Best Doorbell In India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A wireless electric doorbell is the modern age implementation of the electric doorbell, which we are familiar with in the nineties. But unlike their predecessor, the switch and the chime box do not need electric wiring to be connected. Instead, they are connected through wireless signals.

Whenever the transmitter switch is pressed, it generates a wireless signal at a particular frequency caught by the receiver within a given range. Once the receiver gets the signal, it rings the bell or turns the music on from the preloaded tunes in it. These units run on batteries and are very portable compared to their predecessor.

These days numerous brands are available in the market who will provide you the best doorbell in India. It became really tough to choose one, so we have come up with the top 10 brands within your budget. This will help you to choose the best one for your place.

Things to consider before you buy a wireless doorbell

You are here since you plan to buy a wireless doorbell but currently have no idea what to look for in the process. We are trying to cover all the salient features we should look for in a wireless doorbell. Be it color, ease of use, design, cost-effectiveness, we have covered them all.

Since wireless doorbells are pretty new, buyers get confused, and we have tried to put together a list of all such things you need to consider before buying one. So, let us get started.

Operating range: One of these devices’ essential features is their operating range, meaning how far receiver and transmitter can but still have uninterrupted connectivity. This depends on the signal strength; for household use, 70 to 80 meters can be enough, but the range should be higher for commercial usage.

Power intake: Wireless electric doorbells use a variety of power intake combinations. Some have receivers using regular household 240V power sockets with transmitters running on alkaline or lithium batteries. Some have both the units running on any battery. Based on your need you can go with any of them. The alkaline battery ones are the cheapest.

Certification: Based on user needs, some wireless electric bells come with IP certifications for dust and water. Some are weatherproof, thus giving protection from both in addition to higher temperature withstand range. This makes the doorbell robust to work in harsh conditions like factories and outdoors. For home usage, a regular splash-proof dust-proof one will be fine if you want to place them outside.

Multi transmitter: It depends on your need, whether you need one transmitter switch or multi. If your house has multiple entrances, you would like more than one transmitter unit paired with the receiver bell. The same goes if the device is intended to be installed in a doctor’s clinic or office, or care house.

Multi receiver: Sometimes, we need more receivers against a single transmitter. This again can be used when you want multiple receiver units to ring simultaneously on the push of a single button. The best use case can be in schools, factories, and offices where many sections need to be notified at once.

Integration with new technology: In this world of intelligent devices, the integration concept picks up pace. We want all our smart devices to work as a single ecosystem to deliver that ultimate user experience where devices themselves take things to care of. If you are into such a thing, go for IoT-enabled wireless doorbells, which is best doorbell in india could support voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Apple home solutions.

Easy installation: You would like a doorbell which you can install yourself, and that’s what now a day’s wireless doorbells are all about. Most of them are plug-and-play; you need to plug or stick the receiver somewhere in your house where you can easily hear it. Then it would be best if you found a perfect wall or door to attach your transmitter buttons. Most of them are coming with adhesive tapes or hooks attached.

Volume adjustment: This feature might look trivial, but sometimes we take it for granted, but that is not always the case. Make sure your wireless electric doorbell has volume levels that can be adjusted manually or through the remote. Also, make sure that it has a mute mechanism or an option to unplug when you don’t want it to be ringing. 

Design: Either you would like a doorbell that would suit your interior aesthetic and complement it rather than ruining it. Otherwise, you may also want it to be so small and portable that it does not stare at your eyes whenever you look at it. For both needs, modern-day wireless electric doorbells are perfect. They are either so tiny and portable that they can be hidden or elegantly designed to look great.

Visual Indicator: Built-in LED flashlight is another prominent feature present in most wireless electric doorbells. They are much needed because if you have hearing-impaired, this LED flash will notify them that someone is at the door. Also, when you want to keep your doorbell volumes down or maybe mute them while plugged in. Then this LED flash will work as the visual notifier.

Top 10 best doorbell in india

1. AVANTEK Mini Wireless Waterpoof Doorbell

  • LED indicator: Yes
  • Color: Black with a green marker
  • Power intake: CR2032A Lithium batteries
  • Volume levels: Five
  • Range: 300 meters
  • 52 Chimes and tunes
  • IP55 dustproof and waterproof
  • Portable mini size, can be fixed easily
  • Working temperature range -20 to 60 degrees
  • Smart memory function

The AVANTEK mini wireless doorbell chime is a waterproof and dustproof doorbell with a range of around 300 meters or 1000 feet. The mini doorbell has much power to deliver sound with a range of seventy to hundred and fifteen decibels. It has five volume levels perfect for various situations, making it silent to very loud as needed.

The device has a collection of 52 chimes and tunes which also include famous Beethoven and Tchaikovsky tunes. There is a green LED flash indicator as well built into the doorbell. The doorbell runs on a pre-installed lithium battery with a life span of about three to four years. The device’s dimension is pretty compact; thus, when installed does not block any power sockets.

The bell operates on auto mode to run tunes, but you can also go back and forth using the forward, backward button to choose one song. The device is very durable, and the transmitter is completely waterproof. It can operate under harsh and extreme weather conditions. You can install the doorbell at your homes, hospitals, hotels, garden, schools, and offices. It also comes with a mute mode when you don’t want it to ring.

2. iGear Symphony - Battery Free Wireless Bell

  • Audio type: Polyphonic
  • Product dimension : 15.6 x 9.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Transmitter: Mechanical
  • Type: Battery free wireless
  • 38 inbuilt polyphonic sound
  • Value for money
  • The doorbell is Water-resistant
  • Adjustable volume levels

The iGear Symphony wireless bell is one of the best wireless bells due to its simple operating model. It needs no batteries to run, and you need to plug the receiver into power and the transmitter switch is a mechanical device and requires no electricity or battery to operate. The device outputs at a mode hundred decibels at maximum volume. The device works smoothly in a range up to 100 meters with no obstruction, while in the case of different floors, it can operate up to 45 meters.

The device is water-resistant, and it churns our polyphonic tunes when the transmitter is pressed. You have manual switches on the side of the receiver to go back and forth to choose tunes. You can also set the volume levels using these buttons. When you don’t want the doorbell to ring, pull the receiver out of power.

The wireless bell is preloaded with 38 polyphonic melodies . The transmitter switches are very smooth but rigid and it can be fixed on walls or doors by screws attached to the hook, and you can also try double-sided tapes. The transmitter switch is attached to a base that has remote functionality. This switch can be detached from this remote based if needed.

3. amiciSmart Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

  • Dustproof: Yes IP44
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Mode: Plug and play
  • Memory Function: Yes
  • Volume levels: Three
  • Comes with 32 different tunes
  • Withstand range of -20 to 60 degree
  • Push-button transmitter
  • 300 meters of range

The best wireless doorbell by AmiciSmart is a value-for-money doorbell and it has all the features which one can think of in a modern wireless doorbell. The device is IP44 dust certified and water-resistant as well, also has a wide operating range of 100 to 300 meters in open spaces. It comes with a three-level volume adjustment and around 32 preloaded melodious tunes. It uses an anti-interference mechanism giving better performance upfront.

The doorbell is very robust and can withstand harsh temperature conditions associated with dust and moisture. It is effortless to install as the receiver unit has to be plugged into a power source. Simultaneously, the transmitter unit runs on a 12-volt alkaline battery and can be installed using the adhesive patch at its back or through screws and nuts. The transmitter unit is a push-button type switch and is very durable.

The device also has an intelligent memory function that lets it remember the last tune set before the power was turned off. Thus, it can remember all the settings and gives a better end-user experience. Another handy feature of this wireless doorbell is the scalability option it provides. You can easily have multiple transmitters and receivers, which can be paired together to create various use case scenarios without any problem.

4. Lokza Wireless Doorbell Door Bell

  • Weatherproof: IP33 certified
  • LED Flash: Yes, Blue
  • Sound range: 25 to 85 decibels
  • Operating range: 800 to 1000 feet
  • The push button is easy to use
  • You can have 32 different chimes
  • Four levels of volume
  • Comes with Plug-in receiver
  • Battery-powered transmitter

The Lokza wireless door chime is a complete package with all the needed features at an attractive price point. The device comes with 32 preloaded melodious chimes and tunes and the sound generated by the receiver unit can go pretty high, up to 85 decibels. It can be muted as well and has four levels of volume adjustment. Based on the surroundings and requirements, one can adjust the sound level generated through the receiver.

The receiver can be plugged into the standard power socket, the transmitter unit on the other side can be operated using a 12V alkaline battery. It can be pathed on any wall or door either by the double-sided adhesive tape or using screws and anchors. The battery of the transmitter unit can be easily changed by removing the screws at the bottom. Whenever someone pushes the transmitter switch on the outside, the receiver unit starts to flash the tune’s blue LED.

You can manually set the tune using buttons on the receiver alongside volume buttons. The device is very robust and has IP ratings of being water-resistant and dustproof. It employs more than 64000 codes to avoid interference in signal transmission with other devices. The operating range of the device is excellent, ranging from 800 to 1000 meters. 

5. Pressfit Echo-V Auto-Learning Wireless Door Bell

  • Operating Radius: 150 meters
  • LED Flash: Yes
  • Remotes: Eight
  • Button Type: Push-button
  • Waterproof: IP44 certified
  • Multiple remote with different tunes
  • Total 48 tunes are available
  • Best for Hospital and Office
  • Plug and play receiver
  • Color combination white and royal blue

Pressfit Echo is of its kind auto-learning multi remote-operated wireless doorbell. It can be used, but eight different transmitters and all these transmitters are paired with the receiver through the auto-learning technology. Each set of remote triggers a diverse collection of tunes on the receiver so that the listener could differentiate which transmitter was pressed.                            `

Each of the bells can generate more than ten tunes with a combination of religious, peaceful, melodic songs. These bells are very effective in clinics by doctors for vocal calls to subsequent patients. Also, they can be used in care facilities where elders can use them to call their nurses. It also has excellent usage in offices where multiple bells can be connected to one receiver with designated tunes for each bell.

Other than the preloaded tunes for above usages like office and hospital, it has memorable melodies. The transmitter units have push buttons while the receiver is a plugin device and there is also an LED flash for visual notification if someone presses the switch. The operating range of this device is around 150 meters without obstruction. The color combination of the device is Royal Blue with White which gives it an exquisite look.

6. PEACHBERRY Long Range Wireless Remote Doorbell

  • Color: White
  • Volume adjustment: Five volume levels
  • Operating range: Forty meters
  • Total Tunes: Ten
  • Temperature range: -20 to 60 degrees
  • Multipurpose electric wireless bell
  • Long battery life for the transmitter
  • Push-button transmitter
  • Fit for indoor and outdoor usage

Peachberry remote, the best wireless doorbell is of its kind made in India product with value for money features, they have given five-volume adjustment levels, which can go pretty loud at the top. This makes it fit for indoor and outdoor usage, also it can be installed in homes, offices, hotels, and shops. There are a total of ten preloaded ringtones or tunes. The transmitter and receiver pairing is effortless, and the operating range varies from 20 to 40 meters.

The transmitter can be hanged using screws and attached to doors or walls using double-sided adhesive tapes. The transmitter’s battery life is perfect and can last up to 2 years for low usage and around a year for high usage. That’s a great life for a device at the given price point. The pairing method for the transmitter with the receiver is straightforward.

You can add up to 3 transmitters with a single receiver, and all can be paired easily with the main bell. Since sound options can be chosen manually, you can set up different tunes associated with each transmitter. The LED flash indicator is another way to know if someone is pressing the switch.

7. Gesto Baoji Plastic Remote Control Door Calling Bell

  • Power Intake: AA alkaline battery
  • Operating distance: 50 to 100 meters
  • Transmitter button: Push-button
  • LED flashlight: Yes
  • Color: White with custom LED
  • Easy to install using double-sided sticker
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Battery driven receiver
  • Attached Push switches are easy to operate

The wireless electric bell is an excellent product for all those who need one for their home or office. It is also helpful for those elders who can call someone loudly. The unit runs on alkaline batteries, and there is no power consumption or lithium-ion battery. The transmitter unit uses a single AA battery, while the receiver unit uses two AA batteries. 

The design of this bell is exquisite and comes in multiple color combinations. The main body is white, while the flashlight’s color varies from blue, yellow to purple based on your choice. The cost-benefit is extreme for this product given the price point and cheap battery cost to run it. The device has a push-button type transmitter and an operating range of 50 meters with obstruction and 100 meters without obstruction.

The unit is elementary to install, and it has double-sided tape attached at the back of both receiver and transmitter. Since the device is lightweight, the adhesive is enough to keep it in its place. There is also the choice to adjust the sound levels based on the surroundings and need. The battery will run out in a year if the button is pressed 20 times a day.


  • Design: Assorted designs and colors
  • Installation: Using double-sided sticker
  • Transmitter switch: Push-button
  • Range: 50 to 100 meters
  • Flashlight: Yes
  • Double AA battery are required for power
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Option for remote control
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor

The super-it wireless remote control door calling bell by Baoji is a good quality doorbell. It has wireless connectivity with the transmitter switch and runs on inexpensive AA alkaline batteries. The range of operation for the doorbell is awe-inspiring as it ranges from fifty to a hundred meters. The transmitter needs one AA battery, while the bell needs two AA batteries to run. 

For both indoors and outdoors purpose it can be used, based on the need the sound level can be adjusted as per the surroundings. The device’s installation is effortless as there are double-ended adhesive tapes attached at the unit’s back and it can be used as a doorbell, and adults inside the home call someone. The sound produced by the bell is charming and not at all irritating.  There is also a visual indication that someone presses the transmitter through the LED flashlight on the receiver.

Due to easy installation and no hassle in operating it, this device is handy and especially at an attractive price. There is no doubt that it’s a value for money buy as an end-user. The quality of the pushbuttons given on the transmitter is good, and manufacturers claim that it can bear more than 20 presses per day for a long time.

9. GM Modular 4008-Strio Stereophonic Door Bell

  • Type: Wired doorbell
  • Power intake: AC power source 240 V
  • Tune: Stereophonic
  • Operating frequency: 60 Hz
  • Easy Installation: Yes
  • Elegant white and black design
  • Easy to install, so its hassle free
  • Loud ding dong tune sound
  • Long-lasting due to simple functionality

The GM Modular doorbell is the best wireless calling bell and the most basic and straightforward doorbell implementation. Unlike the wireless sophisticated battery-operated electric doorbells, the simple old-school stereophonic ding dong doorbell that we all know about from our childhood. The main thing about this electric bell is its design aesthetic and sleek look. There is only the bell unit that you need to stick to your door or wall.

You will need some wiring to attach the device to a power source, and you are done. The sound is pretty loud and clear and perfect for outdoor usage as well. The sound frequency it generates is around 60 hertz which is quite loud, and due to minimal digital parts, there is significantly less chance of malfunctioning. You can get one, and the product will promise a very long life, especially at a price. 

The device’s size is very modular, and instead of spoiling the look of your wall or door, it will enhance the same. The power source needed for this modular doorbell is the standard household 240 volt. The device is resistant to splashes, humidity, dust, and extreme weather and is well suited for outdoor usage.

10. ESS EMM Baoji Plastic Wireless Door Calling Bell

  • Installation: By hanging
  • Switch type: Button switch
  • Tunes: Multiple preloaded tunes
  • Operating range: 50 meters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Modular design with white body
  • LED flashlight with different color options
  • Alkaline battery operated
  • Volume adjustment is available
  • Dust and splash resistant

The ESS EMM Baoji plastic wireless remote control door calling bell helps both indoor and outdoor usage. It is easy to install using the prebuilt hook or by using double-sided adhesive tapes. The unit uses inexpensive double AA alkaline batteries to operate, a major USP of the product. The transmitter uses a single AA battery in the package, while the receiver unit needs two AA batteries.

The receiver unit is preloaded with multiple musical tunes and chimes, triggered when someone presses the transmitter button. The buttons on the transmitter are switch buttons and are very tactile. According to the manufacturer, if the button is pressed twenty times a day, only the inserted battery will run out of power in a year. The receiver unit also works with multiple transmitter units by pairing with them the first time. 

There is also an LED flashlight built into the receiver unit, You can choose between multiple LED color options that are provided in this model. This indicator gives a visual indication in case someone presses the transmitter switch. Thus, even when the receiver’s volume is set to low, the LED will act as a notification medium. The devices operating are also perfect and can function smoothly even at around 50 to 60 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we buy a wireless electric doorbell instead of a standard doorbell?

They are cheap, portable, easy to install, and produce multiple tunes preloaded into them.

What should be an ideal operating range of wireless electric doorbells for the household?

A doorbell with a smooth operating range of 70 to 80 meters would be enough in a household.

When should we go for a multi-receiver or multi-transmitter wireless electric doorbell?

When you have multiple entrances to your home or looking for commercial use, you should go for multi-receiver or/, and multi-transmitter with remote pairing enabled wireless electric doorbell.

Should the wireless electric doorbell have LED notifications?

Yes, it must have a LED notification that is flashy enough to notify in case sound is muted or someone in the family has hearing issues.

Does the wireless electric doorbell run on battery or electricity?

It depends on the model you purchase and some run-on alkaline batteries, some on Lithium, while some use electricity to operate.

How can we install a wireless electric doorbell?

It is straightforward to install one, and you can use screws to hook them or double-sided tape to stick them. Receivers, in most cases, go directly to power sockets.

Can my wireless electric doorbell connect to my WIFI?

This happens in high-end best wifi doorbells with more advanced features and IoT capabilities. Standard wireless electric doorbells do not have those features and function themselves with manual controls.

Can we replace the batteries inside the bell and the transmitter of the wireless electric doorbell?

If your wireless electric doorbell is using alkaline batteries to run, yes, but in case of lithium batteries, you cannot replace them.

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