Factors To Consider: AC Buyers Guide In India

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Searching for the AC buyers guide? Confused about choosing the right AC? 

Buying an Air Conditioner is a complicated task for everyone seeking the right product to their place. Suppose you do not have any knowledge about the perfect AC. Don’t Worry. This article will take you on the right path. That is, we cover the entire AC buyers guide here. It’s pretty important to know some of the points to be checked before buying an AC. 

Obviously, everybody needs to get the best AC to beat the heat temperature, especially in the summer seasons. As you know, the temperature of the summer season reaches a high point where everyone wants to enjoy the coolest spot.

We have undergone a lot of research and analysis on most AC that help you find a good air conditioner for you. It is essential to consider some of the listed points about AC before buying an AC.

Air Conditioner / AC Buyers Guide In India


There are many AC present in the market, from low cost to high cost. Depending on the cost, so was the presence of features and uses of the appliance. If you go for the low cost, then there will be more on the power usage, and if you go for the high-cost budget, then they incur towards power usage will be less. It also reduces maintenance when you go for the high-cost AC. So before buying the Best AC in India 2022, it is wiser to decide on the budget prior to taking a step.

Types Of Air Conditioners

Depending on your room type, the foremost point is to know which AC type you need. The types of AC are as follows:

  • Split AC
  • Window AC
  • Portable AC
  • Split AC: Split AC type is one of the popular and is almost used in every part of India, which most people consider. If you want enough space in your room without blocking certain space for placing your AC and if you would like to place it on your wall where you like, then the ideal type finds it helpful. The split AC-type pavers are helpful when you like to go for continuous use, as a full night to enjoy a calm and relaxed sleep.
  • Window AC: Window AC type is mainly used in the square window which people in the apartment would like to go for this type to reduce the complication in installation. The special type is considered to be installed only when you have a thicker wall. The box-shaped Window AC is best suitable for a medium or small-sized room that works on blowing cool air to the spot. 

Obviously, you need a quite larger window in the room for the use of this Window AC. As per the requirement, the window Ac provides easier insulation that is not necessary for any drilling on your wall. When you go for the window Ac, then the cost of the appliance is also a little lower comparatively.

  • Portable AC: Portable AC is a special appliance to enjoy a cool place without in need of any proper insulation. The AC is easy in portable action, especially the best apt option when you are in a rented place. The Portable AC is the floor-mounted work with wheel action facility. The AC should need the window; it should be projected near the window as the appliance’s work is to vent the hot air from the inside room and allow the cool air in. The ultra purpose of this ensures to enjoy the cool air especially for the people who cannot install the AC in each room of their house.

Energy Star Rating

Next comes one of the important notes that you have to check on the energy star rating of the appliance prior to buying an AC. When moving to the higher energy star rating, then the cost of the AC will lead to the high cost. 

But According to my, you can prefer the high energy star rating as it is one time incurred on the device where it will make you enjoy the lowest electricity bill all time. But in case you are going with the option to buy a lower energy star rating, then, of course, you will get a little high cost on your electricity bill every time.

Also, the compressor material used in the product is highly responsible for energy consumption. You can choose the copper compressor, which is highly energy-efficient compared to aluminum material.

Types Of Condenser Coils

You will have an idea that the condenser coils are present inside the AC. The Condenser coil is very important to transfer or exchange the heat and is also designed to be kept in order to reduce the refrigerant to a liquid state. Due to this reaction, AC allows cooling the spot rapidly, reducing the temperature quickly. 

Of course, you would know that the condenser coils come with two different materials, i.e., copper and aluminum coils. The copper coils are a bit costlier but provide many advantages compared to the aluminum coils. During the repair or damage of the coil, the copper coil finds an easier option to replace with a quiet, quick mode. But you will be able to find out these two coils are generally used in many AC.

The copper coils have a longer life span of more than five years, which comes with high durability. So finally, coming to the last line, the copper condenser is the best one where you can check the AC consists of the copper condenser instead of aluminum foils.

Inverter And Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

One of the points every user should note on the AC before buying is whether you are in need of an inverter or non-inverter AC. Considering the Inverter AC type, it makes the perfect cooling action with a variable speed control motor which makes sense having to control the refrigerant flow inside the appliance. 

Inverter AC provides great benefits in many ways, like less power usage in an optimum cooling effect. There is the possibility to experience a recommended room temperature which only takes about 5 minutes to cool the entire place in case of inverter AC. Whereas when coming to the Non Inverter AC In India 2022 that works with noise factors consuming more power than inverter AC comparatively.

So my choice for you is even spending a little high money; you can go with the Inverter AC type as it is loaded with a lot of benefits to the user with higher performance.

AC buyers guide

Additional Features

I hope you would have noted many additional characteristics present in a different way in each and every brand of the AC. The brand fixes different features in different models to check for the one you want. It is essential to know about every feature prior to buying your favorite AC. This is also one of the important notes that you should go through before purchasing a perfect AC for your place.

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Auto clean technique
  • Sleep mode
  • Economic model
  • Aluminum/copper coils
  • Antibacterial filter
  • Cooling effect
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Auto on-off feature
  • Dehumidifier
  • App control features
  • Activity sensor

AC Size: After deciding which room you are in need of AC. Depending on the size of the room, You can select the size of the AC ton you want it for. If you have a small room, you can prefer the 0.8 Ton AC or 1 Ton AC in India, which is quite more than enough for the space.

For a larger room size, you can prefer Best 2 Ton AC or 1.5 Ton Split AC in India. Thus, the room’s size and the AC’s size should be directly proportional to each other only then you will enjoy the perfect cooling with its efficient work of any AC you choose.

Power consumption: Everyone loves to enjoy efficient cooling all-time with less power. For this feature, you want to select the 5-star rating AC which furnishes enough cooling effectively absolutely with the incur of low-cost electricity bill to your placeā€”but coming to the pricing strategy you may have to spend little high cost on your AC which is actually one-time spending on the appliance where you will get less electricity bill every month. So you have to act accordingly in your decision to buy the everlasting AC to your spot.

Usage of Filter type: Filters are present in the appliance work in trapping the particles that function to evolve purified air in your spotted area. The AC is designed with the filter module where it does its job in engaging that completely stops the pollutants. There is also an antibacterial filter, and the PPM statistics mentioned capability where the environment is known for the clean and healthy air when your AC is on. This is one of the healthy notes you have to look for before buying an AC.

Silent environment: Making your specified place installed with AC obviously, you need the silent room with the cool temperature that works with cooling your mind. It is very important to check for the noise level, especially when you go with buying window AC type. The noise level should be reduced or noiseless when switching on your AC. That is, AC should run with a silence compressor.

Brands of AC: The foremost important thing you should fix before buying an AC is selecting the best brand. There is ‘n’ number of brands in the market in which you should check for its best name and the product. You can buy the particular AC based on the product’s lifespan and the brand’s popularity.

At The Bottom Line

I hope you have received enough knowledge on the AC which guides you in buying the right product for your room. These are the vital points you should follow strictly before purchasing the best AC for your place. Suppose you have undergone and analyzed each of the above points clearly before buying an AC. Then you will get the fantastic AC to your place.

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