Top 10 Best 1.5 Ton Split AC in India

By Trusha Patel

If you’re pondering over a wide variety of air conditioners and wondering how to make the best buy, it is always a good option to go for a mediocre ranged air conditioner. We are here to save you some pondering with the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India.

They provide you with the best buys and the value for the bucks. The performance will be smooth and fine and they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. No time to waste, let’s take a peek at some of the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India. So, here check top 10 Best 1.5 ton split AC in India:

Best 1.5 Ton Inverter AC in India (Split AC Under 30K, 35K & 50K)

1. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC (Copper, 2020 Model, SI/SO-15T5SCIC White)

  • Double cool Inverter mechanism for quicker and power-saving conditioning
  • Glacier mode setup for faster cooling
  • Usage of the copper condenser to increase the life of the air conditioner
  • Hydrophilic fins for extended lifetime and usage of the air conditioner
  • Superior power-saving functioning, rated by ISEER

One of the prominent home electronics brands Sanyo is out with the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India whose specifications and built are simply jaw-dropping. It is furnished with high-end power-saving functions which save in your electricity bill to a greater extent. 

The employment of the latest and best in the market specs like PM 2.5 filters along with the anti-dust filters that purify the air in the surrounding, double independent rotors that add to the efficiency of the machine, a glacier mode that turns the surrounding much more conditioned within seconds and much more. 

It is highly eco friendly and the features that add to your comfort like automatically adjusting features, scheduled timings, remote with backlit buttons, advanced troubleshooting abilities which improves the standard of your lives. 

2. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2020 Model, SI/SO-15T3SCIC White)

  • Uniquely designed vent which maximizes the flow of air
  • One of the most environment friendly and user friendly air conditioner with mind-blowing specifications
  • Variety if adjustable modes to suit the atmosphere and surrounding
  • A beautiful and breathtaking design, which combines the highly compatible features
  • Highly safety and quality-oriented with self-diagnosis technology and more than 350 service centers all over India

Another high-end air conditioner from the house of Sanyo adds to the list of the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India. Belonging to the same series, the former is slightly a better power saver while this one is a more affordable option. 

Built-in with the same range of superior features, this one too is a great option for efficient power saving. The combined efforts from PM 2.5 filters and the anti-dust filters deliver you with the purest air. 

The instantly adjustable modes of the air conditioner are again, it’s the biggest advantage. The double rotor system and the self-diagnosis feature improves the lifetime of the air conditioner. 

Overall it’s a great buy, an affordable option with a bunch of exceptional features. 

3. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper SAC_185V_JZJ White)

  • Five-star rating, best in the range which ensures the most efficient energy saving
  • The inbuilt stabilizer can handle voltage fluctuations and no need for an external one
  • Premium range of air conditioner with advanced and luxurious features
  • Multiple layers to filter the quality of the air delivered
  • Quickly adapts to the changing humidity and keeps it comfortable

Voltas is one of the most trusted brands in the air conditioner market. They are well known for their quality, service, and technologically advanced products. Their Best 1.5 ton split AC between India is a premium product with some high end specs and features. 

Even after having the finest build in the category, the AC has a five-star rating in the energy efficiency level. It is furnished in such a way, it can handle even a temperature of above 50°c easily. The machine also makes no compromise in the quality of the air delivered. 

The air is continuously filtered at different stages before it is delivered. It also makes use of a copper condenser coil which adds to the lifetime of the AC. Moreover, it doesn’t require an external stabilizer to be installed. 

4. Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2020 Model, FTKP50TV, White)

  • Lowest noise production which enables greater comfort levels
  • Presence of Copper Condenser coil which enhances a greater lifetime and maintenance of the quality of the machine
  • An economy mode which ensures maximum operating effectiveness at an extremely low power usage
  • Best in the class air conditioning with the Coanda Airflow mechanism
  • Instant cooling system with the help of power chill mechanism

Your search for the Best 1.5 Ton Split AC between India in the premium range ends at Daikin 1.5 ton 4-star Inverter Split AC. Unbelievably fascinating features and specifications are the specialties of this Daikin machine. 

Coanda Airflow is the major highlight of this product, which is designed in a way that the air is equally circulated to all parts of the room rather than just concentrating on a single point. 

It adjoins the neo-swing mechanism which also plays its part in equally distributing the air to all parts of the room. The energy efficiency levels are rated four stars which are great, considering its specifications like automatic on/off timers, self-diagnosis feature, and much more. 

5. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper CAS18EK3R39F0+CF183R3AC90 White)

  • Most appropriate and an ideal fit for the medium-sized rooms
  • Less noise production which adds to the comfort levels of the air conditioner
  • The greater extent of air purification with the help of PM 2.5 filters
  • Pre-installed auto purifying mechanism that cleans the interiors of the air conditioner itself and keeps it safe from germs
  • Different modes to suit your mood, ranging from simple sleep mode to personalized modes

Carrier brings you the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India from the mid-range category, with a 3-star rating. The above-average power saving capacity is backed up by the incredible range of features and specifications which makes it an ideal choice for your medium-sized rooms. 

One of the major advantages of the machine is the extensity of modes that can be changed and adjusted to any level according to the surroundings.

There’s also no need to worry about the air quality as the air conditioner itself has an inbuilt purifying capacity that makes the interiors of the air conditioner germ-free. Also, this classy looking AC automatically detects the surroundings with the help of its remote sensor. 

6. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Anti Microbial Filter, 2020 Model,FTKF50TV, White)

  • The 5-star rating ensuring intense power saving mechanism
  • Top-notch performance, best suitable for large bedrooms and halls
  • An advanced range of features which doesn’t compromise the power saving efficiency of the machine
  • An incredibly less noise production of 32dB, adding to the comfort level
  • An inverter cum dust filter specs, with a unique set of modes to provide with a personalized experience

When you are in search of the finest, luxurious and premium air conditioner with all modern specs and features, here’s the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India from the house of Daikin. Daikin, an international brand once again proves that they make no compromise with the advanced specifications of the product and its power-saving efficiency. 

The machine here is equipped with some mind-blowing features including the Coanda Airflow mechanism and Neo swing mechanism which ensures that the airflow is concentrated on all parts of the room and it is distributed equally. 

It is also equipped with an Econo mode which is a highly intensive power saving mode with enough performance in operation. Overall it’s a great and wonderful pick in the range of luxurious air conditioners. 

7. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, KS-Q18SNXD, White, Ocean Black Protection)

  • The ocean black coating over the copper keeps it rust-free and ensures a longer lifetime
  • Self-diagnosis mechanism is highly efficient and targets multiple areas
  • Unbelievably less noise production rated at just 26 dB, best in the class
  • A top-rated product from one of the most trusted home appliance brands in the country
  • Simple and smooth design with a unique set of features and specifications

From the most trusted home appliance brand, the Best 1.5 ton split AC between India is an ace pick if you are looking for a mid-range air conditioner with some mind-blowing, advanced features and specs. 

Starting with the double rotor compressor which completely enhances the efficiency of the machine, even in a three-star rating, unbelievably great in saving power. Some of its unique features are highly notable which are, the additional ocean black coating in the interiors which ensures a longer period of life. 

And, the Himalayan cool mechanism which instantly adjusts the air supply to the maximum cooling capacity. Moreover, it’s a perfect option for homes when comfort is your top priority. 

8. Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper AR18NV3HFTRNNA Starflower)

  • From the house of one of the biggest electronic brands in the world
  • Best in the class manufacturer warranty of 10 years
  • A most ideal choice for medium-sized luxurious rooms
  • Inbuilt stabilizer with a triple inverter mechanism
  • Different modes to control and adjust the airflow and its distribution

Simply put, the Best 1.5 ton split AC between India from the biggest producer and supplier of electronic goods on a global scale. Even though most of the Samsung products are priced slightly above the industry average, the quality, value, and service offered by them are not compromisable for a long time. 

Things are not different from this triple inverter split AC as it never fails to impress us with the high tech features. It is highly personalized, every mode can either be set manually or it sets itself automatically, adjusting to the changing surroundings. 

It has a pre-installed stabilizer, a copper condenser that is highly energy-efficient and extends the lifetime of the machine. Therefore it can handle power fluctuations itself and provide you with maximum comfort automatically. 

9. LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, LS-Q18YNYA, Convertible 4-in-1 Cooling, White)

  • Advanced Ocean Black Protection for the interiors which makes it rust-free and corrosion less
  • Unique inbuilt modes like Himalayan mode for extreme cooling levels
  • Four directional air swing – Left, right, up and down mechanism
  • Stabilizer free and inbuilt voltage fluctuation controller
  • An efficient self-diagnosis system which keeps the user updated

LG is a brand that always owns the trust of its huge customer base. Once again, it fails to disappoint with this brilliant air conditioner, which can be listed as the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India under the finest mid-range air conditioner category. 

The four-step mechanism in the power saving and four directional airflows are the notable prominent highlights of the machine. It functions without a stabilizer and handles the voltage fluctuations efficiently. 

It also comes with an instant cooling mechanism with the Himalayan mode which quickly changes the ambiance. The double inverter system also plays a major role in extending the lifetime of the product. Overall it’s the best buy for a medium to luxury ranged air conditioner.

10. TOSHIBA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, RAS-18N3KCV-IN+RAS-18N3ACV-IN, Gloss White)

  • A premium range air conditioner with exceptional power-saving efficiency
  • Anti-bacterial coat layer and an advanced dust filter adds to its high-end specs
  • Toshiba’s IAQ filter, known for getting rid of viruses and bacterias in the air
  • Magic coil feature that ensures the long term run of copper condenser coil in the AC
  • Auto purification and power control

Toshiba nails the game with its high-quality IAQ filter, renowned for its brilliant performance in purifying the air by getting rid of viruses and bacteria. It also uses the Pulse Amplitude Modulation technology to enhance the performance of the AC to give quicker results. 

It also has an automated purifying system which cleans the interiors itself where the IAQ filter plays a huge role. An element called magic coil is another unique feature that saves the copper condenser coil from rust and corrosion and extends its lifetime. 

You can have complete control over every function of the AC and also set them to function automatically, providing maximum comfort. It’s a wonderful piece, the Best 1.5 ton split AC between India in the premium luxurious category with outstanding specifications and features. 

Buying Guide for the Best 1.5 ton split AC in India

Apparently, buying a new air conditioner is a costly affair and it needs to be perfect from every angle. You must be able to identify and buy the ideal AC and for that this buying guide would come handy. 

Here are the types of Air Conditioners present in the market and how to pick the right one for you. 

Types of Air Conditioners:

 #1 Central Air Conditioners

Just like its name suggests, central air conditioners provide clean, fresh, and cool air to all parts of a building. It is expensive and involves heavy installation processes. They are considered as an efficient tool to distribute air evenly to all parts of the building.


●     One Air Conditioner for an entire building

●     Highly effective than normal room air conditioners

●     Adds to the comfort as the machine is placed in exteriors of the building, hence less noise

●     Free from frequent maintenance

●     Even with better performance, use the same space like a normal air conditioner

#2 Portable Air Conditioners

These types of air conditioners are not fixed to a permanent place. They are movable and placed at different ideal locations based on their comfort. They are simple, cheap, and mostly less efficient than other types of air conditioners.


●     No need for a proper installation, the whole process is light, fast and instantly operable

●     Less cost of maintenance and even service costs are way lesser than other types of air conditioners

●     Easily portable to anywhere with an adaptable electric socket

●     High performance machine with limited and simple features like a portable fan

#3 Window air conditioners

These types of air conditioners were a common sight before the current type of air conditioners came up. They are classy, comparatively cheap, and good functioning.


●     Easy installation, can be done without external help

●     Comparatively less expensive when it comes to maintenance

●     A great power saving option as multiple number of rooms or spaces can be reached with a single machine

●     There’s a lot of variants available to choose from than other types of air conditioners

#4 Ductless Air Conditioners

The most widely used air conditioners of this era. These types of air conditioners don’t need a window or a hole to fit in but are placed on the walls and ceilings. They are permanent, efficient and power savings are also great.


●     Produces less noise with best in the class efficiency

●     No need to dig a hole or a duct in the wall

●     Easy to operate, only needs a remote

●     Highly efficient with different modes and functions

#5 Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps were once used to be a trendsetter in the market. These machines are not complete air conditioners but do their job perfectly.


●     Cheap and highly affordable

●     Equal distribution of air to all spaces of the building

●     Better than any other air conditioners as it is easier to toggle on and off

How to pick the Best 1.5 Ton Split AC in India?

#1 Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of the air conditioner in cutting your electricity bills is a major criterion to be considered. When you buy an AC, it’s a long term deal, and being a high-end tech device, it affects the electricity bill to a huge extent. 

#2 The Cooling Capacity 

Different air conditioners have different cooling capacities. You should choose the right AC on the basis of the amount of cooling you and your family/colleagues or clients need. 

It should also consider the space of the room, where the cooling capacity should align properly with the measurements of the room and area it can cover. 

#3 The filters

Air conditioners use different types of filters to purify the air they deliver, most common among them include the anti-dust filters, anti-bacterial filters, etc. They remove the contaminated air from the atmosphere and deliver you the pure, branded air.

#4 Self-cleaning

Some of the high-end air conditioners are built with the specification of the automatic purifying mechanism which cleans the interiors to make it germ-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How many square feet does a 1.5 ton AC cool?

A 1 ton AC is recommended for a room of 120-150 square feet. So in the case of a 1.5 ton AC, it can cover up to 160-200 square feet of the arrest. Also in the case of Air Conditioners more than 1.5 tons, it will be having a more expanse of the area under its cooling ahead. 

2 Can a 1.5 ton AC cool two rooms?

It largely depends on the amount of the air supplied by them and the size of the rooms. If the rooms are larger in size, one AC of 1.5 ton won’t be enough to cool the entire place or even reach them out. So it’s better to pick your air conditioner wisely by keeping the above-mentioned things in mind.

3 What is the fastest way to cool a room with an air conditioner?

It highly depends on the other factors related to the purchase of the air conditioner. Excess usage of electric appliances inside the room or building which causes fluctuations and disintegrates the functioning of the air conditioner. Moreover creating a cross breeze surface is also great to cool the room real fast.

4 What is the coolest degree in AC?

Most of the air conditioners have a huge resistance strength even against 52°c. When it comes to the bottom, it will be ranging around 20-27°c. It is the minimum and least available air conditioning.

5 How can I reduce my AC bill?

First of all, you need to keep the vent and duct clean. It maximizes the flow of air and will also gain some hearts. Scheduling the on/off timer as per the peak and weak timings where electricity fluctuations occur regularly is also an effective method. 

Above all, a high energy-efficient air conditioner is the key to reduce your AC bills. The latest air conditioners are far efficient in power saving.


Upgraded air conditioners are the latest sources of comfort in our homes and they do more than just cooling function. They purify the air surrounding you, giving you some fresh air to breathe, keeps you warm according to the humidity levels. 

An air conditioner is a perfect companion during your stress and leisure times. So when you are going for a new AC purchase or up-gradation to an old one, keep the above-mentioned things in mind. 

Here’s where the Best 1.5 ton split AC among India comes up with offering you the best deal on their air conditioners and thereby up-gradation of the whole lifestyle. 

Once again, an AC is a huge investment and a relationship for years. Also go for branded ones in the category for a longer lifetime, greater warranty and exceptional customer service. 

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