10 Best Guitar Under 7000 In India 2021

By Trusha Patel

Buying the best guitar under 7000 is a big task for the expert of guitars but what about the beginners? How can they get their hands on the best product as the market is flooded with so many products that confuse us? Buying a guitar initially is very important as it is the initial stage that decides how one can be a guitarist. If we buy an inappropriate guitar, then it would be a little difficult for us to start. That is the reason why our experts have spent hours choosing the top 10 best guitars under 7000 just for you. So, check it now- 

Best Guitar Under 7000 In India 2021

1. Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

  • Top Material: Gloss Top
  • Side/Back: Matt
  • Size: 102.9 x 41.2 x 9.6 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg 800 gms
  • Country of Origin: India
  • The playability is comfortable for beginners
  • It has high durability along with stability.
  • Approved by Yamaha’s quality standard while made in India itself.
  • Best product under primary range.
  • Its natural colour finish is commendable.

To offer the customer with the right tone and quality at a reasonable cost Yamaha F-Series F280 Natural Acoustic Guitar is entirely intended to signify our F arrangement guitars. It has passed a considerable lot of value checking measures and severe quality investigations. Made to be thoughtful to your fingertips, it’s agreeable somewhat more limited scale length and thin neck make strings simpler to work not with bargaining the instrument’s nature. These endeavours are prompting high security and solidness.

Yamaha’s F Series is produced using superb tonewoods like a tidy top & fingerboard made up of rosewood, combined with an intense meagre polish completion to offer a fresh sound. A total-sized steel string acosutic guitar welcomes Yamaha’s information on proficient instruments to oblige beginners with their initial experience of playing guitar. The general eminence quality’s sound, which radiates from Yamaha guitars, is valid as clear as the extreme materials utilized in the creation cycle for Yamaha’s instruments.

Good quality and great sound at a sensible price which makes it the best guitar under 7000. These guitars share all of the energy that touches off our top-notch runs and is the ideal instrument for understudying players.

2. Martin Smith W-101-N-PK Acoustic Guitar

  • Top Material: Linden
  • Colour: Natural
  • Size: 102.01 x 10.01 x 38 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg 800 gm/ 1.8 kg
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Full-scale neck with steel strung
  • It comes with a sturdy guitar stand, gig bag, strings, picks & strap.
  • Offer a rich tone.
  • Very comfortable & easy to use for beginners.
  • You can enjoy free online lessons as well.
Look at the Martin Smith W-101-N-PK guitar, one of the best expert’s choices. This is a full-sized instrument planned in light for beginners. The W-101 models give a rich tone appropriate for growing artists. It has a thin-lined, 102.01 x 10.01 x 38 cm body moulded consummately for cooperative play. This model games an alluring, shiny completion and a full-scale neck hung with steel strings. 

Martin Smith Guitars are situated in the UK, but this model is prepared in China. These guitars are quality created instruments. This section level instrument is promoted toward the instruction market. Martin Smith Guitars endeavour to give better than expected quality while staying reasonable to urge amateurs to accomplish their fantasy about turning into a guitarist. 

It comes with steel hung, up to outfitted machine heads. These help keep the guitar tuned for more and limit the danger of the strings breaking when tuning because of their controlled activity. So, you can try this super good guitar to gift your loved one & even for yourself when you are just starting your guitar lessons. Amazingly you will get free guitar lessons with this instrument. So, you can also consider this to claim your free addresses. 

3. Ibanez MD39C 39 inch Acoustic Guitar

  • Top Material: Rosewood Finish
  • Colour: Natural & Sunburst
  • Size: 39 inches
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Weight: 2.76 Kg
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Excellent craftsmanship as well as functionality.
  • Quality is super, along with fantastic sound.
  • It is accessible on the pocket.
  • Sides & back with nato is the best part of this guitar.

The MD39C series of Ibanez Guitar is worked with incredible craftsmanship and usefulness anticipated from a name like this. Being budget-friendly, this guitar is made only for India because it gives you excellent quality, awesome parts and great sound. It has a 39-inch medium measured guitar along with sides attached with Nato back. These 351-formed picks are exactness sliced and expertly tumbled to give a smooth, adjusted edge impervious to chipping. 

One strand used in this guitar feels softer than silk & it is multiple times better than that and various times less than the hair of the human. Microfiber is liked for its actual lightweight, super receptiveness, and quick-drying features. Cleaning fabric quickly ingests up to multiple times its mass in dampness & could be utilized securely on the outside. The guitar accompanies a helpful digital book that comprises tips and deceives to getting the guitar quickly in a hurry. This digital book is significant for novices looking for more data from self-acquiring the device and developing abilities. 

Apart from that it is also lightweight & can be carried anywhere easily. It would be a considerable choice for the guitar buyers because this is the best guitar under 7000.

4. Juarez JRZ-ST01 6-String Electric Guitar

  • Body Material: Linden Wood
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 38 inches
  • Number of frets: Eighteen
  • Weight: 4 kg 200 g
  • Country of Origin: China
  • It is budget-friendly so that anyone can buy it.
  • Ideal for beginners to start with excellent performance.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Sound quality is better than any other guitar of this range.
Another guitar in our review list is none other than the famous guitar by Juarez with series number JRZ-ST01, a grounded star in the field of music and musical instruments. It has six strings that make it best & requested by crowds. Apart from that, it runs with its characteristic features & meticulous spending models.

It is an ideal guitar for amateurs and has a thirty-eight inches height in general. The six-stringed excellence has a user-friendly system that is ideal for proper hand utilization. It appears in dazzling dark tones, sunburst and red and has a smooth and smooth plan cut. 

Linden wood is used as the main material, which makes this incredible. Ideal for amateurs, it has 18 frets where the fretboard is made using the dark wood material. Makers have used the best quality material while making this product so that the sound quality will enhance. 

It has a head made of dust cast machine, chrome bite, steel strings etc. The edge is excellent, and including the presentation of the guitar is of extraordinary quality. Going to the features, it has a selector switch, i.e. 5-way PU. It has a conventional sound. You will also get a connector loop that makes it furthermore of excellent quality. So if it’s not too much trouble, take some extra problem while setting away from the guitar.

5. Rockjam Full Size Electric Guitar

  • Body Material: Rosewood
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimension: 99 x 65 x 6.5 cm
  • Number of strings: Six
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Body design is very classic with diamond finish.
  • Two different types of tone control mode.
  • Frets come with cut way design.
  • Long running due to rosewood material used.
All your dreams to become a professional guitarist will start one day when you think to become the one. At an initial level a perfect musical piece is a must & RockJam guitar can fulfill your every need as it is especially designed for the beginners. So many qualities are perfectly blended together to prepare this guitar by makers. They have made a full package because it comes with a strap  (that would be helpful for your stage performance), nickel strings, plectrum etc. 

If we talk about the best guitar under 7000 then, playability of this electric guitar is far better than any other comes in this category. Fretboard is made using material like rosewood along with the bolt on construction. 

This light mass product has dual function to control the tone with three single coil pickups. It also has a 5-way pickup switch that is useful for a selector. Diamond finish over black with combination of hi gloss white is used in the guitar to enhance its look & feel. Even this is known as the best by the numbers of experts for the beginners. It provides unbeatable opportunities to the newcomers to make their name in the musical world. 

6. Kadence Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar

  • Colour: Natural
  • Size: 41 inches
  • Number of strings: Six
  • Weight: 3 kg 700 g
  • Battery: No battery required
  • Rust free & quality string.
  • Integrated body with streamline curvature.
  • Suitable for the age group from 14-20
  • It offers an accurate tune.

There are varieties of products under this category available but guitar by Kadence is very popular. The company has different products for different price brackets. This acoustic guitar is popular for rust free quality strings because it is coated with film coating all over the surface. Most of the time players feel extra pressure on their fingers while playing the guitar but this product goes easy when pressing.  

When it comes to the design then it has head simply design with curvature for beautiful & integrated. When you play it will offer you vibration that can offer higher conductivity. Tone transmission with rosewood material bridge is also used in this guitar to make it hussle free. 

Adjustability is another great factor because it provides comfort. Strings cause tension that will be balanced by the truss rod used in it. You can adjust it as per your choice & comfortability. It also comes with a 4 Band-EQ, preamp, tone control etc. Neither slack nor trouble is created by this and it goes very smooth. So, one can consider this for best acoustic guitar under 7000 . 

7. Zabel Elletra Series Acoustic Guitar

  • Colour: Assorted
  • Size: 38 inches scale length
  • Number of strings: Six
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Battery: Yes
  • Tuning pegs are easy to use.
  • Cut way design for perfect shape line.
  • Plastic is used as the main material that can go longer.
  • Natural & delighted ful guitar colour.

Superb normal tone is what made this guitar popular under the field of best acoustic guitar under 7000 because steel strings are used. Maple wood is considered the superior material of guitar and the same it used to make fretboard. While, another popular wood material Linden used as the primary raw material for the body structure.

For any guitar playability is what experts look for & due to the use of cut way plan it offers splendid sound features. Every music champ considers a product that gives them the product in which they don’t have to compromise with the playability, so you can consider this as well.

To make it more efficient, a smooth plastic key is used so you can adjust the tuning stakes. When you get adjustable features you can get a desirable tune.

8. Kadence Frontier Series, Acoustic Guitar

  • Material: Linden Wood in top, neck & side while rosewood in fretboard.
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Number of strings: Six
  • Weight: 3 kg 800 g
  • Battery: No battery required
  • Smooth and adjustable tuning keys.
  • Beginners first preference.
  • Offer the best sound quality.
  • Value for money & high durability.

As we know, Kadence’s frontier guitar comes under the category of low end guitars that will help you center more around lucidity of sound.  These products’ outskirts are low end acoustics and if we number the sound quality then 5/10 would be the right one.But, this sound quality helps the beginners to decide the right sound at the initial stage itself.

Two different kinds of material used while making this guitar durable & long running. Yes, Linden wood is the main material for the side, back, neck & top part of the guitar while the fretboard is prepared using rosewood. Not so heavy weight & size is another plus point that you can consider as 3.8 kgs is the overall weight for a 40 inches frontliner guitar only.

It is very handy & does not even require a battery to operate just like electric guitar & some other product of acoustic as well. To maintain the sound, tuning keys are very adjustable even non experts can adjust it without any guidance.

9. Vault Traveller 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

  • Colour: Natural
  • Size: 34” inches
  • Material: Spruce & Basswood
  • Number of strings: Six
  • Weight: 2 kg 200 g
  • Battery: No battery required
  • Dual Action TRUSS rod.
  • Back & side is beautifully crafted.
  • High quality accessories come with the product.
  • Affordable pricing as per the features.

Name of Vault industries in guitar feild is very common. It is a very popular brand that offers a range of acoustic guitars. WIth this natural glossy product you can get Gig sack, strings, cloth to polish & maintain the shine, picks -and many more. All the accessories are available as a complementary item. 

Amateaur perfect choice comes with double bracket pole & tuners that produce the right sound blended with high quality freshness. Presently pair it up with a more youthful artist needing to get this for learning their first instrument without thinking often much about the size and movability of an acoustic.

Size is kept ideal so it can be used comfortably while performance else guitarist feels pain at their live performance. And, for begginers size helps in being modest for their hands in learning the instrument. Truss rod used in the guitar offers dual mode. Many customers who have tried their hands on this product have shared their experience about this & declared it as the affordable product.

10. Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

  • Colour: Transparent Blue Sunburst
  • Size: 98 x 40 x 10 cm
  • Material: Linden Wood
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Weight:2 kg 100 g
  • Battery: No battery required
  • Best high top with solidibility.
  • String height is very comfortable.
  • Machine heads are very smooth.
  • High quality material for longer use.

In the series of acoustic guitars, this model has 38 inches and is best for beginners. From price range to best features everything is as per the new comers who can start their basics. The main features that are liked by the experts is its incredible quality standard & beautifully curated design.

The company is very famous for making musical instruments & guitars are one of their best selling products. To make it look stylish & high class a different shade of colour is used which is called as Blue Sunburst. 

In the market, you will get many products that claim to be the best but this expert chosen product is made by the special linden wood on its neck area while plastic is used as the connecting material. Strings of this guitar are 6 in number and all of them are produced using nylon as the main material.

Characterizing 18 frets, the product contains an acoustic guitar with sack, strings, pick and a tiE. The main purpose is to give melodic packs, with the best worth accessible on the web. If you will buy this guitar your hunt for best semi acoustic guitar under 7000 will come to an end. 

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