10 Best Electric Guitar in India

By Trusha Patel

Want to buy the best electric guitar that can give a rocking and bass boosted session to soothe your ears, then you have come to the right place. Electric guitars have always been the best instrument in the music industry. They can give that pumped music to all the music lovers out there. 

But having the right one will take the feeling to the next level. There are numerous guitar brands available in India, but choosing the right one is always challenging. This is so because there are various brands present, but there are a plethora of models made by them.

Electric guitars can be used by professionals as well as by beginners. Usually, they are used for hard-core music for a live stage program or the recording session studio.

If you want to buy the best electric guitar in India, you need to know the guitar’s technical details then only you can choose the worthy option.

Knowing all the technical details is not a cakewalk, so we have gathered all the best electric guitar brands in India into a compact list to help all the guitarists out there.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitar Review

1. RockJam RJEG02-SK-RD Electric Guitar Starter Kit (Red)

  • Red in color
  • Linden wood material
  • Steel strings
  • 6 strings
  • 3.5Kg weight
  • 99.01 x 5.99 x 30.99 cm in size
  • The body is made up of linden wood for refined sound
  • It has a normal weight
  • Got additional amplifier, strap, picks, spare strings, and the whammy bar for beginners
  • Glossy finish without any bumps for a good playing experience
  • Good cutouts and placement of tuning of pegs

Rock jam is one of the best electric guitars in India. This guitar will give you an excellent music experience whether you use it for a studio recording or normal playing at home.

The guitar is designed in a glossy finish to keep up the electric guitar style, the same as the rocking session’s experience. This guitar is full-sized with all the kits included with this product, like spare strings, 10-watt amplifier, and strap for high rocking sessions.

It has an iconic ST design that makes the viewers attracted to your music. Moreover, it has metal gear heads, and the body is made up of basswood to have a genuinely refined sound experience.

Everything present on the guitar is cut and placed. The tuning pegs give good tuning you can adjust according to your style of playing.

The finished with zero bumps help the guitarist to play the electric guitar easily. Additional kits help the user to start playing the guitar out of the box.

It is considered as the best electric guitar for beginners as this product comes with all the necessary things for a beginner.

2. Fender Squier 0370005506 Bullet Fat Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Black, Rosewood Fretboard

  • Balck in color
  • 4.5 Kg weight
  • 113.03 x 10.16 x 37.47 cm in size
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 6 strings
  • The fretboard is made with the best wood for the good playing experience
  • Have a good neck and body finish
  • Made with Polyurethane for the long-lasting beauty of the guitar
  • Humbucking pickup is dual coiled
  • Have a pickup switch which is five-way
  • Right-hand orientation

Fender is one of the best electric guitar brands in India. The name fender is very famous in the music industry and as the most trusted brand in electric guitars. This  guitar has all the features for an amateur guitarist.

The product chord is made by keeping all the essential aspects in mind, and the bend strings give a satin final touch of c-shape. It has a jumbo fretboard of 21 medium and a radius of 9.5 fingerboards, with a humbucking pickup that is coiled twice and is placed close to the synchronized tremolo for a rocking session.

It comes with different string gauges along with a versatile truss rod. Moreover, this guitar has adaptable saddles. It is designed and finished in gloss polyurethane, which will keep guitars’ beauty for many long years.

It is best for amateurs as all the necessary things are present on the guitar to be used for a live stage program, a recording session in the studio, or learning new lessons.

Furthermore, it comes with a pickup switch which is five-way and provides a good playing experience. All the cuts and technical details are placed so that any guitarist can use this electric guitar for an excellent playing experience.

3. Juarez JRZ-ST01, 6 Strings Electric Guitar, Right Handed with Bag/Case, 2 x Picks (3TS Sunburst)

  • Sunburst color
  • Linden wood body
  • Maple neck material
  • Ebony fret material
  • 96.1 x 43.1 x 8 cm in size
  • 4.3Kg in weight
  • Innovative design with glossy finish for long-lasting beauty of the guitar
  • Made up of 3 kinds of wood maple, ebony, and linden
  • Total 18 number of frets for rocking frequencies
  • Single coil pickup for good high-end rocking sessions
  • Good cut-outs for comfort

Juarez manufactures the best budget-friendly electric guitars for all types of guitarists. The guitar is designed in a glossy finish for an attractive look and an excellent playing experience for the users.

It has great looks with a great finish with modern innovative design to produce an excellent sound quality. The cutouts of the guitar are perfect and according to the comfort of the users.

It also has a 3x single-coil pickup for a better playing and listening experience for the users and listeners. One of the most popular electric guitars among beginners because of the features it offers outside the box.

It plays high frequencies very well without any distortion and giving that rocked pack experience to the users. Build quality is excellent for the users using its on-stage performance.

This product comes with additional guitar components like a strap, guitar bag, extra pairs of strings, and two picks for playing the guitar in the best possible way for rocking sounds.

This guitar is fully wood-constructed electrical guitar with geared tuning for achieving refined sound. Strings are made up of steel, and the guitar’s framework is also wood—the best buying option for beginners.

4. Fender SA 135C 39 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar - Hardwood Fretboard - Natural

  • Beige in color
  • 96.1 x 43.1 x 8 cm in size
  • 2.9Kg in weight
  • Hardwood material
  • 6 strings
  • The body is made up of mahogany
  • Finished in black hardware for great looks
  • Pickup is stained in maple for better hold
  • Plastic tuning machines with chrome-plated

Another excellent guitar from the fender. The best in the segment with all the necessary features a guitar should have. Made of hardwood with a sturdy and straightforward design. The sound produced by this guitar is very refined and soothing to the ears. 

This guitar is designed and finished with a glossy finish all around the guitar to give an attractive and stunning look for music lovers. It comes with a truss rod for adjusting according to the needs and music being played on.

The fretboard is crafted in an excellent way to give good comfort and a hands-on feel for the users to play the guitar. It is the best electric guitar for beginners as it’s a basic level guitar with good and refined sound performance. 

The guitar’s bracing is scalloped x rosette, has a concentric neck with a nato gloss finish. The bridge of the guitar is stained in a maple pickguard with a black hardware finish.

The guitar’s sides and back are laminated to keep the guitar’s beauty long-lasting and laminated with a mahogany body finish. The guitar’s top is made like a concert top and has a SA series body shape.

5. Epiphone Les Paul Express"Travel-Size" Electric Guitar

  • Vintage sunburst color
  • 6 Steel strings
  • H guitar pick configuration
  • 111.76 x 15.24 x 48.26 cm in size
  • 1Kg in weight
  • Looks taken by legendary guitarist artist Les Paul’s guitar
  • The body is made up of mahogany wood
  • Light-weighted for traveling
  • Chrome-plated components
  • Treble control, volume control, and tone control present

Epiphone s Les Paul is among the best electric guitar in India. Les Paul, the legendary guitar artist’s guitar type it is made of. This guitar can give an excellent refined sound that of a Les Paul original guitar. 

The electric guitar is designed and finished in a glossy finish similar to the original Les Paul guitar. A good fretboard and strings offers excellent performance with fewer efforts.

The guitar is lightly weighted, so easy to pick up and play with very much less effort. Giving a legendary Les Pauls’s guitar looks, it looks very stunning. The design of all the components is taken from Les Paul’s guitar.

Three user-friendly components are given, like treble control, tone control, and one for volume control, helping the users set the best tone and rhythm for their musical performance. 

It is very compact and can be used while traveling to different locations on-stage performances. Also, it can be used while singing by hanging it back due to its size compatibility. All the metal parts of the electric guitar are chrome plated for stunning looks and to preserve the electric guitar’s beauty. 

6. Givson GS 1000, 6-Strings, Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, SunBurst, With Cusion Cover/Bag

  • Black in color
  • Weighs 6 Kg
  • 101 x 36 x 6 cm in size
  • Rosewood body
  • 6 strings
  • The strings are made of brass
  • Stunning looks for attraction
  • Standard size electric guitar
  • Adjustable bridge for good performance

Givson is one of the best Indian electrical guitar manufacturers. It is a perfect guitar for both professionals and beginners. This guitar is packed with all the necessary features an electric guitar should have. 

The looks and finishes of this electrical are stunning. The ends of the guitar are sharpened like structured to give attractive looks to the users. This guitars’ framework is made up of fine wood. 

Four controllers are given for adjusting the perfect tone and rhythm for the users. It can be used for on-stage performance and studio recording and provides a well-defined sound for music lovers. The bridge is also adjustable for the users.

It is one of the best electric guitars for beginners. All the features and stunning looks give an edge to all the electric guitars in this price segment. This product is priced according to the budget of many new guitar buyers.

The strings are made up of brass, giving extra bass to your rocking musical sessions. It is suitable for right-handed people because of the orientation. The fretboard is made up of rosewood accompanying six strings.

7. Cort X100 6-String Electric Guitar

  • Open-pore black in color
  • 6 string
  • Meranti body works
  • 111.8 x 43.1 x 20.3 cm in size
  • 2.4 Kg in weight
  • Entry-level guitar with all features
  • High powerful sound humbuckers for a great music experience
  • 6 point tremolo system
  • Multiple colors available like black, cherry black, black burst

This is an entry-level guitar model of the new series by the Cort brand. It is a 6 string electric guitar with all the features included in this guitar. The design of the body is done stylishly and with stunning looks.

The body is very much similar to all the high-end electric guitars. This product is available in multiple colors for the vibe of the guitarist artists. The string gauge present on the electric guitar is light so that users can tune it according to the chords. 

The pickup and sound quality of this guitar are very much good. Easy to use and handle with minimal effort. Two extra components for controlling the electric guitar’s volume and tone in a much better way according to the chords and other instruments played along. 

D’s radius is 400 millimeters with two high powerful sound-producing humbucker pickups and a 6- point tremolo system. 

This product can be used at various places like on-stage performance, studio recording, casual playing at home, or to learn the guitar in a better way. 

8. Givson Venus Super Special, 6-Strings, Semi-Electric Guitar

  • 104 x 38 x 8 cm in size
  • 3.15 Kg in weight
  • Black in color
  • Right-handed orientation
  • Chrome keys
  • Made of various fine woods for refined sound and performance
  • Finished in a gloss finish in black color
  • Jumbo-sized guitar with 20 frets
  • A semi-electrical guitar that can be used as an acoustic also

Another best electric guitar in India is Givson. It is the best in this segment because it is a semi-electric guitar, which means you can use it as an acoustic and electric guitar for various purposes. 

It’s a 41 cutaway guitar, a jumbo-sized guitar with 20 frets for an excellent playing experience for the users. The material used for building this big-sized guitar rosewood from the fingerboard and bridge. 

The neck and body are made up of toon wood with a stylish and sleek design for the users’ comfort. And the top of the electric guitar present with tuning pegs is made up of Pine wood. 

It has chrome finishes on all the keys present on the electric guitar. The framework is made up of all fine woods for giving that edging performance to the users to make it the best electric guitar in this article. 

It can give both acoustic effect and electric because it is a semi-electric guitar which we can use as normal playing without the cables and amplifier and can be used with speakers and amplifiers. 

9. Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitar - Black

  • 100.3 x 45.2 x 10.2 cm in size
  • Rosewood material
  • 3.9Kg in weight
  • Multicolored
  • 6 strings
  • Standard tremolo
  • Magnetic single-coil pickup configuration
  • Made of fine different kinds of woods for good sound quality
  • Designed in very stunning looks for the long-lasting body
  • Have multicolored textures over the guitar

Ibanez produces the best guitar electric guitars throughout India. The company is very trusted and produces the best products. This brand gives all the features a guitar artist needs in his musical life. 

You can play this guitar for hours and hours because of the comfort and satisfaction it gives to the user. This product is designed in a glossy finish with chrome keys on tuning pegs. This product is carved into a stylish way to attract the user towards it. 

The guitar is made out of many kinds of fine woods. The body framework is made up of Agathis, the neck is made up of maple, and the fretboard is made up of rosewood, which gives fine and refined sound to the users and listeners. 

The guitar is multicolored with soft touches for user comfort. This product is bundled with many things like a shell case for protecting the electric guitar, an Ernie ball strap, a tuner for tuning the guitar, and a patch cable for connection.

10. Kadence AstroMan Electric Guitar Left Handed, 21 FRETS, ROSEWOOD FRETBOARD, H - S - S PICK UPS Sunburst

  • 107 x 41 x 8 cm in size
  • 4.2 Kg in weight
  • Multicolored
  • Left-handed orientation
  • 21 fretboard
  • 6 strings
  • Have HSS pick up for good sound quality
  • Big fretboard for smooth playing of electric guitar
  • Strings are very soft produce warm sounds better
  • Made out of fine rosewood

Kadence is among the best electric guitars in this segment. This is suitable for left-handed people because of the orientation it is made up of. It has an exemplary pick-up configuration that helps the users to play it comfortably. 

It is a 21 frets big-sized electric guitar made up of rosewood. It is built to cater to the demands of musicians who want the competition to other guitar artists. Equipped with HSS pick up, which helps the guitar artists to be versatile. 

The string is very soft so that the artists can play fast songs over the fretboard without any difficulty. It is very light in weight so that it can easy to pick and play without any extra effort. The sound produced by the guitar is warm and mellow tunes.

Because of the fine woods and fretboard arrangement, the sound quality delivers by this electric guitar is very much pleasing to ears and gives satisfaction to the users and listeners. Hence, it is one of the best electric guitars in this segment.

Buying Guide for electric guitar

What must you consider while buying an electric guitar?

Buying your first instrument that is the guitar, should be the first step in a lifelong journey of gathering the knowledge of learning. It can be a difficult task; there are tons of guitar manufacturers and the models they manufacture. So, the best one will be a challenging task for many of us.

If you buy your first guitar be it acoustic, classical, or electrical guitar, you have to face many questions. Like, which size, which type of wood material, what should be the weight, which will sound good, how many fretboard arrangements, how much to invest at early stages.

To overcome all these problems, we have listed down the points to keep in mind while buying for professional use or learning. Still few things like the taste of design, its purpose is up to the artist’s needs. 

We have segregated the list into two parts. One guide is for the professional artist who wants to upgrade their current guitar, and another is for those who want to buy it for the first time to learn or start a career.

Guide for beginners:

Always play the guitar before keeping it forever:

While choosing a new guitar as new to the guitar industry, the first thing to do is play the guitar. Don’t just go with looks and designs; it’s just the aesthetic part of the guitars. 

Always check the sound quality it had produced when you played the guitar. It will give a fair idea of which one will be best. Playing the guitar with your own hands will help to know how comfortable you can pick it up to play the guitar. 

It will also help you know how much your hands can reach across the frets because if that is not comfortable, you will not be able to play it properly. 

Look for the weight:

While buying a new guitar, the most important factor will be how you can pick it up and play. 

Though heavy guitars give that fuller and richer sound if you can’t pick up and play it well, it will be of no use. So, the weight should be lightweight when you are a beginner. 

Go for woods with basswood, which offers you a lightweight guitar which weighs around 1Kg. It will help in the early learning stages; then, gradually, you can upgrade to the guitar with heavy woods like mahogany. 


When you buy your first guitar, you don’t go amazed by the famous brands instead of which one is very much according to your budget. Don’t go for brands that are highly-priced as they are made for specific purposes.

But you choose which is a good brand and is within budget as your basic purpose is to learn the guitar how to play it. So, be careful while buying a new one, yes definitely buy from reputed shops but according to the need and budget.

Style and design:

Yes, you should check all the styles and designs but don’t look only because looks matter, but what matters most is that it is your first guitar before looks, the sound quality should be checked. Different shapes are present in the market.

As shapes also define the produced sound, choose a guitar with a simple shape with an excellent sleek design to have good quality sound and you well within your budget. Shapes like normal guitar looks go for it as these guitar types will fulfill your basic needs. 


When you choose a new guitar, check what kind of strings are used in that guitar as the strings will only help you play the guitar properly. If the strings are not comfortable for you, you won’t play the guitar, so choose wisely.

The best type of strings for beginners are steel strings as they are easy to handle and easy to play along with other instruments. But do check for any rust on the rings as it will give injuries to hurt. So, choose the clean steel strings while buying your new guitar.


Another essential thing to keep in mind while buying a guitar is all accessories should you buy along with it. There are so many components available for your guitar, but you only need the things that will help you learn guitar as a beginner. 

Go for accessories like extra pair strings and extra picks, as these are very small and they can be lost anywhere easily. So, always buy extra picks, capo, for tuning the strings perfectly to the rhythm, strap for hanging to shoulder while learning, so you don’t drop it from your hands.


Another key thing to be considered when buying a new guitar is the price. There are so many brands and models out there, but it varies from product to product if you check the prices. So it’s confusing which one to pick for a beginner. 

Always check all the above points first, then list down all the guitars that fall into your budget, choose which one is best, and fulfil the basic needs with less money.

Well, you must check reviews of all the listed down products as users may give their experience with that particular guitar, which will provide you with a fair enough idea of which one will be best. 

If still not sure, ask for expert opinions as they have much experience to tell which one will best for a beginner.

Guide for professionals: 

When coming to professionals, they know much about guitar and know all the best guitar components. So, they are only confused with guitar according to the genres, where will you use that specific guitar. Well, the factors that must be considered as a professional are:

Tonewood Material

If you choose maple wood, then it is explicitly used for neck and fretboard, so select it for neck and frets as they produce clear sound and resonate with defined sounds. 

If you choose mahogany, it is basically for the framework as they are strong and malleable to any shapes with producing twangy sound. If you choose ash, it helps maintain the chords and notes very well and is very strong with economical wood type. 

Type of electric guitar to choose

The most famous one is the solid body, which is used for pop and country genres, but it lacks a hollow resonating chamber that means sound can be amplified much louder. 

The next one is a hollow body, which is very commonly used for jazz or rock and roll music. The tone produced by these types is smooth and electrified because it has a large resonating chamber, so the sound cannot be amplified louder.

The next one is semi-hollow, which many artists use because it is very versatile and can be adapted into any genre according to the artist’s need. It also has a large hollow chamber with a good resonating sound with a block in the center.

Price for accessories:

It is very important to know what all accessories need to pair up with your electric guitar. Because there is so much available in accessories which very overpriced so while buying check the best one with a budget in mind 

As you will need picks for playing the guitar and they are the tiny accessory which can give a good headache because you should know which material and thickness you need while playing the guitar 

Most of the time, professionals use their fingers, but you need a pick, so you need a pick, so you need good pairs of picks always with you, so choose accordingly.

The next one is standing, it can be made up of different materials but choosing the best one is important as you don’t need to change stand every month. So durability should be in your mind. 


The next thing you should keep in mind is that the strap you choose because a heavy guitar needs straps to behold; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to play the guitar properly. 

Tune is the most important accessory for an artist. It is always unpleasant to hear the guitar without a proper tune. Tuning your guitar will save you time for setting up your guitar every time you wish to play. Tuning on the spot will take much time. 


Every guitar has different purposes; even the thickness of strings does matter in the sound quality. So choose the right string for your specific purpose. 

Electric strings run on power and can produce that hard and rocking sounds, whereas acoustic guitar produces a much softer and warmer sound. 

The tuning pegs gauge or thickness also plays an important role in producing quality sound. 

Style and design:

Yes, as a professional, you should go for styles and designs because you need to perform on great stages with these kinds of guitars. So choosing good styles is important. 

You can choose styles that have good sharpened edges that will be semi-hollow type, which is very strong and malleable to any shape. 

Customize according to the specific needs or to the type you prefer. It will cost you much less than the original brand guitars. So choose very wisely which type you need and what all are your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should beginners look for while buying a guitar?

The beginners should check that electronic parts are working in good condition, and the guitar should keep up the tone. Along with this, they should check the neck material, and it must be straight. Apart from these, the length of strings from fretboards, the wood quality it is made up of, and how comfortable your hands are to reach across the fretboards.

What are all the things you need when you buy a new guitar?

Things you need when you buy a new guitar are strings if the string gets rusted, it should be changed right away, a tuner for tuning picks for playing the guitar, a strap for hanging the guitar on the shoulder while playing, a capo, and music stand to place the guitar after playing.

How to know that the guitar is good?

While buying a new guitar, always test it right there to know what all are the problems. While purchasing, keep in mind to play all the strings one by one from neck to down, notes played produced good sound quality, check the material properly, check for any defects on the fretboard, rust on strings and size of the guitar given by the brand.

What types of guitars are available on the market?

There are mainly 3 types that are acoustic, classical, and electric. Each guitar’s purpose is different as these guitars have different notes and chords and are played according to the other instruments playing along. However, semi-acoustic and semi-electric guitars are available for artists who want to play both on one guitar.

Does the shape of the guitar matter or not?

Yes, it matters the most because the shape it is carved into will give the sound quality. Though electric guitar doesn’t fit into these segments, the sound quality depends on the fretboard and tuners’ quality. The shape of the guitar helps to show how good the tune has resonated.

Does the wood of the guitar matter?

Yes, it does matter. If heavier wood like mahogany is used, the tune will resonate differently from lighter wood like basswood, with medium sound quality. But the major tune that resonates is how you play the guitar, fretboard arrangement, and pick up your electric guitar.

Does the weight of the guitar matter?

Yes, it is one of the main factors that affect the sound quality of a guitar. If a guitar has a low weight, there will be less quality sound than a heavyweight electric guitar because heavy wood used will anchor the pickups much better and hence produce fuller and richer sound quality.

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