Best Electronic Safe in India

By Trusha Patel

Electronic safe or digital lockers are some of the best lockers where you can place your belongings, especially the valuables confidently as they promise the safety and security of the belongings inside—even wondered how to pick the right electronic Safe for you? 

Let’s take a look at the buying guide to find out how to pick the right electronic safe for you.

Top 10 Best Electronic Safe Review

1. AmazonBasics Security Safe - 0.5-Cubic Feet,Black(14.15 litres)

  • Made of steel with carpeted interior floor
  • Two shelves, adjustable and spacious enough
  • DIY product with self assembling requirement
  • Feature of manually adjustable compartments

This security safe from AmazonBasics is one of the trusted models you can go for in the mid-range category. This security safe has a storage capacity of 0.5 cubic foot and is a strong built, made of top quality steel. You will also get an adjustable shelf which can divide the Safe into two compartments.

The Safe is protected with a key and a digital lock with dual override keys. It is a DIY product which requires manual assembling for safety concerns.

2. AmazonBasics Security Safe - 1.2-Cubic Feet,Black(33.98 Litres)

  • High quality, Pry-resistant steel built with soft, carpeted floor
  • Great space for storage with 1.2 Cubic feet capacity
  • Available with two manual override keys
  • Safe is powered by batteries

An upgraded version of the AmazonBasics Security Safe with extra storage space within the safe for keeping more items safe and secured. The digital electronic Safe is powered by additional batteries and provides the user with an option to set a passcode for getting access to the safe. 

In case of emergency, the user will also be provided with two override keys to get over the passcode lock and gain access to the electronic Safe.

3. SToK® ST- ES1723 Small Electronic Safe/Safe Locker/Safe Box/Electronic Safe Lockers for Home and Office Size- (23X17X17) cm (White)

  • Lightweight, easy to carry and mobile
  • One of the best budget choices available for the customers
  • Build of superior quality steel
  • Light indicators for showing the state of the safe

An attractive mini electronic safe with a great set of features, affordable one which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The Safe is built of steel, having a passcode set up and powered by batteries. 

No wonder this is an ideal pick for you if you are looking for an option within your budget and the size of the items are small and less in quantity. The size makes it compatible with even shelf storage with ease.

4. AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe, 43 Liters

  • Comparatively larger storage space with the fingerprint scanner
  • Built of sturdy, heavy-duty carbon steel
  • Highly secured with fingerprint scanner
  • Available with manually adjustable compartments

This is an ultimate home safe with the advanced biometric lock where only the authorized fingerprints can unlock the Safe anytime. The quality of the built is simply commendable, and the heavy-duty carbon steel is something really strong and sturdy. 

The door of the Safe is itself an eight gauge one and at the same time the body is of a 14 gauge built. The 1.52 Cubic Feet storage space is simply spacious enough for the storage purpose. 

5. Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 Electronic Safe (8 Litre) (Ivory)

  • Digital passcode entry system to ensure safety
  • 8 Ltr space for the storage purposes
  • Saves password with non-volatile memory
  • Built of low carbon steel

From the house of India’s most trusted home appliances brand, the digital electronic Safe is another attractive pick in the mid-range category. The product has a unique feature of non-volatile memory where it can still save the Passcode when the battery is running real low. 

Also there is an interior carpet and dual locks to ensure the safety and security of both the products. The product can be mounted either on any ground or wall-like surface anywhere you want. 


6. Godrej Security Solutions Stilo Electronic Safe (Black)

  • From the India’s most trusted brand in home appliances and storage spaces
  • Built of good quality low carbon steel
  • Comes with a handy LED display
  • One of the finest picks for the midrange

Another impressive electronic safe from the house of one of India’s most popular household brands Godrej, which belongs to the category of premium mid-range. An upgraded version of the Godrej’s normal electronic Safe with more upgraded features to look out for. 

This one comes with an LED smart display which will give you all the essential details on the state of the locker. There are multiple indicators too which will assist you with it.

7. Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker (Black)

  • Smart and attractive looking with digital display
  • Spacious enough for keeping a variety of items
  • A technically advanced personal locker to rely on
  • Attractive digital screen display

Godrej presents you the advanced smart personal locker of the new age with multiple sets of features and benefits. A Gen-Z personal locker where you can safely keep your belongings, which is easily portable and lightweight like a suitcase with more security. 

Similar to the safety lockers, these personal lockers are also operated by the passcodes and the digital on screen display gives it a neat and smooth outlook. The faster locking and unlocking mechanism too is a promising and impressive feature of the personal locker. 

8. Godrej Security Solutions Esquire Electronic Safe (Ivory)

  • Simple operative mechanism
  • A safety locker at a budget price with a great set of features built in
  • Multiple locks for extra safety
  • Multiple wrong entries freezes the keyboard

Godrej brings in another variant of their extensive range of electronic Safe where this one is an absolute show stealer with an impressive set of features and an economic budget to look out for. 

The Safe comes in with all the major features similar to a premium electronic safe but at a more affordable price. Hence there is no sacrificing the features for the purpose of the less price paid for the safe. 

9. SToK® ST- ES1723 Small Electronic Safe/Safe Locker/Safe Box/Electronic Safe Lockers for Home and Office Size- (23X17X17) cm (Black)

  • One of the most affordable electronic Safe in the category
  • Best for keeping small sized items
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Compatible to any surface

One of the best visible advantages of having a small sized electronic safe is that it occupies very less space in your house or office and it can easily be placed anywhere in the house according to your convenience. 

The advanced set of features are surely a great addition for the Safe at such an affordable price. Moreover the lightweight and easily portable advantages too makes it a wonderful option to go for among the electronic safety lockers of this category. 

10. Ozone Safety Solutions BAS-i5 Digital Safe, 24 Months Warranty; Volume: 10 LTR; Electronic Locking System; User PIN Code Access; Black

  • A top quality electronic safe at an affordable mid-range price
  • Fantastic features which constitutes one of the most secure Safe in this range
  • Safe automatically locks upon closing
  • Best value for the money spent

One of the most popular electronic safes from the house of Ozone Safety Solutions for your house or office needs. The affordable price range is itself its biggest advantage followed by its spectacular range of features adds to its advantages. 

It gives a secured open space for keeping your items and that too with utmost comfort. It is also small and compatible in size which makes it an easy fit to any surface.

Buying Guide for Best Electronic Safe

An electronic safe is an important household or office equipment which is used to store valuables in a safe and secured manner. Therefore it is essential to learn more about the electronic Safe before making or thinking of making a purchase decision on which one to buy. 

The electronic safes have a bunch of features and attributes which need to be considered, studied and understood well before making a purchase decision. Such features play an important role in making sure that the electronic Safe you are buying or planning to purchase is efficient and good enough for you from a variety of choices available in the market. 

No worries as we are here to make sure you lay your hands and make the best purchase decision with your electronic safe. So here are some of the features about the electronic Safe which you need to consider before buying. 

Features to look out in best electronic safe:

  1. Material used 

The material refers to the elements which are used to build the walls and other parts of the safety electronic locker. It is an important factor to consider as the quality of the electronic safe and it’s safety and security concerns are directly associated with the material used for building the walls and body of the locker. 

Most of the present day safety electronic lockers make use of the steel and carbon steel for the purpose of building a safe abode for your valuable instruments. Pick the strongest as the sturdiest material for the safety locker which is mostly available in steel. 

  1. Affordability

The affordability of the product too is a major concern when it comes to the factors to be considered before making a suitable purchase decision. The affordability refers to the type of the product which you want to purchase falls under which economic category. 

If the question or choice comes between the affordable and unaffordable goods, always go for the one which provides the best value for you. To find it out you need to study the features and what features do you exactly need for the purpose of buying the product with the best available value from the present market. 

  1. Interior walls

The interior walls of the product refers to the surface which is built inside the product or the housing whose outer version is visible to use. The interior walls of a safe should always be strong and sturdy so that it provides a wonderful and strong base for the outer walls to build over the inner ones. 

Moreover the interior walls are mostly constructed with mild steel and they also have the carpeted floor plan or the base made of the fabric used as a carpet. This increases to the comfort and the smoothness of the product that we are transforming. 

  1. Size and Compatibility

Another important factor which needs to be considered before making the decision of purchase is the decision on the size and compatibility of the product. The size of the product should not be too less, so that you cannot place the product you want to without getting into the space of others. The other space suggests that there shouldn’t be an idea of an oversized product to which it won’t fit into our circumstances. 

The compatibility too refers to the size where the product needs to be placed where it is considered as perfectly compatible and apt for the size and shape of the product. 

  1. Override 

Override is something which is performed by us during the process of forgetting or losing the Passcode to the same electronic safe. In these cases we need a master key which is perfect for the process of overriding the lock placed by the security safe and handling the entry into the Safe from the next time.

There are usually two options provided for the override feature.  A standard override using the master code which cracks the safe even when you don’t remember the Passcode you set and also when you don’t remember the Passcode it belongs to. The second way is through extension of shared relationships. 

  1. Tamper alert 

One of the best and advanced features to look out for in an electronic safe is the tamper alert feature. The tamper alert refers to an electronic system which has around 10 secs to shut down until the alarm of the electronic safe starts sounding and alerting others in case of a burglary or robbery attempt. 

It will help the user if he or she wants some extra production or efficiency to crack the locals there right near the electronic Safe. It can sound the alarm when it’s removed from its location or any attempt to break in flies along with the alarm turning on. 

  1. Passcode features

This depends on how long or how many digits of the Passcode you can suggest for the electronic Safe of yours in real. There are different varieties of electronic safes available for you in the market which provide a lot of projects varying from the length of the passcodes being 3-8 digits in most of the varying circumstances. 

You can just type the password on the screen which one too differs with a lot of devices. In some electronic safes there’ll be buttons available with a small screen and there are advanced products which have a small smart screen where the numbers can be typed on the screen for the safety of the screen by the other one. 

  1. Safety 

Last but not at all least, safety should be a primary priority when it comes to the issue and purchase decision of the electronic Safe. The Safe should be resistant against the known natural elements like fire and water and most importantly should be able to place freely anywhere around the house. For example it won’t be the sample therefore let her first with the children. 

Therefore the compliance to the safety standards and measures are final and no touch ups. As far as the safety issue is considered there are no issues bigger than what happens with the family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use electronic digital safety?

For the first time users, you can follow the given methods to make sure you use the electronic digital safe, safely for the first time. The user needs to set a passcode, a difficult one to guess for the lock of the electronic safe and then keep their valuables inside. 

In order to open the safe again, the user has to enter the Passcode again and without entering the right Passcode the user will not be able to gain access to the electronic Safe.

What is a digital safe?

A digital safe or an electronic safe is far different from the usual safe where the valuables are placed inside and locked from outside with manual tools like a lock and key. In this digital safes, you will be provided with the chance of picking a passcode to restrict the entry and gaining the allowance to the digital safe only to a limited number of persons. 

It is also one of the safest ways to make sure that the digital Safe is one of the most secure places a person will have for keeping his products there, trusting it to the core.

Are the digital lockers actually very safe?

Yes. The digital lockers are usually very safe in nature. Unlike the normal lockers no one can easily break-in to the different digital lockers with any tools from outside. They are protected with the help of a passcode and multiple layers of walls which prevent the tools from entering the surface of the valuables kept inside the lockers. 

Therefore the digital lockers are far efficient in maintaining the secrecy and the safety of any product which is kept inside it compared to any of the lockers which has an actual physical lock in it.

How are the digital lockers powered?

The digital lockers are powered with the help of one or multiple number of AA 1.5v batteries which are put inside them on the slot provided for it. These batteries will power up the lockers for a longer period of 3-6 months at a minimum range and depend on the power consumption by the same.

Which material is best for the doors and walls of a digital locker?

For a digital locker, the best material which can be used include the steel and it’s multiple varieties which can be used to build the walls of the digital locker. The varieties of steel include mild steel, normal steel, carbon steel, low carbon steel and the high end carbon steel for the material for building the walls and door of the digital locker.

What is a tamper alert with digital safe? 

In many of the digital safes there is a feature known as tamper alert which will help in raising an alarm whenever the Safe is being moved forcefully from one place to another or it is being tried to break-in with force. The alarm consistently rings and alerts the entire surroundings thereby triggering the palaces near about a robbery or burglary attempt.


So far you’ve seen some of the best digital lockers which will help you keep your valuables safe and sound without any human intervention at all. Therefore pick the right one for you after going through the buying guide and our range of handpicked goods from the digital locker range. 

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