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By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Storage is the last piece we consider when we want to buy office furniture. It can be challenging to find the right solutions when they range differently in terms of type, practicality, size, quality and price. Whether you work in an open-concept office or cubicle one, best filing cabinets are convenient and highly functional to keep the office organized. 

Beyond storing files, the sturdy and heavy filled cabinets can be highly functional to secure electronic items like iPads, Laptops and others to guard your assets against breakage or theft.

If you have given the task of selecting the  best filing cabinet for your home office, the key factors might be size, document accommodation, orientation and security features. The simple and affordable system can easily slide under a desk or maybe you need one that can be assembled in the corner of the room while enhancing the aesthetic and sophistication of the working area. 

Before you choose the perfect solutions, we give you a rundown of key factors you need to consider before purchasing one. Take these aforementioned factors along with price and budget, before you begin your shopping journey.

Types of Cabinets

  • Lateral 

Best Lateral file cabinets are wide and shallow. Usually, the files are arranged from left to right, with wider and shallow drawers. In this arrangement, the file folders would be viewed from the side of the file folders when we open the drawer. They come in different options of width and generally used in offices as it gives a professional appearance and shorter profile. 

  • Vertical 

Vertical are common types of cabinets that follow vertical methods. They are convenient and easy to use at the office or home. Usually, it can have from two to ten drawers for storing letters, files, documents and other things. Their drawers have more width and depth while giving more spacing options in minimal area. If you are looking for something practical for a small office, vertical filing cabinets are the best choice as they fill up less wall and floor space. In the vertical file cabinet, the file folders would be facing forward when drawers would be open. 

Vertical options is ideal for narrow spaces and chronological filing while lateral is rational for quick sorting and documents adding. 

Features of vertical and lateral 

Vertical Lateral
Files sorted verticallyFiles are organized on their side
Deep drawers, easy to pull outFiles are labelled on the side 
Files are labelled at top edge Files are label on side
Documents can be added and retrieved from the top Can accommodate both letter and legal size folders
Easy to organize alphabetically No drawers which make retrieval little difficult
Space savvy Space savvy
Tall shape with multiple drawer optionsEasy to access
  • Mobile Files

Mobile files are cabinets built with wheels that are easy to roll on and can be either stored besides your office desk or underneath. This allows you to extend your workspace while giving you security and functionality. Easily transmissible from carpet to tile, these file cabinets have limitations of two to three drawers per unit. 

  • Flat File Storage Cabinets 

This storage solution serves the practical functioning for storing large documents like blueprints, artwork, maps, drawing or any other things that need to be stored. For flat files, smaller cabinets can be difficult to store, but this solution protects them from wrinkles, folds, tears and smudges. 

  • Side tab filing system

There are spaces that have sturdy construction and need a filing system that does not have doors. It is ideal for spaces where you need balanced security, accessibility and space efficiency. 

Things to consider

  • Build quality

The construction, material and frame design matters when choosing the right best file cabinet for home office. Cabinets come in an array of materials like laminated wood, hardwood, galvanized steel, plastic, fireproof composite materials and much more. 

  • Locking System 

Your assets require security and safety while keeping them confidential. Drawers should have locking systems so seal them when not in use. The style of locks might vary as per the design, some manufacturers give you flexibility to lock each drawer compartment, while others give you convenience of locking the entire cabinet unit. Some have electronics while others have combinations of locks. 

  • Anti Tilt mechanism 

The anti-tilt mechanism supports opening just one drawer while the other remaining drawers remain closed. There is a catch plate fixed to each drawer to that it does not tip over and falls off. A high quality anti tip device can hold the drawer without breaking side panels. 

  • Drawer size

Drawer sizes are available in many options, from foolscap documents, large blue prints, letters A4 files or legal files, all could be ajuste in the right size drawer cabinet. The compartment best lateral file cabinets of the chosen unit should be big enough to accommodate without distorting or cramping the paper. 

  • Handles

Cabinets with handles are convenient to open and close. There are discreet moulded handles or stylish shaped handle cabinets. Regardless of the size and style, you should always ensure that these drawer sections are easy to pull open and push close. 

  • Labels

Labels are crucial when you need an organized filing system. Each compartment should have its own name so it would be easy for you to search what is inside the drawer at just a glance. 


Usually, there are three basic material that can embed with your office or home aesthetic while being durable, regardless of the size of the cabinet. 

  • Metal

Metal cabinets are sturdy and sophisticated, being one of the popular choices amongst banks, office and others. They are available in black, gry and white to keep a professional look throughout the workspace. 

  • Wood

For a more traditional vibe, wood is considered as optimal choice. Though, you get choice for finishes like oak, maple, beech, walnut and others. Beyond their timeless appearance, wood is strong, hard wearing and robust which can stand with test of time. 

  • Plastic 

Plastic are timeless pieces. This type of unit is inexpensive and durable. It comes with a plethora of shades, sizes and designs. However, plastic does give you a professional vibe, it is used mostly in homes. 

Extra tip

If you are looking to secure sensitive files or your belongings, consider the locking feature for protection. While fire safety is your major concern, get metal filing cabinets to protect your materials. You can also mix and match the materials to create the right combination of files, folder and other materials. For example, you could fix the metal filing system in the office or classroom, for storing important docs, while other variants like mobile cabinets or lateral cabinets in working spaces to minimize clutter. 

Now that we have enlisted some of major consideration, you could easily narrow down for the choice of opting right cabinet filing for office or home. However, we have researched and jot down some of the exclusive pieces that outshine after passing all our rigorous tests. 

Top 8 Best 2, 3 & 4 Drawer File Cabinet For Home/Office

1. Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small Plastic Storage File Cabinet

  • Dimension –37*59.5*63.5 cm
  • Finish-Varnished finish cabinet
  • Purpose –Multipurpose storage solution
  • Sections-Two compartments inside
  • Design – Sturdy and modern design
  • Ideal for home and office
  • High-quality plastic construction
  • Available in Blue and Grey to blend with your aesthetics
  • A sleek and versatile cabinet can accommodate small spaces
  • Affordable and durable
  • Racks can support 15 kgs of weight and 45 kgs overall

Nilkmamal is a sleek and modern filing cabinet that offers a hassle-free experience to customers. Nilkamal is renowned for its quality as first-class services at affordable pricing. The brand has been manufacturing ready to assemble furniture built from premium materials. This cabinet serves style and functionality, with Jazzy blue and gloomy grey. It comes with great storing options and compartments built inside it. 

The versatile and modern designed timeless piece can easily be affixed in your office or home. Despite its lightweight material, the drawer gives you a decent amount of storage space. Well- designed cabinets can accommodate legal-size files, letters and other stationeries as per your storage needs. 

However, it doesn’t come with a security feature or facilitating locking system. If you are looking for storing books, files or stationery with an elegant design then Nilkamal cabinets are perfect. It is the best file cabinet that gives you stability and organization while enhancing the appearance of your space. 

2. Cello Idea Storage Cabinet

  • Dimension- 34.5 x 26.5 X 25 centimeters
  • Shape- Rectangle shaped
  • Weight – 3 Kg
  • Compartments – 5 Drawers
  • Finish – Painted
  • Material – Plastic
  • Can accommodate letter, files and legal size documents
  • Rectangle-shaped compact plastic cabinet
  • Heavy-duty glides for convenience
  • Highly durable
  • Fairly expensive with robust construction
  • 5 drawers lightweight and portable piece
  • Affordable pricing with the trust of Cello.
  • Available in Black and Grey color

Cello has been curating furnishing for compact and modern living spaces for decades. This option from Cello has classic designs that are available in black and grey colours. The rectangular filing cabinet can easily fit under a table or desk and it can be said as space-efficient. 

The standalone fully stabilized four drawers lateral file cabinet has rugged construction and drawer that can be extended with an easy slide mechanism. The drawers are not so deep but can accommodate files, A4 size papers, notebooks and others easily. If you are looking for something that can fit below your desk while can be functional with good quality material, then a cello storage piece could be a perfect small additional for your home or office. 

Ready to assemble, multi-storage cabinet with elegant dark and simple design doesn’t require ample space to position due to its convenient size. One of the drawbacks you could consider is the security factors. It doesn’t come with any locking system to secure your documents.

The sturdy and durable equipment weights about 3 kgs with 13. 56 inches in length and 9.83 height constructed with premium plastic material. Included 1-year manufacturer warranty, the piece is one of the best file cabinets and best suited for home and office where occasional file retrieval is needed. 

3. Nilkamal Chester 24 Series Plastic Four Drawer Cabinet

  • Dimension- 43 X 35.5 X 81cm
  • Weight – 5.36 Kg
  • Assembly – Ready to assemble
  • Warranty – 6 months manufacturer warranty on defects
  • Sections – four drawers
  • Material – Plastic
  • Sturdy, lightweight with high quality plastic
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • In built tracks an handles for easy sliding
  • Affordable pricing
  • Multi storage solution
  • Semi transparent captivating light blue color

Another sturdy and stylish piece from Nilkamal that meets quality standards for performance and safety. Nilkamal Chester is perfect for those who are looking for versatile and functional cabinets that occupy less space. The lateral cabinet file allows you to organize paperwork, letters files and books. It is one of the best file cabinets for home offices that can store multiple things, from small stationery to files and writing pads. 

No matter your practical needs and preferences, the office furniture is a perfect storage solution that represents value for money. With four deep drawers, each could hold a fair amount of supplies so you could accommodate multiple items. Light in weight and portable, the best 4 drawer filing cabinet is easy to transport and kept in any nook of your room or office.

Beyond office supplies, the versatile piece can be used for storing toys, small utility items or other things that requires storage. The drawer has built-in handles and tracks for an easy sliding option, making it simple to use. Being lightweight and quality plastic, the unit is simple to transport as per your convenience.

No products found.

IKEA is well rated and most preferred amongst shoppers. The brand is well known for affordable furniture with high quality and attractive options. The stylish options make it easy to store and categorize documents, files and other accessories. Forget the coloring option, this best filing cabinet for home is compact. transparent and maximizes your corner space. 

The sturdy and portable with casters allows you to maneuver the pedestal as per your choice. It comes with pull handles and deep drawers that can be extended fully for access. Whether considering books, files or other things, the sturdy plastic material cabinet can hold upto 4-5 kg per drawer. 

Forget scratching sounds and extra expenses of sliders, these best 3 drawer file cabinet  drawers are easy to slide. Certainly, in terms of design and aesthetic, the piece is sure to add grace to any room. It doesn’t have locking technology for your safety. 

5. MP ENTERPRIESES Sheesham Wood Drawer Storage

  • Dimension- 85 X 40 X 32 cm
  • Weight – 21 Kg
  • Material – Quality Sheesham wood
  • Warranty – 1 year manufacturer warranty for defects
  • Compartments – 3 Drawers
  • Contemporary Sheesham wood design
  • Study, durable and highly functional
  • Top of the cabinet can be used as side table
  • Vertical filing system
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The contemporary styles dark brown sheesham wood storage drawer is perfect for home. It is crafted from solid sheesham food and natural textured finish complements your aesthetic. Considered as one of the best 3 drawer filing cabinets, it is affordable and highly durable. 

Dark brown in colors, with smart and tapered legs highlighting sixties look.

The rustic and vintage appeal cabinet can accommodate your files and store other things like stationery, dairies and other things. The reasonably priced model includes three drawers that can be used for different purposes.

6. Nilkamal Chester 24 Series Plastic Four Drawer Cabinet

  • Dimension –17 X 14 X 32 inches
  • Weight – 2470 gms
  • Material – Polyester Plastic
  • Assembly – Ready to assemble
  • Compartments – 4 Drawers
  • Warranty – One year manufacturer warranty
  • Made from polypropylene plastic finish
  • Self assembled
  • Set of four drawers for different functionality
  • Transparent design
  • Portable and generous storage option

Practical and functional plastic drawer cabinets and ideal for filings and storing all bits and bobs. Nilkamal Chester is ideal for home office giving your space a vibrant and clean appearance. You can store hard copies of work files, contracts, employment letters, books or anything.

It can be a fun addition to your office. With 14 inch depth design, pull handles and sturdy material, the whole unit is pleasing and stylish. Versatile and study storage is a perfect solution for home and workplace.

Made from durable plastic, the best 4 drawer filing cabinets come with highlights of purple while transparent drawers, creating a colorful space.

7. EVONTE 4 Section Metal Mesh Folder File Rack

  • Dimension – 35 X 28 X 32 cm.
  • Assembly – Ready to assemble
  • Compartments – Four vertical sections
  • Frame – Metal frame
  • Finish – Smooth coating
  • Four separate sections for storing catalogues, magazines and A4 documents.
  • Black Mesh that can be easily blended with any aesthetics.
  • Used for commercial and personal household.

Keep your letter sized documents, files organized and viewable within reach. Evonte Mesh Stacking file rack is constructed with metal that can be either placed on your desk or table. The versatile and space saving idea is great for dorm rooms, business or offices of any kind. 

The modern and elegant desktop organizer with professional smooth coating can simplify your work. With four vertical sections to organize your binders and folders, you can have a clutter free working space. Featuring with blackplate adorned racks is adorned to be filled with your favorite books and magazines. 

The wire mesh frame lends an industrial style and elegant desktop container.

Frequently Asked Question

What type filing is right for office?

Both types are excellent for storing the documents.  Best lateral file cabinet option entirely depends upon your preferences, requirement, amount of files and space. Hospitals use lateral filing systems while smaller businesses opt for vertical filing systems

Which design is best for my home, lateral or vertical?

When observing the best filing cabinet for home, you should see that lateral filings are much better. But as there is no drawer, retrieval is quick and it couldn’t be considered a practical solution for offices or h/ospitals. Lateral is ration in terms of speed and storing, while vertical is best in terms of organization and accessibility. 

Why are metal the best for choosing cabinet materials?

Cabinet are designed to withstand years of use without wearing down as they are scratch resistant, fireproof and strong. Metal and steel cabinets can be your partner for a long time and can safely lock all your private information.

How many drawers are built in wooden cabinets?

Typically, the cabinet is designed for storing and categorizing your business documents or some important assets. Filing cabinets can have two or four drawers and contain multiple file folders. However, there are cabinets which can have 5 or 10 drawers as per your preference and requirement.

How many files can be fit in a filing cabinet?

Fitting of files depends on how tightly papers are packed and inserted in the file. You can average about 200 – 300 sheets per inch of space for your cabinet.


Your office or home furniture is a direct reflection of your business. Whether you are choosing an office storage or home workspace, it is important to pick the right color, style and brand. Best filing cabinet for home or office is an easy way to organize your documents, letters, files and magazines while keeping them secure. With our recommendations, we urge you to inspect each detailing, have a look and read our review before going for a particular cabinet.

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