10 Best Guitar Under 10000 in India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Suppose you have a guitar budget of 10,000 Rs. You don’t know which guitar to buy, or is there any good guitar in this price range? We know what’s there in your mind and so according to your needs, we have made a detailed list of the best guitar under 10000 in India.

Please read our full article on the Best Guitar Under 10000 to choose the best companion for your music journey. Let’s begin!

Best Guitar Under 10000 In India 2022

1. Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag,Tuner,Picks and Strap (Natural Bundle) Check Here for Latest Price

In my honest opinion, the Cort AD810 is the best guitar under 10000 in India 2022. If you are searching for a guitar at a low price, then the Cort AD810 model guitar is the perfect buy for you. It is a good-quality acoustic guitar with a complete kit that includes all the accessories. It is the oldest acoustic series from Cort. This classic series defines superb performance and value for money.

This series of guitars are suitable for beginners and hobbyists. The AD810 comes with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and Merbau fingerboard. The spruce top gives an ideal balance between strength and flexibility; thus, it’s famous as the wood of choice for best-quality acoustic guitars. The versatile sonic character of the spruce makes it absolute for various musical genres and playing styles.

The neck is firmly joined with detailed artistry by experienced artisans. The dovetail neck transfers the body vibration and resonance to the neck with no energy loss and plenty of details. The strings are coated to resist humidity, dirt, and sweat for a more extended period and improve playability. The scooped bridge enhances sustain while reducing tension on the strings across the neck where finger fatigue.

2. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar, Natural Check Here for Latest Price

The Yamaha FS100C is a premium guitar available under 10000 in India as of 2022. It delivers a high-quality tone and is known for its more petite folk-size body that helps the guitarists play comfortably. The Yamaha FS100C provides the same focus on quality, design, and tones as all Yamaha acoustics and supplies it with an incredibly affordable package.

There are a total of 21 frets in the guitar. The neck is made of Mahogany wood; the bridge is manufactured with Rosewood and a nato fretboard. The FS100C acoustic guitar is suitable for beginners. It is a wonderfully designed acoustic guitar with beautiful and great sound and a top spruce back and sides.

3. Kadence Acoustic 40” Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Kadence acoustica 40' Semi Acoustic Guitar With Equalizer AG01M Spruce Top with Mahogany back and Sides with bag Check Here for Latest Price

The Kadence acoustic 40” is an affordable guitar one can buy for under 10000 in India. It is from a trustworthy brand that creates sturdy acoustic guitars. The plus point is that the guitar is available at a budget-friendly price. The materials used to manufacture the guitar are of superior quality rosewood. The sound effect of the guitar is incredible, and the durability is at max.

The upper body of the guitar is made with spruce wood and lasts for a more extended period. The guitar’s tuners are perfect if you see the limited budget, and there is a delicate balance between build and performance. The guitar delivers versatile sound quality mainly because of the conventional bridge; the tune is also in range.

Kadence is one such brand that manufactures acoustic guitars with equalizers. The strings of 

Kadence guitars are made of steel and so are easy on fingers. The height of the guitar is 40-inches, and this guitar from Kadence is suitable for all age groups.

4. Fender Acoustic Guitar SA135C

Fender Acoustic Guitar SA135C Cutaway Right Handed With Sponge Bag, Belt & Plectrums Combo Pack (NT) Check Here for Latest Price

The Fender SA135C guitar model is a six-string acoustic guitar under 10000 from the SA series of Fender. The guitar has a dreadnought body type, and the top material is made up of laminated hardwood. The guitar has a cutaway design and is right-handed.

Overall the build quality of the Fender SA series looks good, and it comes with a truce rod for better adjustments. The positive things about the Fender SA135C are that it is light in weight and has a beautiful looking guitar, high sound quality, very comfortable to use, well-crafted fretboard, and is a Dreadnought Squier guitar body. The company delivers the guitar with a sponge bag, belt, and plectrums.

5. Ibanez Acoustic Guitar MD39C

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar MD39C Right Handed Cutaway Guitar - Sunburst With Bag, Belt, Plectrums Complete Pack. Check Here for Latest Price

The Ibanez MD39C model is an excellent guitar under 10000 in India. It has superb craftsmanship and functionality. The Ibanez brand guitars are loaded with features and are available at your budget.

The Ibanez MD39C is an excellent guitar with outstanding sound quality. The guitar’s body is manufactured with a strong spruce top and Rosewood fretboard; it provides exceptional durability. The fret is equipped with a truss rod and is gentle on fingers, making it comfortable for regular use.

The guitar comes with natural sunburst finishing and so requires minimum maintenance. The Ibanez guitar is water-resistant, so you can also do music shows and camping with the guitar. Ibanez builds excellent acoustic guitars that come with some of the best professional guitar features. After all, the brand is known for its quality and functionality.

6. Cort G100 Electric Guitar

Cort G100 Electric Guitar Pore Black Cherry- VARIATION (Single) Check Here for Latest Price

The Cort G100 electric guitar under 10000 in India is different from other guitars in this list; instead of a thin, crisp sound, it has a deep thick tone with a bit of high. The shallow C-shaped neck is narrow and made of hard maple and ideal for those with smaller hands. The fretboard on the channel is made up of Jatoba.

There are 22 frets in the guitar, and the G100 guitar is provided with standard-looking, sealed turning machines.  The body shape of the guitar is light, making it comfortable and less tiring while playing.

The G100 electric guitar features a double-cutaway body that offers classic styling, comfort, and easy access to the top of the fretboard. The guitar is provided with three power sound single-coil pickups to provide authentic classic sounds. The five-way selector switch and single-tone control features offer a wide variety of tonal options.

The guitar comes with a clean look with no drags on your fingers due to the smooth satin finish. It gives more comfort and enhanced playability.

7. YAMAHA WINNING STROKE F280 Acoustic Guitar

YAMAHA WINNING STROKE F280 Acoustic Guitar with Bag Combo (Natural) Check Here for Latest Price

The YAMAHA F280 guitar is the most popular guitar under 10000 in India from Yamaha. The guitar strings are made in a way that they don’t feel hard on your fingers. The shape of the guitar is also the traditional western style. And if you don’t know, the guitar is made in India in the Yamaha music factory.

The fingerboard of the guitar is built with Rosewood, and the top portion is made of spruce. The guitar comes with a fine lacquer finish. The Yamaha F280 guitar is a bit shorter, making it easier to play. The neck of the guitar is manufactured slightly smaller.

The guitar is built with a matte neck and side finish, and the guitar’s tone is of genuine quality. Yamaha is a reputable guitar brand and is affordable and sturdy. The sound quality of the guitar is also outstanding.

8. Hertz HZ STMP Rosewood 22 Electric Guitar

Hertz HZ STMP Rosewood 22 Jumbo Frets Electric Guitar- Sunburst Color Check Here for Latest Price

The Hertz HZ STMP guitar is made in India, and it is a stylish guitar under 10000 on Amazon. The neck of the Hertz guitar is made of Canada Maple, so the scale of his electric guitar is 25.50 inches.

The body of the Hertz STMP Electric guitar is made of Basswood. Also, the guitar’s price is under the budget and is significantly lower than other electric guitars. The quality of the electric guitar is excellent, and if you are a beginner, then this electric guitar is a terrific deal for you. 

There are a total of 22 frets, and the guitar is right-hand oriented.

9. Fender SA-150C Dreadnought Squier Guitar

Fender SA-150C dreadnought Squier Guitar Cutway Natural Check Here for Latest Price

The SA-150C Dreadnought Squier Guitar is a budget-friendly entry-level guitar under 10000 in India 2022 from Fenders. This acoustic guitar will not disappoint you and is a reliable option for both new and experienced players.

The guitar body is laminated with mahogany sides, and the backside features a stained hardwood top. The Squier dreadnought guitar neck is provided with 20 frets, and its slim design gives a beginner-friendly shape. Fender company is the most famous and dependable electric guitar maker in the world.

The dreadnought Squier acoustic guitar is made to appeal to beginners and students. Along with a guitar, you will get a gig bag, extra strings, and a strap. The guitar provides a solid warm sound making it ideal for singers, songwriters, and beginners.

10. Kadence Acoustic Series Guitar

Kadence Guitar Acoustica Series, 41” Jumbo Size 6-strings Acoustic Guitar, Spruce body with Pick Guard A311 with bag Check Here for Latest Price

The Kadence guitar under 10000 is another acoustic guitar with a spruce wood body from the brand. The guitar’s fretboard features Rosewood, and the strings are of round wound string type while the string gauges are made of stainless steel.

The Kadence guitar comes with a cutaway design, and so it gives an indentation in the upper bout near the guitar neck. Because of the invention, you’ll get easy access to the upper frets. And with the guitar, the company provides a gig bag, plectrums, strings, and straps.

Since the guitar is made keeping in mind what the beginners need, it does not have lots of bells and whistles. These features in the guitar make the playing process easy. The material used in the guitar are of high quality, and the spruce wood used in the guitar produces a rich sound. 

Also, the Kadence series guitar is provided with an equalizer, which is a rare feature. The guitar also offers six-round wound strings. So, as a beginner, you can practice playing with the Kadence guitar.

Music has the power to make an individual straightaway happy, as music is like a soul. In your music journey, you can create the best music when you have suitable instruments with you. The guitar is one of the most potent musical instruments all around the world. Thus, you need the best guitar to start your musical journey. 

However, it can get complicated when choosing the best guitar, depending on a wide array of features. And the budget is also a fundamental reason in deciding the best. The Indian music market is filled with many choices, and you won’t choose from the comprehensive option.

Which Is The Best Guitar Under 10000 In India 2022?

If you are confused and don’t know what to select, go with our top pick Cort AD810. It is the most popular choice with stunning features and is definitely worth your investment. We hope you liked the above-given list of the best guitars under 10000 in India. Have fun playing guitar!

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