Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

By Trusha Patel

A kettle, as we know, is a specialized pot-shaped container to boil water or tea. Initially, it was just another utensil. We have Electric Kettles that do not need a stove or a burner to boil water or make tea anymore. Just pour the water or tea and plug in the power cord. Wait for 2 minutes, and you are done. That is the magic of Electric Kettle.

Wherever you are, this portable Kettle can let you have your favorite green tea or coffee on the go. Modern-day electric kettles are armed with many new features to make them a safe, effective, and power-efficient kitchen tool. Numerous electric Kettle is available in the market but choosing the best electric Kettle under 1000 is a challenging task.

Just look into the top seven electric Kettle which will fall in your range. So further wasting any time let gets started,

Things to consider before you buy Electric Kettle

An old-school kettle is something which we all remember, right. We can put it on the stove and get the water heated quickly in the old days. Well, now we have the electric version of the old-school Kettle. They heat water and let you prepare your tea or coffee on the go quickly. The speed and efficiency at which electric kettle runs are so much better than the regular kettles.

The benefits of that electric Kettle over the traditional Kettle or to rely on running hot water is way more. These same benefits also turn out to be the fundamental factors we should be looking for when purchasing one electric Kettle. So, let’s look at all such services and characteristics.

  • Speed: First of all, electric kettles are very fast whether you heat water in a kettle on a stove or even use a microwave to boil water. Efficiency, speed, and performance in making morning tea or coffee or your favorite hot water morning sip quickly is the electric Kettle’s main selling point.
  • Ease of use: Another primary reason for its popularity is the operating mechanism. It’s so easy for a novice to get on with an electric kettle from day one. Just add your water, plug the wire and press the switch. You wait for hot water will be over in a minute. Plus, you have so many temperatures and other features that are also easy to learn and use.
  • Energy Efficient: Electric kettles may run on electricity, but that does not mean they are power-hungry. On the contrary, they are very power efficient and consume significantly less electricity to get the job done. They mostly consume 1000 to 1500 watt of energy and can boil their contents in 3 to 4 minutes max in the best condition.
  • Accurate with temperature options: Since they are temperature-controlled and a tea lover who is very sensitive to how it is made and temperature. You will love tea made in an electric Kettle as you can make them at the precise temperature you want.
  • Price: Depending on your needs, you can have a standard electric kettle or a high-end multi-mode with a more significant capacity electric kettle, which is costly as well. For most of us, the best Kettle under 1000 models are sufficient.
  • Material: Based on the type of material used in the electric Kettle, their durability varies. Stainless steel and Glass ones are durable and have a long life compared to plastic. On the other hand, the first two varieties get pretty hot and are not so portable compared to plastic ones. Weight also varies based on it as plastic ones are lightweight compared to steel and glass.

Loudness: Ideally, electric kettles do not produce so much noise as traditional ones. Still, some noise is there when water boils, and that’s the nature of it, and we cannot help it. Some electric kettle does some alarm sound sort of thing to notify you when it’s done.

  • Aesthetic: Things we use often tend to become things to which we are more attached as well. We do want them to look good as well. The same goes for electric kettles. You may wish you’re your Kettle to look good enough so that when you go to the kitchen every time. You can admire it. So while looking at all the models, keep in mind the aesthetics as well.
  • Safety: Safety features are essential for an electrical Kettle. As a buyer, one must watch for these features. The power delivery base must be leak proof and cordless with an ergonomic lift-off. Also, there must be an auto shutdown feature and a power indicator. Dry boil protection and concealed heating elements are some additional features that are good to have.

Top Electric Kettle Under 1000 Review

1.Singer Cutie Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

  • Power intake: 1000 watts
  • Concealed heating elements: Yes
  • Safety: Auto power cut
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Overheat protection keeps the Kettle safe
  • It comes with a Cordless base with a 360-degree swivel
  • Useful LED Power on-off indicator
  • A safe, dry boiling feature is available
  • It comes with an Ergonomic grip with heat insulation

The premium-looking Singer Cutie DX 1500 is a shiny stainless steel electric kettle by Singer. It has a capacity of one and a half liters and uses power of 1000 watts. It’s a very energy-efficient electric kettle with a great build and insulated inner body.

The Kettle is well concealed with the heating elements to give quick results. The cordless swivel base provides the perfect stability to the Kettle while plugged in. There is a LED indicator to show whether the electric Kettle is plugged in or not. This LED is also used in the auto cut feature.

It also features an auto power cut-off mechanism, which shuts the Kettle off automatically when the temperature soars above safety thresholds. The Kettle is available in a single color combination of the black plastic and silver color steel body. The manual on-off switch is placed on the handle for easy accessibility.

It comes with a dry boiling feature, and there is an added protection for overheating. The Kettle has an ergonomic design with rigid rugged plastic handles that are insulated to heat. This product is recommended for boiling water, and tea but not milk or other such products should be avoided.

2. Prestige 1.5 Litre Kettle 1500-watts

  • Auto power cut off: Yes
  • LED Power Indicator: Yes
  • Energy-efficient: Yes
  • Cord Length: 1 meter
  • 360-degree swiveled base: Yes
  • A nominal 1500-watt power intake
  • Elegant Maroon color design
  • Easy lid lock with one-touch open
  • Concealed with heating elements for easy wash
  • Broad mouth for easy pouring

The Prestige one and half liter red electric Kettle is a stainless-steel body electric kettle with a maroon lid and base. Besides good quality, stainless heat-insulated plastic is used for different parts like a handle, a swiveled base, and the top. The electric Kettle needs 1500-watt input with 230 V of voltage. 

It is a very efficient kettle thanks to its premium quality concealing with heating elements. The hidden details are easy to wash and are made up of anti-corrosive materials. The plastic body lid at the bottom has a stainless-steel locking mechanism. The safety lock makes sure that the cover remains sealed even when carrying or lifting the Kettle.

The design is very stylish, and it features a rugged plastic handle, which is very convenient to hold. The handle also houses the one-touch manual on-off switch for convenience. The same switch also has a built-in auto cut-off feature, enabling the button to turn off the power when the temperature is beyond the threshold.

The swiveled 360-degree base lets you plug the device in power from all directions. The base is attached to the Kettle, but the Kettle can be detached from the bottom once heating is done, making it more portable. Make sure to clean the Kettle after every use. Thanks to a wide opening, cleaning of inner walls is straightforward.

3. Pigeon By Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric kettle

  • Water level indicator: No
  • Safety: Auto power cut off
  • Locking lead: One-touch
  • Handle material: Rugged plastic handles
  • Manual switch: Yes
  • It is straightforward to use
  • The classic design makes it more attractive
  • Quick heating facility resulting in low power consumption
  • Daily washing is effortless
  • It comes with a Rotating base

1.5-liter capacity stainless steel classic design electric kettle by Pigeon under brand name Amaze. The stainless steel body has great polished aesthetics. It also has equally complementing high-quality plastic parts, which are very convenient to hold and make it as the best electric Kettle under 1000.

The rotating base brings in a lot of safety from the power delivery point of view. The cord can be short or long based on the Kettle’s distance from the power supply thanks to the inbuilt winder. It is easy to clean with microfiber or bottle cleaners or just plain water but do not wash the swiveled base as it has electric circuitry.

There is a LED power on-off indicator, which also helps in knowing when the Kettle goes into auto cut off mode. This feature enables the electric Kettle’s switch to turn off automatically if the liquid starts to boil up. Thus, there is no chance of fluid spill causing short circuits.

Concealed heating elements are used for fast boiling, making the Kettle more energy efficient. You can use it to boil water or make various kinds of tea like ginger tea, lemon tea, or even green tea. Though there is dry boil protection available in the Kettle, you should avoid boiling milk or similar products as they would potentially burn and stick on the Kettle floor.

4. Kitchoff Stainless Steel Electric Kettle for Home

  • Ergonomic handles: Yes
  • Power/lid release: Single switch
  • Lid opening: Flip-top
  • Pourer size: Broad
  • Auto power cut off: Yes
  • Stainless steel body gives a sturdy look
  • Rubber padding for extra protection
  • Dual chip controller for digital controls
  • 1500 Watt of power input
  • ABS quality plastic for handles

The Kitchoff Stainless steel electric kettle with dual body back coat is a value for money product. It has all those features which one can expect in a premium designed electric Kettle. It has a stainless steel body accompanied by a rubber padding outside for an extra layer of insulation from heat. Thus if by chance you touch the Kettle’s body when it has a boiling fluid, you will feel the least heat sensation. 

The power delivery is through a 360-degree swivel base made of plastic and houses the Kettle’s power supply and heating coil. This base is built to ensure that the water comes in contact with the heating coil in no way. The Kettle can be purposed to boil water or make your favorite cup of black coffee or green tea in no time.

The flip-top and the single touch lid make life easy for an end-user who is rushing to get their morning drink. The plastic and its build quality are very premium. The 1.7-liter capacity kettle has concealed heating elements for quick boiling and a comfortable cleaning experience. The inner and outer body is entirely anti-corrosive.

5. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle

  • Cord Length: One meter
  • Concealed heating element: Yes
  • Power intake: 1500 watt
  • Dry boil protection: Yes
  • Switch type: One-touch
  • Lockable lids provide you an excellent safety from accidental spills
  • Auto cut feature is available
  • The overall capacity of 1.5 liter
  • Swiveled 360-degree stable base
  • It has high-quality thermostat power control

The Butterfly’s 1.5-liter electric Kettle with the premium stainless-steel body is the perfect electric Kettle for your morning green tea, black coffee, or hot water. It takes minutes to get you going with your drink. There is dry boiling protection available, but you must not boil milk or such products as prevention.

The design finish is attractive and very lightweight as well as compact. All plastic parts are made with high-quality ABS plastic. The handles are designed in a way to give maximum grip and insulation from heat. Auto power cut off feature is housed that automatically switches off power when the liquid gets boiled.

There is a LED power on-off indicator which is at the bottom of the Kettle. There it gets attached with the swiveled round power delivery base with an a-meter-long cable and winding mechanism. The Kettle is easy to attach and detach from the power supply base. Also, it is entirely leakproof, making it a safe device.

There are concealed heating elements making the boiling and afterword cleaning experience a smooth one. You can quickly run your hands or run a cloth over the inner linings due to these concealed elements. These internal and outer body is also corrosion-free resulting in longer life and durability.

6. Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa-1500W

  • Filter sieve: Built-in
  • Cord winder: Yes
  • Lid Type: Hinged
  • Power Indicator: Yes, LED
  • Base: Swivelled cordless base
  • Overheat protection gives you safety
  • Quick boiling mode for power efficiency
  • Auto power cut off feature keeps the liquid hot intact inside
  • Concealed with heating elements for easy wash and better heating
  • Portable and light-weighted, can be kept in kitchen easily

The Inalsa electric Kettle is the best kettle under 1000. At such an attractive price, you get a power-efficient stainless steel inner and outer body electric kettle. It has a circular shape robust hinged lid mechanism, which keeps the lid stable to its position.

There is one manual switch on the plastic handle, which can be operated with one finger. There is an auto power cut as well with dry boil protection. Inalsa uses concealed heating elements in the inner walls making it easy to clean.

For power delivery, it uses a swivel base with a cord winder built at its back. The cord winder lets you wrap the whole cord behind the base making your life easy. The base’s design is such that keeping or lifting the Kettle from the cord base is easy and safe.

On the top, we have a filter sieve built on the pourer, which thus stops any impurities. The sieve is easy to clean. There is a LED power indicator at the bottom of the Kettle, and it also features multiple boiling modes like a rapid boil with an overheat indication.

7. Prestige PKOSS 1.8 Litre Kettle, Red

  • Grip type: Insulated
  • Quick boil: Yes
  • One-touch switch: Yes
  • Lock Type: Single touch
  • Concealed Heating Elements: Yes
  • Auto power shut feature is safe to use in the home
  • ABS plastic used for making insulated handles
  • Elegant spout design helps you in easy pouring
  • A large capacity of 1.8 liters is perfect for the big family

The Prestige PKOSS electric kettle is elegant with a stainless steel inner and outer body combined with high-quality maroon-colored ABS plastic. Multiple safety and other features are loaded in this electric Kettle, which comes at a very reasonable price. The kettle 1500-watt power consumption is very power efficient.

The one-touch lid-locking facility, which also doubles down as a manual power on-off switch. The auto cut feature switches off the device when the temperature inside reaches beyond the threshold. The Kettle has a very spouted design, which results in a comfortable spill-free pouring experience.

You can expect your favorite hot drinks like black coffee or green tea ready in minutes. It houses a 360-degree swivel base, which is very stable, and Kettle can be easily lifted off or put back with ease.  It has a power indicator that remains on until the device is plugged in power and liquid is boiling.

 It also indicates whether the Kettle has triggered the power cut-off feature or not due to high temperature. Prestige has used concealed heating elements to make the cleaning and boiling experience smooth with minimal noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we buy an electric kettle?

When you are in a real hurry and want to grab your favorite tea or coffee and run for work, an electric Kettle is the best answer to your problem.

When is the perfect time to replace your electric Kettle?

If you own an electric kettle for quite some time, then look for its efficiency. Check whether it takes double the time to boil water as it used to do when it was new. If so, then it’s time to buy a new one.

Should we consider the auto power-off feature in an electric kettle?

We must make sure that the electric Kettle we plan to buy has the auto power-off mechanism, which is a must-have as it turns off the Kettle automatically when water starts to boil too much.

What other safety features should we look for in an electric kettle?

Other safety features include dry boil protection, a cordless leakproof power base, and concealed heating elements.

Should we buy steel or a plastic kettle?

Steel kettles are considered better than plastic ones. If you are going for a plastic kettle, make sure it’s Bisphenol A or, in short, BPA-free. It is harmful stuff and causes cancer among humans.

What is the perfect size for a household electric kettle?

If your requirement is from 3 to 4 cups of tea or coffee or hot water daily in a family of two, then a 1.5-liter kettle will be more than enough. For a larger family, you should go for a 1.8-liters size electric Kettle.

Should we buy Kettle with minimum noise?

Noise mainly comes from boiling water inside the Kettle. All the Kettle have that noise, but some boast their Kettle based on minimal noise. Such models can be expensive than the regular one, so you can try an electric kettle under 1000.

Which form factor of electric Kettle should I buy?

We have a jar type of electric Kettle, and we have a stovetop-shaped Electric Kettle. The first one is housing a spout-shaped top to pour fluid, while the second one has a giant mouth like a cooker. If you want to make your tea or coffee, then jar types are right for you but if you have heavy usage, then go for stovetop type.

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