8 Best Guitar Under 7000 In India 2022

By Trusha Patel

Are you looking for the best guitar under 7000? Here are our top picks after a lot of research and so without any further ado, let’s jump into the best guitar under 7000 list. 

Best Guitar Under 7000 In India 2022

1. Juarez ST38 Electric Guitar

Juârez ST38 Electric Guitar Kit/Set, Right Handed, Red Sunburst RDS, With Case/Bag & Picks Check Here for Latest Price

In our personal view, the Juarez ST38 is the best guitar available under 7000 in India 2022.  Electric guitars are significantly in demand nowadays; hence the first guitar under 7000 in this list is the electric guitar by Juarez. Juarez ST38 Electric Guitar is one of the best that you can find in the market at a very affordable price. 

The look and the design of this electric guitar are outstanding, and the manufacturers have given an innovative build that has a complete balance of style and durability. This electric guitar gives high-quality sound and is an excellent choice for beginners trying their hands in the electric sound. 

The color of the Juarez ST38 Electric Guitar is a red sunburst that gives a look of a professional guitarist in a concert. The construction of the guitar is done with basswood that keeps the body of the guitar strong. It has a maple neck and geared tuning. 

The steel strings are strong enough not to break even if you pull hard on them (which you shouldn’t, but strings will be safe). There is the use of different kinds of wood. For example, linden wood is used on the fingerboard, and the fretboard, ebony wood, is used. 

This 38 inches Juarez electric guitar comes with different accessories: a nylon carrying case, two guitar picks, and electric wire.  It is one of the perfect choices for musicians, and the glossy finish of this guitar gives a great feel. 

2. Guitar Bro Acoustic Guitar

GUITAR BRO - COMBO (Blue Acoustic Guitar for Beginner, Guitar Learning Kit, Song Book, Video Lectures, Accessories like Pick, Bag) Check Here for Latest Price

The Guitar Bro is a premium guitar one can buy for under 7000 in India. The guitar improvement comes in a combo of guitar learning kit, songbook, video lectures that is an excellent option for the business who want to try their hand in playing guitar.

 The inclusion of all these things makes this guitar one of the best options that you can get for under 7000. It is a 39-inch acoustic guitar that is made up of linden wood. The entire wood body has this material that produces outstanding quality and makes this instrument extremely durable. 

The guitar has exceptional quality strings that produce a warm sound, and the tuners are also robust. You don’t have to worry about breaking the strings while tuning. This acoustic guitar is only compatible with right-handed players and can be used by women, men, and children above 10. 

The guitar is available in three colors: Brown, Blue, and Black. It comes with a unique Guitar Bro self-learning system that includes free guitar picks, a progress tracker, a learning device, and more. 

So as we have established that this guitar by Guitar Bro is an outstanding option for beginners, you must know that if you ask somebody who is at an intermediate level of learning guitar, then you might want to look at the other options that we have mentioned in the list. 

3. Kadence Acoustica Series Guitar

Kadence Guitar Acoustica Series, Electric Acoustic Guitar, Ash Wood with Pickup and Inbuilt tuner (Ash Wood, Electro Acoustic) Check Here for Latest Price

Kadance Acoustica series is an affordable guitar you can buy for under 7000 in India 2022. It has a wide range of Acoustic guitars, and one of the most popular ones is the electric acoustic guitar that comes in ash wood color. The size of this guitar is around 38 inches, and you can also choose whichever size is perfect for you.

It comes in a  medium cutaway design, and the foremost advantage of the design of this guitar is that you can play higher fret and lower fret quickly. The neck and the overall body are thinner than most of the acoustic guitars available in the market, so this one has a better advantage over them. 

The fretboard and the overall body of this guitar are made up of ashwood and rosewood used to build a premium quality guitar. Affordable and the comfort level is the one thing that makes it a popular choice amongst guitarists. The ashwood color looks highly appealing, and it fits with everything. 

Kadence is an extremely loved brand in the market, and the acoustica series is one of the best that this brand has launched in the past few years. If you are starting with learning the guitar, then this Kadence electric guitar would be an excellent choice for you to try your hand. 

It has 21 frets, and the quality of the strings is outstanding, and the durability allows you to play the instrument without compromising on sound quality even after years of use. The manufacturers used the deep pore enameling method to paint this guitar that gives the instrument a smooth texture, and you can even feel the natural essence of the wood underneath. 

4. Juarez Arpeggio 39 inch Acoustic Guitar

JUAREZ Arpeggio 99.06 cm (39 Inch) Acoustic Guitar Kit, Spruce Top, Rosewood Fretboard & Bridge, Truss Rod, Chrome Die Cast Machine Tuners, Black Check Here for Latest Price

Juarez being the most loved guitar under 7000 makes it apparent that we have to add more than one guitar to this list of best guitars under 7000. Another outstanding quality guitar under 7000 that you can buy is the Juarez Arpeggio 39 inch acoustic guitar. 

The Arpeggio model has some of the best acoustic guitars on the list that comes with plenty of accessories, including three different guitar picks, a truss rod, a Chrome diecast machine tuner, strap, strings, and more. 

The entire build of this arpeggio acoustic guitar includes spruce and Rosewood. The body of the guitar is made up of Rosewood, and the top material has spruce. This guitar is available in a single black color, and trust us, black is the classiest color that we can buy in a guitar, and it genuinely gives a unique look when you hold it in your hands. 

The quality of the instrument, including the durability of the world quality of the strings, is top-notch and one of the best that you can find at this affordable price. The woodwork is robust, and the strings give you a great tone, and it is not only suitable for beginners, but you can also use it if you are an intermediate learner of the guitar. 

5. Granada Acoustic Guitar

Granada, Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway, Medium PRS-1-FC -Vintage Sunburst Check Here for Latest Price

The Granada Acoustic Guitar is the next one in the best guitar under 7000 in India list. If you are a fan of the traditional colors and the style of the guitar, this acoustic instrument would be the best choice that you can make. It comes in a conventional vintage sunburst color that looks extremely beautiful as the edges have a glossy look. 

The manufacturing of this acoustic guitar includes linden, mahogany, and Rosewood. Rosewood is used in the fingerboard and bridge, and the rest of the part consists of mahogany with a laminated linden coverage. 

It has a sleek and proper cutaway design that allows you to hold the guitar in a comfortable position. The Granada Acoustic Guitar of 38 inches is a beauty that you can find at an affordable price, and it gives an outstanding sound quality from the steel strings. The smooth feel of the mahogany on the hands takes you right to the heaven of the music. This acoustic guitar is the best choice for newcomers and intermediate guitarists. 

The price at which it comes makes it a reasonable choice out of all the guitars mentioned in this list. We have come across many happy and positive reviews posted by the parents stating how their kids love this acoustic guitar. So, don’t even think twice or doubt in your head. 

6. Kadence Frontier Jumbo Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar With Die Cast Keys,Super Combo (Bag, 1 pack Strings, Strap, Picks, Capo, Tuner) Check Here for Latest Price

Kadence Frontier is the stylish guitar available under 7000 in India 2022 from the brand that has the best acoustic and electric guitars. However, in the list of best guitars under 7000, we will talk about the Kadence Frontier Jumbo semi-acoustic guitar that is of premium quality. 

This semi-acoustic guitar is extremely popular for rust-free strings as they are coated with a film coating that keeps the string in the exact condition as you receive it on the first day. The film coating of the strings is exceptionally soft on the fingers, and the players do not feel the pressure they feel with most guitars. Kadence Frontier Jumbo semi-acoustic guitar is available in 2 colors: natural and black, and as far as the design of this guitar is concerned, the head of the instrument is simple, and the design has a beautiful curve that makes it attractive and stylish.

It is one of the most comfortable semi-acoustic guitars, suitable for the age group of 14 to 20.  The tone transmission happens amazingly because of the Rosewood material on the bridge, and the streamlined curvature offers soothing vibration for improved higher conductivity.

 As we have mentioned, strings are of premium quality, and the manufacturers have made sure that the tension caused by the strings is as minimum as possible; for that, they have also integrated a truss rod in it. 

This 41 inches semi-acoustic guitar by Kadence weighs less than 4 kg, and it comes with a preamp, tone control, and other qualities that give you high-quality sound when you play the instrument.

7. Pluto HW39-201P Electro Acoustic Guitar

Pluto HW39-201P Electro Acoustic Guitar - Rosewood Fretboard - Natural Check Here for Latest Price

Pluto HW39-201P is the latest guitar under 7000 in India from the brand Pluto. The word used in the manufacturing of a guitar plays a vital role in the overall quality and durability of the instrument. Pluto HW39-201P Electro Acoustic Guitar is one such guitar made up of outstanding quality Rosewood and Agathis. 

The Best Guitar under 10000 comes in a natural color which is not only suitable for beginners but also professional guitarists. Each portion of this guitar is made with extreme care. The combination of Rosewood, Spruce, and Agathis makes this electro-acoustic guitar one of the best launched by Pluto. 

A 39-inch guitar with steel strings and an outstanding cutaway design gives a comfortable hold to the guitarist. The overall design from top to bottom is sleek, making it quite beautiful to look at; so, imagine the beauty of this guitar when you hold it and play.  

If you want to buy an acoustic guitar for your kid, this would be a great choice. If you still have doubts, you can go through the reviews posted by the existing users to understand the top-notch quality of sound and the field that this Pluto HW39-201P electro-acoustic guitar gives. 

8. Kadence Frontier Series Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series, Acoustic Guitar With/Wihtout EQ Die Cast Keys Combo (Bag,strap,strings and 3 picks) (Blue, Acoustic) Check Here for Latest Price

The last best guitar under 7000 in this roundup is also by Kadence. By now, you must have realized the value and the quality of the Kadence guitar, considering we have mentioned three of them in this list. This value for money guitar does not require a battery to operate and maintains an outstanding sound throughout the usage. 

The last guitar by Kadence is from their Frontier series that comes in a beautiful blue color that looks chic. If you are not a fan of blue, then no need to worry, as this Kadence Frontier series acoustic guitar is available in black, brown, neutral, and sunburst color as well. 

Let’s talk about the design of this beautiful acoustic guitar that has a glossy finish and a simple design. Manufacturers have not tried to take a risk with the guitar’s design, and they have given a simple, streamlined cutaway curvature design that keeps the head and the body of this guitar balanced and integrated. 

The size of this guitar is 40 inches, and it is one of the best choices for beginners and guitarists over the age of 10. The strings have a bronze coating that keeps them free from rest and is highly durable. The bridge that plays a significant role in the sound of the guitar offers stable sound transmission. 

If you buy this guitar, you get extra accessories, including a strap, an alternative packet of strings, different colored picks, and a bag to keep your guitar safe from dust or breakage. This lightweight acoustic guitar of the Kadence Frontier series is one of the best purchases that it can make. 

Which Is The Best Guitar Under 7000 In India 2022?

To help your buying process so easily, we have come up with the favorite pick from the above list. That is, the Juarez ST38 guitar which is not only loaded with spectacular design but also has numerous features that make your music time so fun! 

So, this was the roundup of the best guitars under 7000. We tried to incorporate every outstanding quality guitar by different brands that can offer you top-notch instrument energy. Make sure to go through the specifications and the reviews posted by the existing users. 

Each guitar we have mentioned in this list, being acoustic, semi acoustic-electric, or any other, has something different and outstanding to offer to budding guitarists and professionals. So, if you have a tight budget, then these options would be the best for you. 

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