot, mix fruit or spinach, tomato, beetroot, bitter gourd, mix vegetables as well as a combination of fruit and vegetables and thousands of varieties are available in the world when we talk about fresh juices.

Every juice has its own benefit and nutrition value. In general, we get some common benefits which will suggest everyone should have it in their life. 

So, here have a look at those advantages of having a glass of juice daily:

It gives your body enough fibre:

Having juice daily will give your body more fibre. It provides soluble fibre which helps in the better digestion as well as help promoting good bacteria.

The fibre level can be tested in the regular sugar level along with this it controls cholesterol. You should always add in your juice some beans, nuts, oats etc. because they all are the good source of fibre.

Keep your body hydrated:

The juice helps to keep you and your body hydrated. When taken in summer season it can work as a cooler. It actually consumes lots of natural water which provide carbohydrates to the body as well as enzymes, mineral and vitamins.

It has antioxidants properties:

When you take a glass of fresh plant veggies and fruits, it helps to prevent your body from damage cell and rebuild it. It also has a larger amount of antioxidants property. If you take natural juicer you can get 100% antioxidants. 

Why we should have the best juicer in India at home?

The juice is beneficial for the human body for various reasons and the primary reason is that it keeps the digestive system healthy. As we know, in this hustle-bustle living we forget to take care of your health, skip breakfast, do not eat healthy food and never follow the proper nutrition diet. 

But, there is one thing that can solve these problems and that is buying the best juicer in India. Yes, it gives you easy to make fast juice which you can consume every morning.

You can make fresh juicer by adding your fruit or vegetable together which will give you sufficient nutrients. If you do not have a juicer at home, you can not be a regular juice drinker on your life and get vitamins every morning.

These are the most important reason why everyone should have at least one juicer in their family because a single juicer can help you to keep your entire family happy and fit. 

Apart from this, it helps individual feel fresh in summer. One of the best ways to beat the heat in summer is a glass full of juice. You can feel more comfortable and ease if you have a juicer at home. 

So, it is really important to go through every specification before buying any juicer for yourself or your home. There are varieties of product available in the market with the different feature which might make you confuse. 

So, one should first decide their budget, pen down their needs as well as check the timing to juicer as in how much time it can give you a glass of fresh juice.

Apart from that, if you are planning to buy a juicer for your home always read the review of the purchaser because those who are using the product can give you real feedback.

What parts come with the best juicer in India?

If you choose a high quality or branded juicer, you definitely will get many parts along with it. Some of the additional parts which you will get are as follows:

Food pusher: It is that part of the juicer without which you cannot make your process well. It goes into the feed chute. It also allows us to push the fruits or veggies into the jar.

Juicer Cover: We cover our mobile with outer cover to protect it and similarly it goes with the juicer. The juicer cover always comes with the product to protect it from outside. With the help of juicer, you can cover filter basket as well as it can be used to cover filter bowl.

Filter Basket: What is filter basket is still unknown by the masses, so it is a rotating disk that converts, cut or chop your fruit and juice. It comes in different shape & size as per the brand of juicer.

Filter bowl: The container which collects all the extract or liquid. It is the endpoint of the juicing process. You can collect juices in your glass, switch off the juicer and enjoy at fullest.

Motor Base: It is like the heart of the juicer. Without a motor base, a juicer is useless. It is the body made of a plastic which guards the motor. If your motor is protected, the life of your juicer will be longer.

Juice container: After your fruits and veggies convert into the juice, it contains it successfully.

Pulp container: You need a part which can hold dry part or waste part of the produce. So, pulp container is the same thing which will do this job for you.

Working of the juicer:

Like many other electronic devices juicer is easy working. It has a simple feature which makes it one of the uncomplicated device.

The working of juicer is very simple as it just extracts the liquid from the vegetables and fruits. It has a different process of making juices.

What is some latest technology in Juicer?

Day by day technology is covering every aspect of human life. Just like any other thing it also comes in the world of juicer. As we know, there is various kind of juicer available in the market which you can choose as per your technical need. 

Masticating juicer is the kind of juicer which is known as the superior or we can simply call it as the King of Juicers. There are lots of technological advancement has done or made in this segment and the top three technologies are as follows:


Squeezing is the method which keeps all the nutrients value of the fruits. It is designed in such a way that juicer can effectively squeeze out the juice at the lower speed.


We have heard about filter coffee but, do you heard filter juice? But, the technology in juicer made it possible as filtering finely strain all the solid particles to make a smooth texture as well as it also boosts the nutrient value of the juice.


The nutrients of both fruits and veggies perfectly mix by the spinning brush which boosts or enrich the freshness and fragrance of the juice.

These three are the latest technology which has been observed to date.

Safety Measures While Using Juicer:

It is always essential to follow the complete safety and precautions while using any of the electronic device or devices which has blades as it will save you from injury and give a happy journey with the machine also.

So, here are some tips which you follow:

  • Never forget to go through the instruction book given by the manufacturer along with the product. It is good to read it before touching the juicers.
  • Never place your juicer near liquid. Keep your plug, motors, etc. at a dry place.
  • To prevent cords from dangling, keep it away.
  • Twice check the juicer you are using has adequately assembled or not.
  • Place your juicer on a dry surface or wooden slab.
  • Wash your hand properly before using the juicer so that it can be stain free.
  • It is good to throw rotten veggies and fruits.
  • Never use your finger or hand directly into the juicer; it would be good to use the components that your manufacturer has given you.
  • Never forget to switch off the button if you are not using your juicer.
  • Always clean your juicer after making any juice.

So, these are specific safety tips that you should follow to keep your juicer safe and increase its durability as well as it would also be useful to keep you safe in advance.

FAQ to solve all your queries: 

1. What are some trusted juicer brands you can get in India?

Ans. There are various products in the juicer category available in the market, but, the demanded ten are as follows; Usha, Bajaj, Maple, Havells, Kuvings, Sujata, Philips, Prestige, Panasonic and Morphy Richards.

2. What kind of juicer should I use?

Ans. Well, it completely differs from person to person and their respective needs for the best juicer in India. In case you are looking for a juicer to make you quick juice and give easy cleaning then, go with centrifugal, while if your choice is to make juice of fresh wheatgrass, green leaves and vegetables, then you should go with a masticating juicer. 

On the other hand, if you want your juice to have all the essential nutrients, then you should buy twin gear, which preserves all nutrients for you.

3. A number of apples required to make a glass full of healthy juice?

Ans. To make a glass full of apple juice, you need to compare the size of an apple. If your apple is smaller in size you might need 3-4 apples while 2 bigger apples are enough to get a healthy drink.

4. Do we get a warranty over juicer components and motor?

There are many brands which offer warranties over products. Some give overall warranty while some offer warranty as per the parts or components such as in case of juicer you may get warranty over motor etc. 

Every brand has their own policy as Prestige welcome their customers with motor warranty of up to 3 years.

5. How long the life of a juicer?

Ans. The average age of a juicer is 6 years. But, the way people use this can add to its age or even reduce also. Quality and functionality also define the era, i.e. rough use can reduce the period by 2-3 years.

6. In how much time I should clean my juicer?

Ans. The cleaning schedule will depend on the use of the juicer. The more often you will use it, the more cleaning it requires. But, it is mandatory to wash the jar after making juice every time because it can make your juice fresh. Apart from that, clean the whole juicer properly in the interval of one month so that it can be safe from rusting and dust.

7. Can we use fruits without peeling off its outer layer?

Ans. If you are using smart juicer you don’t require to peel your fruits. Juicer will automatically separate peel and juice. This kind of juicer makes the tasty juice without adding a bitter taste of seed or peels.

8. At one time, how much glass of juice can we make?

Ans. The amount or quantity depends on the size of the juicer you are using. As an average of 1 kg of fresh juice, you can make every day. Well, if you are using a juicer which has separate waste collector system then, ht quantity of the juice can be more because of its separate juice and waste in two different zones. 

9. Which juicer is good Citrus Press or Centrifugal Juicer?

Ans. Both juicers have a particular feature. There are different categories of fruit like oranges, lemon etc are known as the citrus fruit. For such kind of juices, you need citrus press which let the pulp stay on the fruit. On the other hand, centrifugal juicer used to make the juice using the fine mesh of the fruit.

10. Why is the juicer not powering on?

Ans. If you worried that why your juicer is not working and not powering on a wait… might your juice has the latest feature of a safety lock. This is the feature which let the machine do not work if the jar is not placed properly. This kind of juices known to be the best one when it comes to safety.

11. How to take care of or maintain the juicer?

Ans. The need for maintenance is juicer is very less. All you need is to clean the jar regularly or after making juice. For regular cleaning only use water.


So, to be concluded, I can say you have enough knowledge about juicing and juicer. As we know, it is one of the best ways to give your body minerals, nutrients, and all the must-have enzymes.

The juice is not only the combination of food, but it is also the addition of the vegetable, leaves, and nuts. And, to make these yummiest juice, smoothie, you need a juicer. It would be good if you invest in the best juicer in India. 

Juicer helps people to make quick and without any mess, juices to keep all the value intake. Well, it is good, but what you choose is the most significant changing factor. That’s why we have written everything which will help you to select your ideal juicer for your home. 

This buyer guide and review we hope will help you to choose a juicer, which has better functioning, right design, and easy cleaning. If you also seek our choice then, we would recommend Kuvings. 

This is best and let you get the fresh juice in lesser time as compared to others. So, you can buy the best juicer in India for yourself as well as can gathers lots of praises by gifting it to someone you care or love.

So, guys mentioned in the comment which brand of juicer do you prefer? You can share your opinion as well as also share your experience if you are using any of the products mentioned above. 

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