Best Guitar Under 3000

By Trusha Patel

Music is an essential part of our lives, and for some, it’s more than that. To say music is like the soul might be a cliché, but the truth is, it’s like the soul one can not see music, we can only feel it. Many people who want to play music, prefer playing a guitar as it’s more portable. 

There are plenty of guitars available in the market with their ability to produce the music you want. But, if you are on the lookout for the best guitar under 3000 and don’t know where to look, well no need to look any further. We have researched for you and compiled a list for you.

Things to consider before you buy a guitar:

When you want to buy a guitar, you’ll want one that has good looks, great performance, and is easy on your budget. But, buying the best acoustic guitar under 3000 is not an easy task as there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some facts you should look for while buying a guitar price under 3000

1- Body Style

The first thing to check before buying an acoustic guitar is the shape and size. The body style determines the sound projection, tonal emphasis, and comfort as well. Single-cutaway design gives easier access to the upper frets. 

2- Electronics 

Some acoustic guitars come with in-built preamplifiers and pickups to fill the room giving a better listening experience. Some guitars come with preamps mounted in a hole cut in the side, while others have it inside the sound-hole. Some come with combined preamplifiers, microphones, EQ, tuners, and piezo pickups.

3- Neck 

The neck size is very important, and your hand size is the key to it when it comes to choosing a guitar for yourself. Both the thickness and width are based on the size of the guitar’s body including the number of frets the neck has. Usually, an acoustic guitar neck has 12 or 14 frets listed, and this refers to the clear frets on the body and not how many are on overall. 

4- Intonation

Intonation is what determines whether the notes play in a tune as your hand moves up on the neck. The distance between the frets (usually from the 12th fret) is required to be on so the guitar is capable of playing a tune or else it will not work as a recording or a performance musical instrument.

5- Tonewood 

The choice of wood is what determines how your acoustic guitar will sound, and if you plan to buy the best guitar under 3000 then be sure to check this fact out carefully. Different types of wood produce a different tone from each other, and most guitar makers believe the top of the guitar is the most important part to determine the tonal quality.

That’s why spruce is the most standard material used for the tops with Sitka spruce, though the tonewood dramatically increases the cost, for example, rosewood being rare, guitar makers are finding alternative materials to offer the best sound instrument.

6- Tuning Machine 

The tuning machine is the most important part as it allows you to fine-tune your guitar and holds its pitch. The enclosed machine heads can resist rust and airborne corrosives as they don’t require regular maintenance, unlike open tuning machines. 

7- Bridge and Fingerboard 

The bridge and fingerboard materials have a great impact on the sound quality, and if you are looking for the best guitar under 3000 you need to be cautious about the material you get.  In simple words, the bridge and fingerboard can break the sound of the guitar, if the wrong material is used. 

8- Finish

The finish of the guitar affects the way wood vibrates, and you cannot do anything about that. So, this decision is made by the guitar maker and usually what they choose is the best.

Top 7 Best Guitar Under 3000 Review

1. Breve 38-inch Cutaway Design Black Acoustic Guitar with Bag,Strings, Pick and Strap(Black)

  • Color: Black
  • Body Material: Linden
  • No. of Strings: 6
  • Size: 96.5 x 35.6 x 8.9 cm
  • The cutaway designed body gives easy access to the higher frets.
  • The strings are durable making it easy to play.
  • The shape makes it easy to take along anywhere.
  • Tuning pegs quality is good.

If you are planning to buy a new guitar but not sure which to go for, Breve is a good choice as they are well-known for their acoustic guitar as they are finely designed. The compact size and perfect acoustic tone make it easy to play anytime making it the best acoustic guitar under 3000

As we told above, the bridge is a vital component as it reflects on how the guitar functions and the sound it produces. The plastic used is quite trendy, yet can withstand the test of time. On top of that you get a bag, strings, pick, and a bag to rock anytime anywhere. 

The guitar is made from linden wood which is actually a basswood which comes from linden trees, and is considered best for beginners. Though the wood being soft tends to dent easily, it’s a favorite wood used by guitar makers. Basswood or linden wood gives a warm, balanced sound, and though the range is average, it sustains sound nicely.

2. Medellin MED-BLU-C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

  • Color: Blue, Black, Natural, and Sunburst
  • Material: Linden
  • No of Strings: 6
  • Size: 100 x 43 x 12 cm
  • Ideal for beginners as it comes with steel strings.
  • Cool looking colors to choose from to match your style.
  • Total value for money.
  • Comes with its amplifier.

If you want to learn to play an acoustic guitar and are looking for the best guitar for beginners under 3000 then the Medellin model is just what you need. As a beginner, you need a guitar that is inviting and makes playing fun. 

The steel strings make it an ideal guitar for beginners and in terms of money, it will last longer, ensuring you won’t have to buy another one just to learn. The cutaway design on the guitar is constructed as an indentation on the upper bout of the guitar, and is adjacent to the neck of the guitar. This guitar gives easier access to the upper frets. The design also helps in giving a brighter sound. 

The overall design gives the guitar a simple functioning usage for beginners. The sound produced is not only loud, but the tuning clarity is also great. 

3. Juarez Acoustic Guitar Kit, 38 Inch Cutaway, 38C with Bag, Strings, Pick and Strap, TBS Transparent Blue Sunburst

  • Color: TBS Transparent Blue Sunburst
  • Material: Wood
  • No of Strings: 6
  • Size: 94 x 40 x 10
  • The body is made of linden wood while the bridge is made of plastic.
  • The glossy finish gives an awesome look.
  • The fretboard is made of ebony giving a tonal quality similar to maple necks yet more long-lasting.

The Juarez 38-inch cutaway design guitar is a must buy as the entire body is made of wood except for the bridge which is made of plastic. If, you want to buy the best acoustic guitar under 3000 then the JRZ38C is perfect as the solid wood top allows you to play a variety of music.

The cutaway design also makes it easy to handle while playing the guitar anywhere. The low action strings ensure the player suffers from less finger fatigue and the extra strings ensure longer playing. Lowering the action or the strings on an acoustic guitar means you don’t have to adjust the bridge, oy the saddle requires adjustment, making it easier for beginners.

The tuning pegs also adjust with ease and come with 18 frets. If you are a beginner, then also it’s a great choice. 

4. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap, Black

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Linden
  • No of Strings: 6
  • Size: 94 x 40 x 11 cm
  • All-in-one combo strap-bag-picks for easy performance and ability to play anywhere.
  • 18 frets making it the best guitar for beginners under 3000.
  • The ebony fretboard is well designed giving a crisp sound.
  • The spruce top and apathies provide a great time.

Want to rock and roll or bring some fun into a boring party, why not show your talent and steal the show. With the INT-38C acoustic guitar, you’ll be the shining star of the night thanks to the Ebony wood fretboard which gives a crisp, and well-defined sound.

Ebony is known for being a hardwood, reason it’s popular for fretboards, and being rare and expensive it’s rarely used, so with the Intern INT-38C you’re lucky. Ebony is also popular among fretless guitars as it’s more durable, and won’t wear out soon. 

If you are looking for the best guitar under 3000 for beginners then look no further as the low action strings give your fingers lesser fatigue issues. Extra strings are added to ensure you have a longer playing time. 

5. Juârez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C with Bag, Strings, Pick and Strap, Black

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Wood
  • No of Strings: 6
  • Size: 98 x 40 x 10
  • Solid wood top enables playing a variety of music.
  • 18 frets enable beginners to reach new levels in learning to play.
  • The low action strings help strengthen hands.
  • The pegs are smooth and easy to adjust.

The sturdy top and smooth curves ensure full comfort while playing and you can play not only rock but country, folk, and others as well. The cutaway design makes it easy to handle the guitar. 

The guitar comes with 18 frets providing a highly accurate and clear sound. Once you learn how to play you can make a solid impression in front of your family and friends. The  Juarez Acoustic Guitar 038C also has low action strings giving the user less fatigue on the fingers while playing. 

The strings used are made of steel, as they offer a more crisp, and bright tone plus the volume and power also amplifies. The reason rock, bluegrass, and country musicians love acoustic guitars. 

Overall this is the best acoustic guitar you can get and with the Juarez brand backing the musical instrument, it’s going to be worth every penny spent.

6. Kadence Wanderer Series ukulele + (Free online learning Course) Brown Mahogany wood Ukulele With Bag

  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Mahogany
  • No of Strings: 6
  • Size: 71 x 21 x 11.6 cm
  • It’s the perfect ukulele that fits in the best guitar under 3000.
  • It comes with a 24″ equalizer.
  • It spans the middle ground between soprano and tenor sizes.
  • The mahogany finish gives the guitar a cool look.

If you believe in love at first sight, the svelte mahogany neck and slender body will steal your heart and if that doesn’t the silky tone will weaken your heart.

The smooth frets ensure you have a safe practice while the wider frets will enable you to play harder notes once you’re a professional. The 18 high-quality nickel frets with sharp edges ensure proper intonation. The Kadence Ukulele comes with a light action allowing the fingers to strum high notes without applying extra efforts. 

The wood used for the body, neck is Mahogany which gives a warm timbre, and lots of bottom end. Matter of fact, mahogany wood being used for guitars dates back to the 40s. Though now mahogany trees are almost extinct hence, use is rare. Overall, the look, design, built, and sound is worth the money. 

7. ARCTIC Sky series 39" Guitar (with Truss Rod) with Bag, 3 Picks, Strap, String Set, Guitar Stand, Tuner & Capo. Ultra pack Red

  • Color: Red
  • No of Strings: 6
  • Material: Spruce
  • Size: 105 x 48 x 14 cm
  • It’s 100% through QC verified and durable packing.
  • Both sides are adjustable.
  • Packed with a plethora of accessories.
  • The conditioned wood gives the best high and low tones.

Though the above guitars are ideal for beginners, this model is made for semi-professional intermediate players. The merchandise corner bindings and perfectly placed inner bracing give the clearest notes with resonant top backs. 

The material used is spruce which is the most popular wood used by guitar makers for guitar tops, and it’s easy to recognize also thanks to the pale, and understated figuring. The wood also gives an awesome sound making it quits popular, and an overall “all-rounder.”

The strings are made of phosphorus bronze which is actually 92% copper — means it has a little bit  copper added to it. And, with 8% tin, and traces of phosphorus, makes the strings less corrosive, thus they will last longer. 

Both sides are adjustable thanks to the truss rod giving full neck protection and durability at the same time. The die-cast tuning machines, rosewood fretboard, and steel strings ensure your performance will be a remarkable one. 

For Information 

Another guitar worth mentioning is the electronic guitar especially if you are buying to learn how to play the guitar. Electronic guitars are smaller compared to Acoustic guitars and have a smaller neck. The sound is also projected much better thus enhancing the learning process. But it will be hard to find the best electric guitar under 3000 as their price range is a bit higher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which acoustic guitar to buy?

The size and shape influence the sound so choosing one that matches your physical and musical needs will be a better choice.

Is an acoustic guitar better for beginners?

An acoustic guitar is the better choice when it comes to learning and the reason for this is, it’s hard to play. Though it’s hard, it will make your fingers strong and quicker for fast notes.

Which types of strings should you look for beginners?

The best strings for a beginner would be steel strings as they put less stress on the fingers.

How do I choose a good acoustic guitar?

The playability should be comfortable and try to go for a laminate and solid wood top guitar. If your budget is tight a laminate top will also work. 

Which size strings should I look for? 

The right strings are a crucial feature to choose so be careful. If the strings are too thick you might have problems playing it and if too thin, they can snap right on a crucial note, so choose something in-between. 

What size acoustic guitar should I get? 

Generally, adults can go for full sizes (41″ Dreadnought acoustic guitar), and if you are taller than 41″ is also good for you.

Which acoustic guitar is easiest to play?

If you’re a beginner, the low action (the height above the fretboard)one will be fine as it’s comfortable to play. If you want to play high notes, a cutaway design guitar will do.

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