Top 10 Best Car Air Purifier in India

By Trusha Patel

All of us work hard for ourselves and our loved ones. We want the best of everything for them, whether its food, education, or health. While we are focusing on our goals, are we ignoring our respiratory health? The best car air purifier may hold the answer to that.

It is a fact today that with so many vehicles on the road, it can get congested, and air may get polluted. If you also use your car to commute, you may be ignoring the adverse effect of smoke on your lungs and health. Well, no need to worry now as the air purifiers are available just not for homes but your cars also. These come in many variants, and you can purchase one according to your preference.

A car air purifier effectively cleans the air via blocking the lousy smell, removing or lessening the pollutants, and clearing out the dust. Thus you, your loved ones, and pets can be safe from irritations, allergies, respiratory problems, and congestion.

If you also consider buying a car air purifier, you can refer to our top ten list of the best air purifier for car pollution choices. We have done extensive research and in-depth comparison to bring you the best products. Also, we describe them with their pros and cons, so sit back and enjoy.

Top 10 Best Car Air Purifier in India Reviews

1. Dr. CHARCOAL Non Electric Air Purifier Deodorizer and Dehumidifier for Cars, Bathrooms and Kitchen. 200 Grams. (Classic Neel)

  • It is a 100% Natural Air Purifier.
  • It absorbs bad odor, pollutants, moisture, and other particles in the air.
  • This is one of the best selling items in this segment.

Dr. Charcoal presents a product that is loved by users all around because of its organic essence and soothing fragrance. This non-electric air purifier is a bag purifier with activated charcoal.

So it naturally absorbs the pollutants and allergens in the air, which is passing through it. Just hang or put in in the air vent, and then you can breathe without worries. There are three sizes and four color options available.

2. ANSIO Air Purifier HEPA Active Carbon Filter UV Lamp Ioniser Aroma Pad Compact Ideal for Home Car Office with Mobile Charger

  • It claims to purify with 99% efficiency.
  • It comes with a rare to see two-year brand warranty.
  • It has segregation of layers for purification.

Ansio believes in innovating, and that is why it presents its portable, efficient purifier. It is specially designed to counter pollution and air regeneration problems like vehicle’s smoke, exhaust, pollens, allergens, dust, and smog, etc.

It is an automatic electric purifier that comes with a USB charger, and also it uses a charcoal style filter for filtration. You can easily carry around this best air purifier for car pollution.

3. Litake Car Air Purifier,Car Air Freshener with Dual USB Charging Ports, Ionic Air Purifier Remove Dust, Cigarette Smoke, Bacteria and Bad Odors, Car Ionizer for Automobile (Black)

  • It comes with a blue led for indication.
  • Mic style air purifier removes the odor instead of covering it.
  • It is recommended as an attractive gifting item.

One of the most advanced products in this segment is the Litake car air purifier. This purifier uses ozone filtration technology to remove the bad odor and factors behind it, like bacteria and germs.

The ozone control is quite safe, and it remains under safety measures. From its higher function, we come to the design, which is a mic style chrome-plated structure. It has an LED and USB charging compatibility to keep up with modern times.

4. Breathe Fresh Vayu Natural - Air Purifier, Dehumidifier & Odor Eliminator For Fridge, Gym Bag, Travel Bag, Small Shoe Rack, etc. (Activated Charcoal Bag, Pack of 1)

  • It is a bag style air purifier.
  • It has three layers of charcoal, bamboo, and linen.
  • It’s just not only for cars but for your home, fridge, and luggage.

Breathe Fresh Natural Air cleaner comes with prominent activated-charcoal filtration. As it is designed in an attractive bag form, this air purifier is superb at its job. It does multiple tasks at once.

It simultaneously lessens the smell, reduces humidity, absorbs chemicals and pollutants from the air, and also kills bacteria. Two folds of activated plus bamboo charcoal clean the air. The third linen layer absorbs the moisture. This best car air purifier is also long-lasting.

5. Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier (Black

  • Philips is an excellent purifier from the premium segment.
  • Specially designed for a healthy car environment.
  • A filter that lasts up to 350 hours in use.

Philips is a brand that we’ve trusted for years now to make our lives more comfortable. So many people love Philips electronics and lifestyle tech because of the sheer quality it provides. 

An example of this fact is GoPure from Philips, which comes with the Airmax filter to clean 90% particles off the air and also two fan speeds, sturdy design, and adequate lesser time for filtration. This filter is the epitome of modern tech and performance.

6. ZAAP(USA) Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs, Pets, Smokers,Air Purifier(Model:O2+, Steel Grey)

  • It comes with masters USA tech.
  • It also has UV-C light that works as a germ eliminator.

    It has 3-in-1 Functionality.

ZAAP Air Purifier is a perfect example of what the best car air purifier should look like. First of all, it brings the most recent tech from the USA into the Indian market. It has not one but three kinds of deep filtration, which makes it one of the most efficient. 

The first layer being a charcoal layer, the second layer being an “authentic HEPA filter”, and the third is the UV-C light. A combination of these three makes the filter able to clean, purify, sanitize, and dehumidify the air all at once. Impressively it claims 99.97% purification.

7. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer - 10 Million Negative Ions - Kills 99.9% Viruses - Removes PM2.5 & Dust - Designed in Japan

  • It is an automatic filter with ION technology.
  • It makes very low noise.
  • The round stand design is easy to carry and fit in the car.

Nebelr takes air purification one step ahead with new Japanese tech integration in its filter. It has an Ion filtration method that produces negative ions. These negative ions get mixed with air pollutants and weigh them down. 

Also, these ions kill germs and are claimed to be good for allergies and irritation. Nebelr comes in a cup design and can easily be fitted in the car with its low disturbance.

8. Airspa With Device Car Air Purifier With Hepa & Ioniser - Ce, Rohs & Iso 9001:2015 Certified

  • It is an ISO certified product.
  • It uses both Hepa and Ion filtering tech.
  • It is also a very lightweight air filter.

Airspa may be new on the horizon in this tech market segment. It has dual filtration for effective results. Firstly the HEPA filter can quickly clear out particles up to 0.3 micrometers and secondly the negative ion emission technology. 

You just need to plug it in the power supply, and it cleans out all the air in a few minutes. Price is also according to filtration efficiency, but the built material is ordinary plastic.

9. Vantro Smart Car Air Purifier with Ionizer & HEPA with Digital Touch Display with 1 Year warranty

  • It has robust metal foundations in an attractive design.
  • It has seven colors of LED light options.
  • It has a Micro-USB slot for conveniently charging it.

Vantro adds an exciting product to this list with their smart air purifier. This purifier also uses the featureful HEPA filter and negative ion releasing tech. It is much lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

You can make this a part of your car because of the superb fitting and an aesthetically pleasing design. The vibrant LEDs add a charm to this excellent rechargeable air filter.

10. Smarteee Car Air Purifier,Car Air Freshener, Car Ionizer and Ionic Air Purifier | Removes Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors (Golden Color)

  • It has an outstanding glass design.
  • Its ion tech released up to 5million ions for filtration.
  • It is a plug-and-play design that can be directly plugged into 12V Holder.

Smarteee air purifier is one of the most stylish products in the best air purifier for car pollution segment. It has a small torch like design with glass on the top for beautiful light indication. 

Secondly, it uses an extreme ion tech for killing the bacteria and removing the dust and smoke from the air. Lastly, this purifier is compact, lightweight, plugs in a 12V slot, and even after that, it is such a powerful device.

Hence we come at the end of our top ten list. Some of you may want to explore more options or want to know more before sticking to a choice. For you guys, we are providing a detailed buying and research guide about car air purifiers.

Buying And Research Guide

Things To Look For In A Car Air Purifier

1. Type Of Filtration Technology.

This bit is the primary factor you need to consider for any air purifier, let aside the car purifiers. We need to give this topic such significance because filtration methods decide the efficiency and performance of the purifier. Also, according to your car, climate, and driving conditions, the filters are different.

Let’s look at some of the major filtration techniques implemented in the best air purifier for car pollution-

A. Natural Purifiers- This type of purifier is minimal and most simplistic in design. They use organic filters like activated charcoal stuffings or gels to clean the massive particles and dust off the air. They are neither mechanical nor automated gadgets; thus, they work only to a limited extent.

An adequate example of these is fragrance charcoal bags that can be put and carried around everywhere. They smoothly work for every climate, house, vehicle, and object. These are the most affordable in all the car air purifiers.

B. Air Filters (Physical)- These are both simplistic and automated devices. Most of the filters in this category are electronic gadgets that fit on the air inlet of your car and take the air into their circulation via their suction.

Then this polluted air goes to the physical filter of the device, which has its various size capacities to segregate the microparticles in the air. It removes the number of impurities it can up to its filter size and then sends back the purified air into the car to be circulated and breathed.

These filters are compact and need a replacement after a specific time as dust and particles stick on them and leave them useless. They are a bit more costly than natural filters and have a standard design scheme.

C. Ozone Filters- Word Ozone may give you a hiccup and arise a hesitation in your mind. But the ozone filters mostly produce safe levels of ozone, which cleans the air and superbly eliminates the odor out of the car. These are advanced gadgets with study designs and finished looks.

D. Ion Filters- On the top price segment of the best car air purifier, comes the ion filters. They’re an upgrade to ozone filter tech where ozone releasing machines have been improved to produce ions.

These negative ions are produced in millions by the air purifiers, and ions weigh down the dust and heavy particles in the air. Also, they kill the germs in the air to improve the quality of air.

These have a range of design options ranging from plastic to metal to chrome to glass. They come in various structures and also vary in sizes. They sit top at the most premium air purifiers.

Our verdict here is that the best car air purifier is one which has a combination of UV ray, natural filter, and physical filter technique such as ZAAP air purifier.

2 Ease Of Use

Ease of use means operational methods of a car air purifier. We have discussed how the car air purifiers can come into various categories. Some of these may be automated, or some may need to be plugged. Let’s talk in detail about their power source and how they need to be implemented.

Bags or hanging purifier which comes with stuffed charcoal or bamboo filings need a complete replacement after their due. Secondly, the chargeable automatic purifiers come with a USB or Micro charging slot so they can be carried around at almost all the places and charged right from your car. 

Then we have battery-operated or plug-in filters which can be plugged directly into the 12V lighter slot. These are compact and can be fitted in nicely. Also, they make less noise due to the small size.

We will advise you to choose one which performs best in every weather and climate conditions and also lasts long.

3. Single Or Multi-Purpose?

There are outstanding purifiers that work best with their charcoal filter or ions, and then there is the multifunctional jack of all trades. What we mean to say here is that a car air purifier which has multiple filtration techs integrated into one and also the one which has many layers of filters should be preferred.

The best air purifier for car pollution should have natural filters to clean out the pollutants effectively and also an ion filter combined to kill the germs and eliminate the odor.

4. ACH Rating

ACH refers to air changed in an hour. ACH is the rating given to air purifiers based on the times of air filtration in a single hour. If you have a more spacious car, your air purifier should purify the air in your car cabin for five to six times an hour. Similarly, the CADR is also the speed at which purified air comes out, and it should also be according to your car’s size.

We advise you to read thoroughly and enquire about a car purifier’s capacity and guidelines. Medium-sized car owners should go for a minimum of 12 cubic meters per hour CADR.

5. Building Material And Brand

The best car air purifier should have the best building material and design. Many options may have the newest purification technique, but their cheap plastic material or weird design makes them quite uncomfortable and expensive to use. They can easily break, or many times may not fit properly.

It is advisable to go for ergonomic design and a metal-infused built. Some of the air purifiers are very premium, and if you’re buying such a gadget, it should stand firm on all the standards of robustness.

It is no surprise that quality comes at a price, and most of the prominent brands have top products at a specific price-tag. These brands offer quality without any doubts but sometimes keen research may take you to options which are budget-friendly and also come with superior quality.

6. Warranty And Budget

You should look for a car air purifier which has an explicit warranty scheme with all the rules and regulations mentioned. It may increase the cost a bit, but it will give you a sense of security for your precious device.

At last, remember India is a fiercely competitive market with several options to choose from. Don’t go after enticing claims and advertising and choose a car air purifier that fits your requirement and budget.

Benefits Of Car Air Purifiers

  • It prevents uneasy or congested feelings some passengers may have while traveling in a closed car. This is possible due to odor suppression.
  • Car air purifiers with UV tech and ion filters can kill the bacteria and germs in the air, making the car safer for going out and traveling with children and pets.
  • They suppress or remove the lousy smell, which may ruin your commute or long rides as your car may catch some scent due to nonstop driving or extended use.
  • Some of the air purifiers also work as dehumidifiers and can block up to 70% humidity in the air. So they make your life much easier when traveling in the rainy season.
  • They also filter out pollen and allergens. It is primarily advisable for people with allergies and smoke irritation problems that they should use air purifiers.
  • Air purifier also cleans the air, so the interior and decor of your car lasts long and stays in good condition.

Some users may have any doubts left. For their assistance here, we are providing a list of frequently asked questions. Please do refer to them and also find our top air purifier in India below.


Q1 What kind of device is a car air purifier?

Car air purifiers are compact filters or filtration gadgets that are small enough to fit in the cup holder, power slot, or directly upon air ventilation. Thus they either transmit the air through them or release some kind of rays or ions to purify the air. In short, these are made for clearing the polluted smoke of traffic and vehicles.

Q2  Car air purifiers use which techniques?

A car purifier may have many variants based on its filter tech. They have various techniques like natural filters in the form of charcoal bags. Also, they may use an automatic air filter with mechanical air filters installed. Some versions have ion and UV ray tech to kill germs and purify the air

Q3 What are some of the benefits of a car air purifier

They are built to make your breathing environment healthier. For the stated purpose, air purifiers kill germs and bacteria in the air, remove pollens and allergens, they clean air of smoke and dust, and, at last, give the air a pure and pleasant fragrance.

Q4  When do I need to change the filter in my car air purifier?

If your variant comes with a physical or natural air filter to improve the air quality, you need to maintain it properly. First of all, you should check for the dust, dirt, and particles stuck to it after a duration and clean it if possible. Secondly, some filters may need to be replaced after 3 to 6 months of usage. The time length varies per device.

Q5 Which is the best car air purifier?

The answer to this question depends firmly on your requirement. We have provided a buying guide to describe the different aspects of the purifier. Choose the features according to your preference and look for the product which fits best in that profile. Then consider it under your budget and voila you’ll have the most suitable car air purifier for you.


The fact that health is wealth is hidden to none. But to maintain that precious wealth, we need to make some investments, and a car air purifier is one of them. 

Healthy family means a happy family, and for your assistance, we conclude the Philips GoPure as our top pick. We hope you liked our effort, and thanks for reading.

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