10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 15000 in India 2021

By bhavyesh dhaduk

We have spent many days searching and testing every year, just to get the right acoustic guitar for us. Even in this 21st era, acoustic guitars dominate all other electronic music. For those people who are willing to learn music with pleasure, we think Yamaha FS100C Natural color acoustic guitar is the best choice for them. Its traditional look with clear, balanced sound won extraordinary praise from us. Its matte finish Mahogany body with open chrome tuners makes it the best acoustic guitar under 15000

The guitar is a very precious instrument for all music lovers and it is available in various features. But the acoustic guitars are the best for learning music or your stage performance. Depending upon the market requirement, acoustic guitars come with Mahogany finish body, high-quality strings that produce any kind of tones, and chrome die-cast tuners e.t.c.

Are you a guitar lover and looking for the right guitar for you? Here we have some great picks of guitar from which you can buy as per your requirements. 

You must have thought that you have to spend lots of money to buy an acoustic guitar! Then you are absolutely wrong; the acoustic guitars are available under 15000 also. 

There are many brands like Yamaha, Cort, Fender, ADM, YMC who manufacture the best acoustic guitar under 15000.

How to choose the right acoustic guitar for you?


The budget is the prime factor while you are buying an acoustic guitar. If you are a beginner, then also you should not buy a cheap quality guitar to save some money. If the quality of the guitar is not good, then it won’t be very easy for you to learn it. 

Laminate or solid wood top?

If you have a high budget, then go for a laminate acoustic guitar. But if your budget is low, then go for the solid wood top. But the solid wood top acoustic guitar does not vibrate that much, which means the volume will not be loud or the sound won’t be much rich. Laminate top guitars look glossy and polished than pure wood. 

Choosing between electric and non-electric acoustic guitar 

There are two types of acoustic guitars, one is a normal acoustic guitar, and another is the acoustic-electric guitar. An acoustic-electric guitar can be plugged into amplifiers. The non-electric acoustic guitars require a microphone to record the sound. The electric-acoustic guitars are much expensive than the non-electric ones. If you need a guitar for your band performance, then buy the electric acoustic guitar. You can get the best acoustic guitar under 15000 for your band performance. 

Choose proper shape and size 

  1. You can get three types of body styles in acoustic guitar; those are classic, jumbo, and dreadnaught.For classical music, classical acoustic guitars are often used. If you need to do lots of fingerpicking at the time of playing the guitar, then the classic one will be perfect for you. Also, it has more clarity and a beautiful balance between low and mid-tones. 
  2. Dreadnought guitars produce high pitch than the classic ones. So, for the singer-songwriters, rock artists and the folk artist’s dreadnought guitar will be perfect.
  3. The jumbo guitars are having the quality and shape of classical guitar and loudness and size of dreadnaught guitars.

Travel-friendly acoustic guitar 

If you love to carry a guitar while you are traveling, then you should have a mini acoustic guitar. There are other advantages of mini acoustic guitars. For the kids’ small guitars are perfect as they can easily carry in their small hands. 

Consider different wood types and tones 

The quality of the wood is important as it affects the sound. The common wood types of acoustic guitars are:

  • Spruce is one of the rich material that has a bright tone and clarity. The sound remains clear even if you play it loudly. 
  • Finger picker love cedar, as it produces warm and rich tones.
  • Mahogany delivers a strong sound that mostly used by blues players. 
  • Rosewood has a darker tone with strong low, mid, and high tones.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 15000 in India 2021

1. Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • Mahogany smooth back and sides
  • Body style – Dreadnought
  • Rolled fingerboard edges
  • Easy to play neck
  • Gloss type body finish
  • Solid spruce top

Fender CD60s is one of the best acoustic guitars and perfect for the guitarists. This high-quality, dreadnought guitar is very affordable that provides a great tone with excellent playing experience. Its glossy mahogany body makes this guitar perfect for a soothing atmosphere or a coffeehouse. 

It has a solid spruce top. Basically, spruce is the modern tonewood that uses for structuring the top side of the acoustic guitars. The solid spruce top makes this guitar bright, strong, and no other guitar can beat its playing style. The top side of this guitar is attached with scalloped “X” bracing, and the Rosette is CD series Pearloid. 

Overall – It has an easy-to-play glossy mahogany neck with 1-ply binding and rolled fretboard edges. Its scale length is 643mm, 305mm fingerboard radius, and 20 numbers of the vintage sized fret. The nut material is made of creme plastic that makes the guitar comfortable in hand and ideal for both beginners and experienced players. 

Its elegant look and the other features make this guitar the best acoustic guitar under 15000. The bridge of this guitar is made of rosewood with white and black dot pins. The string of this guitar offers a soothing tone, and the chrome die-cast tuning machines ensure that the strings hold the tune properly. This guitar is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn it seriously. 

2. Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar

  • Body and back made of Mahogany
  • The bridge of this guitar is built by Indian rosewood
  • Fretboard made of Indian rosewood
  • Solid black spruce on the top
  • Number of fret 21
  • String material is stainless steel

The Slowhand series black acoustic guitar is a great playing instrument that has complete tonal control. The design of this guitar is crafted in such a way it will surely draw everyone’s attention. Its glossy texture Mahogany body with the cutaway style makes this guitar attractive when you are in a concert or a musical show. 

The bridge and the fretboard of this Slowhand series guitar are made of high-quality Indian rosewood that offers good quality sound. The number of the frets is 21, and the number of the strings is 6. The weight of this guitar is 2.5kg, as it is quite lightweight, you can easily handle it in any performance.  

An in-built equalizer is provided with it, and the black spruce top makes this guitar ideal for any music lover. The strings are very high-quality and made of stainless less. The demi-cutaway stylish design makes this guitar highly demanding that provides a good tone. 

Overall-By reviewing all these features, this Kadence Slowhand series guitar is considered as the best acoustic guitar under 15000. This new generation guitar provides the best sound quality that will be perfect for any event. If you want a good quality affordable guitar, then check this one. Its features can beat any expensive guitar’s performance.

3. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitars

  • Matte finish Mahogany Neck
  • Nato fretboard with 21 numbers fret
  • Rosewood bridge with open chrome tuners
  • Beige color and natural finishes
  • Spruce in back and sides
  • 38cm width and 63cm length, weight is 3kg

Yamaha FS100C acoustic guitar comes with the natural finished body with the super quality of sound and design. This high-quality acoustic guitar is incredibly affordable; you purchase it within 15000 prices. It’s the Mahogany neck, and Nato Fretboard makes this guitar perfect for any event that can provide a proper musical tone. 

It has 21 numbers of Fret and spruce top is in back and sides. It comes with a rosewood bridge, and the neck material is tonewood. The high-quality strings are made of steel, and the total numbers of strings are 6. Every bit that comes from this guitar is full of passion, and it is an ideal instrument seasoned player or student. 

Its width is 38m, length 63cm, thickness 96cm, and fretboard-length is 63.4cm. The weight of this Yahama acoustic guitar is 3kg that makes this guitar lightweight and easy to handle in any concert or event. It comes with open chrome tuners that provide a powerful tone, and it is available in natural and black finishes. 

Overall- All the upgraded features with modern design make this instrument the best acoustic guitar under 15000. Moreover, it is quite affordable, and you can blindly trust this brand when it comes to the product’s quality. Not only quality but its design and sound are also perfect for any music lovers. 

4. YMC 38

  • The body is made of full wood
  • Linden binding with chrome geared tuning
  • The strings are made of steel
  • Perfect for beginner level guitarist or student
  • It includes nine pieces of ABS picks. Gigbag, pitch pipe, and guitar strap

YMC beginners’ acoustic guitar is a perfect instrument for those people who are students or playing the guitar at a beginner level. It is available in blue color and having linden binding on it for making it long-lasting. The body of this guitar is made of full wood that makes the guitar attractive and hardy. 

The dimensions of this guitar are 38.5 x 15 x 4 inches, and the weight is 2.8 pounds. The strings are made of steel that allows you to play different tones of music. The steel-string acoustic guitar is the most common type of guitar that is ideal for any beginner level guitar player.

If you are searching for an affordable guitar that requires low investment, then it will be the perfect guitar for you. You can develop your skill by practicing with this guitar daily. It comes with nine pieces of ABS picks, guitar strap, gig-bag, and pitch pipe. The ABS picks are 0.46 mm 3 pieces, three pieces of 1.0mm, and three pieces of 0.72 mm. 

Overall – This YMC provides only one standard pin with this acoustic guitar. By reviewing the features of this guitar, it can be considered the best acoustic guitar under 15000. For beginner level guitarist, it will be the ideal guitar for recording music for their YouTube channel. 

5. Epiphone PRO 1 EAPRWRCH1 Acoustic Guitar

  • Mahogany body with rosewood fretboard
  • Total number of strings are six, and total numbers of frets are 20
  • Weight is 3kg which can easily carry
  • Neck material is Mahogany and crafted to C-shape
  • Stylish design with wine red finish body

The Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar has a key feature that it offers shorter scale length. As the frets are closer, it will make it easy for the beginners to form chord shapes. Also, it reduces the string tension for that you have to give less effort to fret this guitar neatly. 

The number of strings is six, and it is made of steel. The strings of this acoustic guitar are super light that produces proper sound with less effort. Moreover, the light strings eliminated the finger pain as well as your hands cramping. The body of this acoustic guitar is designed beautifully with Mahogany, and the neck is crafted like C-shaped.

It has an EZ string bridge with thinner dreadnought Mahogany body, but the EZ string bridge doesn’t have bridge pins. The rosewood fretboard with 20 numbers of fret and the larger size fret makes it easy to play in daily. Moreover, the spruce pickguard comes with a black scratchless back. 

Overall- As this acoustic guitar comes with all required features with an attractive look, this guitar can be considered as the best acoustic guitar under 15000. If you are a beginner and want to practice the guitar daily, then it will be the perfect guitar for you.

6. Cort AD810BKS Standard Dreadnought Guitar

  • High-quality spruce top and Mahogany back
  • Chrome die-cast excellent sealed tuners
  • Perfect for entry-level players
  • Dovetail joint that transfers vibration and resonance
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge

Cort AD810BKS dreadnought acoustic guitar comes with a laminate spruce top, Mahogany side and back, and Merbau fingerboard. The spruce create a proper balance between the guitar’s strength and flexibility. The clever sonic quality of spruce makes this guitar capable of playing a variety of musical songs. 

The high-quality Mahogany sides and back with rich midrange Mahogany wood makes this guitar precious for decades. The die-cast tuner produces beautiful tunes, and the rosewood bridge makes it long-lasting. The weight of this guitar us 2.68 kg, as it is super light-weighted, you won’t feel any difficulty while playing it in any event performance. 

The dovetail neck joint has made by the skilled craftsmen that carry vibration and resonance with the guitar body. It has a super quality coating on the guitar strings that keep the strings safe from dirt, humidity, and sweat. Because of this coating, the playability and the duration of this guitar become enhanced. 

Overall – Cort standard acoustic guitar offers great value that can give you awesome playing experience. All these upgraded features make this guitar the best acoustic guitar under 15000. High-quality Mahogany back and side makes this guitar durable that produce any type of musical tone. 

Cort brand gives a one year of warranty with this guitar, so don’t think twice about buying it. It is available in the black satin color that provides a warm and attractive look to this guitar. 

7. ADM Classical Nylon String Guitar

  • Strings are made of high-quality Nylon
  • Stable spruce top with basswood sides and back
  • Number of Nylon strings are six and comfortable in student’s finger
  • Perfect for classical and jazz music
  • Beautifully designed with a sunset gloss finish
  • Net weight is 2.9 lbs

ADM always manufactures the best quality acoustic guitars that produce a beautiful soothing tone. If you are searching for a lightweight classical guitar, then go for this one. The net weight of this guitar is 2.9 lbs that makes it super light-weighted and easily carriable. 

The spruce top and the high-quality basswood sides and back of this guitar makes it super rich and durable. The total numbers of strings are six, which are made of Nylon, and these strings produce perfect tone classical music. As the strings are 34 Inch ½ size, it can give awesome playability experience to the beginner level players whos age is between 5 to 12 years. 

This guitar can produce not distorted and clear sound that will be a perfect combination of savings, sound, and style. With the strong stainless button tuners, it can easily make awesome tunes. The body of this guitar has an eye-catching sunset glossy finish with fine carved inlaid. 

Overall – This acoustic guitar is perfect for classical music and also very affordable. So, if you want to learn classical music tones, then buy this ADM guitar. This is considered as the best acoustic guitar under 15000 that will be perfect for beginner level players.

8. EVH Minature EVH001 Frankenstein Mini Replica Guitar

  • EVH miniature guitar got license officially
  • Handcrafted guitar with prominent details
  • It has ¼ scale of a miniature replica
  • Comes with a stand and foil-stamped gift box

EVH guitars are manufactured after so many years of planning, intense prototyping, and 100% accurate product development. These official handcrafted EVH miniature guitars are standard high-quality and perfect for the band performance. This guitar comes with a modern graphical design on its body that makes the guitar looks very stylish. 

This EVH miniature guitar got the official license, which means there is no chance of being poor quality. It can produce any kind of music from low to loud, and it is very upgraded than the inaccurate unauthorized versions. Every EVH model is handcrafted with prominent details that makes this guitar special from other ones. 

Overall – It comes with a stand, and with the help of this stand, you can easily keep the guitar in a standing position. It also wrapped with a foil-stamped collectors gift box. This EVH guitar is a pure official handcrafted miniature replica that was played by Eddie Van Halen at a ¼ scale of white and black “Frankenstein” guitar and iconic red guitar. 

You are willing to buy an official miniature guitar; then this will be a good option for you. As it is authorized and licensed, it can be considered as the best acoustic guitar under 15000

The official miniature guitar comes in a foil-stamped gift box with an EVH Hologram sticker. So, keep that in mind before buying it, don’t be a fool with the first copy products. 

9. Cordoba C1M 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

  • A classical acoustic guitar with traditional family

Protege C1M by cordoba is in ¾ size with the small body, which is perfect for all beginner level players or for students. It is an ideal guitar for your classroom or your home. This classical acoustic guitar is comfortable to play and also very affordable. 

Every Cordoba Protege C1M guitar is made of mahogany back and sides, slim neck, spruce top, matte polyurethane finish, and mosaic rosette. The Cordoba musical instruments have premium Savarez strings with flexible adjustable truss. The mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard makes this guitar stable and durable. 

The strings are made of nylon that are very conformable in your hand. The number of the frets is 19, and it has classical, traditional fan bracing. Its bridge or binding is made of black ABS or rosewood material. The modern, eye-catching design with strong in-build material makes this guitar long-lasting and perfect for any stage performance.

Overall – The features and the material of this acoustic is guitar good, so if you are a student, don’t think twice about buying it. The strong and durable strings are made this guitar the best acoustic guitar under 15000. Mahogany finish craftsman body makes this guitar attractive and beautiful. 

10. Fender Squier 6-Strings Electric Guitar

  • Polyurethane body finish with the five-way pickup switch
  • Total number of frets 21 with medium-jumbo size fret
  • Rosewood fingerboard with ‘c’ shaped satin-finished neck
  • Able to produce rock music
  • The standard humbucking bridge pickup

Fender Squier bullet fat right-handed Stratocaster guitar comes with comfortable chord and bend strings. The satin-finished neck is in ‘C’ shape, and the number of frets is 21. The frets are in medium-jumbo size with a 9.5 radius fingerboard. 

This guitar can produce hard or loud music as it has a dual coil humbucking pickup that is attached near the synchronized tremolo. It has a rosewood fretboard with a polyurethane body finish. By the chrome synchronized tremolo, you can create a flat and sharp pitch.  

If you purchase this guitar, you can able to enjoy the maximum playability with different tones of the music. Its beautiful glossy finished body makes this guitar attractive. Its weight is 4.54 kg, which is a little heavier than other guitars. 

Overall – This right-handed black acoustic guitar is the best acoustic guitar under 15000. As it is quite affordable and all the required features are available is will be the perfect guitar for you. So, for having an awesome playing experience, you can buy this Fender guitar. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the different types of acoustic guitars?

u003cstrongu003eAns: u003c/strongu003e There are various types of acoustic guitars available in the market. Those are dreadnought, jumbo, dreadnought varients, auditorium, grand auditorium, and classical e.t.c. You can get the u003cstrongu003ebest acoustic guitar under 15000u003c/strongu003e with all these various options. 

2. What is a solid-top and solid-side acoustic guitar?

u003cstrongu003eAns: u003c/strongu003e The solid top and side acoustic guitars are made by the solid piece of tonewood, and these are expensive ones. In most of the cheaper guitars, thin laminate tonewood pasted on cheap quality wood. Though the solid top and side acoustic guitar are a bit expensive, they have a better projection, better sound quality, and tone. 

3. What types of acoustic guitars are perfect for beginners?

u003cstrongu003eAns: u003c/strongu003e For the beginner level, a guitar player, a lightweight acoustic guitar, will be preferable. Also, the steel-stringed guitars are the easiest one to learn for a new player. There are lots of lightweight guitars available, which are the u003cstrongu003ebest acoustic guitar under 15000u003c/strongu003e.

4. How often you need to change the guitar strings?

u003cstrongu003eAns: u003c/strongu003e Every guitar player should change the string of the guitar in every three months. You can change the string even after a hundred hours of practice. You should strictly follow this to maintain the longevity of the strings. If the strings are not broken, then you don’t need to change it. 

5. Are thinner strings of guitar easier to play?

u003cstrongu003eAns: u003c/strongu003e If you are a beginner, then thinner strings will be easy to play. Also, if the tension of the string has been reduced, it makes the string bends easily though some experienced guitar players love to play with the heavier strings.

6. Do thicker acoustic string guitar, sounds better than other ones?

u003cstrongu003eAns: u003c/strongu003eTighten and thicker strings of a guitar can produce focused and better sound. Because of the extra tension, this type of guitars reaches the resonant frequency level more quickly. The thicker and tighter strings placed in the same distance, so they can produce the loudest sound by having more energy. So, please choose the u003cstrongu003ebest acoustic guitar under 15000u003c/strongu003e from the provided list by us. 

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