10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 10000 in India 2021

By bhavyesh dhaduk

Music is the soul, and it makes an Individual instantly happy. You can create the best music when you have the right instrument besides you. The acoustic guitar is the most popular musical instrument across the globe. It can be a bit confusing when it comes to deciding the best based on the vast array of features. The Indian market is flooded with choices and you don’t know which one to choose from the wide options.

Moreover, the budget is also a considerable constraint. If you are planning to buy the best acoustic guitar under 10,000. the cost should be considered too. We have curated a detailed list of Best 10 Acoustic Guitar in India. Based on the features and your needs, you can select the best companion for your musical journey.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 10000 in India 2021

1. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • Great for beginners
  • Able to handle aggressive rhythms
  • Fabulous rosewood fingerboard
  • Traditional dreadnought body
  • Full tune and impressive sound quality

Looking for a sturdy guitar for beginners? Fender model number CD-60S is a full featured and rich tone acoustic guitar. The body comes with a strong mahogany top, and this piece of beauty is absolutely value for money. The brand Fender is known as the brand when it comes to quality guitars.

The dreadnought sized acoustic guitar is suitable for all types of guitarists as it feels comfortable on fingers too. This is the first best acoustic guitar under 10000. The dynamics of Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar are well detailed and there is zero pain or discomfort while playing music. The attractive design is another added benefit, the 20 frets and rosewood fingerboard offer utmost comfort in the price range.

This well-equipped guitar from Fender is excellent for playing all types of sounds. The best part is the tune of the guitar, and it is also well maintained. The guitar comes in a hard case to provide additional protection while you are traveling. The Fender CD-60S is a reliable Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, which is costly and offers a full tone. The durability is also incredible for the price you pay.

2. Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar

  • The body is a mix of high-quality wood
  • High durability of materials
  • Best practicing instrument for professionals.
  • Balanced sound
  • Great value for money.

Looking for an ideal guitar for beginners, Yamaha F310 with six strings, is one worthy choice. It is perfect for those who want to own a guitar only for a hobby. The great news is you can play all your favorite sounds while campaign or hanging out with folks. This guitar also is a worthy choice for intermediate level guitar players for practicing who want to take playing guitar as a profession.

The stable build quality of Yamaha acoustic guitar is another incredible feature. You can use the same guitar for more than ten years; the sound quality is always best. This guitar needs minimum maintenance, all thanks to the high quality of materials. quality guitar in the list of best guitar under 10000.

The material used to construct Yamaha F310 with 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar is a mix of the appropriate quantity of spruce, pine rosewood, and meranti. The neck of Yamaha acoustic guitar is not very strong, but it offers complete comfort while you hold and play the instrument. The sound quality is excellent and makes tuning easy.

3. Ibanez MD39C-NT Natural Acoustic Guitar

  • Super durable design
  • The outer shell is made of nylon
  • the body is water-resistant
  • Classy high gloss design
  • Comes with six strings

Looking for an excellent craftmanship and functionality in an acoustic guitar? Ibanez MD39C-NT model is a worthy choice. The brand Ibanez is loaded with features and is available for a pocket-friendly price. The build quality is excellent, and the sound quality is incredible.

The Ibanez MD39C-NT is a beautiful acoustic guitar, and the body is made with a mix of sturdy spruce top and Rosewood fretboard, which provides excellent durability. The fret comes with a truss rod, which is gentle on the finger, and the 39 inches size is comfortable for regular use. The natural and sunburst finishing needs minimal maintenance.

The body of Ibanez is a water-resistant and complete package for outdoor music shows and camping. Glossy finishing is used in the external body that ensures robustness. The hard-shell case protects the guitar well during traveling.

Ibanez is an incredible acoustic guitar that comes with the best professional guitar features. The sound quality is also excellent for the price range. The brand is known for its quality and functionalit.

4. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

  • Durable and slim body
  • Reasonably priced
  • Versatile sound
  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with equalizer

The brand Kadence is a trustworthy brand that manufactures sturdy acoustic guitars. The best part is, the guitars are available for a pocket-friendly price. The material used to build this guitar is superior quality rosewood, the sound effect is incredible, and the durability is also high. The top body of the guitar is made with spruce wood, which guarantees long life.

The strings of Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar are made with steel and are easy on fingers. Additionally, the guitar comes with a robust case and is travel-friendly. The height of the guitar is 39 inches and is perfect for beginners and intermediate levels of players. This acoustic guitar from Kadence is suitable for people of all age groups, and this is the reason it makes perfect budget guitars for beginners.

The tuners of the guitar are perfect for the price range, and the guitar offers a balance between build and performance. The sound quality is versatile. The credit goes to the conventional bridge; the tune is always in range. Kadence is one of the brands which manufactures acoustic guitars with equalizer.

5. Givson Crown Standard CRST-N Right Hand Acoustic Guitar

  • Durable chrome key
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Cheap as compared to other brands
  • Long life
  • Glossy finishing

The Givson is an emerging brand and manufactures perfect guitar for all the right-hand folks. The 6-string cutaway guitar comes with a bag for smooth commutation. It is one of the best budgeted acoustic guitar available in the markets. The 40-inch cutaway guitar is made with genuine wood. The body build material build is a combination of rosewood, toonwood, and pine wood.

The natural color of Gibson Crown Acoustic Guitar with a gloss finish gives this guitar a super stylish look. The chrome keys ensure you play music comfortably. Every pack of Givson guitar comes with one robust guitar, a smart sling cover, and five picks.

The weight of Givson acoustic guitar is less than 2 kgs only. This guitar comes without any ac adapter, and the size is perfect for beginners and people of all age groups. If you are searching for an acoustic guitar at a pocket-friendly price, consider the brand Givson.

6. Juarez JRZ38C/3TS 38 Inch Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

  • Stunning design and look.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great for young players
  • High-quality material
  • Stainless steel strings.

The brand Juarez is a reliable name when it comes to durable 38-inch acoustic guitars. The Juarez JRZ38C/3TS model is a trendy and best seller, and the credit goes to the low price and excellent sound quality.

The quality of build material is incredible; it is a Chinese guitar available for an affordable price. This Juarez JRZ38C/3TS model is perfect for beginners, younger players, and even small kids. The neck of this acoustic guitar is short, but it comes with regular frets.

The strings of Juarez Acoustic Guitar are thinner, the sound is full, and it is also easy to create unique music. These guitars are not suitable to create music of full deep tone, but it is excellent to beginner music learning.

The strings used in Juarez acoustic guitar is made with stainless steel and has a durable life, the customizing is also high. The top of JRZ38C/3TS is sturdy, and the edges are well finished.

It is comfortable to carry and play music, and the tuning pegs are also smooth. The black glossy finish makes the JRZ38C/3TS model from Juarez and stylish choice.

7. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit With Accessories

  • Complete package
  • Low price
  • Stylish choice
  • Decent sound quality
  • Ebony wood fretboard

Looking for an acoustic guitar at an insanely low price??? Intern INT-38C model guitar is the best buy. This incredibly cheap acoustic guitar comes with a complete kit that includes accessories. The look of the INT-38C model is super stylish, and the design is also innovative.

This acoustic guitar produces impressive sound quality for the price range. The material used to build Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar is high in quality. The fingerboard is made with linden wood, and the fretboard is made with ebony wood.

The Intern INT-38C is a 38-inch cutaway guitar that has a natural glossy finish and is a stylish choice for all the music enthusiasts. This 18-fret guitar produces decent sound quality. The full wood construction and steel strings combination is a pocket-friendly choice for beginners.

The bridge material is used in Intern INT-38C acoustic guitar is high quality plastic. Each guitar comes with a strap, string set, set of 3 picks, and a sturdy bag. This Intern INT acoustic guitar is all in one package that delivers accurate sound. The tune quality is incredible.

8. Hertz HZA 4000 6 String Semi Acoustic Guitar - Black

  • Nice sound quality
  • Great learning guitar
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Hi-gloss finishing
  • Stainless steel strings

If you are planning to invest in a semi acoustic guitar, Hertz HZA 4000 is a cost-effective choice. This 6-string guitar has excellent build quality. The rosewood is used to build the fingerboard, and the tuning keys are made with maple.

The high gloss finishing of Hertz makes it a classy choice for all the beginners and young players. The strings are made with stainless steel and ensure the long life of the semi-acoustic guitar. This guitar needs very less maintenance.

The Hertz HZA model number 4000 Semi-Acoustic Guitar is excellent for outdoor musical concerts and beginners. The overall weight of this guitar is also light, which ensures it is highly portable. The sound quality is more profound and significant for concerts. The black color adds more volume to your personality.

9. Henrix 38C Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

  • Effortless and précises tuning
  • Strong rosewood fretboard
  • Available in subtle shades
  • Stroll strings
  • One-stop solution for young players

The dual-action truss rod makes Hendrix model number 38C Cutaway an incredible choice. The user gets the option to adjust the actions in any direction of your choice. The design of Hendrix acoustic guitar is advanced, and it is loved by the intermediate as well as young players. The neck can be wrapped in any direction. It is easy to carry and perform while you move your hands which performing.

The overall life of this acoustic guitar is excellent, and it can withstand harsh climatic changes. Moreover, the 38 C guitar from Hendrix needs less maintenance. The diecast tuners allow easy tuning, and the sound quality is fantastic. This incredible acoustic guitar comes with an additional string set and a string winder. The overall life is also high.

This Hendrix Cutaway Acoustic Guitar with 38 C is loved by professional guitarists, and it is the perfect companion for musical concerts. The tune remains fixed for a longer time duration.

Each acoustic guitar from Hendrix comes with added accessories like a bag, strap, picks, and additional string set. There is a tiny microfiber clothe to keep the guitar well clear.

10. Zabel 40 Inches Matt Finish Natural Acoustic Guitar

  • A richer and fuller sound
  • Easy peg tuning
  • Broaden playing range
  • Finish quality material
  • Great for beginners

The brand Zabel is known for manufacturing acoustic guitars that are durable and have an incredible life. The truss rod adds more value to the durability, and the cutaway design is well finished.

The matt finishing of Zabel Acoustic Guitar makes it a classy choice for all the stage performers. The cutaway design dentures extremely sound quality. The higher note reach is also effortless.

Each pack of Zabel Acoustic Guitar with 40 inches comes with additional picks, a sting, and sling pack so that you can carry it everywhere you travel. The fretboard is made with maple wood. Hence, the lifespan is high.

The players can broaden their playing range with the help of cutaway design. It is easy to tune the pegs, and it is made with high-quality plastic keys. The acoustic guitar produces a full, productive, and loud sound.

The overall body is made with the high-quality spruce word, and it is the most likely choice to manufacture acoustic guitar. The overall weight of this guitar is almost 2 kgs, and the dimension is perfect for young players and adults.

Buying Guide

Things to consider

  1. Invest in an acoustic guitar that has a durable body, and tuning is done effortlessly. It will save a lot of maintained and your precious time.
  2. One should select the acoustic guitar-based on the music choice which they are going to play. Almost all type of guitar plays a similar sound. Buy a light weighted guitar with steel string helps to increase the sound quality.
  3. The thumb pain and discomfort of the finger are common for the beginners. Avoid using too much pressure while playing the chords. Clean sound needs a lot of practice.
  4. To increase the life of string, avoid over-tightening of the string. Too much pressure can reduce the life of strings and music quality. Lubricate the nut with good quality graphite to increase durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to select a functional and durable acoustic guitar?

Ans: The market is flooded with cheap options, but don’t fall for cheap cookies. Invest in a guitar that has the best features that include durable built, sound quality, and fine-tuning.

Q. After buying the acoustic guitar, what is the first step which is to be followed?

Ans: the initial point is to have a close look at the instruct into the manual. Opt for the best learning style, and you can approach the formal musical teachers or learn online yourself.

Q. What is the right age to learn acoustic guitar?

Ans: There is no right age for learning; you can start playing whether you are a young player or into your late 50s. All you need is to practice consistently and be creative while composing.

Q. What kind of string is a need to play fuller sound?

Ans: It is best to invest in lighter string gauges since the tensions are less on these strings, it is better for the beginners.

Q. What ate the additional equipment need to get started with an acoustic guitar?

Ans: For playing impeccable music, you need to be creative with music, a study acoustic guitar, picks, cable, tuner, and a strap to stabilize the guitar.

Q. What is the easiest way to tune the guitar?

Ans: There are many ways to tune a guitar; it best to follow the basic standards if you are a beginner.

Q. Regular use of acoustic guitar can hurt the fingers?

Ans: Initially, the fingers might hurt, but with time, the muscle strength and the pain are short-lived.

Q. What does the ideal set up cost?

Ans: When you buy a guitar online or offline, they take care of the set-up costing as well. The cost entirely depends on the acoustic guitar you choose.


Acoustic guitars are incredible musical instruments and the best buddies for all the music enthusiasts. The classy design and robust build provide you an excellent platform to showcase your artistic skills. The sound quality of the acoustic guitar is fantastic, and with plenty of combination, you can create unique sound variations.

It can be difficult for beginners to select the best acoustic guitar under 10000 in India. The list mentioned above will help you to choose the best musical partner. Look for the acoustic guitar, which has all the needful features which are also in budget.

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