Top 10 Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India

By Trusha Patel

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. Babies are marvellous and give our lives a positive direction. If you’re a parent living this beautiful moment, you know much about caring for your baby’s food, health, and comfort. Babies have milk as a significant part of their lives, and you should get the best baby feeding bottles for them.

Babies, especially newborn babies, feed naturally through their mothers or take most of their diet through a feeding bottle. There are all kinds of milk and nutrient foods available to be fed via bottles. So the apparent importance should be given to baby bottles.

There are several baby bottle brands in India, and all of them would claim to be the best. But the best baby bottles for newborns are those which are safe for your baby in reality. They should serve the purpose they’re made for and also should stand true to what they advertise.

There are plenty of features that make any bottle loved by most users and set it on the apex of that market. These factors range from design, safety, temperature control to durability. All the detailed info would be available in our buying guide.

First, let’s take a look at our top ten choices for baby feeding bottles. This list is curated with the utmost care. We have put a lot of effort into describing, comparing, and present our advice about the products. We hope our attempt will be helpful to you.

Top 10 Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India Reviews

1. Pigeon Peristaltic KPP Nursing Bottle Medium Nipple (240 ml, White)

  • It is one of the best-rated products in this segment.
  • It also has excellent reviews and the tag of being the best selling item.
  • It is a BPA free PP bottle.
  • The base is round-shaped.
  • The product is also ISI 14625 certified.

All our household loves pigeon appliances for their range of products and excellency at the fair price. Their KPP nursing bottle is no different from the brand promise. First, if we take a look at the material, it is the BPA and BPS free, High-grade plastic bottle. These certifications, remove your worries about the plastic as it is secure for babies.

The design of the bottle with BPA free nipple mimics a natural feel for babies and encourages them to be adequately fed. The bottle has clear markings for the volume of the liquid. The bottle is a round hole, and it is best for babies aged three to six months. The neck is also quite slim for better handling of the bottle.

We recommend this bottle for its mid-range price and superb user experience. You can be assured of quality via authority certifications provided with it.

2. Fisher-Price Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder, Blue, 125ml

  • It is made from high-quality silicone.
  • The design has a distinct look and function.
  • The bottle is claimed to be ultimately BPA free.
  • This kind of design enables us to feed more types of foods.
  • It is an excellent bottle for six-month-olds.

Fisher-Price always tends to inspire the market with its innovations. One such innovative design is integrated into their new baby food feeder. First of all, the material would be soft and comfortable on your baby’s teeth because of its better quality silicone.

There would be no problem in handling and your baby trying to chew on the nipple. Now the main reason this bottle stands out from the competition is its new-age nipple design. The nipple is designed to respond to pressure, which controls the feed and is a lot less messy. You can easily hold it with a single hand and also carry it around while travelling.

The mid hole top nipple design ensures your baby can feed on foods like milk, pureed fruits, mashed vegetables, cereals, and other kinds of soft and mashable foods. Although it has a bit higher price because of the innovation still its functionality makes this one of the best baby feeding bottles.

3. Philips Avent 125ml Natural Feeding Bottle (Clear)

  • It has a natural feel due to a wider contact surface.
  • There are different size options available.
  • The nipple has petal design for increased softness.
  • It is very convenient to use and can be easily cleaned.
  • Philips has made it compatible to use with other various products.

Philips is known for its enduring and superb appliances, which have been a part of our households for years now. This bottle is especially recommended for babies who feel uneasy with bottles or aren’t used to them.

The reason behind that fact is its wide surface design. It has a unique breast-like design to give the baby an original feel. The material is considerably better as it has many certifications for being safe and food-grade.

The shape of the bottle is convenient for a firm grip, and it is an ergonomic design. The neck is also broad, which allows easy filling and cleaning. Philips bottle is recommended for its safety and unique design, but it may be costly for some users.

4. Speedex Grade 304 Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle for Kids Steel Feeding Bottle for Milk and Baby Drinks Zero Percent Plastic No Leakage with Internal ML Marking (240 ML and 2 Extra Nipple Free)

  • It is made from durable stainless steel.
  • It has a higher capacity of 240 MLS.
  • This steel bottle is eco friendly and reusable.
  • There are engraved markings for liquid volume.
  • Cap has a great fitting preventing any leaks.

Speedex presents the best in class, feeding bottles for babies. Now you don’t have to worry about the warm food getting cold or vice versa with excellent stainless steel material. Steel is preferred as a material because it has effective temperature control, and secondly, there is no tension of plastics and their certifications.

Steel is the metal that makes your bottle extraordinarily safe and durable for prolonged use. Speedex bottle has a superb instilled nipple design to provide babies with comfort while feeding. The cap also assures the buyers that there will be no leakage problem. The capacity is 240MLs.

The bottle lasts long, and you can even reuse it if you properly store it. The neck is wide enough to fill it comfortably, and the bottle is entirely recyclable. Speedex, for its compatibility and material, is one of the best baby bottles for newborns.

5. Pigeon Glass Feeding 120ml Bottle with Add Nipple, Small, Pale Blue

  • Material of the bottle is premium glass.
  • It has a flexible nipple for movement.
  • It is an ISI certified product.
  • Special thin neck makes handling and cleaning easy.
  • There are six colour options available.

Nothing compares to a soft touch that a glass body provides to the user. Minding the essential qualities of glass as a material, Pigeon has put a lot of consideration in designing this bottle. This bottle is available in two capacity variants, which are 120 MLS and 240 MLS. These bottles also have three options, according to a small, medium, and large nipple.

Glass is safe for your baby and would remove worries of any side effects and toxicity. The nipple of the bottle is developed with a flexible material that lets it move around with baby’s licking and tongue actions.

The nipple is also made of incredibly soft silicone to make sure it doesn’t irritate or harm your baby’s mouth. If your baby is more than six months old, then go for a Y cut variant, and if the baby is younger, go for a round hole variant. The packaging includes an additional nipple for comfort.

6. Philips Avent 330ml Natural Feeding Bottle

  • The nipple is an impressive innovation that mimics the original feel.
  • It has a higher capacity of 330MLs.
  • It has an advanced anti-colic valve.
  • Overall shape of the boat is ergonomic.
  • It is an editor’s choice product.

Philips has been trusted by parents all over for almost 36 years now as a trusted feeder for their babies. This very bottle has fed part of our generation, and its new variant promises much more. Philips claims them to be the most natural experience for a baby as their broad base provides a breast-like experience for babies.

There is also a dual valve system with an anti-colic technique to get any residual air out of the bottle before feeding. The bottle can be effortlessly managed through one and because of the economical design. The neck opening is also wide to let the bottle get filled and cleaned much more comfortably. Philips claims completely BPA free plastic material. So you can choose this PP bottle without any worries.

In our verdict, this bottle may be a bit costly, but the user experience would be second to none. All these factors make this bottle one of the best baby bottles for newborns.

No products found.

Rianz has taken a competitive approach to the baby care supplies market with its Stainless Steel bottle. This bottle is designed with thermo-control master steel, and the capacity is also an impressive 290MLs. These two factors become vital as the bottle is available at a lesser price than its competitors. 

Rianz bottle has an excellent top lid and grip cap. The company has cleverly designed this cap to be leakproof, and at the same time, they have attached two hand grips on each side so you can hold the bottle without direct contact to steel. The bottle is also very lightweight.

Babies to younger kids up to 1-2 years can utilize this bottle for feeding. There are engraved measurement markings for liquid volume. We advise the parents to buy this bottle if they want a steel feeding container for their babies.

8. Mee Mee 120ml Premium Glass Feeding Bottle (Blue) (240 ml, Green)

  • Mee Mee claims that the bottle is made of their most premium glass ever.
  • The bottle is also travel friendly.
  • The thin neck and suction cap ensures no chances of leakage.
  • Form of the bottle has a smooth flow and a handheld structure.
  • Bottle is claimed to be BPA free.

Mee Mee has a unique name, and the vision of this brand is also very different from others. They believe in total customer satisfaction, and that is also evident in their new glass bottle. It has a capacity of 240MLs. The highlight of this bottle is the quality of glass that has been used to make this bottle.

The light-curved and straightforward design make this bottle quite an attractive product. Ergonomics used in bottle design makes the grip firm and handling convenient.

It is entirely BPA free, and this best in class glass material remains safe for your babies throughout prolonged use. There are two sizes and three colour variants to choose from. Our advice would be to choose this one of the best baby feeding bottles because of its glass.

9. Maxmi4U® 304 Grade Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle For Baby (Joint Less) (300 ml) With 2 Freebies (Nipple and Training Spout/Sipper)

  • Bottle is made from 304-grade stainless steel.
  • 304-Grade steel ensures better hygiene and is anti-bacterial.
  • The nipple is also made with certified health industry silicone.
  • You also get an additional nipple and training sipper.
  • The whole body has a jointless design.

Maxmi4U is a registered brand which offers a range of premium products for the healthcare industry. This steel bottle is a product that stands out from every other similar product because of three reasons- the authentic stainless and shiny steel, certifications for material and nipple quality, and single body design.

This bottle has 304-Grade steel meaning it’s great for feeding, has antibacterial properties, and quickly gets cleaned. The cap of the bottle also has a firm hold and prevents accidental leaks. The nipple is also claimed to be 100% BPA free. Meaning this nipple will be both soft and safe for the baby.

You also get a ring, an additional nipple, and a training sipper for getting the baby used to the bottle feeding. This bottle is a premium product with its premium price and capacity of 300MLs.

10. THE LITTLE LOOKERS� Stainless Steel Newborn Baby (2 in 1) Sipper/Feeding Bottle | Steel Feeder Cum Sipper (Blue, 240 ML)

  • It has the dual functionality of both a sipper and a feeder.
  • Design is quite attractive and vibrant.
  • The neck lid has mounted plastic handles.
  • There are three dynamic colour options available.
  • It has a Flexi-nipple and is free of BPA and Phthalate.

So the Little Lookers step up their game in the baby feeders segment with a 2-in-1 bottle. The dual functionality which is much talked about is that it can be used both as a baby bottle and a sipper. Food-grade stainless steel combined with curved designed this a great choice if you’re looking for durability and value.

The neck lid, or also known as the nipple holder, has sturdy plastic handles so your child can easily use it as a sipper even at the age of a year or more. This bottle is suitable for all babies aged three months to 2 years. The company has a reputation for more than half a decade for producing safe and convenient supplies.

This bottle also is safe, recyclable, and an excellent choice for its temperature control. This option concludes our list of the best baby bottles for newborns. We hope you liked the top choices, how they were thoroughly described, and how a particular option was better than others.

There are hundreds of brands selling baby feeders that claim to be the best, but as a consumer, you need to be vigilant. So for helping you out, we are providing comprehensive research and buying guides for baby feeding bottles. After you’ve gone through this expert collection, you’ll be able to make a perfect choice skillfully.

Buying And Research Guide: Get The Best Baby Feeder For Your Baby

Considering the fact that baby bottles are used for your baby’s well-being, you should be extremely careful while choosing a product because one wrong product may cause disturbance and deliver a very unpleasant experience. 

Well, here we’ll point out the all ins and outs of baby feeders and how to take care of them. Let’s start with key features to look for in a baby bottle-

Key Features To Look For In Best Baby Feeder

1. Types Of Baby Bottles

  • Valved Bottles

These bottles are also known as anti-colic feeders. Stopping the colic means preventing the residual air from going into the mouth along with the food or milk. Many times ordinary bottles, while getting filled, also fill the air in remaining space, and that air goes into the stomach of the baby. 

This phenomenon may cause stomach aches and gastric problems or even acidity in some babies. Valved bottles exist to prevent such issues. These have multiple valves or air tubes to push the residual air out of the bottle and maintain ventilation.

These bottles are a bit more costly than ordinary bottles and also may not be much user-friendly in terms of maintenance. But these are best baby feeding bottles if your newborn has any of the conditions mentioned above.

  • Wide Surface Bottles

These bottles are fuller for a reason, and that is to provide babies with a mother-like feeding experience. Wide surface bottles have a broader appearance and a soft contact surface. This wide contact base mimics natural breastfeeding for some babies, and hence they get used to bottles much quickly.

You should opt for this option if your baby is uneasy in switching to bottles. Their other aspects are like ordinary bottles. They’re also convenient to clean and store.

  • Miscellaneous Types
  • Disposable- These are great for temporary use and most preferable when you don’t have access to a bottle while travelling. They’re always ready to use, and you don’t need to clean or disinfect them before using them. You can just throw them out after feeding the baby.
  • Vented Bottles- These bottles have a curved design and vents for air to be pushed out.
  • Dual Functioning Bottles- These are an overall feeder that can be used both as a baby bottle and a sipper.

So choose any of these options according to the condition you need them for.

2. Age Of Your Baby

You may see all the enticing claims and offers from manufacturers, but what is the use of the product which is not suitable for your baby. So first, decide what your baby needs according to their age. Most of the newborn babies are not comfortable switching to the bottle for the first time, so this should also be considered. 

Most of the prominent brands like Pigeon and Phillips have nipple size and bottle capacity written along with a size chart. They also indicate the age for which their bottle is suitable. We advise you to follow age and size instructions given on these best baby bottles for newborns.

3. Bottle Material

Most of the bottle brands use these four materials for the body of the bottle-

A. Plastic or Polypropylene-  The most common material used in feeders is the PP or plastic. As we know, plastic reacts with temperature and may leave its toxins in heated food. 

In these conditions, we advise you to opt for only the bottles which are entirely BPA free and have food authority certifications. Such a product is Philips Avent from our top picks.

B. Stainless Steel Or SS- These bottles are more costly than other bottles. But they’re preferred because of their thermal control, high durability, eco-friendliness, recyclability, and quality.

If these bottles fit in your budget, don’t be hesitant to go for them. Just go through user reviews once to check if the steel quality is the same as described. Such an option from our list is the Speedex Steel Feeding bottle.

C. Glass Bottles- Users prefer glass bottles for their gentle touch and safety. They don’t go through any rigid processing or have any lab materials. This pick is a safe and quality option for your baby.

The only downside to these bottles that they can very well easily break if not handled with the care of your baby may break them if it’s in their hand. An example of these bottles is Mee Mee Glass Bottle.

D. Silicone-  These are very soft and flexible due to being made of silicone. They’re also durable and can be reused. You should prefer this for their soft structure giving the baby a natural breast-like experience.

So these were the materials that go into the best baby bottles for newborns.

4. Nipples

Nipples have some related aspects deciding the quality and its suitability for your baby. These aspects are-

  • Material- Most nipples are either made of silicone or rubber. You should go for a silicone nipple which is safer, more flexible and lasts longer.
  • A flexible or cornered nipple ensures natural movement in your baby’s mouth.
  • Size – As mentioned before, most of the brands have sizing charts and nipple shapes on their packaging. You should follow these instructions to decide if the nipple is right for your baby.

For example, the Pigeon baby bottles prefer a round hole for a baby up to four months, and Y cut nipples for the age of 5 to 10 months. Best baby feeding bottles would have the best nipples.

5. User friendly And budget

Being user friendly here means your bottle should be easy for you to maintain. Meaning that it should be easy to clean, sterilize, and store. The material shouldn’t decay over time. Also, the cap should fit in properly to prevent any leaks and spills. There shouldn’t be any design flaws making it hard to clean the bottle. Lastly, the bottle should be reusable if possible.

Budget remains an essential factor among such competitive markets. Companies are neck-to-neck competing for market dominance, and thus they try to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices.

Always remember to compare the products and give importance to your requirement while deciding the budget. Many top-notch bottles like Rianz and Pigeon are delivering quality at lower to mid-range prices. 

Although quality does come at a price, it’s not always smart to pay that higher price. Prefer essential attributes and characteristics of the product over brand name. 

Any bottle assimilating all these features would be the top in the best baby feeding bottles segment. We announce the Pigeon glass bottle and Maxmi4U steel bottle as our top picks.

6. Miscellaneous Tips

Follow these small tips if you own or going to buy one of the best baby bottles for newborns-

  • Most of the bottles need to be sterilized before being used, so please keep that in mind.
  • Always properly clean and store the bottle if you want to reuse them after a duration.
  • Change the bottle nipple after around two-three months or if it gets worn out.
  • The Bottle body should have a firm grip lest it may get damaged.
  • Look for the amount of liquid flow from a nipple and adjust it or else buy a product according to your baby’s suction capacity.

If users have any doubts left, they can refer to our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use The Baby Bottle Again After A Duration?

It partly depends on the material of the bottle. Son plastic bottles may not be good to go after a duration. But if you’ve kept your feeding bottle securely and adequately stored, you can reuse them just after changing the nipples.

Q2. Which Type Of Bottles Is Most Appropriate For Babies?

Several materials are used in making baby bottles. You can choose any suitable feeding bottle with quality materials. As for a baby, there should be an attempt to provide a natural experience that is near to breastfeeding. For that, you should choose a BPA free PP plastic bottle with natural synthesis.

Q3. Do I Need To Warm Up My Bottle Every Time?

There is no such compulsion to warm the bottle, but it is useful to preheat the bottle. First of all, warm food feels fresh and is preferable for babies. You can warm it up in a pot or deep pan filled with boiling water. Don’t use the microwave for this purpose.

Q4. What To Look For In A Baby Bottle?

The answer to this question lies in three aspects of your parenting. First, see if it is the right time to introduce the baby with a bottle and for up to how long the baby will be fed by bottle. Then decide the material you want for a baby feeder, and lastly, choose any special requirements your baby may have. A combination of all these factors will get you to the most suitable choice for you.

Q5. Which are the best baby feeding bottles?

Some of the best brands in this segment are  Pigeon, Phillips, Speedex, etc. Also, in our verdict, a safe, baby-friendly, and great option would be the Pigeon Glass Bottle, which is loved by many consumers all around. But in reality, the answer to this question depends on your choice, requirement, usage, and budget, etc. The option you choose after considering these factors will be the best choice.


If you have a baby, it must be a heavenly experience. But a baby also brings responsibilities and duties in our life. We, as new parents, learn throughout the way how to take care of and raise our kids. Today we have tried to provide some assistance in your life with resolving your queries about baby bottles.

Baby bottles are an essential part of your baby’s diet and growth, so you shouldn’t compromise in choosing the top option. We wish you very best with your parenting endeavours and hope to keep assisting you in the future.

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